Lithuania’s President: UN must rise up against Russia’s abuse or face irrelevance

Opening President Dalia Grybauskaite of the Republic of Lithuania addresses the General Assembly’s annual general debate. UN Photo/Cia Pakof GA 72 2017 AM

Her Excellency Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of Lithuania 


Article by: Dalia Grybauskaite
Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite didn’t mince words when speaking at the United Nations General Assembly on 19 September 2017, addressing representatives of 193 countries. In no uncertain terms, she stressed that the UN must either condemn Russia’s violation of international law and invasion of Georgia and Ukraine or face being irrelevant. Also, she stressed that a UN reform is due: “This unique universal body was created to save the world from wars. So far it has failed to fulfil this promise. Now we face the choice: either we give this organisation the voice to rise against the abuse or we will make it irrelevant.” We publish her speech, during which the Russian delegation walked out of the room, in full.

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The topic of this year’s debate invites to focus on people and our responsibility to ensure their peaceful and sustainable future.

However, in today’s world such peaceful future is threatened as never before. Authoritarian regimes continue to kill with impunity, extremist ideologies treat innocent people with unspeakable cruelty and thousands die after leaving their homes in search for better lives. The world’s attention is now focused on North Korea and Syria, but the same methods of blaclmail, bullying and aggression are being used by Russia in Ukraine and along NATO’s eastern border.

As we speak, around one hundred thousand Russian troops are engaged in offensive military exercises “Zapad 2017” on the borders of Baltic States, Poland and even in the Arctic. The Kremlin is rehearsing aggressive scenarios against its neighbours, training its army to attack the West. The exercise is also part of information warfare aimed at spreading uncertainty and fear.

Even more disturbingly, Zapad exercise is just one symptom of Kremlin’s inability to finally end its hatred towards the West. Despite Russia’s special responsibility to protect international peace as a permanent member of the Security Council, it violated the UN Charter by attacking Georgia, illegally annexing Crimea, and directly participating in the war in Eastern Ukraine.

Kremlin’s arsenal does not stop at conventional weapons. Russia continues to meddle in elections, conducts cyber-attacks and uses its “sputniks” to spread fake news and destabilising propaganda. Energy blackmail has long become Russia’s weapon of choice. In Belarus, just forty kilometres from Lithuania’s capital, it is building the unsafe Astravets nuclear power plant as a geopolitical weapon that fails to comply with basic international nuclear standards.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Abuses and indifference to basic international norms by regimes across the world are not unrelated cases. Too often they are a result of our collective failure to condemn and properly react to violations.

Time and time again we have no courage to enforce the rules that we ourselves create. We draw red lines in the sand and then pretend they don’t exist. This has to change.

Bullies are aggressive precisely because they are weak and insecure. That is why we must stop being passive observers and start calling things by their own names. Aggression cannot make anyone stronger. It can never earn anyone even a drop of respect. The only thing the aggression will bring is contempt, shame and condemnation. The international community has to take its share of responsibility. We cannot let fear win by closing our eyes to

The international community has to take its share of responsibility. We cannot let fear win by closing our eyes to violators, because it will only encourage them to go further. We must learn to read the warning signs, because abuse of human rights, nationalistic rhetoric and suppression of free speech explode into violence if ignored. Finally, we must change the UN. This unique universal body was created to save the world from wars. So far it has failed to fulfil this promise. Now we face the choice: either we give this organisation the voice to rise against the abuse or we will make it irrelevant. Thank you.


Finally, we must change the UN. This unique universal body was created to save the world from wars. So far it has failed to fulfil this promise. Now we face the choice: either we give this organisation the voice to rise against the abuse or we will make it irrelevant. Thank you.

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    1. Avatar RedSquareMaidan says:

      No wonder the Kremlin walked out, they are afraid of the truth and Dalia!

      1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

        Yes indeed. The Russians walked out and they can even run but sooner or later they will hit a brick wall. The truth on the other hand can never be outrun as its arms stretch into infinity.

      2. Avatar Murf says:

        Oh they know the truth. They just don’t have the balls to look everyone around them in the eye after being confronted by their hypocrisy.

      3. Avatar veth says:

        The citizens of Russia can get American visas at the US Embassy in Kyiv. The US Embassy to Ukraine published this statement at the official website.

        ‘People who usually live in Russia but who cannot appeal for a visa to the US in a proper time can apply for a visa in Kyiv. The applicants are not obliged to be the residents of Ukraine to get a visa in the US Embassy in Kyiv but should be physically present in Ukraine during the filling of application for a visa and getting a visa because we cannot accept the applications from the citizens via e-mail while they are beyond of Ukraine’, the message said.

        The diplomats also note that the applicants should specify the local address in Ukraine during the sign up for the interview. It can be the address of the hotel, relatives or office. It is also needed that the applicant or his representative paid the visa fee at the Raiffeisen Bank in Ukraine until the assignment of the interview.

        The issue of a passport will be possible only within the bounds of Ukraine in the case of the approval of a visa.

