Trump’s Orwellian “rigged” campaign is straight out of Putin’s propaganda playbook

Donald Trump over an image he tweeted of Hillary Clinton evoking anti-Semitic stereotypes with a graphic that included dollar bills and a six-pointed star. 

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The U.S. 2016 presidential campaign is nothing short of Orwellian. A billionaire real estate mogul who’s lived the most privileged of American dreams, able to leverage his birthright wealth into fame and celebrity, is now using the political power of that celebrity to usher in a dark American nightmare he calls “making America great again.” The upside-down world of Donald Trump and his legions of angry supporters are trampling on every fundamental notion of what it is to be an American and indeed what values America stands for. America’s most basic institution, its democracy, is now being questioned and assaulted by a man who talks more like an authoritarian dictator than someone running to be the president of the free world.


US Conservative Media Pundits: Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh (source: MediaMatters)

It needs to be said that the Trump campaign stands on the shoulders of decades of hate and vitriol from many Republicans, who have comfortably graced the “conservative media” landscape. Conservative talk radio brings in high profits all around the country. Even in liberal areas of the country, conservative radio is a dominant force. It greets us where we are, in our cars and in our homes with highly inflammatory anti-liberal political rhetoric. Leaders like Newt Gingrich and Mitch McConnell have fed this hate beast for so long, it paved the way for Donald Trump. What Trump has added to the equation is a level of ignorance, cynicism and propaganda that is shocking even to staunch Republican Party conservatives.

Trump and his surrogates, appearing daily on every news program to “balance” coverage, have inundated American media with so much hate and ignorance, so many lies, twisted facts and conspiracy theories, that it feels like America is drowning in a swamp of propaganda. Watching cable news or listening to the radio is genuinely anxiety-producing, and I’m sure mine is not the only blood pressure reading that has risen in this election cycle.

Much has been written on Trump’s bullying bigotry and the deplorable xenophobic, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant rhetoric from his campaign and supporters. What I’d like to focus on here is some aspects of Trump’s language of propaganda.

People are sucked into Trump’s disinformation swamp through a variety of linguistic techniques, aimed to elevate emotional responses. You will be angry whether you buy into Trump’s conspiracies or see through them. You will be agitated whether you buy into Trump’s conspiracies or see through them.

A common propaganda technique used by Putin’s Kremlin in Russia as well as in Ukraine and Europe is to put out so many lies that people are simply too overwhelmed and exhausted to see clearly. This technique confuses and obfuscates with information overload and whataboutism, ultimately ending up leaving audiences unable to think critically or make sense of all the chaos before them. The idea is that given so many falsehoods, something will stick, and people will be unable to resist succumbing to at least some portion of the lies. Perhaps a broadcaster or journalist politely swats away one lie, meanwhile 50 more pop up.

Such classic propaganda techniques are enhanced by Trump’s ability to use seemingly ordinary language of “common folks,”  creating a divided “us versus them” alternative world, a world based more on perception and opinion than reality. Exploiting America’s culture wars and perceived grievances (like the fake “Obama’s war on Christmas”), Trump uses language to put himself squarely in the good-guy camp of the common people, while the others–liberals, Democrats, elites, government institutions, the media–are the enemies. This may be the most insidious among all his sins, creating a cult of personality which he uses to manipulate common working people’s anxiety and insecurities not only through the use of dog-whistles and code-words. He enhances his dog-whistle rhetoric with simple and simplified working-class colloquial vernacular to strengthen his appeal as he widens divisions. Trump’s “regular guy” “authentic” language and entertainer communication style “resonates” with voters because he talks like them and to them.

Trump arouses his audiences as he takes them down his own fact-free road to an alternative reality, pushing his own alternative “facts” and perceptions, laced with fake information, Orwellian misinformation and downright disinformation, couched in highly-charged language to enhance their effectiveness. His goal is to influence public opinion by building rapport — “working the crowd” with chummy engaging language — as if he is a personal friend of his voters. This draws people in. It’s intoxicating and highly manipulative.

Trump is indeed always speaking to his voters, and that is why his voters are always certain they understand him perfectly, even though in reality he is a candidate in constant need of interpretation.

