Proposed citizenship law – the way for Russia to annex other countries

"The Law on Citizenship of the Russian Federation"

"The Law on Citizenship of the Russian Federation" 

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Given their obsession with imperial projects, Aleksandr Golts says, anything Konstantin Zatulin or Natalya Poklonskaya proposes invites to be interpreted in that light, even if what they are talking about is no more than asserting what the proper rules of arithmetic are for Russian citizens.

Thus, the Russian commentator writes in Yezhednevny zhurnal, their latest proposal,, one that calls for offering Russian citizenship to all whose ancestors lived in the USSR “or even in the Russian Empire,” as long as they know Russian, appears to be less “a jus soli” as it has been advertised but rather “a law for annexation.”

Under the terms of their proposal, he says,

“the overwhelming majority of residents of the post-Soviet state would gain the right to [Russian] citizenship” and wouldn’t even be required by Moscow to give up their citizenship in these states, thereby creating a large and potentially dangerous class of dual citizens without the bilateral agreements international law requires.

Had such a law been adopted in the early 1990s, “it undoubtedly would have been just” given that Russia declared itself to be “the legal successor of the Soviet Union and took responsibility for all its citizens, Golts says. But at that time and for more than a decade thereafter, Moscow did all it could to make getting Russian citizenship difficult.

In a hybrid war operation, Russian "little green men", heavily armed soldiers without insignia, annexed Crimea from Ukraine

In a hybrid war operation, Russian “little green men,” heavily armed soldiers without insignia, annexed Crimea from Ukraine. February 2014.

Even now, the proposed law might not seem all that much of an innovation were it not for the well-known positions of the two authors and “the reputation of the Russian state standing behind their backs,” including that of its head, Vladimir Putin. And Zatulin and Poklonskaya have not been shy about what they are really about in taking this step today.

Zatulin, for instance, told Ekho Moskvy that

under the terms of their proposed law, “now, the right to receive Russian citizenship will be obtained by Russian speakers living on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and now on,” with no mention whatsoever that those claiming it would need to move to Russia itself.

Russian "green men" patrolling the airport in Simferopol, the capitol of Crimea, February 2014. Russian military occupied the peninsula almost a month in advance of the illegal "referendum."

Russian “green men” patrolling the airport in Simferopol, the capitol of Crimea, February 2014. Russian military occupied the peninsula almost a month in advance of the illegal “referendum.”

It should be remembered, Golts continues, that “the massive handing out of Russian passports in Abkhazia and South Ossetia was one of the most important provoking factors which led to the war with Georgia.” And now, there is “no doubt” that “thousands” of Donbas residents will seek to replace the documents of the self-proclaimed republics with Russian ones.

In this way, the Russian commentator says, “will be formed on Ukrainian territory enclaves populated by citizens of Russia.” And after that, there can be little doubt that Moscow will push for the legalization of the existence of those enclaves and the full participation of the Russian citizens in Russian life.

One immediate consequence of this, Golts observes, is that Putin will gain a new group of voters in the upcoming elections. But more than that, this move means that “Novorossiya” all the Kremlin denials notwithstanding will “de facto become a reality.” And once that is done, he suggests, Moscow may move to do the same thing in other parts of the former Soviet space.




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  1. Avatar Terry Washington says:

    To quote the late Dean Acheson, it is not just Britain that has lost an Empire but not yet found a new role!

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Dwarfstan HAS found a role, actually. It’s become China’s supplier of raw materials, but on Peking’s terms. Soon it will also become supplier of territory to China, as Peking decides how much Dwarfstanian territory it wants to annex this time round.

  2. Avatar Njordheim says:

    The UkrTrolls here on this propaganda portal are Western-Ukraine connected. **All of Them!!**

    The inhabitants of the Western Ukraine were strongly influenced mentally and religiously by the Uniate and Catholic religions. Apparently, the fact that genetically the Western Ukrainians are linked to the leftovers of the Khazar Khanate also plays a significant role.

    Their mentality has a complex origin, and indeed today they are largely a different nation, although among them there are still people close to us in spirit.

    After all, the Russianness is not determined by the blood but by the mindset. Possibly, in the future there will be two different territories, two different states for these two peoples.

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Coming from an idiotic lying mindless Russo Nazzi like yourself with “Mongol-Bhuryat” roots who pretends he is a Russian, that’s actually kind of funny “NO BRAINS”…..

      If the people of Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zhaporjzhe, Cherkassy, Poltava and Mariupol were all “so different” from Western Ukrainians, why do they choose to remain with them as part of the great free and independent Ukraine and instead not choose to be a bunch of ratburger munching toilet clean Russo Nazzi’s like yourself?


      P.S. There’s nothing “complex” about your mentality so we are all glad you are typical Russo Nazzi Mongol Buryat cannonfodder for your Kremlin masters……

      1. Avatar Njordheim says:

        Easy Mad Khazarin Babbon! They did not “chose to remain”. Mariupol is under siege by AZOV terrorists who are raping women and murdering anyone who oppose them. They all mostly vote to elect the Yanoukovic and the UkrNaZZi terrorists decided to change this by force with NEOCON help.

        Furtermore, retard like you would not know that starting from 1921, forced Ukrainization of the Russian regions was taking place, specifically, of the territory of the Great Don Cossack Army and Slobozhanshchina, incorporated by the order of Lenin and Stalin into Ukraine.

        At some point, the town with the “romantic” name Mines (earlier Alersandrovsk-Grushevsky) and Taganrog were also given to Ukraine.

        Later, however, the common sense prevailed, and the towns were returned to Russia. I don’t even want to remind about Crimea gifted to Ukraine by our restless Nikita Khrushchev.

        Nobody really wants to remember that or think about it; everybody starts the count from 1991.

        The groundwork for the breakdown of the Soviet Union was laid in 1917 and later in 1920-30s. During the Soviet time, governments, flags, hymns, national heroes were invented; monuments to open Russophobes were built. Hence the explosion.

        The 1991 was the result of the Soviet policies, remember that, comrades with the red stars on their cap that I have seen in LPR . . . Your ancestors, your leaders that you revere created the conditions for the breakdown of the united country. What kind of Novorossiya could you create if you do not learn lessons from history?

        The facts are what they are despite your mindless sheeple rant!

        1. Avatar Brent says:

          Well NO BRAINS, I would suggest you look back in the time line a bit further to the 9th century when Kyiv was founded.

          Your beloved Muscovy was nothing more than a pile of frog sh*t in a god forsaken swamp around that time and never even came into existence until the 12th century. And it was over run by your Mongol Buryat ancestors shortly after and has been nothing but a bigger pile of frog sh*t ever since.

          I would never create a “Novorossiya”. Who would would want such a pile of frog sh*t to permeate any nation other than a dumb Mongol Buryat like yourself?

        2. Avatar Andrew Chmil says:

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      2. Avatar Andrew Chmil says:

        A ***SERBIAN*** “wanna-be” :)))

        On medications apparently. A DEFENDER OF RUSSIANS & ORTHODOXY — supposedly! 🙂

    2. Avatar Andrew Chmil says:


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