Russia, known for Potemkin villages, is now ‘a garden of fig leaves,’ Yerofeyev says

One of "Potemkin village" buildings where only the central street-facing facade is maintained while the rest of it is let to crumble to pieces in Norilsk, Russia (Image:

One of "Potemkin village" buildings where only the central street-facing facade is maintained while the rest of it is let to crumble to pieces in Norilsk, Russia (Image: 

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Russia gave the world the Potemkin village, in which officials tried to cover up problems from those above them; but now it has become “a garden of fig leaves,” in which those at the top have turned the country into “a garden of fig leaves” in which the real reason the regime is doing something is concealed under a lie that it is doing something else, according to Viktor Yerofeyev.

The situation today is “quite murky,” the Moscow novelist and commentator says, with winds blowing in various directions as far as Russian culture is concerned. But the murkiness is intentional and covers the fact that “everything is becoming worse and worse.”

The realm of culture is where this is perhaps clearest, Yerofeyev says. On the one hand, “culture exists independently from censorship.” Writers can write in the most horrific times as did Platonov and Pasternak. But on the other, the Putin regime is restricting the ability of writers and other producers of culture to reach their audiences.

How it is doing so is significant: If 20 years ago, cultural figures could produce what they wanted and count on reaching an audience, now, it is impossible for them to do so “without the fear that their work one way or another will be interpreted as Russophobic or offensive to the feelings of someone and so on.”

This reflects one “episode of the civil war” which is taking place “between the Russia which wants to be part of Europe and the Russia which wants to belong to itself and to live with isolationism, nationalism and an extremely archaic philosophy,” the writer says. Putin and his regime belong to the latter unfortunately.

But the Kremlin hides its true purposes behind various “fig leaves,” claims that it is doing something for one reason when in fact it is doing something for quite another and that it uses to reduce people to objects that the powers that be control and direct rather than being individuals who belong to themselves.


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  1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    Several years ago when speaking with US President George Bush Sr., Putin stated, “You know George, Ukraine is not really a country”. How ironic considering the fact that Russia itself was an over sized Potemkin village.

    1. Avatar veth says:

      6000 unarmed soldiers stopped the Great Russian Red Army in Donbass……………in 2014

    2. Avatar Vasyl P. says:

      And the village doesn’t act countrylike either now.

  2. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

    I would think that Moskva is a ‘Potemkin’, no one willing to admit to the decay behind the Putin facade!

    1. Avatar RedSquareMaidan says:

      You mean Russia is not a Superpower with an honest democratic system where the people are happy, free and prosperous? Who knew?!

      1. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

        I mean, Russia as Potemkin, is an illusion contrived to hide the fallacy which is Moskva!

    2. Avatar Czech Mate says:

      actually Putin’s aging crumbling facade being propped up by botox would be a good metaphore.

      1. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

        There is not enough Botox to prop up Putin!

  3. Avatar veth says:

    Putler: Your Gazprom has now a legal 40 billion dollars debt to Ukraine after the Stockholm Court Verdict. Paying in cash or VISA?

    1. Avatar gmab says:

      Take the Gold- Russia has lots of it.

      1. Avatar RedSquareMaidan says:

        Half of it they stole from Ukraine anyway

  4. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    The Putin Paradigm: tell a lie so many times it begins to sound like a truth.

  5. Avatar Murf says:

    Putin;all suit and no substance.

    1. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

      Seems as though Putin kicked Megan Kelly’s @ss, people say …

      Body Language: Putin vs. Kelly

      1. Avatar slavko says:

        This video is a pro-Kremlin (perhaps even a Russia Today) propaganda piece. One of the comments of these so-called “body language experts” makes the claim that all the chemicals in her hair have affected her brain”. That is at about 9:55 of the video. At 11:30 of the video Putin mocks Kelly and the “body language expert” laugh out in a supportive laugh. Other comments by these so-called experts “she’s a dingleberry”. At 13:10 the “expert” hurls extreme sarcasm at Megyn Kelly. Hardly a professional commentary on Megyn Kelly’s demeanor, but speaks more of the blatant arrogance of Putin himself. Really unprofessional commentary by these body language “experts”.

        Andrew Chmeleski очивидно you are a Kremlin Troll.

