Russia stands behind “DNR” leader’s order to confiscate food crops, echoing Stalin’s Holodomor

Oleksadr Zakharchenko, self-proclaimed "DNR leader"  

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Oleksandr Zakharchenko, the self-proclaimed leader of the Russian client statelet, the Donetsk Peoples Republic, has called for the confiscation of all agricultural food products and their being handed over to his regime, an ugly order in and of itself and especially ugly given Ukraine’s experience with the Holodomor in 1932-1933.

The order, dated November 3 and posted on his regime’s website, specifies that

“cereals and grains, as well as fruits growing on bushes, trees and vines that have been harvested without permission on state and municipal plots are the property of the Donetsk Peoples Republic.”

As the Euromaidan Press points out, similar measures were “in effect during the 1932-1933 Holodomor in Ukraine when … Stalin imposed a repressive new law on the protection of state property” and used it to confiscate food from those who were already starving.

And the analogy is made even more compelling because, as the news service points out,

“previously OSCE observers [had] reported seeing trucks full of cereals and grains on Russian-controlled territories in Ukraine moving towards the Russian-Ukrainian border and into the Russian Federation,” just as happened under Stalin.

This report raises three questions: Who in fact ordered it? Why did that person do so? And what should be the reaction of Ukrainians and people of good will around the world? The answers to each are obvious.

First, it is clear that this order originated not in the mind of Zakharchenko but from Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin. As Kurt Volker pointed out last week, Moscow controls “100 percent” of what happens in the Donbas.

Putin thus has to be held responsible for this horrific action and not allowed to escape public censure and, one hopes, eventual punishment for this crime against humanity as well as so many others.

Second, Putin ordered it both to shore up morale among his fighters and to provoke Ukrainians into actions that will isolate it from the West.

By issuing an order like this, Putin has sent a clear message to his fighters that they can expect no quarter if they are defeated and thus must be prepared to fight to the very end.

And he clearly hopes as he has so often to provoke his opponents, in this case, the Ukrainians, into taking actions or making statements in response for which they will be condemned and thus allow him to escape responsibility for what he has initiated. Putin knows how central the Holodomor is to Ukrainians and how many of them will respond.

Finally, third, Ukrainians and their many friends and supporters around the world must recognize that this order and its Kremlin origins can best be countered not by violence or dramatic actions but rather by a calm insistence that everyone recognize just what the world is up against as long as Putin remains in power.

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  1. Avatar focusser says:

    Stalin would be proud of his protege.

  2. Avatar veth says:

    Nuke Russia

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Don’t bother. Why waste a perfectly good nuke on Dwarfstan when the dwarf is slowly but surely destroying the country through his own stupidity?

      1. Avatar focusser says:

        Another 5 years of the dwarf, once he re-elects himself, should finally kill off Russia.

        1. Avatar Scradje says:

          It is to be sincerely hoped that it won’t take that long.

  3. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    Zakharchenko can’t even go to the loo without getting permission from the dwarf or at the very least Surkov, so it’s obvious who is behind ANY decision announced by either Zakharchenko, or one of his fellow DNR/LNR thugs.
    This decree is only the first step.

    1. Avatar veth says:

      They will be released to show that Putin wants peace…………….big show for elections…………

      1. Avatar focusser says:

        Interesting that Russia claim they have no influence in Donbas, yet Putin has no problems contacting this trash by phone.

  4. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    With Putin, his political strategies have almost always been centered around the use of smoke and mirrors or deception and this has been well reflected from his KGB past. This same mentality could also be applied in regards to his reasons to deprive the local population of basic food staples in Russian occupied Eastern Donbas. As such, it would be easy to assume that this attempt by the Kremlin to starve the masses was intended to provoke Ukrainian officials into taking aggressive counter measures which Putin could in turn label as a provocation against Russia since the Grand Pederast would most assuredly claim innocence from any wrong doing by blaming “indiscretions” on local simpletons (Zakharchenko and his band of banyaks) . But would the authorities in Kyiv bite at the bait? Moreover, would Vovochka even expect Kyiv to bite at the bait? So, could this entire affair be tantamount to another smokescreen? Does it not have the air of a loser’s trick including a last act of vengeance against Kyiv? In fact, why would Putin lash out at the local population if he intended to remain in Eastern Donbas indefinitely? Would that not create even more problems for the Russian dictator or is there something altogether different on the agenda? One definite possibility could be the first stage of an eventual Russian withdrawal from Ukraine although jumping seals such as Zakharchenko would still be expected to perform (or else). In any case, Putin should be more than aware that there are only two options. He can continue his charade in Ukraine and face bankruptcy and/or face the same predicament as Mumbles Mugabe in Zimbabwe, or he can withdraw from Ukraine and hope for the best (if that is even possible). We’ll see.

