Terrorist threat to Crimea: Russian ties to the Islamic State

Russian President Vladimir Putin with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Moscow, March 11, 2016. (Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev/Sputnik/Kremlin/Files/Reuters) 

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Last week Caucasus.Reality published a report about Moscow evacuating ISIL commanders from Syria with the help of the leadership of Chechnya. According to Kurdish sources, the Russian army did not perform a military operation to save children. Instead, they negotiated the release of ISIL fighters who were captured by the union of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” after the capture of the city of Raqqa.

Rabbi Abraham Shmulevich, president of the Institute of Eastern Partnership (Israel) evaluates the accuracy of this report and traces the links between Moscow and ISIL. He is certain that Russia makes use of ISIL. “It’s beyond doubt.”

People were given a choice: prison and death, or go to Syria.

“I don’t have any evidence to suggest Moscow importing terrorists from Syria, but certainly Moscow was exporting them there. Over the course of many years, Russian security forces literally moved out not only militants from the North Caucasus and other Russian regions to the Middle East, they exported the peaceful opposition –people who didn’t even plan to engage in any armed struggle. They were given a stark choice: prison and death, or Syria,” Shmulevich said.

The most famous of these were former commander of Tajikistan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs security forces, Gulmurod Khalimov, who became an ISIL fighter in May 2015, and Islamic preacher Nadir Abu Khalil (Nadir Medetov), who also joined the “Islamic State” in 2015.

“Khalimov had excellent military training, having studied in Russia, the United States, and Israel. It is curious how he managed to get to ISIL through Moscow, along with his entire detachment of eight people. It is difficult for me to imagine that a person who adheres to extremist views could calmly, without the knowledge of Russian special services, fly from Moscow to Turkey, together with his whole detachment. There are many ways to get to Turkey secretly, for example, through Bulgaria or Cyprus. However, he, and other radical Islamists left quite openly. In theory, these people would have been registered with Russian special services as terrorism suspects, and their comings and goings would have been monitored closely. However, they traveled freely, knowing that no one in Russia would stop them. Russia was simply directing the flow of people to Syria. Many militants from the post-Soviet space ended up there with the help of Russian special services,” explains Abraham Shmulevich.

Many militants wound up in Syria with the help of Russian special services

Shmulevich has similar questions about the how Nadir Medetov, who had been under house arrest, managed to “escape” to Syria.

“Recalling the zeal with which Moscow searches for imaginary terrorists in Crimea, the contrast here is striking. On the peninsula, Crimean Tatars are searched and detained almost daily, they are given substantial prison terms and, at best, forced out to Ukraine – but not to Syria. Meanwhile, actual militants and terrorists are allowed to move freely through the capital’s airports. And that’s taking into account that the human rights situation in the Caucasus is even worse than in Crimea,” he said.

Sometimes the Russian authorities don’t even try to hide their policy of exporting oppositionists, militants and radical extremists to ISIL, explaining they use this tactic to remove terrorists from the territory of Russia and thereby ensure peace and tranquility in the North Caucasus. However, Shmulevich is sure that this justification does not withstand scrutiny, since many fighters who go to fight for ISIL have precisely the opposite goal.

A few years ago, Abraham Shmulevich interviewed a member of the Islamic State underground. The militant admitted that he intended to learn the art of war in Syria, then return to the Caucasus and continue fighting the Russian authorities there. Such cases, he added, are by no means rare.

“It can’t be that Russians don’t understand this because the terrorist Shamil Basayev began to fight against Russia only after he had acquired his combat experience during the war in Abkhazia,” the analyst recalled.

Nevertheless, Abraham Shmulevich believes that ISIL field commanders are unlikely to go against Moscow, especially considering that some of them were trained in the Soviet Union.