How many times have we heard a Trump surrogate or pundit say, “What Mr. Trump meant was ….” When he says something off the rails or contradictory, we are told “Mr. Trump didn’t mean that.” He meant something else, which they proceed to explain. Trump didn’t really mean that Obama and Clinton created ISIS. He didn’t really mean to disrespect Mr. Khan, the Gold Star family father. He didn’t mean that Russia didn’t invade Ukraine or annex Crimea. He didn’t mean what he said about grabbing women by their private parts. How is it that a man is so praised for straight-talking language when so many people have to explain what his words mean?

This is because of the way Trump uses propaganda language techniques to divide and conquer based on perception and emotion, not reality or facts.

People interpret Trump to hear what they want to from Trump’s words, and, importantly, excuse and dismiss the rest, because Trump is an entertainer, or because he’s not a politician. These excuses allow Trump to break norms and conventions, which means of course that he ends up above the rules in play for everyone else, a great advantage in a political campaign. Neither reality nor facts matter because Trump leaves his audience with a powerful perception of the world. As former KGB psychological warfare specialist Yuri Bezmenov has pointed out, once minds are convinced, they resist accepting reality, even when presented with hard evidence that what they believe is in fact a lie.

Trump’s use of “rigged” is a perfect example of such manipulation. The “system” is in fact “rigged” but FOR Donald Trump, yet in Orwellian Trump’s “us vs. them” alternative world, he uses the word “rigged” to charge the exact opposite, that everyone is AGAINST him. The notion of “rigged” in itself is laden with feelings of injustice and resentment. Such outrageous and inflammatory language riles up the public and manipulates the media as well. As a result, instead of focusing on substantive issues of how Trump has benefited from a system that has always been rigged in his favor, the media is busily dispelling allegations of voter fraud. In so doing, they repeat the false charges over and over, providing for those primed by Trump to distrust the media, the very snippets of language to confirm his false claims. Meanwhile Trump has expanded his “rigged” concept well beyond the election, to virtually everything–TV networks, online media, traditional press, polls, etc. Everyone’s trying to figure out what he means, to interpret his words, a sure sign that Trump speaks a language aimed at a very specific audience for a specific purpose. And they hear him loud and clear.

"Crooked Hillary For Prison" campaign buttons echoing Donald Trump repeated rallying cry to jail his political opponent Hillary Clinton

“Crooked Hillary For Prison” campaign buttons echoing Donald Trump repeated rallying cry to jail his political opponent Hillary Clinton

It’s no coincidence that Trump often says “I hear you” and “I am your voice.” This is conveying more than that he understands his constituency. Trump builds rapport with voters by literally talking like them, a kind of linguistic surrogate to persuade working people that he understands their problems, their insecurities, their anger. He is on their side and in fact one of them, by his very language. It’s of course absurd on its face that an elite privileged billionaire who’s lived a lavish lifestyle since childhood, who’s defrauded workers and contractors in his business life, who’s abused his power with women in the workplace, would somehow be the voice of working-class Americans. Yet Donald Trump has negotiated this role with many Americans, largely because of his ability to use language to build a kind of rapport with the very people he has exploited all his life, while using propaganda to vilify his opponent as an illegitimate and criminal choice.

Trump is able to manipulate his audience because language is a powerful and often unconscious element of identify. Language identifies who you are and where you come from. Sociolinguists study language patterns including accents, word choice, slang, intonation and the like that send signals to listeners about your age, your social group or groups, your gender, whether you are college-educated, etc. Donald Trump uses a variety of rapport-building patterns and strategies together with marketing techniques, phraseology and hyperbole to sell himself as “one of them” and his fake image that he is a working-class hero. He creates his “in-group” (who are special by virtue of understanding his special language), which simultaneously creates an “out-group”—others, whom he demonizes.

Here’s a sampling of some common Trump phrases and rhetoric that I heard just today.

This is your last chance.

You’ve never seen anything like this before.

Believe me, folks.

That I can tell you.

People are fed up with stupidity and weakness.

They’re fed up with ISIS, and all of those things.

There’s nothing like this in the history of this country.

Never before in our history has someone so criminal been able to run for president. It’s absolutely disgraceful that Hillary Clinton got away with email scams and corruption.

I know more than the generals.

Our system is rigged like never before.

The system is corrupt, folks. The system is rigged. It’s a broke, corrupt, rigged system. I’ve been saying this for a long long time.

