Putin’s drive to build totalitarianism with political technology alone collapses, Eidman says

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Vladimir Putin has tried to create something that the world has never seen and that quite possibly cannot be realized: the construction of a totalitarian state not on the basis of ideology but rather on political technologies alone. In any case, the Kremlin leader has failed in this attempt, according to Igor Eidman.

In Soviet times, the Russian commentator points out, the regime did everything it could to decapitate any political opponent of the system. But in Putin’s times, which can be described as “political technology totalitarianism,” opposition figures can exist as long as they are useful for the Kremlin.

Opposition figures who represent a real threat to the authorities can be “driven into emigration, isolated or even killed,” Eidman continues; but many others who some might view as being part of that category are useful – or at least the Kremlin hopes they can be. That is true of Aleksey Navalny and Ildar Dadin – although in these cases, Putin appears to have miscalculated.

“The Kremlin is trying to use Navalny’s investigations to force the ruling hierarchy to close ranks ever more tightly around Putin given that he like any dictator (including Stalin) needs a weak, subordinate and entirely dependent entourage.” Navalny “psychologically terrorizes” the elite, whose members are thus reminded that only Putin can defend them.

The Dadin case is similar. The harsh sentence he was given was intimidating to many who might otherwise have followed his lead; and “initially everything went according to plan. People really were in shock from such a harsh sentence and didn’t intend to sit in prison alongside Dadin.”

“However,” Eidman argues, this “political technology totalitarianism turned out to be an unrealizable utopia.”

Navalny’s investigations became the talk of the country, discrediting not so much Dmitry Medvedev who is not all that popular but rather Putin himself. And Dadin’s “heroic behavior” had the effect of “destroying the Kremlin’s scenario” for him. In short, what the Kremlin achieved was exactly the reverse of what it wanted.

“The most recent events show,” Eidman concludes, “that the Kremlin cannot take the political situation in the country under total control, that it is not all-powerful, and that it can be outplayed. Political technology totalitarianism hasn’t been established, and thus there is a chance for the rebirth of a massive protest movement.”



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  1. Avatar veth says:

    The falling of Putin’s regime may start suddenly, says Ukraine’s first president Leonid Kravchuk in his interview with Obozrevatel March 9.

    “Mark my words, when people rise, the situation may change radically overnight. Take the Soviet Union, the day of Dec. 8, 1991 was enough for it to fall apart.

    Great Russia is a myth. Russia has a lot of military force, but has little economic power. When the West imposed sanctions on Russia, it began to fall apart, accompanied with hunger, lack of basic commodities and low wages,” Kravchuk says.

    “Life will become different when Putin falls, the borders will be reinstated. But such things like the changes of borders do not happen in one day. That is why we have to be patient,” Kravchuk says. Читайте більше тут: http://zik.ua/en/news/2017/03/10/putins_regime_may_fall_overnight__leonid_kravchuk_1057907

  2. Avatar laker48 says:

    Kravchuk may be right, but it won’t happen overnight and before it ends, it will be a lot of RuSSian blood in the streets. They’ve worked on it for a century. Trump’s policies may accelerate the process because, as you can see, he is not anxious to lift the sanctions, and on the contrary, immediately after he had been sworn, he called the katsaps to return Crimea to Ukraine and get out of Donbas.

    Rex Tillerson, a seasoned oilman, won’t give the RuSSians rich undersea oil and gas deposits in the economic zone of the Crimean Peninsula, or the shale oil and gas deposits in Donbas. Kacaps won’t bite them for the next several years, because they do not have the technology.

    It begins to look interesting. Poland also wouldn’t have jumped to France and Germany’s throat in Brussels yesterday and today without a kind of tacit cooperation with the Trump administration, as Tusk in Brussels means the green light for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project Poland and the US fiercely oppose. Trump has stated explicitly that he wouldn’t like Germany, a key European NATO partner, to be dependent on any RuSSian energy supplies. Something is going on, what we do not know about.

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      “Poland also wouldn’t have jumped to France and Germany’s throat in Brussels yesterday and today without a kind of tacit cooperation with the Trump administration”

      Why? Poland is acting no different now to what it did before. And there is no objective sign that the Trump administration makes any difference, except insofar as it maintains the USA’s previous policies.

      1. Avatar laker48 says:

        Trump has called the euro currency an instrument of the German dominance of Europe and called on Germany to meet its Atlantic Charter obligations of contributing at least 2% of its GDP towards its defence (now, Germany’s defence budget is less than 1.4% of its GDP).

        The euro is a German weapon of mass economic destruction printed in Germany and bringing misery and destitution to most EU member states that adopted it. There are rumours, perhaps unfounded but being circulated, that Germany secretly prints billions of Deutsche mark notes in the UK.

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          Thank you for failing to answer my question or respond to my post.

          I can’t comment on the conspiracy theories in your post because they make no sense whatsoever.

          1. Avatar laker48 says:

            You’re welcome. I respect your rights to voice your opinons.