Russia putting historic Crimean landmarks in danger

Swallow’s Nest castle 

Crimea, International

Russia may destroy an iconic Crimean monument. This week the occupational authorities in the Black Sea Peninsula continued to drill into a sensitive seaside cliff. Atop that cliff is the famed Swallow’s Nest castle.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Temporary Occupied Territories has appealed to UNESCO for help in resolving the situation. The Swallow’s Nest Castle holds great historical value for Ukraine. Any excavations on the cliff are a violation of the Hague Conventions on the Protection of Cultural Property. Despite this, the de-facto Russian authorities in the region continue to issue permits for archeological excavations in Crimea.

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  1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

    “The Swallow’s Nest Castle holds great historical value for Ukraine.”
    What ????? :-))))

    1. Avatar svend lykkegaard says:

      First sentence right. Next must be special Russians for not understanding anything, but of course Russians dont have a history

    2. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      Exactly what it says. Crimea is Ukraine. The Swallow’s Nest is in Crimea. It is a structure with a great historic value. Therefore, the Swallow’s Nest holds great historical value for Ukraine. As does any other historical landmark on the territory of Ukraine – irrespective of whether it’s temporarily occupied or not.

      1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        Malorussia (aka Ukraine) is a great historical value for Russia, please do not ever forget that.

        1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

          This must be why Russia is so intent on destroying everything in Ukraine regardless of its historic value, including, but not limited to, its constant pugnacious yapping about bombing Kyiv and L’viv. Everything the Russian antipodes of Midas touch turns into the substance they’re made of (and it’s sure as heck not gold), which gives another, truer, meaning to their own proverb “хорошо там, где нас нет”.

          1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

            Towns should not be bombed of course, only military targets. Most people east of river Sbruch, are not against Russia, this asset is very important.
            And looks like Russia cares about the “Swallow’s Nest “,

    3. Avatar Murf says:

      Well some body has to protect it.
      It’s pretty clear Russia can’t be bothered with that sort of thing.
      I a only surprised some oligarch hasn’t bought it for a ruble, dismantled it and shipped to his Dacha in Sochi already.

      1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        You just know shit about this real problem, it is fake news to begin with. Drilling performed in order to take soil samples before they start any works to support the foundation of that rock.

    4. Avatar Brent says:

      Just like the toilets you clean and the Russia you love hold historical significance for you “Screwball”…

  2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    RuSSians revel in destruction.

  3. Avatar Brent says:

    We only need to revisit former Abkhazian resorts like Gagra, to see what happens to tourist meccas after the Russian locusts arrive…

    1. Avatar Murf says:

      Behold the glory that is Putin’s Russia.
      When was that resort built?
      It seems a bit stylish for the “Soviet Man” ideology of the USSR.

  4. Avatar Screwdriver says:

    And by the way, the whole story is fake news.
    This site is under danger for many years, Russia started works to evaluate situation and support the rock foundation.