        1. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

          The “body language” geek does A LOT of such vids.
          It’s entertainment. Seems she’s mostly right from WTF I’ve seen of her vids …

          Megan Kelly was NOT “effective”.
          Many others said so.

          “очивидно” you ain’t so swift Slavko.

          How’s your Ruski language pusher “buddy” —- “Alex” as YOU call that OBVIOUS Ruski scumbag. Don’ seem to be around so much … eh?

          UKIE LANGUAGE IS THE **KEY** for ALL of **THEM** !!!

          As for you … you are merely STUPID & EASILY influenced…. How’s your BS HINDU BS? 😉

          Your BS “relatvistic” horseshit leads you to such BS views (besides your ESOTERIC NONSENSE) as to CLAIM that ENFORCING PROPER Ukie language laws — a la the Baltic Nations example — is an “imposition”. Poor Ruski!!! :(((

          Tsk, tsk … to use Uki as THE language of instruction in schools!!
          In government! Courts! etc… Horrible!!! — You are a “guided” by your
          ASININE relativistic STUPID *BS* !!

          You got no (real) God — you got — (relativistic) SH*T!!!

          The UNIVERSE is “absolute” — & YOUR dum @SS is … relativistic & floundering!


          1. Avatar slavko says:

            She was effective in exposing how Putin deflects from the questions. She showed his evasiveness and arrogance especially with the “home crowd” cheering him on. Considering the venue she did a good job in a hostile environment especially with Putin mocking her in front of a hostile audience. Putin displayed his insincerity very well. THAT speaks volumes.

            Now go ahead… defend Putin.

          2. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            “Now go ahead… defend Putin.”

            I did NOT at all “defend Putin” you STUPID, LYING IGNORANT SH*T!!!




            Like I said — ALL REVIEWS of that interview said Megan Kelly did a LOUSY JOB & THAT SHE REALLY “wasn’t prepared”. — SHE DIDN’T KNOW ENOUGH!!!



            TRY HARDER & ***SMARTER*** !!!! You POS!!!


          3. Avatar Vasyl P. says:

            You constantly attack Ukrainians and Ukraine supporters, while befriending a few of them just to split the supporter camp up. You cheer when Ukrainians fight against each other; you divide them like Putin divided Donbass. You cheer on Putin, that past video only confirms one instance. You love dividing like he does, isolating out everyone just by race, even if they’re 100% against Putin and supporting of Ukraine.

            You have markings of a troll and a mole, unlike ones you accuse. Такі заяви потребують підтвердження конкретними фактами.

          4. Avatar slavko says:

            Він факти немає. Хіба має брехню і ненависть. Це є проклята хвороба а не людина!

          5. Avatar slavko says:

            вже час!

          6. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            its sputnik, but

            “Poland wants to drive the Russian energy giant Gazprom out of Europe. The reason is very simple: Warsaw wants to resell its neighbors liquefied gas from Qatar, which is stored in its LNG import terminal Swinoujście, reports the Russian news portal on Wednesday.”


          7. Avatar slavko says:

            I think that is the same basic news as here:

            It’s good that alternatives to Russian gas and oil is becoming available. There’s no good reason for Eastern Europe to do business with a country such as Russia that likes to instill fear in the neighbors. Germany too can benefit from an alternate source being that Poland is Germany’s neighbor.

          8. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            we get already from norway. problem is norway wont last very long. and gas from the netherlands (they are gas exporter) has low quality. i think we will get lng from iran. they wanted to play it sneaky here and let iran build the terminal. polands hands onthe valve is for germany somehow like putins hands on the valve for ukraine. one never knows^^

          9. Avatar slavko says:

            Germany has coastline and ports even rivers (if allowed) to transport the LNG. It would be a shame not to use that resource, depending on the green laws. Deutschland can also then export higher quality to the Dutch

          10. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            this is a new port. problem until now, it has only very few connection to the country. its more or less “on the green meadow”^^


          11. Avatar slavko says:

            So I read your link. Interesting. I liked the part where it reads “The first installation is the Nordfrost fruit and reefer terminal…” See now you all can go into competition with Amsterdam 😉

          12. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            this can only end well^^

            “Hardened fronts on the Gulf
            Russia wants to mediate in the Qatar conflict”


          13. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            ukraine is cheap NOW (properties) due to currency and wages. but only for goods ukraine produces. cars or it has the same price like here. so your income there would be also lower than in the usa due to the wages there. if u want to buy property in ukraine i would buy it now.

            lviv connection to western europe is shlt. without plane it would take me 1-1,5 days to reach it. with a medival train on ukrainian side. own car i wouldnt use in ukraine due to bad streets everywhere.

            this is a new skiing resort. not very high compared to the dolomites. and it is not snow safe will become more worse due to climate change. even the dolomites have problems. snow cannons exist, but snow cannons produce a very heavy snow, no fun to ride it.