It’s a horrible, horrible situation. What’s going on? Our leaders are stupid. These are stupid stupid people. And they have no commonsense.

The media is rigged. Don’t believe the New York Times. They are all against me. But they’re really against all of you. They look down on the hardworking people of the country. They’re condescending.

I see you and I hear you. I am your voice. Remember, I was on the other side of this equation for a long time. I know.

I will never ever let you down. I promise I will never let you down.

This is big, bigger than Brexit.

Me me me I. Trump uses “I” statements often as a way to instill both trust and authority. He’s never worked in government or been in the military. Yet he paints a dark world of corruption, injustice and incompetence, and then declares that he knows more than everyone, like a “father knows best,” better than our leaders, experts, generals, etc. In this way he presents himself as a trusting father figure. Recall his “I alone can fix it” line from his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. This language is of course reminiscent of some of the most notorious authoritarian leaders in history, including Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, whose survivors and survivors’ children are mortified by recognizing echoes of their parents and grandparents’ traumatic histories.

Hyperbole, repetition, superlatives. Notice also Trump’s use of hyperbole and repetition. These are linguistic strategies that hammer messages home, leading the audience to think what they’re hearing are their only possible options. In other words, you must trust what Trump is telling you because things are so dire that the sky is about to fall. Trump repeats and tweets “This is your last chance,” a phrase a car salesman uses when he tries to close a deal with a customer so they don’t walk away. This language creates a stress response, and is anxiety-inducing, trapping the listener to buy into a sense of false impending disaster.

Colloquial extremes. Further building on the psychological agitation is Trump’s use of extremes like “fed up,” “rigged,” “disaster” and repeating them often. There’s something powerful and engaging when someone speaks so resolutely and audacious, using words that many don’t use in polite company. We don’t think of American English as having a literary language that is all that different from colloquial language, as in French, for example, but of course we do. It’s natural for people to write differently from how they talk, and to use language differently in different settings. We talk in a house of worship differently from a classroom or a boardroom or a bar. We speak differently to our family at home than we do with our bosses at work.

Some of this is rooted in a generalized private and public distinction. But Trump’s characteristic rule-breaking style also breaks language conventions, and that gets a rise from people. He uses a crass, in-your-face confrontational style of speaking, which includes insults, name-calling, even accusations of criminality, all of which feels jarring precisely because we are witnesses to the breaking of conventions as we are listening to him. And those who are present at Trump rallies feel this even more strongly, as confirmed by many journalists and writers who have described their experiences as witnesses to the extremely agitated crowds.

Attacking people with a characterization like “stupid” or “crooked” also gets an emotional rise out of people, precisely because ad hominem slurs and smears are rarely said openly in public. And certainly not on a national stage or in a political campaign.

This outrage factor is psychologically exciting, agitating our human brains. Again, we can’t avoid this psychological effect. Trump’s language either pulls us in or reviles us, but the high level of emotion and agitation is common to all his listeners at the end of the day.

To be sure Trump has debased political discourse. It’s unsettling and worrisome thinking about where all the agitation and anger goes after the election is over. It’s more than likely Donald Trump will not be president, thankfully, but the important question is, what will the agitated people he now commands do to the country they purport to love so much? A new TrumpTV news network looks to be a likely reality on the horizon, with an extreme alt-right bent. Right-wing media like Fox News and talk radio figureheads like Rush Limbaugh will also continue their agitation of the electorate. The media will continue to be attacked, government will continue to be demoralized, and the first woman president will be delegitimized as was the first African-American president.


Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, Mural outside a bar in Vilnius, Lithuania. Source: AP/Mindaugas Kulbis

What will we do? What will you do? Putin and Russia will continue foreign pressure and agitation. But Americans never anticipated that the same kind of propaganda techniques would take hold in the United States, “land of the free and home of the brave.”

The 2016 election has exposed a brave new world of gaping holes in traditional journalism as well as news presentation and analysis. How will the media and importantly the cable TV networks respond to these vulnerabilities? Will CNN continue to have talking heads spew unchallenged lies on their panels? Or will pro-Trump talking heads Jeffrey Lord, Corey Lewandowski and Kayleigh McEnany and their false balance fade into the background? Will there be a government or NGO responses to push for more accuracy and responsibility in media?

