Document suggests “terror shootout” in Crimea internal Russian conflict

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Tensions in occupied Crimea are escalating as Russia accused Ukraine of plotting “terror attacks” after an alleged shootout that broke out in Armiansk on August 7 and dropped out of Minsk negotiations. As more and more evidence appears that the accusations are fabricated, serving as a reason to intensify repressions in Crimea, a peculiar post in Russian social media suggests that the shootout was an internal one between the Russian army contractors in occupied Crimea – a finding with which the Ukrainian military intelligence concurs

The gunfire at the border administration of occupied Crimea [on August 7] was staged by drunken military contractors rather than “Ukrainian saboteurs” – so says Eduard Zhuravlev, the former advisor to “Governor” of occupied Sevastopol Sergey Menyaylo, on his Facebook page.

With regards what really happened at yesterday’s border skirmish. The game continues. Somehow at the intuitive level I more and more agree with the version that the military contractors, overheated in the sun and with too much liquor, fired on their comrades and went out with weapons illegally,” he wrote.

Zhuravlev offers a curious document – a photocopy of an orientation which was circulated to the heads of regional departments of the Ministry of Interior in occupied Crimea on 7 August.  The document refers to a search for five people accused of a serious crime in the city of Armiansk dressed in camouflage uniforms bearing chevrons with the Russian Federation flag.”

Eduard Zhuravlev and his colleague Oleg Mateychev, the political advisor of Sergey Menyaylo, are noteworthy for declaring to the residents of Sevastopol that they should forget “the traditions of direct democracy” and demonstrations similar to the Maidan protests in Kyiv. Matveychev in January 2016 stated directly that “Sergey Menyaylo should make administrative decisions unilaterally, and not a bunch of deputies, taxi drivers, and hairdressers.”

This is because we now see that Sevastopol is the most ungrateful city in Russia and spreads the same disease that infects Kyiv.  A terrible spiritual sickness worse than physical ill health,” was Matveychev’s diagnosis.

This same Eduard Zhuravlev had already earned a bad reputation among the opposition in his native Russian city of Yekaterinburg.  Zhuravlev’s party ally Feliks Rivkin, member of the regional council of the Russian opposition party RPR-PARNAS, accused his former party colleague of accepting a bribe to help Putin’s Yedinaya Rossiya Party against the Yabloko Party.

Zhuravlev is a failed Yedinaya Rossiya member, although he has a Yedinaya Rossiya mentality… I think that if I were stood against the wall and he were in the firing squad, he would pull the trigger with no hesitation,” noted Rivkin at the time.


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Edited by: Alya Shandra

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  1. Avatar Ben Skinner says:

    Well, this would be welcome news indeed!
    From the onset, I assumed that the entire episode was nothing more than a fabrication, implying that Putin was making a move in his game.
    If mercs really did exchange fire with Russian troops, then Putin’s response was merely one of improvisation, and we’re less likely to see much more made of this… hopefully!

    1. Avatar waky wake says:

      Eagerly swallowing the swill, ay Ben?

      1. Avatar Ben Skinner says:

        Oh no, I have an internet antagonist! Please, please spare me the embarrassment of pointing out how much more astute you are! I cannot help but be a sheep, yet you have the intellectual magnitude to rise above the pitfalls of mere mortals.
        I eagerly await your heartfelt guidance, ascended one!

        1. Avatar Alex George says:


  2. Avatar waky wake says:

    Ukrainians, what are you folks doing to yourselves? Why are you people continuing to allow that vassal, poroshenko and his henchmen to pump out all these obvious ruses {to distract you all from their economic and services governance failures}, while knowing full well numerous elements in their gang, along with the tatar, Coynash and others have been threatening covert sabotage ops inside Crimea for over a year now. Four to five days before Putin/Russia announced the thwarting of such an op and the capture of individuals involved, those same kiev-ukrainian actors were pumping stories into the media space about undue restrictions Russian and FSB activities on the Crimean side of the border. It was amateurishly obvious that they were trying to preempt something.

    1. Avatar MichaelA says:

      you need to waky wake instead of wanky wank
      russian story would be more believable if their fsb wasnt such a bunch of amateurs

      1. Avatar waky wake says:

        Hahaha, good one. Now let’s hear some real rebuttal and not any more of that fanciful stuff you picked up while reading those western MSM articles. Tell me, you don’t consider poroshenko a vassal? Okay then, Coynash and some of his azov buddies weren’t suggesting sabotage ops inside Crimea as far back as last summer? I could have sworn I read that, even in some wester MSM articles. And I suppose the two or more captured guys are really just regular Crimean citizens that Putin and the FSB just picked up off of the street and presented as being a part of a kiev-ukraine sabotage plot ha? Son, you’re weak, real weak. [TRUMP 2016]

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          Rebuttal of what? You have to make points before they can be rebutted. Your only point is the absurd suggestion that Poroshenko is “a vassal”, and you then fail to provide the slightest evidence in support of it. All you can say is that a Ukrainian journalist suggested sabotage ops in Crimea last year.

          That’s your argument? Are you serious? If you read the Russian press you will find all sorts of things suggested that Russia should do, and some of them do come to pass, but that proves absolutely nothing about the influence of those journalists on the Russian government, yet you come up with this illogical tripe about the Ukrainians.

          As for the “two captured guys”, one was an old gent who has no military background except for his conscripted service as a boy, and you could still see the marks of the beating the FSB gave him to force a “confession” from him. The other was a local Crimean Tatar activist whom the FSB arrested BEFORE the incident took place!

          The FSB appears to be utterly incompetent. They cannot get a story straight.

          1. Avatar waky wake says:

            Okay kid, you win. !!!! NOT !!!! It’s obvious you’re too fantasy based to debate, so I won’t try. I’ll just take my “FACTS THAT CAN BE SUBSTANTIATED” and move on. Have a nice day now, ya here.