            TechnoAlpin: Bukovel – a winter tale

            In the West of Ukraine, something has been realized in the past few years that can undoubtedly be described as unprecedented and unbelievable. In the Ivano-Frankivsk region, near the Polish border, a new ski resort literally emerged from nowhere. In 2001, the construction of a ski resort started where only forests were available. Today, Bukovel is the largest and most modern ski resort in Eastern Europe. It is the largest ski resort in the world. At present, the skiers can ski down the mountain on 50 kilometers of slopes. 16 lifts ensure a rapid recovery. About 12,000 (!) Skiers daily visit the ski area, which stretches from 900 to 1,372 m above sea level. 61 slopes of every level of difficulty ensure a varied skiing experience. A perfect organization can be found in Bukovel. However, there is also no natural snow security in the western Ukraine. The climate is unstable. Cold but snowy winters were frequent in recent years. In 2006, therefore, the snow safety with a snowmaking system from TechnoAlpin was decided to help. The already existing small facility should be extended and modernized.

            According to the size of the ski area, a large number of snowmakers were already installed in the first stage of construction. 250 Type A9 lances have been snowing since then in Bukovel. A new pump station, the PS200, supplies the lances with an output of 336 l / s and a compressor output of 250 m³ / min. In recent years, the plant has gradually been expanded by 100 lances and 42 propeller engines. In 2008 TechnoAlpin also automated the already existing PS100. It now achieves an output of 160 l / s. In total, 353 lances and 42 TechnoAlpin propellers ensure the best run conditions. 700 shafts were set and make the ski area 100% snow-ready.

            Snowmaking equipment tailor-made
            Like every ski resort, Bukovel has its own characteristics and needs a tailor-made solution. Due to the size of the plant and the large number of snowmakers, the plant was divided and two separate systems were built. Each system has its own pump station and a separate version of the control software ATASS. The water supply works independently for both parts. There are two snowmaking centers with a total of 26 snow masters.

            “Without technical snowmaking, Bukovel today would not be what it is. The season was never secured. Investors were also inhibited, “said Alexander Shevchenko, head of the resort. In the meantime, the ski area is open not only during the day but also in the evening until 20:00. Bukovel is a success model that benefits the entire region. “Bukovel currently has over 1,500 guest beds. In the meantime, this number is no longer sufficient. Other hotels are already planned or under construction. At the moment you are building “Radisson”. The ski area therefore always ensures new jobs in the region, “Shevchenko says proudly. In the meantime, Bukovel has also made a name for itself as a wellness destination.


          14. Avatar slavko says:

            Thanks for the info Geralt! I had no idea that Bukovel was such a developed skier’s Mecca. At this time I would not buy property in Ukraine. Just not ready to do that. I doubt that their property values will shift upwards to quickly. But you certainly bring in a great idea. Even the larger ski areas with their 1500 beds can be used as a draw to attract people towards a smaller more quiet intimate setting for a bed n breakfast place without the hassle of larger places and the constant hustle and bustle.

          15. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            So take Danzig back from the stupid polaks!

            Only very lately did they start to do something useful with it.

            A very stupid, EVIL people…. many homosexuals …

          16. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

            Yes indeed, Slavko. Just twisted innuendos, outright lies and ill will, not to mention his neanderthal type of remarks.

          17. Avatar slavko says:

            Neanderthals were cultured people. From the artifacts left behind archeologists claim that they buried their dead and so had a sensitivity, feelings. And art was part of life too. And they played too. But this Chimoloffski character has no culture…

          18. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Yo’ mama had no “culture” … just a BIG smelly pizda!! —.. was she a LIAR like you are?