Russia supplies highly valuable personnel to ISIL

“ISIL relies on the flow of people, especially since Russia supplies them with very valuable personnel. In fact, we have a mutually beneficial alliance between Russian special services and Islamic terrorists. Against this backdrop must be placed the recent terrorist attack in New York, committed by an expatriate from Uzbekistan, and the Tsarnaev brothers, and other terrorist attacks in France. All these facts fit perfectly with the information communicated by the Kurds. The destabilization of Europe and the increasing flow of refugees to the West are certainly beneficial to Moscow. In addition, it is incorrect to say that ISIL is being destroyed. Yes, terrorists leave big cities, but they retain their influence on many people. This Islamic State is built like the medieval Catholic orders or the modern Vatican – they control some physical territory, but it’s the network structure, the ideological influence on its members that is at the core,” explains Shmulevich.

At the same time, the Israeli expert notes that while there is insufficient information on the precise nature of the relationship between Russia and ISIL, whether their partnership is limited to an alliance, or whether the militants can be truly considered a creation of Moscow.

“We do not know whether there is a deeper relationship, for example, a financial relationship. However, if Putin’s government acts by the same methods as the Soviet Union, then likely the support goes quite deep,” suggests Abraham Shmulevich.

Russia may use ISIL to carry out terrorist attacks in Crimea and blame Crimean Tatars

The analyst notes that Moscow can use the “terrorist threat” to justify the repression in Crimea and in the North Caucasus:

The same way Moscow deems Crimean Tatars as terrorists, likewise Moscow declares peaceful political opposition or even economic rivals in the Caucasus as “terrorists.” Moreover, one can not exclude the possibility that Russia will use ISIL terrorists to carry out terrorist acts in Crimea and blame the Crimean Tatars, for example, as a way to legitimize their repression. Such a terrorist attack could be organized in Russia territory of Russia in order to incite hatred toward the Crimean Tatar people. A trial balloon of this sort has already been released when Ukrainians were accused of having links to ISIL.

Shmulevich says, “Most likely, such a scenario hasn’t been implemented, so as not to damage the image of Putin as winning against terrorism. However, it’s still possible that the ‘terrorist card’ will be played before the presidential elections.”

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  1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

    Bunch of baloney.
    “Caucasus.Reality published a report about Moscow evacuating ISIL commanders from Syria”
    This is the same baloney as to suggest that USA “evacuated” Taliban fighters to tropical paradise – Guantanamo.

    “Against this backdrop must be placed the recent terrorist attack in New York, committed by an expatriate from Uzbekistan, and the Tsarnaev brothers, …”
    Another mix of bullshit …
    Last time I checked Uzbekistan was not part of Russia.
    And Moscow provided information on Tsarnaev brothers to FBI, and FBI did nothing about it.

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      “Screwball”….supporter of Russo Nazzi terrorists AND NOW, ISIL terrorists.

      Last time “you checked”?!?!?! With who? Your Kremlin handlers? Have they found “Carlos the Spanish speaking ATC from Boryspil yet? Do they send you coded messages in the toilets you clean???


      1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        Gizzer, you very , very sick, I never mentioned any Carlos…Your head must be stuck in a toilet bowl , …and sorry, I can not help you with that. Ask Iryna Farion for help.

    2. Avatar MichaelA says:

      whats your problem
      russians are the largest contingent of foreign isis members
      russia doesnt attack isis if it can help it
      everyone knows that russia works with isis

      1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        the largest contingent of foreign isis members are Sunni Arabs

        1. Avatar slavko says:

          And the Russian group known as Chechens. 🙂

          1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            Russian group known as Chechens 🙂 You trying to offend Chechens ?

          2. Avatar slavko says:

            No way. Russia offended the Chechens. Russia bombed the heck out of Chechnya when Chechnya wanted to secede. This is true. Russia forcefully made sure that Chechnya stayed as part of Russia. Over 160,000 Chechens were murdered by Putin. There are genetic disorders that are plaguing the Chechen population even today. Traumatic disorders in the children from the wars have followed them into adulthood. And Putin has the audacity to then start a war in Donbas and murder 10,000 more people.

          3. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            So those Chechens became Russians now, they are not Chechens anymore ?