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 9.43.23 AM

“A departure from democracy” Screenshot from cable new network CNN, after final presidential debate, October 20, 2016

In this teachable moment, it’s important to recognize that America’s great democracy, a beacon of hope to so many in other parts of the world, is an experiment and is not a guarantee. Democracy cannot survive too much ignorance, as former Supreme Court Justice David Souter said ominously in a 2012 interview. I would add, given what we know of Russian meddling and Trump’s financial and PR ties and of course his unsubtle Putin bromance, that we are too easily kept ignorant through propaganda. And so we must be vigilant in calling out not only the obvious dissemination of lies, distortions and mind-numbing conspiracies. We must also recognize the more subtle propaganda techniques and language patterns used so skillfully by Trump and his campaign to manipulate Americans into following an Orwellian candidate down his rigged rabbit hole.



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  1. Avatar KAvor says:

    Wrong. All of it wrong. You obviously are totally unaware of the lopsided unequal coverage by the mainstream media. Have you ever heard of Wikileaks? Are you also unaware of how electronic voting machines can be manipulated? Go on youtube. It will take you 2 minutes of research. I suppose 1.8 million dead people voting is normal to you. I suppose 2.75 million people registered in multiple districts is also normal to you. Are you totally unaware of the criminal efforts of the the DNC and personal involvement of Hillary exposed through the videos of James O’Keefe at Project Veritas to manipulate the election and to foment violence at Trump events? People were injured. The mainstream media gladly played along with the game. Where are your denunciations of that hate? No mention in your article. If you cared one iota about America or the sanctity of the democratic system, you would be screaming from the roof tops about these things.

    Do you have the guts to address just these few issues I am raising? Or do you want to blind your readers with an appeal to emotion about words and tone? If you can’t denounce the violence and hate created by Hillary’s putinesque tactics then you are part of the problem.

    Sad. You totally discredit yourself with such a silly article.

    1. Avatar Steve says:

      Outstanding review.

    2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      She’s either a DimoKKKRat, or an establishment Republican. Either way, she’s written an Agitprop hit piece that contains just enough truth to be poisonous.

  2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Trump the Groper for POTUS? Nyetsky, Vlad.

    1. Avatar Steve says:

      Hillary Clinton the “Enabler” for a rapist in the White House a second time around?

      1. Avatar Alex George says:

        If she is, then it will be the Republicans’ fault for choosing a political moron like Trump as their candidate. The guy seems to have a gift for alienating voters, except his own rusted-on supporters .

        Ronald Reagan gained the votes of a quarter of registered voting democrats in two elections – Trump is the reverse, he never had a hope of doing anything like that. The worst part of it is that Hillary is such a bad candidate for the Dems – anyone at all could have beaten her, except most likely Trump.

        1. Avatar Turtler says:

          “If she is, then it will be the Republicans’ fault for choosing a
          political moron like Trump as their candidate.”

          Somebody’s stupidity is not an excuse or justification for someone else’s evil.

          Somebody being ignorant of the ownership of the Brooklyn Bridge does not give you the right to sell something that is not yours.

          Trump is a weak candidate and I do not trust him, I agree. But the reason we are talking about this at all is because high ranking members of the DNC, her own campaign, and the media have opted to conceal crimes she committed. Incluidng the fact that she cannot be legal POTUS.

          Hence why I object to this. Trump’s stupidity is not the reason for Hillery’s evil.

          1. Avatar Alex George says:

            “Somebody’s stupidity is not an excuse or justification for someone else’s evil.”

            Since nobody suggested that it was, why even write this?

            What I am stating is that Republicans need to look at themselves. We know what Hillary is like, however I question whether Republicans really believe it, if they put forward a candidate like Trump. They can win the next elecetion, if they are prepared to seriously look at themselves and the mistakes they made. but will they, I wonder?

            “Trump’s stupidity is not the reason for Hillery’s evil.”

            No, but Republicans’ stupidity will be the reason for Hillary’s further evil, since by choosing Trump they made it as easy as possible for her to get a term.

          2. Avatar Turtler says:

            “Nobody has suggested that it is.”

            Ah, ok. Got you.

            “What I am suggesting is that Republicans need to look at themselves.”

            Agreed absolutely.

