FSB arrest grad student for hanging Ukrainian flag from Moscow University building



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Agents of the Russian security services have beaten a Moscow State University graduate student for hanging a Ukrainian flag from his dormitory window.

The student waved the flag out the window in the direction of a March 18 rally commemorating the third anniversary of the annexation of Crimea. First, he hung it from his room window, then – from the stairwell window, where it could be in full view of the people taking part in the pro-Crimea rally.

The student claimed that his protest was not political, but that he intended to draw attention to the fact that state funds were being spent on the festival, while the the university could not afford to renovate student dormitories.

“The goal was to draw attention to university dormitories that are teeming with rats, cockroaches and bedbugs. Money should be spent on the university. We decided to hang the Ukrainian flag from the window to stimulate public awareness. I was arrested by men who didn’t even introduce themselves, but it was clear that these were FSB officers and people from the Main Directorate for Countering Extremism of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

First, the student was detained by university security guards. He was taken to a secure room, where an officer of the university’s police force arrived with three plainclothes Federal Security Service (FSB) officers. They confiscated his camera, laptop and phone, and then took him to the local office of the Interior Ministry.

“They didn’t have a search warrant, and when we got to the office, they beat me with their fists and clubs, kicked me, asking who’d given me money, what organization I belong to. This lasted about two hours.”

After two hours, the FSB agents forced the student to write a statement that he agrees to work as an informant for the FSB and the Interior Ministry’s anti-extremism center under the codename “graduate student”.

Next, three police officers entered the room and forced the grad student to write a confession that he had waved the flag and used obscenity. The police then issued the student a fine for “petty hooliganism,” and released him.

Next day, the student visited a trauma clinic, where doctors recorded his injuries. Today, he appealed for help from the Committee for the Prevention of Torture.

In the wake of the Vesna pro-Crimea concert, MSU students protest against politically motivated events held on MSU territory. Photo: Vlad Dokshin

In the wake of the Vesna pro-Crimea concert, MSU students protest against politically motivated events held on MSU territory. Photo: Vlad Dokshin


Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Novaya Gazeta

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  • BCHistorian

    Imagine that in the west. His only “crime” is hanging a flag of another country. What a warped country.

    • Oknemfrod

      You’re asking to imagine something unfathomable.

      In addition, even if a Western country were formally at war with another, displaying a flag of the latter might get some people upset, yet no legal repercussions whatsoever would follow. And Russia is not even officially at war with Ukraine – on the contrary, its officials trumpet at every turn that the Russian “adventurers” are there to “help the Ukrainian people”. Which of course is a damnable lie and calling black white, but if it’s their official position, what’s their problem with the yellow-and-blue?

      What’s next – arresting and beating Ukrainian sportsmen competing in Russia under their flag and displaying it in case they win? Looks as though Maria Muzychuk was lucky to get out of Sochi unscathed after she beat Pogonina to become the world chess champ and took part in the award ceremony where the Ukrainian flag was raised and the Ukrainian anthem was played.

      p.s. Of course, I’m not even talking about such “minutia” as the rule of law (i.e. the absence of it thereof), the warrantless arrest, FSB agents’ brutal violence against an innocent person, leveling trumped-up charges at him, forcing self-incrimination, etc. – after all, it’s Russia. You’ve found the right epithet for it, “warped” – can’t be any apter.

      • BCHistorian

        Great response! It doesn’t surprise me that the Russian troll army won’t touch this story. There is not one justification for what’s happening in Russia today.

        • Oknemfrod

          Thank you.

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        Khazarain Mental Case and Rabid Emigrant:

        Read: “Russian rapper arrested for flying the Russian flag in LA” http://rbth.com/blogs/2015/01/23/russian_rapper_arrested_for_flying_the_russian_flag_in_la_43107.html

      • Andrew Chmile
        • Oknemfrod

          Most definitely, not to mention that she evaluates her looks objectively and has never posed as a model – unlike Pogonina and a number of other Russian female chess players who have the peculiar inability to limit themselves to displaying their brainpower alone and must, it seems, complement it by displaying their bodily forms as well.