          4. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            And Lvov and Izmail became “Ukrainian cities” Don’t take these bamboos seriously, they are only good for a quick laugh 😀

          5. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            Well if chechens weren’t so keen on creating a mess in Russia, then they would have been fine. Fortunately Chechnya is now prospering, and those few thousends hsve left Russia have been killed in Syria and Iraq. Gold pless Putin and Russia

          6. Avatar slavko says:

            You claim that Chechnya is prospering. Is Chechnya really prospering??? Chechen unemployment is just under 25%. Your definition then of prosperity is pretty skewed, thus you lack credibility bro!

          7. Avatar MichaelA says:

            there are many russian ethnic groups besides chechens in isis

        2. Avatar MichaelA says:

          no they arent
          the largest group of foreign isis members are russians

          1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            According to the graph :
            From Russian Federation – 3.417 ( does not say if they ethnic Russians )
            Saudi Arabia – 3.244
            Jordan – 3000
            Tunisia – 2996
            France – 1910

            So at least 10.000 Sunni Arabs , just from a few countries, – versus 3417 Russian Federation citizen’s , no evidence if they are ethic Russians, –
            which confirms my original statement – the largest contingent of foreign Isis members are Sunni Arabs!

          2. Avatar Harald Oslo Norway says:

            “Creative” counting by “Screwdriver” the propagandist for Muscovy fascists can’t hide the facts:
            1. Today’s RF gives biggest contribution to islamist terror from any country.
            2. The states of all the former Soviet Union: Biggest regional contribution to islamist terror.
            Conclusion: The bolshevik coup 1917/1918 led to several enormous tragedies for humanity, during the last 100 years, and counting. Hitler and WW2 among the results. Massive contribution to islamist terror – at least from the 1940’s – is also part of the grim picture.
            (In fact: Russian imperialism since year 1750 or so, was the very first start.)

          3. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            “Russian imperialism since year 1750 or so, was the very first start.”
            You sure about that date ?
            Some suggest that Russian Imperialism started when the Rus (Ruriks) came from Scandinavia to Ladoga.

    3. Avatar slavko says:

      Many ISIS fighters have come from Chechnya which is a part of Russia. Da!

      1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        Are they ethnic Russians ?

        1. Avatar slavko says:

          After bombing the [email protected] out of Chechnya in order to keep her within Russia you want to disown them???

        2. Avatar MichaelA says:

          are they from the russian federation?

  2. Avatar Mick Servian says:


  3. Avatar Tony says:

    Mongol half breeds think they’re very clever when they play dirty. Then they cry when they loose to others doing the same.

  4. Avatar slavko says:

    According to “Rabbi Abraham Shmulevich, president of the Institute of Eastern
    Partnership (Israel) evaluates the accuracy of this report and traces
    the links between Moscow and ISIL. He is certain that Russia makes use
    of ISIL. “It’s beyond doubt.”

    Then he goes on to say… “The same way Moscow deems Crimean Tatars as terrorists, likewise
    Moscow declares peaceful political opposition or even economic rivals in
    the Caucasus as “terrorists.” Moreover, one can not exclude the
    possibility that Russia will use ISIL terrorists to carry out terrorist
    acts in Crimea and blame the Crimean Tatars, for example, as a way to
    legitimize their repression. Such a terrorist attack could be
    organized in Russia territory of Russia in order to incite hatred toward
    the Crimean Tatar people. A trial balloon of this sort has
    already been released when Ukrainians were accused of having links to

  5. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    The State of RuSSia must be removed as a terrorist threat. It is ground zero of global terrorism.

    1. Avatar veth says:

      Russia believes that if the United States decides to supply arms to Ukraine, it will seriously destabilize the situation in the Donbas as stated by Head of the State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov , reports RIA Novosti.

      Shamanov, commenting on a statement by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin that Ukraine would receive lethal weapons in the future, said that such an event would “blow up” the situation in the Donbas.

      Correct statement: It will blow up 600 Russian tanks, 200 GRAD and 65 BUK-systems from the Earth.

      1. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

        Then Russia has the right to give weapons to Usa’s enemy. Might want to include that in your usual propaganda BS

        1. Avatar focusser says:

          Bit late for that, who do you think is supplying these terrorist states, Santa?