        Trump. well done, I smile…………

        1. Avatar RedSquareMaidan says:

          I don’t think this is a new rule. It sounds just like a Ukrainian visa and you still need a local address. I get them there the same way for years.

      4. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

        No, most likely they’re just tired of the same Russophobic rants from this warmongering wh0re. I can’t stand listen to this US puppet, are the citizens of Lithuania that stupid?

        1. Avatar gmab says:

          This elected leader receives more respect from world leaders than PUtler has in 17 yrs. or ever will.

          1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            Well said.

        2. Avatar RedSquareMaidan says:

          Russophobic rants? Maybe if Mr. Platform shoes didn’t invade his neighbors, lies, cheat, steal, break international laws and treaties, dope, allow torture and kidnappings, hack and murder Opposition, there wouldn’t be a need for anti-Russian sentiment. Stop the childish projection and take responsibility for once.

  1. Avatar Murf says:

    Putin should thank God this tough broad doesn’t have an economy like Germany’s backing her up.
    His sh*t would be in serious trouble.

    1. Avatar focusser1 says:

      Makes a change from the likes of a$$lickers like Gabriel.

      1. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

        Better relations with Russia is bad? Many people are seeing that isolating Russia is nothing but a hinderance to a peacefull solution.

        1. Avatar focusser1 says:

          You just don’t see it do you. Russia are isolating Russia, nobody else.

    2. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

      “Iron Lady of Lithuania”?????? More like a puppet for Usa and Israel in Lithuania. She wants war with Russia, on account of her masters in Washington, akin Clinton, Graham, Mccain and Blaine. Hope she get ousted before she escalates things in the region

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        Hope all you want
        And if she was a US puppet she would have been toeing the Obama/ Myerkle semi apologist line.
        Instead she has been giving Putin the middle finger since this began.even going so far as to send Ukraine weapons when no one else ha the guts.

        Better hope she doesn’t end up as president of the EU.

  2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Great speech! Way to go, Lithuania!

    Vladimir Putin has a Bachelor degree in Venality, a Masters in Advanced Stalin Studies, and a PhD in Assclownery. He is also currently studying for a Dubai Realtors License.

    1. Avatar Murf says:

      A Realtors License?
      Murdering the oposition is one thing this? This is goes beyond the pale.
      Does his evil know no bounds.

      1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

        Crooks and real estate go together, especially in Dubai.

    2. Avatar veth says:

      Crimean Airspace is Ukrainian……………………..according………..???

      Moscow court helps Kyiv fine Russian air carrier for flights to Crimea despite Ukraine ban The Economic Court of Kyiv region has satisfied the claim of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) to recover over UAH 10 million, or US$381,825, from the Russian air carrier for daily flights to the temporarily occupied Crimea, according to website of the prosecutor’s office. } Economy 15:15, 21 September 2017
      “The decision of the Economic Court of Kyiv region, dated September 20, 2017, satisfied the claim of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on recovery of more than UAH 10 million from the Russian air carrier, which carries out daily flights to the temporarily occupied Crimea,” the report said. The prosecutor’s office emphasizes that the air carrier has paid no money for the received air navigation services in the international airspace over the Black Sea within the Simferopol flight information region. In the procedure of mutual international legal assistance, judicial bodies of the Russian Federation have been involved in the trial. Thus, the Moscow Arbitration Court executed the order of the Ukrainian court by handing to the defendant a copy of the ruling on the launch of the trial and the prosecutor’s statement of claim, according to the press service. Read alsoNaftogaz sues Russia over seizure of $5 bln worth of assets in Crimea”Proper notification of the offender air carrier on the requirements of the prosecutor’s office of the Autonomy gives the Ukrainian side an opportunity to launch a mechanism for collecting the specified sum from the debtor in the territory of the Russian Federation,” ARC Prosecutor Gunduz Mamedov said. Read alsoUkraine’s border guards see Russia continuing to extract gas on Ukrainian shelf in Black SeaAccording to the prosecutor, the courts for the first time ruled under the procedure adopted earlier by the ARC Prosecutor’s Office to attract air carriers to responsibility for flights over Crimea that were carried out in violation of the Convention on International Civil Aviation of 1944 and the Multilateral Agreement Relating to Route Charges of 1981.

      Read more on UNIAN:

  3. Avatar Scradje says:

    Well said Dalia! If only leaders from larger powers could recognize the truth that she is speaking and echo those sentiments even more forcefully with both words and actions.

    1. Avatar Sania says:

      ur lovely old swinia dalia did forget own dirty komsomol past youth.
      she did rising going on lituvanas people’s heads…

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”
        There is nothing wrong with seeing the foolishness of youth and nor learning from the mistakes of the past.
        That is how you grow as a person.
        Somthing Russians need to work on more.

        1. Avatar RedSquareMaidan says:

          “Russian” culture hasn’t changed much in 800 years has it?

