Ex-Berkut chief suspected of organizing Euromaidan massacre now dispersing protests in Moscow

Photo: Maria Karpukhina / Dozhd 


Sergey Kusyuk, the former chief of the Berkut special police involved in violently dispersing Euromaidan protesters, was spotted dispersing protesters in Moscow on 12 June 2017. A photo of Kusyuk was published by the Russian TV station Dozhd, following which Ukrainians recognized the famous police chief, who had directed many dispersals of protests in Ukraine. Later, a video of Kusyuk in the uniform of the OMON special police, who appeared to be giving out instructions to other officers breaking up up the protests in Moscow was shared by Oksana Boyko, a journalist at Russia Today.

The Russian Guard declined to answer whether Kusyuk is indeed one of their employees now.

In Ukraine, Kusyuk served as a colonel in the now-dispanded Berkut special police force and directed the violent dispersal of a peaceful protest on the night of 29-30 November 2013. The brutality of the Berkut police who beat up students in central Kyiv caused indignation throughout Ukraine, and a day after, up to a million protesters gathered in Kyiv’s center.

Kusyuk during a demonstration in December 2011. Photo: Maks Levin/LB.ua

Kusyuk during a demonstration in December 2011. Photo: Maks Levin/LB.ua

In Ukraine, he is wanted for directing the dispersal of the student protest on 29-30 November 2013 together with his two deputies and four Berkut commanders. Apart from that, he is suspected directing violent protest dispersals in previous years and of handing out rifles with live ammunition to his subordinates during the Euromaidan protests, and later giving orders to destroy these rifles, as well as to destroy all the documentation related to the weapons at the base of the Berkut in Kyiv, the head of department of special investigations, Serhiy Horbatiuk, told Hromadske.

As well, Kusyuk is suspected of organizing the Euromaidan massacre of 20 February 2014, during which 47 protesters were shot.

In May 2014, the Deputy Chief of Kyiv division of Ministry of Internal Affairs informed that Kusyuk ordered to destroy all the documentation related to the Berkut division’s activities during Euromaidan, including the personal cards of the Berkut officers and the documentation by which they received weapons, and stated that on 21 February 2014 Kusyuk handed out 146 Kalashnikov rifles, 1 sniper rifle, and 1 Fort pump gun to the Berkut officers.

According to Ukraine’s Prosecutor’s General Office (GPU), Kusyuk and a part of his subordinates were driven out of Kyiv in the direction of Mykolayiv, and his further whereabouts were unknown. The GPU’s request that Russia extradites Kusyuk went unanswered. In February 2017, the GPU informed that 13 Berkut officers received Russian citizenship. Earlier, the Russian human rights activist Svetlana Gannushkina told Hromadske that 300 Ukrainians applied for asylum in Russia, most of whom were either Berkut officers or prosecutors.

Ukrainian social media users identified another ex-Berkut officer who now disperses protests in Moscow. His name is Vasily and he is from Luhansk, a city in eastern Ukraine now under the control of the Russian-backed “Luhansk People’s Republic.”

Ukrainian social media users were quick to poke fun at the news, “updating” Moscow’s coat-of-arms featuring St.George the Dragon Slayer to a Berkut officer beating a lying protester.



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  1. Avatar RedSquareMaidan says:

    I certainly hope this Berkut-nazi gets what is coming to him.

    1. Avatar Victor Victory says:

      Oh you mean an award from putin? Yup. I think he will be awarded hero of Russia.

      Let’s hope he does get shot though.

  2. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    Since Putin the Pederast will never even consider extraditing this scumbag and murderer to Ukraine, Kyiv should make every effort to request that the International Court in The Hague place him and his fellow mongrels on the international wanted list to face trial. Even so, nobody should expect any co-operation from the Kremlin but that would not be the point of this exercise. The international exposure of Putin’s crimes in harboring such criminals would only further his image as a terrorist and as such would only damage the Kremlin’s propaganda machine.

  3. Avatar Czech Mate says:

    This fugly scumbag deserves to take a lift Motorola style, or a Givi’s office hours. Whatever that is, I hope it will hurt great deal before sending him to hell.

  4. Avatar Murf says:

    Why did they hire him?
    He didn’t do a very good job in Ukraine. What makes Putin think he will do a better job in Russia?
    Goes to show Russians love doubling down on failure.

    1. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

      Going on now about **OIL**
      …. “follow the money!” — Deep Throat

      LYING Sec of State TILLERSON traitor!

      Interesting …. too bad Trump is a Traitor …. &
      the Germans are greedy & stupid with Nordstream II. (The Rothschilds
      of Anglo-Royal Dutch Shell want it so…. that’s it! )


      Gazprom to receive funding for Nord Stream 2 pipeline

      Five European energy groups will provide loans to contentious project


    2. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      The answer is pretty simple: Because he has demonstrated that in Kyiv that he has no scruples about killing unarmed people, and that is exactly the ilk Putler needs. Moreover, if he has no qualms maiming and killing his ethnic brethren, doing the same to Russians is for him no bigger deal than stomping down a roach.

  5. Avatar veth says:

    Putin is afraid for Maidan Moscow

  6. Avatar Tchitcherine says:

    The irony, it burns.

  7. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    I would put this insect in a tie with Kadyrov as to who needs the next bullet. What a waste of humanity.