Kyiv analyst dismisses former Ukrainian PM’s plans for pro-Russian ‘government in exile’

Disgraced Ukrainian president Yanukovych (left) stands next to Mykola Azarov (right) at the 13th congress of their Kremlin-allied Party of Regions

Disgraced Ukrainian president Yanukovych (left) stands next to Mykola Azarov (right) at the 13th congress of their Kremlin-allied Party of Regions 

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Ruslan Bortnik, the head of the Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management, says today that the idea now being floated by former Ukrainian prime minister Mykola Azarov to create a pro-Russian Ukrainian “government in exile” comes too late to have any chance of having an impact.

“This initiative could have had a certain effect in 2014 when the political emigration had weight and influence in the information and economic sectors of Ukraine. Thus, the idea about forming a government in exile now is, at a minimum, late and, at a maximum, simply a publicity stunt.”

Former Ukrainian officials and politicians like Azarov who was prime minister between 2010 and 2014 have lost all legitimacy in Ukraine, Bortnik says. Indeed, there are “several parallel shadow governments” in Ukraine and Azarov failed in 2015 to create a government in exile. (See this.)

Azarov raised the possibility of creating such a government now in an interview with Moscow’s Izvestiya newspaper, encouraged he said by a Moscow court’s decision on December 27 declaring the Euromaidan revolution a coup d’etat and, thus, fundamentally illegitimate.

The former Ukrainian official said that conditions for such a government were emerging given what he said was the inability of the ruling elite in Kyiv to “carry out their functions” and the demands of “the people for an alternative power.” Such an organization could then raise issues about Ukraine international courts and other organizations.

This last point is why Azarov’s otherwise preposterous suggestion must be noted. Clearly, he and his Moscow sponsors plan to try to use international institutions in that way to discredit the current Ukrainian government, a tactic that unfortunately will attract some support to their cause.



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  • Pawel Michal Bartolik

    Indeed there’s a country in which a junta used the popular uprising to stage a coup and cling to power. It is, of course, Egypt of (pro-Putin) Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and NOT Ukraine. Now show me some Russian officials and MSM condemning the Egyptian junta!

    • WisconsinUSA

      The alternative is the Islamic brotherhood. No thanks.

      • Oknemfrod

        Point well taken; however, Pawel’s angle was different and aimed at the putinoids’ calling white black and vice versa depending on what pours water on their mill.

      • Pawel Michal Bartolik

        1. Sisi is NOT a “lesser evil” than Muslim Brothers though his rule is a consequence of earlier one-year-long Ikhwan rule and his precedessors are responsible for his coming to power. If I were Muslim Brother, I would have CHEERED all opinions of Sisi as a “lesser evil”, for there’s no better recipe for Brothers’ return in a long term than playing false binary opposition “either army or islamists” and preserving the today’s Egyptian regime in the name of “stability”, “war on terror” etc. Furthermore, it’s hypocrisy worthy of Vladimir Putin even if displayed by ones hostile to him.
        2. Nethertheless, Oknemfrod was right that my “angle was different” and I wanted to highlight the hypocrisy of Russian imperialism’s propaganda which condemns non-existent “junta” in Ukraine while veiling the very existence of real Egyptian junta.

  • Brent

    Azarov can set up his sham pro-Russian government behind bars in a Ukrainian prison and he can bring all of his lying thieving treasonists with him.

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    these clowns should come to Kyiv and form this govt in exile, Ukraine will even give them cells to work in free of charge. stupid pieces of himno

    • туфтуф

      But even the author of the article admits that such tactic will atract some support to their cause….

  • Randolph Carter

    Azarov and his friends will be joined by Bruno, Bubba and a man only known as “The Horse”. Party will convene every day at 17.00, while the guards are having a mandatory staff meeting on the other side of the prison.

    • WisconsinUSA

      After it’s over will the horse take one of them back to his cell with him?

      • Turtler

        Probably not.

        The horse has standards.

    • Rafael Hernandez

      Why? Ukraine got much poorer without Azarov

      • RedSquareMaidan

        Apparently you didn’t see the pics of the stuff he stole from Ukraine for his mansions. You ever get tired of being wrong? I’m surprised you are able to turn on a computer, or does your Mum do that for you?

        • туфтуф

          All politicans steal. The Clinton foundation, for example. And when it happens in.a civilized country, imagine how it is in Ukraine or Albania….

      • Brent

        Walnut brain “Ralphie”, because of Azarov, Yanukovych and all of the other beloved pro Russian kleptocrats, Ukraine was already “poor”.

        The one thing you should be thankful for is they caused the Kremlin Mafia to create a troll job just for an idiot like you….

        • WisconsinUSA

          Isn’t that the united fat slobs of America troll from UT ?

        • туфтуф

          But it does not make sense. The ex governor of Odessa Saakashvili said it would take Ukraine 30 years in order to reach the point in economic development at which it was when Yanukovich left…???

    • туфтуф

      The only difficulty l see is that legally, the Moscow court might be right. And that can influence intl legal bodies, which can possibly bring about a situation where there is no lawful gvt in Ukraine. I dnt know what the consequences of such a ruling could be on the ground.

  • veth


  • WisconsinUSA

    I am relatively new to the scene about this guy named Azarof. Could someone give me a primer onwho he is.what kind of person and maybe how much he has stolen from the Ukrainian people thank you.

  • zorbatheturk

    Silly idea. Putinoid nonsense. Form a proper government in RuSSia and stop interfering in other nation’s affairs.

    • туфтуф

      Ukrainian nation does not exist. Its in the process of formation.

      • zorbatheturk

        You are full of a brown smelly substance, Igor.