            And the really sad and scary thing? I honestly think Trump’s candidacy and success were a way that Republicans tried to look at themselves. I do think the anger was building for a long time over issues both real and not, not just with Obama, Clinton, and their allies but also with the party. I think it was pretty obvious with McCain, less so with Romney, and ultimately just blew up after another four years of Obama with someone willing to fan the sparks.

            Especially given how terms like “Globalists”, “GOPe”, “Cucks”, etc have been thrown around.

            I don’t think Trump is doing it in the best way, to put it lightly. But I do think his campaign has featured a lot of Republicans looking at themselves.

            And I can only imagine what that means for the introspection later on.

            I don’t think he went about it the right way

            “Trump might win now, but probably won’t,”

            Agreed absolutely.

            “and that means its time to start preparing for 2020.”

            Agreed, with the caveat that I figure the preparation will be valuable for things a lot earlier than that. Considering Hillary can be proven to have perjured herself before Congress and destroyed work related emails, it will be a thorny problem.

            “We know what Hillary is like, however I question whether Republicans
            really believe it, if they put forward a candidate like Trump.”

            Indeed. heck, to be honest I’m also sort of looking at it from the other angle to, at whether the #NeverTrumpers that express hatred of Hillary and mention more or less the same crimes as Trump supporters do. Because on some level I think if you really do fear and hate someone that much (including when we get into Clinton-Death-List-reciting territory), how does one square that with not trying to keep her out?

            To be honest, I am a very late convert to the Clinton Hate Train, and to this day I often will still go toe to toe with the likes of Milosevic apologists in their defense (under the logic that false accusations are still false even if they are levied against a horrible person, like the Soviets blaming Katyn on the NSDAP) . I never particularly supported or liked them, but as late as Benghazi I sort of viewed them with amicability or indulgence.

            I was briefly aware of stuff like the more serious sexual accusations against Bill, Whitewater, and the supposed Clinton Death List (which I still find doubtful at best), but on the whole I thought they were not that bad.

            I think it was Benghazi and the repeated coverups (some of which were obvious from the get go, sorry Hillary but even if it was a spontaneous violent demonstration over a nothingburger Youtube Video that attacked the Embassy it would STILL constitute a terrorist attack) that destroyed that respect and good will. But the private server rand what it meant really told me something about how low of a league they were. Low enough I would support almost anyone to keep them out.

            That’s why even though I am not fond of Trump and despise Bernie I would’ve gladly voted for either of them over her. Because my calculations are it is Just That Bad.

            So I kind of wonder…. what about those who talk such a game but don’t?

            “They can win the next election, if they are prepared to seriously look at
            themselves and the mistakes they made. but will they, I wonder?”


            That and honestly, the introspection might not be as productive or beneficial. I still think Trump’s campaign shows that.

            “This has shades of Goldwater, but after that debacle the GOP learned the
            lesson and chose a candidate with wider appeal in Nixon.”

            Agreed… though we know how Nixon ended up. And while I still think that Nixon was a pretty good President in terms of competence, he was an awful human being who shunted the law.

            “No, but what about Republicans’ unwise choice being a main part of
            the reason for Hillary getting a chance to do 4 years of evil? Trump’s
            short fuse and inability to focus were always going to be a problem, far
            more so than the s*xual issues.”

            All very true indeed, and I fear where this will end up. But a principle I figured a long time ago is that if given a choice between stupid and evil, I will side with stupid.

            If Hillary wins it will be in part because of Trump’s antics and Republican failures. Those cannot be glossed over, including his whitewashing of Putin and the PRC. But I still think that ultimate responsibility has to lie with the perpetrator.

    2. Avatar KAvor says:

      Better a groper (IF it’s true, and I doubt it) than a psychopath. Imagine yourself a 12 year old girl brutally raped and beaten so bad that you are put in a coma and unable to have children for the rest of your life. Hillary not only tampered with evidence that would have put the rapist behind bars, she character assassinated the poor victim child and is on tape laughing about it.

      Let’s not forget about the private investigators Hillary hired to terrorize and silence victims of her sexual predator husband.

      Oh, you really care about women, especially victims of rape…. Go ahead, laugh along with your psychopath diva!

    3. Avatar Turtler says:

      Better a groper than a gangster.