          1. Avatar Murf says:

            Regretably no.
            I had high hopes for them when the wall came down.
            Throughout their they have suffered from one horrible leader after another.
            I thought they were over due for a lucky break.
            What was I thinking?
            I realize now they get the leaders they deserve.
            They don’t respect a leader unless he treats them like dog poo on his shoes.
            But at least the Ukrainians are trying to break the mold.
            Will they succeed?
            I don’t know. Change is never easy.
            But it is better to strive to be better than accept mediocrity.

          2. Avatar Sania says:

            old dirty patchwork army boot, you are a donkey to talk about Ru

          3. Avatar Murf says:

            Road rage.

          4. Avatar Brent says:

            has Russian culture even existed for 800 years? Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great were the ones who fostered Muscovy into the the concept of “Russia”. Since then, it’s devolved into a sh*thole we know as Putin’s Russia, and I’m sure Peter would love to kick Putin in the a$$ for how he’s ruined Russia that Peter tried to make more European.

          5. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            Depends on what definition of “culture” is being used. If it is this: “the cultivation of bacteria and such in an artificial medium”, then they’ve had a very rich culture for sure.

          6. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            Of course, this is what Ukrainian nationalists says

          7. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            Kievian Rus had quite the society going in the 9th century. Moscow was a convienient place along the Moskva River for a lunch and potty break. Sometime between then and the 13th century when the Mongol Hordes invaded a rest area with an out house had been set up in the area of current Moscow. By that time the Kievan Rus were loosing their influence under pressure also from the Ottoman Turks, Lithuania and Poland.
            If Pee-Wee Pootie wants to talk about correcting a historical error, Ukraine should capture as spoils of war, their Kievan Rus lands to Novgorod. I never initiated fights but I have ended most on top.

          8. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            There is nothing of the ” Great ” about Putin, that’s for sure. He is a common thug who has been promoted way above his pay grade.

          9. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            800 years puts you back to the late 13th century to early 14th. About the time the Mongols invaded and raped the women adding their DNA to what is now “modern” Russia. Term is used loosely. Muscovy in its early development stage.

        2. Avatar Sania says:

          Follow about heads under her dirty legs

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            Blah blah blah goes the Russian troll nonsensically……I think all the ratburgers and palm oil cheese is rotting your sheeple brain….

        3. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

          If they wanted to work on it – which they haven’t shown a slightest inclination to do – it would be a Sisyphean task for them. Even those of them who have left the Sovok are unable to extricate the Sovok from them. Though precious exceptions happen, they’re exceedingly rare.

      2. Avatar Brent says:

        You may blame Dalia for some fictitious Russian manufactured “dirty past”, but who do you blame for your own current stupidity and troll behavior? You can only blame yourself, loser…..

        1. Avatar Sania says:

          fasci hohlopiteck, shut up and be free in ur rootless country, when ” heroes” bombing
          people in their homes and flats…

          1. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

            There is no point reasoning with these pathetic Russophobes. Their hatred for Russia is nothing more than their insecurity and fear that Russia won’t bend down to Nato, as we’ve seen with Libya and Serbia. Russia saved untoald of people in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, the truth is on our side

          2. Avatar Sania says:

            yes, bastardje and his incredible stink friends will not go

          3. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            Seems to me by international news agencies it was Pootlerstan bombing schools, apartment blocks and hospitals. Yup, them is heroes. The same ones that run their planes off the deck of the Admiral Krushednutz aircraft carrier. Yup, world leaders there all right.

          4. Avatar Sania says:

            grey chump, in what ” international news agencies ” are u hear the word “Pootlerstan”?
            boy, u must study, do not blah-blaah among ukra fasci
            if u are really Davies like Sir Ray

        2. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

          Take a look at UN meetings yesterday and today. Russia only seems to win these days, Maybe Ukrainians will eventually see what a terrible mistake they did with Maidan. Certainly recent events in Odessa suggest that Obama’s project in Kiev didn’t go as planned

          1. Avatar slavko says:

            The latest from the UN about Russia is that Russia has been violating human rights in Crimea. This may be what you mean by “Russia winning”. So it’s the typical historical pattern followed by Russia… Russia wins at smaller people’s expense. Such bravery!


    2. Avatar Rafael Hernandez says:

      This b!tch is nothing but a us puppet. Hope to see her thrown out before she starts a war with Russia

      1. Avatar Scradje says:

        The more murderous and evil their rulers are, the more their serfs love it. Keep posting your sewage kremtroll, you represent the wormy minds of the throwbacks and degenerates you troll for very well.

        1. Avatar Sania says:

          crudje, it is good ur smart chief trumpkov did not go to Swaziland and
          Lesotho …
          Quazilend may be laugh very much, hahaha

          1. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            Use a towel to dry off after a swim in the cesspit next time. Your post may turn out more relevant.

          2. Avatar Sania says:

            cifilis, is it u?
            Go to the prikk.

      2. Avatar gmab says:

        Why? You afraid you’ll lose. In fact, you probably will. With Lithuania comes NATO.

  4. Avatar Sania says:

    barany, tell me about lituvavana rising in economy and demographic

  5. There is double quouting, e.g. “The international community has to take its share of responsibility. We cannot let fear win by closing our eyes to…” and “Finally, we must change the UN….”