          1. Avatar veth says:

            DPR troops arrive in LPR, watch the invasion of the LPR, live!

          2. Avatar veth says:


          3. Avatar focusser says:

            This is getting interesting.

          4. Avatar veth says:

            Donetsk in Rostov Region, I mean, in Russia, there are 2 named cities.

          5. Avatar veth says:

            Putin starts to clean the hen-house………again..hahaha

          6. Avatar focusser says:

            If Plotnitsky has run away to Russia, hardly the safest place for him, if Putin is the one who wants him out.

          7. Avatar veth says:

            His family is now safe in Voronesh, he in Russian Donetsk.

          8. Avatar focusser says:

            I doubt he’ll ever be safe, he knows too much.

          9. Avatar veth says:

            Fresh Russian tanks arrive now in Lugansk. Poroshenko opens warcabinet meeting now!

          10. Avatar veth says:

            The head of state was briefed on the latest developments by chief security officials, in particular concerning the illegal crossing of the Ukrainian border by a group of Russian tanks in the Krasnodon district of Luhansk region, as well as the increased incidence of provocations by militants.

            Read more on UNIAN: https://www.unian.info/politics/2255679-russian-tanks-in-occupied-luhansk-poroshenko-holds-emergency-meeting-of-military-cabinet.html

      2. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        “It will blow up 600 Russian tanks, 200 GRAD and 65 BUK-systems from the Earth.”
        Javelin is a short range weapon, only can strike targets in up to 1.5 miles range.
        So if Grad or Buk positioned in around 2-3 miles deep from the front line – sorry..Javelin…missed shot :-(.
        P.S. You so stupid, really amazing.

    2. Avatar veth says:

      New war in Ukraine broke out: DPR troops invade LPR..hahahaha..but true!

  6. Avatar focusser says:

    Hold on! Lavrov had irrefutable proof that it was the US cooperating with ISIS. A really convincing screenshot of a mobile phone game was his proof, soon to be debunked, like all Russian evidence. Yesterday Trump declared NK a terrorist state, Russia are the world’s No1 terrorist state, by a long margin.

    1. Avatar veth says:

      On Monday, November 20, the Russian embassy in Damascus (Syria) came under mortar fire.

      Diplomats report that 122mm shells hit the territory of the embassy and caused some damage. Specifically, the fence, the building’s wall, power lines and the water supply system were damaged. No one was hurt.

      “We hope that our Western colleagues who are active in the Syrian issue on the UN Security Council will not keep silent, but have the courage to make an appropriate public assessment of the incident where the lives of Russian diplomats were under threat,” Moscow said.

      1. Avatar UKUKRMAN says:

        I would suggest the Russians fired the mortars

      2. Avatar focusser says:

        What do Russia expect, they are slaughtering innocent civilians, helping Assad in genocide. Do they want chocolates and roses delivered?

          1. Avatar focusser says:

            Yeah, not only Russia can use veto’s

          2. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            I urge you to not use sites that contain UA. It makes you look so pathetic. Just use a site without UA once 🙂

        1. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

          Well, fortunately everything you’ve predicted have come wrong (extremely fortunate)

    2. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

      Yeah, USA ordered 3000 Isis members to leave Ar Raqqah, to Deir ez zor, to fight SAA and Russia. Isis was at its peak in 2015 when Usa was there. Now with Russia, Isis has been fully exterminated. Honestly you should quit lying. Might be that an FSB comes to your door once, ha ha haXD

      1. Avatar focusser says:

        Isis have been exterminated have they. Must be a false flag then in Damacus.

        1. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

          Yeah, as the Israeli agents in eastern Syria have been wiped out, the Idlib apes needs to be exterminated too. Only after that can Syria fully prosper. God will bless Putin and Assad for their couragous work

          1. Avatar focusser says:

            Bombing women and kids is very courageous. Gassing them is even better.

          2. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            Those are done by terrorists. The jihadists admitted they gassed the Ghoutta and Khan Sheikoun, to slow than the SAA offensive. As for bombing kids and women, the jihadists like to use them as human shields (USA would know that)

    1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

      Nothing from UAWIRE today ?