      1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

        Trump keeps on gropin’…

        1. Avatar Turtler says:

          And Hillary keeps on lying and committing perjury.

          I do not know if I can trust Trump, but I certainly know I cannot trust Hillary.

          1. Avatar Alex George says:

            Then you should have come up with a better republican candidate than Trump. This election was the republicans to lose, Hillary is such a bad candidate. Yet it looks like Trump will manage to lose it.

          2. Avatar Turtler says:

            Yes, we should have. Yes, it was ours to lose. And yes, Trump is at risk from losing it anyway.

            So we’ll see. But win or lose, Hillary cannot win the trust of those who know her crimes.

          3. Avatar Alex George says:


  3. Avatar Steve says:

    I couldn’t even finish reading this “hit piece” which is not surprisingly written from a graduate of UC Berkeley in California. She attempts to hide behind her Jewishness to accuse Trump of antisemitism but she herself behaves like a Kapo. She then accuses Trump of propaganda but misses the propaganda of the other side of the isle.

    With an individual who claims to be as educated as she is it sad to see she knows nothing about doing basic research. Had she done so she would have found many links to voter fraud now going on. Here is one to get her started: Contains many links as well about voter fraud. She should also remember the vote in Florida between Gore and Bush and why it ended up in the USSC.

    Madam you are entitled to your opinion but NOT your own set of facts or to cherry pick them. And a word of caution Madam. Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.

  4. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

    >Conservative talk radio brings in high profits all around the country. Even in liberal areas of the country, conservative radio is a dominant force. It greets us where we are, in our cars and in our homes……we are too easily kept ignorant … we must be vigilant … We must also recognize…<

    We, we, we … "We" who? Speak for yourself and don't confuse singular and plural first person pronouns – as a linguist, you ought to know the difference.

  5. Avatar Murf says:

    Trump is s bad joke that took on a life of its own.

    1. Avatar Turtler says:

      And Hillary is a horror show.

    2. Avatar Mephisto says:

      Unfortunately, he is no joke. Imagine this stupid psychopath (who is a witting or unwitting agent for Putin) having access to national secrets. Even if he doesnt cause war, he will wreak chaos on the country. We (Czech Republic) have such a putinist a$hole for president (Milos Zeman). He is feeding the nation with russian propaganda, he is causing deep rifts and splits in the country, he is isolating us from the EU and US a slowly dragging us to Russia and China. Tump will very probably try to isolate the US from world affairs (to clear the space for Russia) and will cripple the country from within by causing splits, rifts, subversion, a lot of bad emotions.

      1. Avatar Wolf Winterheart says:

        Trump doesn’t have to do any of the harmful and negative things you enumerated; Clinton, the Bushes, and especially Obama have already done all that and more.

  6. Avatar Turtler says:

    What a load of toss.

    All I had to know is the headline. And it has a ludicrosuly inaccurate title.

    “Orwellian” language is that designed to be at ends with reality and obviously so, for a superior power to humiliate those at their mercy. Case in point O’Brien and Winston Smith in 1984.

    Here? We have DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE that systematic voter fraud (perhaps not enough to throw an election but that doesn’t make it less illegal) is going on, that Hillary’s allies have arraigned false flag attacks against Bernie and Republican rallies, and that the so called journalistic establishment has been so in the tank for Hillary they have been secretly coordinating.

    When Trump says at least large parts of the system are rigged, he’s not being Orwellian by definition. He is describing Reality.

  7. Avatar Mephisto says:

    I thought Bush jr was really terrible but Trump is much worse. Trump is obviously a narcississtic idiot. Former CIA chief called him an “unwitting agent” for Putin (= useful idiot). I am not sure if he is witting or unwitting, but he is backed up by Russia for sure. This kind of propaganda is KGB subversion. Listen to talks by Yuri Bezmenov

    1. Avatar Turtler says:

      “I thought Bush jr was really terrible but Trump is much worse.”

      Apparently you don’t have much of an opinion about a perjurer and someone who abdicated her responsibilities as Sec of State to have an illegal email server. Among others.

      “Trump is obviously a narcississtic idiot.”

      I am inclined to agree.

      But again, what does that make Hillary, someone so thoroughly corrupt she lied repeatedly about some of America’s most important secrets?

      “Former CIA chief called him an “unwitting agent” for Putin (= useful idiot).”

