Mr Putin, lay aside your superhero mask, only peace is the way forward



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Article by: Pierre Scordia

Euromaidan Press is publishing an open letter of Pierre Scordia, a journalist and London college lecturer, in which he pleads that Russian President Putin abandons his aggressive policies for the sake of his own people.

Dear President Putin,

I am writing to you, as a simple Western citizen, daring to challenge your policy of war. I know you are not bothered by my opinion in the slightest, nor by me as a person who you could crush at any time just as one might squash an insignificant fly. Living in London, I know to what lengths you go… we all remember the polonium-210 you served in a Japanese restaurant in the heart of the English capital to eliminate your former colleague, by then a British citizen, simply because he had become a threat to your reputation. But you see, using my pen is the only way for me to resist you and so many like you, to protest against aggression, humiliation, violence, hatred, expansionist nationalism, murder and war for which you have become a flag bearer.

It is abundantly clear that you are preparing to wage a new war against Ukraine, the country you hate so much, I suspect because your ego was hurt by the two revolutions of 2004 and 2014. Brotherhood among Slavic peoples has disappeared from your political speech but, if it still exists even a tiny bit in your heart, please recognize how your macho, superhero political style destroys thousands of Ukrainian families; families who every single day are burying their young men and women for whom they dreamed of a bright future. I hesitate to mention here the hundreds of children that your warplanes indiscriminately killed in Syria and dare to suggest that if this Levant country has plunged into barbarism this is partly due to your unconditional support for the ruthless Assad dynasty; any peaceful transition has thus been doomed from the start.

Clearly your international propaganda through RT (Russia Today) and numerous bribes generously donated to certain opportunistic Western careerists and businessmen together with your unconditional support for leaders of extreme right-wing and far-left parties in Europe has been undeniably successful. How many times have I heard from French, British, Spanish and even South American intellectuals how you are the real bulwark against fundamentalist Islam and that the Revolution of Dignity on Maidan Square in Kyiv was a coup orchestrated by the CIA? But luckily for you, these people have no idea of the reality in Dagestan and Chechnya, they have never set foot in the Caucasus, nor in Ukraine and they stupidly repeat that this country is divided between Ukrainian and Russian speakers. Had they actually set foot in Kyiv, they would have noticed that the lingua franca is still Russian, that is if they are able to distinguish between these two Slavic languages.

What will remain of Russia after your death? An economically ruined country that cut itself off from Europe

Your war against Ukraine – at a time when Europe is weakened by Brexit, Islamist terrorism in France, the migrant crisis in Germany, political instability in Turkey and with the US paralyzed by fear of a disastrous presidential election – will be counterproductive because it will cause at the end of the day enmity between your two countries for generations to come and will eventually accelerate the Westernization of a free Ukraine. Your chaos may trigger a change of government in Kyiv and the new leaders will be more willing to adopt fresh reforms and start a process of de-russification that will spread through Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Dnipro with much popular support.

What will remain of Russia after your death? An economically ruined country that cut itself off from Europe at a time when Europe saw Russia as a friend and main economic partner, a generally impoverished population (stemming from your policy of war in Ukraine), a demographic curve in free fall, accelerated by alcoholism, with a reduced life expectancy for Russian men of 60 years and Siberian men of a mere 57 years. You will leave a Siberia, over the years, populated by Chinese settlers, who one day will demand unification with their motherland. You reap what you sow, what goes around comes around, wouldn’t you agree?

It is unfortunate that you have brought down a great nation in your desire for domination, bringing to this world nothing but fear, chaos, hatred, crime, anger, revenge and tears.

You will leave a Russia surrounded by hostile neighbours; Ukrainians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Moldavians, Poles, Balts, Armenians, Romanians, Turks and Scandinavians. Even your faithful Belarusian and Kazakh friends have begun to have doubts about your country, so plagued by corruption and hawkish irredentism. You will leave behind a country caught in the midst of fear and conspiracy in which Ukrainians, the CIA, immigrants, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, homosexuals, human rights activists will be targeted as troublemakers.