          • Andrew Chmile

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            The Uke ALSO has the better bod.
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            One Ruski wrote that Ukie females have “better personalities”… I’ve also heard them claim that Halechane women are the biggest byatches in the entire FSU,

            Uzbeks maybe the best ,,,, guy told me they say “ve” to men/husbands. Heard a few of U.S. servicemen married them.

            Some look chinky, some white…

          • Oknemfrod

            She’s got an inflated ego the inability to evaluate herself critically. Or maybe a specially designed mirror reflecting a horse face as that of Venus. I wonder what Lavrov sees when he looks in a mirror and what he hears back when he neighs.

          • Andrew Chmile

            I got the same impression of that female…. like WTF is with her??

            The Uke I found VERY sexy really! — that —- undefinable “quality”.
            That Ruska tramp was (& is) something you wanna pour your beer over.

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          • Andrew Chmile


            Better shot of her … perfect bod… yet “quiet” in a way….. unlike “the tramp”.

            some good photos & vids of her & “the tramp”


          • Oknemfrod

            She is a class act – poise, demeanor, clothing, and all. And by default, she always speaks Ukrainian, using Russian only when she absolutely must (as during this tournament in Sochi when speaking to Russians, for example, – not to her sister Anna, naturally). For all intents and purposes, her Russian is flawless, but of course her Western Ukrainian accent clearly percolates through, which is understandable given her origin and residence. Both Maria and Anna come from the L’viv chess school – one of the world’s best, currently under the tutelage of inimitable “Chucky”, i.e. Vasyl’ Ivanchuk.

          • Andrew Chmile

            “She is a class act – poise, demeanor, clothing, and all.”

            NOT A TRAMP! :)

            Her …. “stance” :) At the awards was cool indeed,,, “Poise” would be more accurate… But … for HER — a STANCE! :)

            “And by default, she always speaks Ukrainian, using Russian only when she
            absolutely must (as during this tournament in Sochi when speaking to
            Russians, for example, – not to her sister Anna, naturally).”

            Sister was pretty as well!

            “For all
            intents and purposes, her Russian is flawless, but of course her Western
            Ukrainian accent clearly percolates through, which is understandable
            given her origin and residence.”

            I was hoping you would comment upon such …. I was a bit surprised she spoke monhol af all! … Given being a Lviv Uke & young… Thinking she — IF she spoke monhol, would make LOTS of errors…

          • Oknemfrod

            Pretty much everyone in urban Western Ukraine understands Russian and can speak it fluently if need be – especially in L’viv, which is a very touristy city visited by Russians in droves in spite of all their yakking about Banderites and such.

            Besides, there’re still gobs of Soviet leftovers from the time when L’viv was the HQ of the Carpatian military district. I remember it quite vividly from visiting the city when I was still in service (at the time, the district was commanded by total scum Varennikov). It was literally flooded with the military – all Russophone regardless of the ethnic origin, for Russian was the only language used in the Soviet army, and its ubiquity was multiplied by the members of their families.

            So, it should be no surprise that l’vivites are versed in Russian en masse. In fact, there’re 5 Russian elhi schools in the “Banderite” city. By comparison, the number of Ukrainian schools in entire Russia is … zero.

          • Andrew Chmile

            it should be no surprise that l’vivites are versed in Russian en masse.
            In fact, there’re 5 Russian elhi schools in the “Banderite” city. By
            comparison, the number of Ukrainian schools in the entirety of Russia
            is … zero.”

            Had a Ukie nanny for my kid… From ??? — yeah .. Ivano-Frankivsk …

            Prev. nanny, (spoiled twot from TASS!!!) wanted to go home ….
            This woman THE UKE, was an engineer … said as a kid shw could do differential equations in her head …
            Anyway … The Ruska told me — she didn’t think (the Uke) was educated … based on the fact that (supposedly??) her Russian was poor. :)))

            Uke was an engineer …. “Luba the Ruska” — had some degree or other in Ruski talk or some BS :))

            But when I told the Uke Halya that … she beame pi$$ed and said “.. and how well dose Luba speak Ukrainian?”