      Which I suppose puts him on par with what Hillary and Obama were circa 2008?

      “I am not sure if he is witting or unwitting, but he is backed up by Russia for sure.”

      Meh. Maybe.

      But I can’t help what Putin and his pet psychopaths do. I can help what I and others do, and frankly whether or not he and his nutcases support Trump will not magically erase the other reasons to support him. Or the fact thatHillary Clinton is provably corrupt and cannot hold office.

      “This kind of propaganda is KGB subversion.”

      In the olde days we had to be certain that the attempts by the KGB to subvert the West were obvious lies, like they had been since 1917.

      But now they’re not. And pointing out that Putin is playing his own games when releasing evidence of corruption in the DNC does not make that evidence irrelevant.

  8. Avatar Villemar says:

    Trump is going to lose and there’s nothing anyone can do about it because it’s demographically impossible for him to win; he’s alienated too many voting groups. Sorry, Trumpists. Sorry, Putin. Sorry, Julian Assange. If you really think he’s going to win, better have a box of tissues handy for the night of Nov. 8th. :'( :'( :'(

    1. Avatar Turtler says:

      “Trump is going to lose and there’s nothing anyone can do about it
      because it’s demographically impossible for him to win;”

      Somebody’s counting their chickens before they hatch. I can sort of understand why, and in a normal election where the Dems supported a candidate who was strong… or at least honest/legal that might have been the case.

      But what has made this notable is the fact that both candidates are thoroughly hated and fairly weak. Which means this is going to be volatile until the end.

      And even the Polls (which have generally been against him) have disagreed with that claim.

      “he’s alienated too many voting groups.”

      And Hillary Clinton has alienated the law, preventing her from ever becoming a legal President.

      Something that has slowly become evident.

      “Sorry, Trumpists. Sorry, Putin. Sorry, Julian Assange.”

      Sorry America.

      “If you really think he’s going to win, better have a box of
      tissues handy for the night of Nov. 8th. :'( :'( :'(”

      Meh. I don’t think he’s going to win, since I still think the odds for him are more unfavorable than not. But I do think it is possible and the polls agree.

      But let’s set aside probability to talk about Merit. Trump is not a great human being or statesman (at least not yet), but what about somebody so thoroughly corrupt they opted to expose American intelligence in one of the most comprehensive ways possible JUST To avoid FOIA requsts?

      Among others?

      1. Avatar Villemar says:

        You are banking on the Useful Idiocy of the American voter WRT to these nonsense issues that no one who doesn’t hate HRC with the white hot heat of elevendy kajillion suns cares about. Emails, stuff her husband did 20 years ago, Benghazi, all of the typical tiresome shibboleths don’t matter as much as you think they do. There aren’t enough people who go berserk over these non issues to hand Trump and electoral majority next week. Might as well bring up HRC murdered Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and ran drugs with her husband from Mena Arkansas for that matter, because Why Not?

        1. Avatar Turtler says:

          I’m sorry, the fact that you were stupid enough to claim that nobody cares about gross mishandling of classified documents (which HRC’s fans certainly care about now that it is evident that Wikileaks and their Russian masters ALSO got), bungling Benghazi, and the like do not care about.

          I’m sorry you are oh such a rareified being that things that have gotten actual, real people killed are just typical and tiresome to you. But guess what? Some of us have to live in the real world.

          And maybe you might be better off- rather than assuming that those things are cared about only by people who hate her- asking yourself if MAYBE the people who care about them beforehand (like the families of those killed at Benghazi) might have been driven to hate her by her actions.

          ” There aren’t enough people who go berserk over these non issues to hand Trump and electoral majority next week.”

          We’ll see, as I said.

          Because I’m not egotistical or arrogant enough to count chickens before they are hatched.

          ” Might as well bring up HRC murdered Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and ran
          drugs with her husband from Mena Arkansas for that matter, because Why

          Because we don’t have on camera evidence that HRC perjured herself about an illegal internet server before Congress. Or the testimony of the FBI that contradicted them.

          But hey, real life is for the little people, isn’t it?

        2. Avatar Turtler says:

          “Trump is going to lose and there’s nothing anyone can do about it
          because it’s demographically impossible for him to win; he’s alienated
          too many voting groups. Sorry, Trumpists.”