    1. Avatar Scradje says:

      Putlerstan has been Zimbabwe with nukes for a long time. Let’s hope the chekist rodent doesn’t last as long as his equally savage and evil admirer, Mugabe.

      1. Avatar focusser says:

        I reckon it’s Mugabe’s wife who’s been running the show for a few years now. A 93 year old guy couldn’t run a country, he’s been paving the way for her to take over, but the army had other ideas.

        1. Avatar Scradje says:

          What is so sad is how all the other tinpot rulers in Africa propped up the little maggot whilst he bled a formerly successful country dry for years. Just one professional brigade could have took him down with ease.

          1. Avatar focusser says:

            They’ve been very quiet in the Kremlin. No doubt they’ll be working on something.

          2. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

            It would be difficult to judge what the Russians could do to influence the situation in Zimbabwe. Unlike China, South Africa or even the US or Great Britain, the Russians are in no position to provide financial or economic support. Besides, the Zimbabweans have more than enough hot air in their own backyard without importing the smell of rotten Russian cabbage.

          3. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Peking has been investing many billions of yuan in Africa annually for years, Moscow hasn’t. As a result, Peking has far more influence throughout the continent than Moscow has, quite apart from the fact that the dwarf can barely afford to prop up his satellites in Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, the Crimea and the so-called LNR and DNR. He can only dream of investing in Africa on the scale that Peking has been doing.

          4. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

            Well stated.

    2. Avatar focusser says:

      Putin is in a predicament. He can’t leave Donbas, it would be political suicide, he can’t afford to stay there either, the Russian economy can’t prop up Donbas and Crimea. Ukraine can just sit this one out, there is no rush, Donbas is totally ruined anyway. Anything worth more than a few rubles has been carted off to Russia, now they are getting so desperate they are resorting to Stalins tactics.

      1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

        True enough. Ukraine can indeed afford to wait but Putin does not have the same luxury and especially if the Western powers decide to increase sanctions. In fact, many political pundits have suggested that Putin may try to strike a deal following the Russian Presidential elections in 2018 where as a face saving deal he may try to swap the withdrawal of Russian troops from Eastern Donbas and possibly non-interference in internal Ukrainian affairs in exchange for international recognition of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the dropping of Western sanctions leveled against Russia. However, even if Europe/Western powers were to add additional incentives for Ukraine to agree to such a potential arrangement, there would be very stiff opposition in Ukraine and rightfully so. In essence, if Ukraine were to agree, there might be peace but the issue of territorial integrity would be compromised and that could definitely place the Government in a precarious situation. Therefore, it would be better to allow Russia to slide into inevitable bankruptcy and then proceed from a position of strength.

        1. Avatar Murf says:

          I doubt the west will agree to such a deal.
          Even if accept the “Russian version” of events it still amounts to an illegal separatist movement.
          They are not supporting the Catalonian or Kurdish referendums.
          Every leader knows they have their own seperatists elliments and recognizing Crimea will be a green light for more referendums and chaos.
          Baring a change in attitude towardUkrsine by the West or a change in leadership Putin’s best case scenario is to walk away from Donbas and in exchange for no additional sanctions.
          Once Putin is gone a lasting deal can be made that saves the new leaders face and costs Putin his.
          But since he will be out of power or dead nobody will care.

          1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

            Most countries in our global community would agree with your assessment since violating any individual country’s territorial integrity through the use of unwarranted aggression would be tantamount to opening a “Pandora’s Box”. Furthermore, the victorious powers in Europe clearly defined the territorial boundaries of every country in Europe near the end of WWII and that these boundaries were intended to be permanent. The only exception allowed would be through the mutual consent and without the use of any type of force between the countries involved. Therefore, Russia’s totally unwarranted invasion of both Crimea and Eastern Donbas in Ukraine could never be defined as mutual consent and as such cannot be recognized by the international community.

