Putin feels a kinship with Stalin and Ivan the Terrible, Eidman says

Putin icons on sale in Russia for 600 rubles, which is less than 10 US dollars. (Image: social media)

Putin icons on sale in Russia for 600 rubles, which is less than 10 US dollars. (Image: social media) 

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Vladimir Putin “defends Ivan the Terrible and Stalin ‘from excessive demonization’ because unconsciously he feels himself” to share with them a common approach, Igor Eidman says, and views criticism of them like criticism of himself as “the slander of hated foreigners.”

Stalin defended Ivan for the same reason, the Russian commentator says; but unlike Putin, Stalin viewed the tsar as “an insufficiently decisive murderer,” who should have killed more people. Putin for part isn’t disturbed by the actions of Stalin and their continuing impact on Russia.

“Ivan the Terrible was rehabilitated under Stalin, but under Putin a creeping rehabilitation of not only Ivan but of Stalin himself is going on,” Eidman continues, a reflection of the fact that other paranoids don’t appear to have a problem to those who are paranoid themselves. He then quotes Stalin on Ivan and Putin on both Ivan and Stalin to make his point.

Stalin said that “the wisdom of Ivan the Terrible consisted in the fact that he stood on a national point of view and did not allow foreigners into his country, thus defending it from the penetration of foreign influence. [He] was very harsh [but] it was necessary to show” that in his times.

“One of the mistakes of Ivan the Terrible consisted in that he did not cut down the five major feudal families. If he had destroyed these five boyar families, then there wouldn’t have been a time of troubles. But Ivan the Terrible executed some and then for a long time repented and brayed … He needed to be more decisive.”

Putin said of Ivan the Terrible that it is “unknown whether he killed his son or not” and that the legend that he did was the work of the papal nuncio “who came to him for negotiations and tried to transform Orthodox Rus into Catholic Rus.” The nuncio then portrayed Ivan as something extraordinary, but exactly the same thing was occurring elsewhere at that time.

And finally, Putin said of Stalin: “Stalin was a product of his times … It seems to me that excessive demonization of Stalin is one of the means, one of the lines of attack on the Soviet Union and Russia in order to show that today’s Russia bears some birthmarks of Stalin. So what? – We all bear some birthmarks of some kind or another.”


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  1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

    Putin doesn’t have to waste his precious time on lengthy convoluted explanations why he feels kinship with Ivan IV, Lenin, Stalin, and the rest of the same murderous ilk (obviously, including Hitler, judging from his 2007 Munich speech and ensuing actions). It would merely suffice to state that he feels kinship with the Satan, short and sweet.

    1. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

      That might ruffle the Dark Lord, you think he wants to be associated with Putin?

      1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

        It’s Putin who feels kinship to Beelzebub, not the other way round, so I hope the latter would be ruffled enough to do the ugly dwarf in.

        1. Avatar Styx says:

          More salo, gorilka damaged hero ?

    2. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

      It would be of interest to note that apart from the list of names that you mentioned (Napoleon and Kublai Khan could also be added), Putin seldom mentions Tsar Peter the Great who was one of Russia’s foremost imperialists, as one of his all time favorites. For this there could be a simple explanation. Tsar Peter was a very tall individual and especially for the time he lived in whereas Putin obviously suffers from the “small man syndrome”. Hence, his desire to try and portray himself as Russia’s new “Superman” which in turn has only provoked derisive laughter from the international community.

      1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

        Agreed – otherwise he wouldn’t be obsessed with his ridiculous and sometimes hilariously obvious attempts to look taller. Men of short stature not preoccupied by it don’t walk on stilettos artfully hidden in their shoes and don’t plan special ops arranging to sit on the tallest chair in the room.

        However, methinks there is another, perhaps more significant reason. Peter’s reforms aimed at modernizing the government and many other aspects of life in the country based on the Western and Central European models of the time. By contrast, the main thrust of Putin’s ideology is the insistence on some special “Russian way”, “an extra chromosome”, some “unique spirituality” as opposed to “the rotten West”, and other such rubbish.

  2. Avatar Scradje says:

    Ivan liked to boil his enemies until close to the point of death, then immerse them in cold water and restart the process. No wonder fuehrer pootler is such a fan.

    1. Avatar Styx says:

      https://disqus.com/by/Scradje/ “liked to boil his enemies until close to the point of death, then immerse them in cold water and restart the process.” No wonder fuehrer Porosyonko gave him a pension.

  3. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Putin is a very sick animal.

    1. Avatar Styx says:

      zorba is a very sad reptilian.

      1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

        Bogovsky, kremturd.

        1. Avatar Styx says:

          You shouldn’t use made up swear words after your mother’s maiden name, zorba.

          How are you today ?

          1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            Don’t drink any yellow vodka.

          2. Avatar Styx says:

            I don’t drink any kind of vodka, thank you for your kind advice anyway.

            How is your most invaluable self today?

          3. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            You got 3 upvotes. Svetlana, Ivan, and Vladimir Putin.

          4. Avatar Styx says:

            I do beg your pardon ?

          5. Avatar Kruton says:

            Stalin shot his wife in the face,lol!!

          6. Avatar Styx says:

            What are you laughing about, mentally deranged idiot ?

          7. Avatar Simba Kijani says:

            Hi Ian, how’s the weather in Monte Carlo?