            5 Ruski schools in Lviv?

            Too many!
            Ukes should AND MUST follow the same language policy as Ruski do.

            Ukrainization is PROPER & NECESSARY!

            Esp. given the historical injustice.

            NO STATE SUPPORT FOR SUCH!!! — Privately??? OK…
            which Russia won’t even ALLOW such for Ukes!

            They ALWAYS had a hard-on for Ukie… ALWAYS!!!
            So fk ’em!

          • Oknemfrod

            My understanding is that those are private schools, plus they have a mandatory full course of Ukrainian language and literature.

          • Andrew Chmile

            There should be “state minimum standards” for private schools… how else to apply to a Ukie university … civil service job ….

            SVOBODA party wanted that btw … Ukie language skills for ALL civil service jobs… the so-called “nazzii party” … Not hardly … except per Birdshitsky …. a self-described “a Russian Jewish patriot” … explains his VERY anti-Uke ATTITUDE & **LYING** ….

          • Oknemfrod

            Haven’t researched the issue but suspect those standards exist. At any rate, in-depth course of Ukrainian is mandatory in any school, let alone those in Western Ukraine (including many in the Transcarpatian region where the language of instruction is Hungarian). As to the rest, I agree that any civil service must be conducted in the state language.

          • Andrew Chmile

            News Flash 4 U :


            I knew it was coming…. you can only do it for so long …. With Ruski … well .. it’s different.

          • Oknemfrod

            Yup, looks as though even the very tolerant siabry have had enough. Can really spark if Luka does something really stupid – siabry like their children no less than do druzi.

            Invade directly? Not ruled out, especially given Luka’s relationship with the West. Help … you have any doubt that he’s been already “helping”?

          • Andrew Chmile

            “siabry” — Hmm… OK:

            Siabry – Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine
            Siabry. A class of peasants in Kyivan Rus’ and later in the Lithuanian-Ruthenian state who communally farmed land or engaged in other production, such as …

            Encyklopedia staropolska/Siabry, Siabrostwo – Wikiźródła, wolna …
            Translate this page
            Jun 30, 2015 – [236]Siabry, Siabrostwo. Była to na Rusi naddnieprskiej pewna odwieczna forma rodowego posiadania ziemi, różniąca się zasadniczo tak od …

          • Oknemfrod

            Very interesting, indeed. I meant solely the fraternizing word used by the Belorusians for “friends”. In Ukrainian, “сябри” is used at times as an alias for “білоруси” – in a very nice way.

          • Andrew Chmile

            didn’ know that…. thanks!

          • Andrew Chmile
          • Geralt von RIva

            job for you?


            Geralt von RIva Dr. Thomas VultureBot • 2 hours ago
            Lord forgive them. they dont know about what they talk^^

            sara is nothing else as a russian kremlintroll agitating a bit against ukraine giving the objective atheist but not even able to get facts together. and clowns like read eat this. where is andrew when one needs him?

            “EDIT:As would the crusaders, and anyone given sainthood for spreading the faith via mostly killing pagans, for example Olga of Kiev.”

            “Here maybe we can agree to use this: http://russiapedia.rt.com/p… source from now on?”

          • Andrew Chmile

            “..example Olga of Kiev.”

            The PROPER *RUS* (old Ukrainian) name is OLHA.

          • Andrew Chmile

            Wonder if you read my revision (while I was editing???) od the additional:

            “The transliteration should ALWAYS be from the NATIVE UKRAINIAN rather than the FOREIGN Russo-mongolian conglomeration.”

          • Andrew Chmile

            Btw Geralt …. you DO know enough to “ADDRESS” that kurva …. But OK …. I shall “kick in” — with a “Cc:” to you in a couple minutes …. OK… You are alright … even if you are something of a traitor to the volk …. you are still “semi-Ukie” genetically ….

          • Andrew Chmile

            “(at the time, the district was commanded by that total scum Varennikov).”

            Why all that?
            Who TF was/is he anyway?

            You put out that name….