            If so, good she is dead!!! — That stara kurva! “P’tfu!” — PLUYOU!!!

            I see you are communicating with that RUSKI PAID BS ***MOLE*** that “carefully” supports RUSKI BS…. like YOU do their Ruski language in Ukraine!!! — This because you are BOTH —– LYING SCUM!!!!

          19. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Ah!!!! The fookin’ ruski ***MOLE*** POS got somebody to write some Ukie fo’ his

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            Didn’t like it when I called you out for writing in that RUSKI DOG BARK & PIG GRUNT “language” I gather? 😉

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            You are also a ***COWARD*** … but that goes very well with being a **LYING** RUSKI **STUKACH** does it not? 🙂

            —– Your “fellow Ruski **MOLES**” still posting that “… Crimea is really Russian..” ?? 🙂
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            Still posting RT & SPUTNIK & OTHER COMMIE “NEWS” ARTICLES THERE? 🙂

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            LIKE MANY OTHERS… “”Alex George” / “MichaelA” etc..names

            __UKRAINE TODAY USA__
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            Another RUSKI SKANK ‘HO — whined about being “I WAS RAPED” !!!!
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            RUSSO-MONGOLIANS!!!! SCUM!!!


          20. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:


            PROVE YOUR ***LYING*** ACCUSATIONS!!! — Faqqot!!!

            YOU EVEN HIDE YOUR FB ACCOUNT …. or do you use that Ruski BS? :))

          21. Avatar Vasyl P. says:

            I don’t need to prove anything, your words themselves prove all I said. You are constantly flaming Ukraine supporters for no reason. Your main mission is to divide and conquer; befriend a few, even if they say anything you’re against, while trashing the others, hoping the supporters turn on each other.

            You are a divider. That’s your main duty there at Savushkina.

          22. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            “That’s your main duty there at Savushkina.”

            Hmm… so that’s where TF yo’ LYING, STUPID, **STUKACH** (snitch) **RUSKI** @ss is ….

          23. Avatar Vasyl P. says:

            That was to you comrade

          24. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            “Talk” some Ruski at me …. it makes me wanna take a sh*t ! :))))

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            The above alone does NOT make you a “Ukraine supporter” now does it?
            YOU STUPID PIECE OF RUSKI SH*T!!!! :))))

          25. Avatar Vasyl P. says:

            Lots of Eastern Europe languages are consonant heavy, including Ukrainian 🙂

          26. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            “Lots of Eastern Europe languages are consonant heavy, including Ukrainian 😉 ”


            TONE DEAF BESIDES ***STUPID*** ….

          27. Avatar Vasyl P. says:

            Lol. Baseless accusations, all of them. You make stuff up on the spot, just like a good kremtroll.

          28. Avatar Liever says:

            YOU piece of *Zio-NazZi S#!T*!!! FKN POS CATHOLIC POLAK INVADER! GO BACK TO ISISrael little JewNaZzi terrorist!

          29. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            “Lol. Baseless accusations, all of them. You make stuff up on the spot, just like a good kremtroll”

            They use that term — “kremtroll” now rather than say/write “RUSSIAN TROLL”.

            EVERYONE KNOWS THAT RUSKI ARE LIARS …. Always have been…

            “You make stuff up on the spot”

            YES THEY DO!!! — but NOT “just like a good kremtroll”.

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          30. Avatar Vasyl P. says:

            You admitted to making stuff up on the spot. All we needed to know

          31. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            “You admitted to making stuff up on the spot. All we needed to know”

            Do tell! 🙂
            Lying, **STUPID** monhol MOLE!!!

            Not even good at that! 🙂

        2. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

          … & *MY* identity is EASILY proved! 😉

          & it’s spelled C H M I L E W S K Y .

          I don’ hide — unlike YOU!

          After that SERB scumbag I see that “some” can be EASILY “confused” …. with only 1 letter change!

          Stupid they are!

          1. Avatar slavko says:

            Your identity is fake. Easy in any day and age to create identities. Happens on Facebook and other social media all the time. Even the poor immigrants from south of the border are good at fake identities.

          2. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            2 days ago
            Your identity is fake. Easy in any day and age to create identities.
            Happens on Facebook and other social media all the time. Even the poor
            immigrants from south of the border are good at fake identities.”