          2. Avatar Fortranz says:

            “- I doubt the west will agree to such a deal.-”

            I’m skeptical of this if it was left up to Trump. He would recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea in a heart beat he sees the Ukraine Russia conflict as not being any business of the US. The only thing standing in the way is the US Senate and Congress both of which could change there position(s) if it became a major election issue for them.

          3. Avatar Murf says:

            True but the attitude in the Congress towards Putin places him only slightly ahead of The North Korean dwarf and Bagdadi the head of ISIS. The recent increase in US sanctions was their doing the the forced Trump to sign off it whether he like it or not.
            On the other hand Ukraine enjoys overwhelming bi partisan support at a time when both sides are normally at each other’s throats.
            Only a shift in the make up of the Congress could potentially change Ukrainians support. Historically the party out of power wins big in the Mid Term elections. It is likely that the Dems will gain more seats. Since they feel that “Putin stole the White House from Hilary” I doubt that will do Vald the Shirtless much good.
            Whats more Ukraine enjoys strong support in the bureaucracy and the military. What ever deal trump might make will not get much support from them.
            Simply put the US has no NEED to make a deal with Putin. Putin put his balls in vice willingly. Now we can crank them tighter anytime we want.

      2. Avatar veth says:


        Russian kids in propaganda clip sing of readiness to die on battlefield if Putin calls

        11:00, 16 November 2017

        80 1

        A ruling party MP in Russia has released a video clip where children enthusiastically sing of their willingness to “fight the final battle” for “Uncle Vova”, hinting at President Vladimir Putin, according to the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group.

        KHPG / screenshot from video

        They also promise to hold their ground in Crimea, which Russia has illegally annexed from Ukraine, but also to reclaim Alaska from the United States, KHPG reports.

        This is not the first such video where children in uniform are used for unadulterated propaganda.

        The clip has Anna Kuvychko, a new United Russia MP and a mastermind behind the video, singing together with young police cadets, some under 10, from School No. 44 in Volgograd. Lyrics and music are by Viacheslav Antonov, who is allegedly a taxi driver from Moscow oblast. His rendition, together with his young son, also has the lad leaping in to tell ‘Uncle Vova, we’re with you”.

        Kuvychko has embellished her clip with images from abroad, clearly intended to demonstrate the chaos reigning there, and the country ‘deprived of a President’. All of this is, of course, in contrast to the children singing together in the studio or against a background of historical sites, including Mamaev Kurgan and the memorial complex marking the pivotal Battle of Stalingrad during WWII.

        The words in the refrain about the world being weary of wars, especially sung by children, are reminiscent of Soviet propaganda songs, like “Do Russians want war?” There is, however, a fundamental difference. In that Soviet song, the children were there to reflect childlike innocence, a world in which, as a child sang, there should “always be the Sun, Mommy, and I.”

        Read alsoUkrainian language out of curriculum in “DPR” schools – transition to Russian completedHere the children sing that while peace would be a good thing, “if the Chief Commander calls us to our final battle, we’re with you, Uncle Vova”. If the children may not fully understand what that ‘final battle’ suggests, “what about their parents?” KHPG asks.

        Some of the lines from the “patriotic piece” sound rather menacing: “Our Sevastopol and Crimea we will retain for our descendants, and return Alaska to the hearth of our Homeland.”

        “The text of the song talks about difficult diplomatic relations on the international arena in which Russia is proving unwavering and is determinedly upholding its own vector of development, despite pressure. Moreover, the children, inspired by the example of Crimea, hope for the reunification [sic] of other originally Russian territories. “Now they have other, no less serious, challenges before them. But they will definitely make it through and be victorious,” Kuvychko says.

        Read alsoChildren in occupied Donbas used in Kremlin propaganda The Crimean Human Rights Group and others have long warned of the dangerous level of militarization in Crimea under Russian occupation, including through the use of children. During official Russian festivities in Sevastopol on the third anniversary of annexation, a choreographed piece was performed where girls sang the following lines: “My country, my fate, my dream, my war”. At that point, other children burst onto the stage waving around mock machine guns.

        In another piece, according to, young girls dance around Russia’s statue glorifying the invader, bleating “Thank you” in unison.