          2. Avatar Alex George says:

            In other words, you don;t have a rational response as soon as facts are put to you. Bye bye.

        2. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          Even if Coynash and others WERE suggesting sabotage ops in the Crimea, so what? The Crimea is sovereign Ukrainian territory temporarily occupied by Dwarfstan, so the Ukrainian forces have every right to conduct operations to liberate what is rightfully theirs.
          Now go and drink your rotgut samogon like a good little Savushkina troll.

          1. Avatar waky wake says:

            [“The Crimea is sovereign Ukrainian territory”] Keep dreaming son. Give me a shout-out, when kiev-ukraine gets Crimea back, if you’re still alive then, and assuming kiev-ukraine survives even the next couple of years and that is. “?”

          2. Avatar Alex George says:

            Why would anyone waste time telling you anything? Crimea belongs to Ukraine. The real issue is how long can Moscow hold it, with its troops deserting or shooting at each other, and its economy trending downwards. I’d give the Russians a couple of years at best. Ukraine is doing fine so it can just wait them out.

    2. Avatar Alex George says:

      Good question, why is it that so many Ukrainians, especially ethnic Russians from the east, are implacably opposed to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine? Why have they so comprehensively rejected Putin’s “protection”?

      After a moment’s thought the reason becomes clear – because these people know the reality. They understand better than westerners what rule by Moscow really means. And they do not intend to submit to the yoke of Russian servitude.

      1. Avatar waky wake says:

        What in the world are you talking about? “especially ethnic Russians from the east, are implacably opposed to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine” Where did you get that from? “Why have they so comprehensively rejected Putin’s protection?” Since when? Oh, you mean right after they petitioned the RF to become one of it’s republics. Oh yeah, that’s when they did it. [OBVIOUS SARCASM]

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          Sorry to hit you with the truth, but if you had actually read anything about Ukraine or been there, you would already know this. The Russian-speaking people of eastern Ukraine rejected Russian rule. They fought strongly against it and still do to this day.

          Yes, they understand better than westerners what rule by Moscow really means. And they do not intend to submit to the yoke of Russian servitude. What you think is irrelevant.

          There was no “petition” in Crimea. Putin did not dare hold a free vote because he knew what would happen. So he put in 20,000 troops with guns, along with hundreds of FSB agents, and then announced bogus results of 96% in favour. No sane person believes that. There has been no vote in Crimea, because Putin dare not hold one.

          1. Avatar waky wake says:

            Okay son, you keep believing all that. I’ll get back to you in a year or so. Of course you’ll still be trying to convince yourself of those fantacies your oligarchs have been feeding you. And by the way, the petition I spoke of was submitted by the DNR and LNR. Crimea simply voted themselves out of ukraine and then voted themselves into the Russian Federation. And yes, Russia was already there to receive them, with open arms. WHAT A LOVE STORY HA?

          2. Avatar Alex George says:

            Except that Crimea didn’t vote itself anything. The “vote” was rigged by the FSB and conducted under the guns of 20,000 Russian soldiers and hundreds of FSB agents. And then they were stupid enough to come up with a 96% vote, which is no true referendum ever achieves. Hence why the “vote” is an international laughingstock.

            As for DNR and LNR and the bogus petitions, its really simple – have a look at a map. Note the tiny sliver of eastern Ukraine held by the Russians. That is what happens when you have a huge army, but negligible support from the people. The worst failure of Putin and the Russian Army in eastern Ukraine is that the very people they came to ‘liberate” turned decisively against them. Ethnic Russians in Ukraine do not want to be ruled by the Kremlin.

  3. Avatar TheBlogFodder says:

    Only one troll out today? The rest helping Donald Trump, are you? The saboteur yarn is as phony as every other Russian “news” story about Ukraine. Putler and Lierov yap yap yap yap

    1. Avatar waky wake says:

      TRUMP 2016

    2. Avatar Alex George says:

      It sure is.

      What i found very interesting is the denouncing of Sevastopol: ““This is because we now see that Sevastopol is the most ungrateful city in Russia and spreads the same disease that infects Kyiv. A terrible spiritual sickness worse than physical ill health,”

      That indicates that there is a strong movement for freedom from Kremlin rule in that city. Heartening to see, and I hope that the people can hold out until the Kremlin regime collapses, as it inevitably will.

    3. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      NOBODY with even a grain of common sense believes anything Pedo Putolini or any of his fellow thugs- Medvedev, Rogozin, Lozhvrov, Shoigu and Co says.

      1. Avatar Alex George says:

        True. And even the Russians don’t believe Medvedev. Most of them want to lynch him.

        It won’t make any difference though – because he is utterly loyal to Putin, he will always remain.

        Mevedev is to Putin what Semyon Budyenny was to Josef Stalin.

        1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          One could also mention Voroshilov and Molotov, another two of Stalin’s toadies.
          I’m not so sure of Medvedev ALWAYS remaining, however. Stalin had Yagoda and Yezhov bumped off despite their blind loyalty and carrying out every order faithfully. Heck, Stalin had lots of his loyalists bumped off. And with longtime Putolini ally Ivanov recently being given the boot, methinks EVERYBODY runs the risk of being demoted or sacked outright, though not bumped off as in Putolini’s hero Stalin’s days……. yet.

  4. Avatar Ben Skinner says:

    Yes, this is perfect place to barf out a few Trumpster noises. Gee, I wonder who would have the time and desire to muddy up a conversation with pro-Putin/Trump nonsense?

  5. Avatar MichaelA says:

    it makes sense
    so many russians in donbass shoot each other and desert
    why not in crimea?

  6. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Drunk Russians? What a surprise. Are there any other kind?