Banditry from Russia-occupied Donbas rapidly spreading back across Russia, Babchenko says

Russian mercenaries taking photographs with personal items found among the debris at the crash site of MH17 downed by a Russian BUK surface-to-air missile in Russia-occupied east Ukraine

Russian mercenaries taking photographs with personal items found among the debris at the crash site of MH17 downed by a Russian Buk surface-to-air missile in Russia-occupied east Ukraine 

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Russia is rapidly descending into “a swamp of illegality and unconstrained banditry” in large measure because those features of the Donbas regimes Moscow has created are rapidly spreading back into and across the country, according to Arkady Babchenko.

The Russian journalist says that he predicted this when the Kremlin launched its efforts to create a “Novorossiya” in 2014 because the absence of the rule of law in the various puppet entities Moscow imposed in the eastern portion of Ukraine would inevitably have an impact on life in Russia itself.

And now attacks on people and property, bank robberies, and stealing from ATMs have become “almost a daily occurrence. The law isn’t functioning. It still exists to some degree, but it is being reduced in importance ever more.” And even law enforcement officials acknowledge that they are not able to fight either organized or street crime.

If the country doesn’t change its domestic policies soon, Babchenko continues, it awaits “the fate of Somalia.” And while few want to acknowledge it, “the level of criminality in Russia now exceeds the vaunted ‘wild 1990s.’” Soon people will avoid going out at night or even without the company of others.

According to the Russian commentator, “the current regime doesn’t need security and legal order” because it shares the values of the criminals that the only thing that matters is getting rich by whatever means are possible. Law for them is just one more obstacle and, when they can, they ignore it or trample upon its principles.

Babchenko is only the latest Russian writer to warn about this. Earlier, Aleksandr Nevzorov said that those who had experienced the lawlessness of the “DNR” and “LNR” represent “a direct threat to Russian citizens” at home, first in the southern portions of the country and then everywhere, including St. Petersburg.

Russian mercenaries who have fought in the Donbas, Nevzorov said, “have gotten a taste for easy money, easy blood, and easy opportunities for satisfying themselves,” in short, all “the criminal joys.” And they don’t forget these when they return home, yet another way that Putin’s war in Ukraine is harming Russia.



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  1. Avatar MichaelA says:

    That photo at the top shows why Putin’s people get no sympathy in Australia.
    Possibly the doll of a dead Australian child that scum is laughing at

    1. Avatar Scradje says:

      The occupier vermin in that photo very neatly encapsulate the pure, concentrated evil of the world’s first troll state.

    2. Avatar Randolph Carter says:

      “… law enforcement officials … are not able to fight either organized or street crime.”

      You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Karma’s a bitch.

      1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

        They are paid off. Without a bribe, no cop does anything in the RuSSiya.

    3. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Chances are that that particular specimen of Homo Sovieticus Donbassus Koloradus is no longer alive, killed while trying to take the Donetsk airport building from the Cyborgs or during some other attack on Ukrainian troops.

  2. Avatar Tony says:

    “Russia is rapidly descending into “a swamp of illegality and unconstrained banditry” ”
    But that is the definition of russia, a place of paper thin “pretend” laws which don’t apply to the rich and powerful.
    The same arguments have been raised about Crimea and Ossetia. Russians need to choose between imperialism and rule of law + democracy. However they can’t make that decision because they just don’t understand rule of law or real democracy and are cynical and full of conspiracies, i.e mentally bankrupt and easily convinced that they need a ‘trustable’ strongman in charge, just the way the kremlin likes it’s population .

  3. Avatar Brent says:

    How fitting for the Russian locusts to return home to their Motherland that birthed them and chew it to shreds

  4. Avatar veth says:

    Donbass will become the cancer for Russia.

  5. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Further proof Muscovy is the cancer of humanity.

  6. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    RuSSians are descended from bandits. Banditry runs in their veins.

  7. Avatar Murf says:

    Just goes to show; you can take the boy out of the mayhem, but you can’t take the mayhem out of the boy.