            Really? 🙂

            C H M I L E W S K Y is my last name …. and *YOURS* is ??? 😉

            My FB — going back **YEARS** is:


            AND YOURS is ??? 🙂

            Hmm…. Funny how **LYING** & **COWARDLY** RUSKI MOLE “Vasyl P.”

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            And you **ALL** talk the same BS of calling **ME** —- **ME** — a ***WHITEMAN** like **ME** !!!! — a fookin’ Ruski MOLE …. Hmm….. most curious!!! :)))

            Now WTF could it mean???
            Hmm…. now I DO KNOW … that Ruski “think” they are most “clever” …. despite being STUPD AS SH*T!!!! ….. :)))



          3. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            Lucyna Felkowska 5 days ago
            Youth as part of a crassly disadvantaged ethnic minority in the Polish-dominated Galicia
            But hello! Full “crassly disadvantaged” otherwise is it still or? There were Ukrainian clubs, a Ukrainian party, the Polish state has allowed people such as Bandera the higher school education only.existed that in the Russian part? No, and most Ukrainians have then also fought in the Red Army. Only in the part managed by Poland there was enough freedom for the training of a Ukrainian, National sentiment. No problem, you’re welcome.
            Searchvycz has ordered the genocide of the Polish civilian population. The movie Wołyń gives an adevate picture of the bestial cruelties again. Come please me now not with “frustration” and similar there are things which one does not and to it belongs also genocide.
            If the upa (dlina) had only fought against armed troops, eg, the poln.AK, I would be able to recognize them as heroes in an honorable fight on the same level.
            Dear Ukrainians, we Poles are not responsible for your inability to build a functioning state! Szymon Petlura, a real Ukr hero, unfortunately failed because many Ukrainians did not care. they are themselves to blame.
            Should I refill? Like the people so the heroes.
            P.S would look forward to an answer &
            P.P.S If this comment is deleted, it shows that you lack criticism.


          4. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Polak knows SH*T!

            He is either LYING or IGNORANT of history.

            The same way Maria was ….
            In the case if “your friend” — “laker48” — “max Canada” — Zygmunt Janiewicz…
            He was BOTH IGNORANT & LYING.

            Here is polak IGNORANCE:
            “Dear Ukrainians, we Poles are not responsible for your inability to
            build a functioning state! Szymon Petlura, a real Ukr hero,
            unfortunately failed because many Ukrainians did not care. they are
            themselves to blame.”

            Petliura was BETRAYED by the polaks.

            For that matter, Poland invaded Ukraine after WW1 in the first place.
            Polak greed & evil!
            Polaks LIED (AND KEPT LYING & BETRAYING THE FRENCH) & fought Ukes instead.

            I am VERY familiar with all this.

            Had the polaks minded their own business, it is claimed (BY BOTH Uke AND polak historians) that the Russians would have been defeated as the Ukes had a strong & well-disciplined army at the time…. BUT … they also had to fight polaks (ARMED & RE-ARMED & RE-SUPPLIED BY THE FRENCH…

            I find polaks (like Ruski) —- (and you!) — don’t know very much **AND** ARE DISHONEST. —- HOW WEAK!

            IDA imposes $50,000 fine and six month suspension on Zygmunt …


            IDA imposes $50,000 fine and six month suspension on Zygmunt Janiewicz. February 27, 2006 (Vancouver, British …

          5. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            i did my finance always on my own. stocks, bonds and so on. no hints from a bank clerk and so on. because they always want to sell you something were they made already their win, and you will get a possible small win but the full risk.
            old hint from my father. the gov and the banks are the worst contract partners.

            shortly before the finance crisis 2008 the banks sold here cobold bonds. already the name was funny.^^

          6. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Yes ….agreed …. but your above has no relevancy to my above post in reply to yours.

          7. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            well this is your history. i cant know the detail of every country.

          8. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Your above is *STILL* not relevant!

            Not at this point in time anyway.
            The key point about such historical “events” is:
            1) polaks lie or don’t know sh*t except for their LYING BS that was told to them
            in polak schools. (e.g. “Danzig Massacre” etc. or:

            Bohdan Khmelnytsky – Wikipedia

            Maria had **NO** real knowledge of this at all!
            She was HORRIBLY IGNORANT because the polaks BRAINWASHED her — TOTALLY!
            Rather amazing — as this is an important event in polak history!
            Which told me what PIECES OF TOTAL LYING, IGNOARANT SH*T they are!