        Read alsoKremlin’s latest propaganda bogeymen: cartoon Scottish wizards and rip-off Harry PottersIt should be noted that Putin himself clearly has a taste for such demonstrations of adulation normally seen among totalitarian dictators. Children can be heard singing Putin’s praise in his presence here and while it is unclear how many online birthday greetings are real, the Russian media regularly produce sycophantic reports about Putin’s pet dog, his skiing and fishing skills, etc

        1. Avatar Murf says:

          Like I have said before; if big talk was all it took to win wars, Russia would be the superpower they THINK they are.

        2. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

          Dictators and/or dictatorial regimes in particular, thrive on the use of mind control. Furthermore, those who are most susceptible to this mind control include children, simpletons including those who are mentally challenged, those who fear authorities, those who wish to curry favor from the authorities and those who have been heavily influenced to obey or mimic authorities. As for the dictatorial authorities, they are less concerned with the categories of people that obey them and hold them in adulation. All they desire is the overwhelming obedience from the general population.

  5. Avatar AmounRah says:

    Lol oh my god, the propaganda on this site

    1. Avatar Tony says:

      Then why are you here? If this site is all propganda then why you keep reading and commenting? You can’t say it’s to convince people cause your lame 1 line comment isn’t nearly enough for that.
      Ahh but if you’re a paid rus troll doing this for money then your behaviour is perfectly explainable, this job must suck.

      Your guy here is lazy, he just writes a lame 1 line comment. Give him an ass kick, I expect better from Rus trolls.

      1. Avatar AmounRah says:

        “Then why are you here? If this site is all propganda then why you keep comming back, reading and commenting?”
        The debunk B S and to educate.

        Why are you here? To feed on the B S, propaganda, hate and to feed others?
        Ahh but if you’re a paid ukietroll doing this for money then your behavior is perfectly explainable, this job must suck.

        1. Avatar Fortranz says:

          “‘- The debunk B S and to educate. -”

          Here I’ll educate you Russian useful-idiot. You are supposed to say this above here this way:

          – To debunk your propaganda BS and educate you people. –

          At lest this is what I think you are trying to say to us. But since you are a stupid English illiterate Russian troll, you can’t see that what you write most of the time doesn’t make any sense in English. Perfectly explainable behavior for you isn’t it?

          1. Avatar AmounRah says:

            Here you go ladies and gentlemen 🙂
            Another example of a troll post who can do nothing but bicker with those better than them and attack them, personally.
            And I will wait for Tony to reply.

            On a totally unrelated note: You should watch the Kardashians. It a waste of time and all they do is gossip and talk sh*t. You will loooooooove it.

            P.S. PLEASE do not stop replying. I really do find your blabber very entertaining…..really makes me feel better about my self. And hey, everyone could use an ego boost <3

          2. Avatar Fortranz says:

            Russian Officials Ban Dogs Barking at Night

            How have you been getting away with this AmounRah? Oh yes I see “Oinking, crowing and quacking are allowed,” so that’s how you been doing it…lol

    2. Avatar MichaelA says:

      why is it propaganda?
      russian press has reported about this

  6. Avatar Tony says:

    Breaking: Russia in agreement with its hand puppet.
    In other news: Kaspersky antivirus steals files from users computer, Kaspersky orders said files deleted from company network but not before this leading russian cyber security company gets hacked by FSB and the files are stolen. Oh won’t somebody please believe believe this incredible story?(this is an IQ test)

  7. Avatar Fortranz says:

    Perhaps we are seeing the beginning of this:

    1. Take all and salvageable industrial equipment, resources and agricultural production from DNR and LNR.
    2. Drive all the ethnic-Russian population of DNR and LNR out and into Russia.
    3. Eliminate and or cripple any ethnic-Ukrainians remaining in DNR and LNR.
    4. Initiate slow Russian withdrawal from DNR and LNR inflicting as many casualties on the Ukraine national forces and ethnic-Ukrainians in East Ukraine [DNR and LNR].
    5. Activities in 4. to be cumulated when Russia completes the building of bridge and electric power connection to Russia to Crimea.
    6. Demand UN and Ukraine government recognizes Crimean referendum 2014 as legitimate expression of regions people(s).
    7. Demand US, UE, UK etc accept Russian sovereignty of the Crimea as fait accompli and that Western economic sanction against Russia are now unwarranted.

    Putin declares an end to the Ukraine Russia conflict.

    1. Avatar Tony says:

      Indeed 1 and 3 has already been done, kremlin often states 7&8 aswell.