          • Oknemfrod

            He was the commander of the Carpathian district known among his subordinates for brutality, pettiness, self-indulgences, ineptness, and total disregard for the troops (particularly evident to me during the preparation of the Warsaw Pact exercise “Carpatians-77” in Yavoriv). Years had passed, and I had already all but forgotten about the bastard when he popped up again during the anti-Gorby putsch, serving as the putschists’ point man to serve Kravchuk (at the time the head of Rada) their ultimatum to side with them and bring Ukraine on the platter. However, Kravchuk overplayed the scumbag handily by skilfully playing with the timeline.

          • Andrew Chmile

            I recall reading that Ruski Sovok Army scum used to call Lviv “Banderstadt” & say that you could feel the HATRED from the Ukes while just walking down the street,,,, & that there were very few, young Ukes there … mostly the old & very young…. Says a lot I think …. so the Ruski made Lviv a Sovok military district eh? Interesting!

          • Oknemfrod

            Frankly, I don’t quite recall feeling that – but then, as a draftee, I almost never had an opportunity to just “walk down the street”. Plus, I always used Ukrainian with the locals, and I guess it lent itself to a certain degree of affinity.

          • Andrew Chmile

            I didn’t clarify, sorry!

            I was referring to olden, post WW2 times… :)

          • Oknemfrod

            Ah, back then … back then twas’ a veritable war, but its primary target were the NKVD troops. Even at my time, two decades after it was pretty much over, there was a strict order to those (both COs and NCOs) who belonged to the “GB” (state security) and “BB” (internal) troops to never venture out away from the garrison in small groups or alone. They were easily identifiable by their uniforms, and some had disregarded the order at their peril. Though such incidents were carefully concealed for obvious reasons, nothing could stop the word of mouth.

          • Andrew Chmile

            Very interesting!
            Didnt know that!
            Never heard of that!

            I can understand Ukes having an especial hard-on for those types.
            Good for the Ukes!

    • Njordheim

      Imbecile – Read: “Russian rapper arrested for flying the Russian flag in LA”

      When allegedly a Russian hung the Russian flag on the bridge in NY NYPD was looking for perpetrator to arrest him.

      • BCHistorian

        You’re talking apples and oranges here. Your examples were on private territory, or could endager the public. The Moscow example had the “dangerous criminal” hanging a Ukrainian flag out of his dorm window. Kind of different, wouldn’t you say, russkiy troll?

        • Njordheim

          You Dumb Ukrainian Baboons very often and most certainly don’t know what you are talking about. Giving that none of the incidents described in US took place on “private land”, what particular “private territory” are you talking about, Ukrap Troll?

          Speaking of Ukrainian who show no respect for the hospitality of Russia I am not surprised that authorities saw this as act of disorder giving over politicized relationship after UkrNaZZi and Khazarain Baboons used outrageous level of violence to depose democratically elected president.

      • Andrew Chmile

        Get a job yet ***SERBIAN*** :)

  • veth

    Correspondents of UNIAN news agency Roman Tsymbaliuk and Mykyta Borodin (cameraman) were detained by officers by the employees of the Moscow State University police station as the two Ukrainians were recording an interview with a University’s graduate student. Despite the fact that both Tsymbaliuk and Borodin are accredited with the Russian Foreign Ministry in the manner established by the Russian legislation, police officers prevented our journalists from fulfilling their professional duties, seized their documents and detained these citizens of Ukraine without any legal grounds. Read also Magic coal mines and Russian vow of silence UNIAN calls on the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation to act within the framework of Russian legal field and the Russian Constitution, and to stop illegal actions against our employees. As UNIAN reported earlier, a Ukrainian journalist, UNIAN correspondent Roman Tsymbaliuk was detained in Moscow along with his interviewee, a graduate student who earlier flew a Ukrainian flag over the Moscow State University dorm. Russian law enforcers seized Tsymbaliuk’s documents.

    Read more on UNIAN: https://www.unian.info/politics/1835081-unian-news-agency-considers-unacceptable-detention-of-its-employees-in-russia.html

  • Njordheim

    Kick the unappreciative trash out!