            Anyway ….
            You have a problem with coherent thinking at times.
            There is a pattern with you on this.

            You are not stupid …. but almost a “schizo-affective” sort of pattern at times.

          9. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            mari knows very much compared to other ones. u can talk with her things u normally wouldnt talk with any other pole.

          10. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            True enough…

            but ….
            Sad, isn’t it?

            Try talking to her about the INNOCENT POLES & THE EVIL NAZIS!!! :)))

            She is TOTALLY BRAINWASHED!
            Polaks spend A YEAR, i learned from her, on WW2 — from a LYING POLAK
            POINT OF VIEW!

            Polaks were EVIL SCUMBAGS!!! 🙂

            Germans really had NO HUMANE CHOICE — EXCEPT to kick their STUPID, EVIL,
            @sses ….. Not a very intelligent or honest people…. for the most part anyway…

            Hope she gets pregnant…. & not just kuva around ….

          11. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            no good. the pole (the one with the 1 german grandpa) in germany are booring, compered to her.

          12. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            That I don’t know, nor is that really relevant (to me anyway) to this topic.
            She is though …. a bit too adventuresome perhaps… & a little crazy…

            You, as Americans would say, “had your chance” — but you elected to not pursue it.
            She’s a little short though … but …. a good beating or so, & keeping her scared now & then would possibly improve her & smooth out the “rough spots”.

            A “sharp, hard slap in the face” on occasion …. you know …. would “remind her” of things … she would respect that. 😉

          13. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

          14. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            he was already deaf when he wrote it.
            as i have no speaker here, here the english translation
            they played this song always when there was a broadcasting with the austrian and swiss tv senders together. mostly live events.

          15. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            yeah … I know …

            As for “visa free” ?!
            Who cares!!! — Moslems & Afrikans ALWAYS were able to go to Sweden & Germany, etc.. visa free!

            And they could get any woman they wanted there!
            The German police run away because there are almost no men in Germany now! :)))

          16. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            the “rush” to go EU?
            Visiting relatives not seen in years most likely.

            That will get “old” & boring soon enough…. 🙂
            Rather like when German women weren’t as excited by black soldiers soon enough 🙂

            Hare Krisna BS?
            Tell your friend Slavko! 🙂

            I am FAR more advanced than you in my Xtian theology I strongly suspect.

          17. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            look at the ages^^

          18. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Mostly older ….

          19. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            because the others are already here^^

          20. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:


            Old peasant types … from the villages … wanna do shopping in Poland.

          21. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Hmm…. I never saw her Facebook stuff!

          22. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Hmm…. I never saw her Facebook stuff!
            Hmm…. not bad! Not bad at all!!!

            VERY NICE! :)))

            She has nice blue eyes …. & is always — from what I have seen of her (not very much!)

            changing her hair color the way some women sometimes do.

            She DOES look very good on her FB I must say!

            She is obviously very entrepreneurial …. intelligent …. seems to have *MORALS* …. which is IMPORTANT…. she will be a personal tour guide, “match maker” — business researcher, translator, tour arranger, etc…

            Hmm…… an interesting person…. she alwys seems “nice” & pleasant in all her videos (of those parts of those VERY few I have seen of her over years… She DOES present an EXCELLENT “real world view” of Ukieland I must say.

            BUT …. THE REAL QUESTION about her!!!

            CAN SHE COOK ??? :))

            Actually (with **ONE** exception) ALL Ukie women cook! :))

            Think I’ll check out a few videos of her’s now ….

            Polaks — even though they hate Ukes, LOVE Ukie women!
            Huh? WTF?!?! — I don’t understand that at all!

            I know Maria, for the most part …. didn’t like how they looked! :))
            A “pizda” thing I suspect! :)))

            Thanks for this FB photo ….. not bad!

            Germans in WW2 said that Ukie women were “gorgeous”.

          23. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

            my father had an ukrainian nurse.

          24. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Hmm…. that would explain some of your interests in Ukraine….