          ” There aren’t enough people who go berserk over these non issues to hand Trump and electoral majority next week. ”

          So, how does it feel being proven to be an arrogant idiot?

  9. Avatar Kruton says:

    Trump is John Brown what comes after him will be truly terrifying!

    1. Avatar Turtler says:


      I do not like John Brown, he was a monster. But in the end he was not the worst that would come. And while he was a murderer beyond justification and a terrorist he did fight to end a system of horrifying chattel slavery. One that people far worse than him would soon rise in revolt to support.

      Given the choice between Brown and-say- Jubal Early or Nathan Bedford Forrest, I’d have to go with Brown.

      And again, if what comes after Trump will be truly terrifying, what of the person who isn’t even POTUS (and cannot legally be so) but who already is responsible for one of history’s greatest intelligence leaks?

  10. Avatar Turtler says:

    Whereas I suppose the person who legally cannot hold office and who decided to shed on American law regarding the keeping of secret information is something else?

  11. Avatar Wolf Winterheart says:

    The entire tone of this paid “journalistic” hit made me curious, so I did some recon in order to get an understanding of why an allegedly pro Ukraine “Euromaidan Press” would so enthusiastically support HRC, and just as enthusiastically vilify DJT.

    Euromaidan Press is proudly supported by something called International Renaissance Foundation (just scroll all the way down to see that). A quick skim of the IRF site showed that they *appear* to be saying “the right things” and *appear* to have a respectable and noble mission. I also noticed that IRF is one of the Open Society Foundations.

    The Open Society Foundations are the product of none other than former Nazi informant, international criminal, self hating Hungarian Jew named Georgiy Schwartz, but he doesn’t use his original name anymore. Now he calls himself George Soros.

    The same George Soros who proudly boasted about his role in destabilizing Ukraine; who seems to have a hobby of destabilizing nations; who is fascist/statist HRC’S “sugar daddy” through the Clinton Foundation and who is her de facto “handler;” who pays BLM “protesters” to destroy towns like Ferguson, MO, and shoot at law enforcement officers; who kick-started his personal $multi-billion fortune by stealing the possessions of Jews that he ratted out to the Nazis in 1944 (once they boarded the locking boxcar trains and had no further need for possessions); who is committed to a planetary “government” ruled by him and his khazar cronies, deliberately depopulated per Agenda 21, enforced by the UN and “spiritually” overseen by the Vatican and some hybrid NWO worldwide “religion.”

    Now it all makes sense, a twisted, horrible sense. Ukraine’s fate is of no concern to HRC, no matter how many Ukrainian useful idiots her false words convince. Soros cares even less, and in the globalist/bankster view Ukraine is just a conveniently located battlefield for the East-West conflict that Soros, through HRC, is engineering. Russia is the enemy, but not because it acts as a rogue, outlaw nation under the 21st century Stalin. It is because russia doesn’t have or want a central bank owned by the globalist/bankster Rothschild International Crime Family, like America’s Federal Reserve Bank.

    Before the “Hitlery shills” raise a hue and cry about conspiracy theories and start slinging the usual accusations of “racist,” “xenophobe,” “sexist,” “regressive” and all the other epithets suggested in the DNC talking points bulletins, know that all that I have written is verifiable.

    That Ukraine needs outside assistance is a fact. To whom can Ukraine turn — the ever-more-socialist EU (the globalist/banksters’ European branch)? Russia? China? USA? If Ukraine expects to survive as a sovereign constitutional republic, it will need to partner up with a force of similar political structure and ideology, and that might well be USA…unless international criminal HRC manages to steal an obviously rigged election (she is so brazen and arrogant that she really thinks it will work). In that case, USA will be in danger of complete destruction, and a likely second struggle for “back to the Constitution” independence and the purge of a political system every bit as corrupt as the USSR, will prevent any American assistance to any foreign nation from happening anytime soon.

    I will not unsubscribe from this well crafted Soros propaganda outlet, because there are occasional grains of truth to be found, as in any well crafted propaganda. I will keep reading these posts with a critical mind–it’s a “know your enemy” thing.

  12. Avatar Sergei Epatov says:

    Author’s jewish surname means “little devil” or “imp” in Russian. That’s enough information for me about her. Subsequent lie and propaganda come as no surprise.