As you are no doubt aware, in all spiritual traditions vanity, ego, greed and power are the great evils of man. It is unfortunate that you have brought down a great nation in your desire for domination, bringing to this world nothing but fear, chaos, hatred, crime, anger, revenge and tears. On your deathbed, the mirror of revelation will project your true face. Once your superhero mask disappears, you will see only emptiness, the infinite void, your fall, your own damnation.

But it is not too late for redemption. You could take inspiration from Norway that intends to offer a huge mountain to her Finnish neighbour for her 100th birthday, in order to mark friendship between the two nations. President Putin, I implore you, make peace, not war, return Crimea and Donbas to your Slavic brothers and become a true source of inspiration for millions of tiny human beings who inhabit this beautiful planet and who dare to dream of a better world. You already have the power. Now you just need the courage to take the first step.

Pierre Scordia is a lecturer at University College London (London, UK)


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  • zorbatheturk

    Excellent article. I am very impressed by the quality of this website.

    • Scradje

      Totally agree. Consider how the civilised world reacted when Serbia’s own putler, Milosevic, murdered 10,000 innocent Muslims. Contrast that with the incredibly feeble reaction to putler, who has murdered tens of thousands of innocent Christians, stolen their land and unleashed a hateful $multibillion disinformation campaign across all media aimed at the victims of his fascist oppression. Absolutely shameful. Whilst it is right that gifted writers like Pierre should at least attempt to encourage the minature chekist thug to seek redemption, it is only strong, resolute leaders opposed to fascism who can deal with him. Obviously electing another one of putler’s junkyard dogs, Herr Drumf, into the WH is not the solution.

      • zorbatheturk

        Putin’s moves are mirroring Slobo’s. Ultranationalism and lies, Slobo’s Greater Serbia and Putin’s Eurasia. These guys are/were mini Hitlers. Both were nobodies, minor Communist apparatchiks before being Peter Principled to the top of their sick societies. Slobo is no longer around, fortunately, and hopefully soon Putin will follow.

        • Scradje

          Well observed as usual zorbs. Your Peter principle reference raises another intriguing question; is there a person or perhaps an elite cadre of a$$h0les in the shadows behind the little chekist thug? My guess is yes.

        • Y K

          Milosevic, for all his faults, never aspired for global or even regional domination. He also didn’t have nuclear missiles capable of destroying all life on Earth.

          • zorbatheturk

            That’s true. But if Putin destroys the whole planet, the billions he has stashed in Swiss accounts won’t do him much good. There will be nothing to spend the money on.

          • Y K

            Indeed. The only thing that can effectively balance a crazy dictator’s craziness is his venality. Thank goodness and human nature for that. Which is why the “honest” dictators are the most dangerous ones.

  • Terry Washington

    I’ve said it before and will so again- the only cure for Putin’s irredentist and demagogic policies is for Ukraine to sign the Rome Statute of the ICC and indict Putin’s thugs( if not Putin himself) on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity!

    • Y K

      I wouldn’t put my trust in a rather useless and toothless institution like the ICC. It may be good for a bunch of African dictators but certainly not for stopping an armed-to-the-teeth nuclear power. What Ukraine needs first and foremost is profound reforms in order to make Westernization (and the Ukrainian naiopnal state project itself) irreversible. If Ukraine succeeds, it will present an attractive alternative to Putinism for Russian speakers everywhere.
      Of course, this does not mean that energetic effort to strengthen the Ukrainian military in order to dissuade any further Russian aggression isn’t required.

      • Terry Washington

        If the ICC’s “useless and toothless”, then let’s make it stronger! The prospect of the “fish eyed Chekist” and his cronies sitting out his declining years in a cell/dock at the Hague should be a credible deterrent(remember there is NO statute of limitation for war crimes/crimes against humanity- as certain Germans are finding out even nowadays)).

    • Alex George

      That won’t have any effect.

      The only cure is to bring Russia’s economy down. Everything else flows from this.

      • Terry Washington

        It’s all ready going down the tubes anyway. An ICC indictment would simply accentuate the process(who wants to invest in or do business with a country whose leaders have been declared war criminals?)!

        • MichaelA

          cant hurt

  • slavko

    This author speaks how I feel it should be. I truly hope that Putin listens. Ukraine never committed any harm to Russia.