            I know you have expressed some business … :curiosity” about Ukieland…

          25. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            you know …. it seems to me … that Ukie women “tend” to be — “more female” than other women … not sure… what’s your opinion on that — IF you have an opinion on that.

            Though — being “too female” — at times — means you wanna slap them hard…..

            But they get over it …

          26. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            think I’ll “follow her” on FB …. she is interesting…

          27. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            She has a lot of info.

            Might wanna look at her list of vids.

            She’s trying to make a few bucks … that’s OK.

          28. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            Hmm … she’s married … too bad!

            She does do this:



          29. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:


            I see you REALLY checked her out! 🙂

            Like the way Chinese men do when they go “wife shopping” :)))

            Which is a good thing to do… really…

          30. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:


            he was really an idiot. in one reality tv show he showed his woman how he wanted the yoghurts in his fridge wanted to be sorted^^.

            Lothar Matthäus
            “My specialty is Russian-Ukrainian women”

            Ex-footballer Lothar Matthäus (55) appears again more frequently in TV shows. For his loose mouth, his self-ironic commentary, “Loddar” is known, feared and popular at the same time. On Monday, his talks will be a bit furious. The AZ knows in advance what is happening in the Sky1 broadcast “A league for itself”.

            Munich – Lothar Matthäus will be present on Monday with Esther Sedlaczek, Jörg Wontorra, Panagiota Petridou, Matze Knop and David Odonkor in the new Sky1 show hosted by Frank Buschmann. It quickly becomes clear: Matthew is in the best form!
            Because: “Loddar” chatteringly talks about his pattern of predation. In a round of games, it is about assigning sisters to football stars. According to Panagiota Petridou, a sister is “like a Russian-Ukrainian nutcracker.” Lothar Matthäus adds mischievously: “My most famous specialty is Russian-Ukrainian women. In the area, I really an expert. “loud laughter in the TV studio!

            We recall looking back: From 2003 to 2008 the ex-national player was married to Marijana Kostić. In 2009, he married the 26-year-old Liliana in Las Vegas and spent two years filling the newspapers of the Republic. In 2011, he loved the student Ariadne for five months before he entered a relationship with underwear model Joanna and made a TV documentary. He is married to Anastasia Klimko in his fifth marriage, but rarely talks about his private life with the Russian woman.
            What sayings Lothar Matthäus still has in stock, see “A league for itself – Buschis six-chain” on Monday, March 20 at 8:15 pm on Sky1.

          31. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            this guy is an IDIOT!

            And there IS a difference between Ukie & Russian women.

            Ruski women are much more aggressive. Who wants THAT BS!

          32. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:


            Interesting …. too bad Trump is a Traitor …. &
            the Germans are greedy & stupid with Nordstream II. (The Rothschilds
            of Anglo-Royal Dutch Shell want it so…. that’s it! )


            Gazprom to receive funding for Nord Stream 2 pipeline

            Five European energy groups will provide loans to contentious project


          33. Avatar Geralt von RIva says:

          34. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

            She’s talking with some Jew.

          35. Avatar gmab says:

            The middle picture. Judging by the outdated clothing and winter coats, boots, hats & gloves, I doubt this was a recent picture of Ukraine.

        3. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

          “ is a pro-Kremlin (perhaps even a Russia Today) propaganda piece.”


        4. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

          “Andrew Chmeleski”

          Spell it right!!!

          I don’t HIDE my real name, unlike YOU & THE RUSKI!!!

          I just make it harder for the SERBIAN & RUSKI POS to just change 1 letter & pretend to be me….. as has happened many times before — as YOU & THEM do know…. You COWARDLY. LYING faqqot!

        5. Avatar Liever says:

          YOU dont knowwhat the F*CK YOU are talkin about, little piece of catholic polak TRASH! quit pretebdijg to be ukrainian and go home! You pathetic stupid uncivilized майданушки need to get the H*LL out of Ukraine!!!!!!!! UKRAINE IS RUSSIA’s BROTHER, NOW GET YOUR PATHETIC GALICIAN-POLAK NAZZIS OUT!!!!! TRASH!!!!!

  6. Avatar Bert says:

    Bahaahahaha! It is too bad, it was once a nice looking building. I think Norilsk is already one of the most disadvantaged places in the world, and the Russians are not so good at hiding that.