Kremlin official: Moscow can’t sit by when ethnic Russians are “oppressed and persecuted” in former Soviet republics

Valentina Matviyenko, Speaker of Russia's Federation Council (Image:

Valentina Matviyenko, Speaker of Russia's Federation Council (Image: 

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Speaking in Russian-occupied Crimea, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko on Friday gave the clearest sign yet that the Kremlin plans to expand its efforts to mobilize Russians and Russian speakers in the former Soviet republics and Baltic states, people she says are loyal to their new countries but remain Russian compatriots.

Russia does not want any longer to “sit quietly by and watch” as ethnic Russians and Russian speakers “in certain former republics of the USSR” are subject to become objects of “oppression and persecution” regarding their education and language rights, she insists.

Devastation in the Donbas - the product of Putin's military aggression into peaceful Ukraine. (Image: Slavyansk Delovoy)

Devastation in the Donbas – the product of Putin’s military aggression into peaceful Ukraine. (Image: Slavyansk Delovoy)

Matviyenko says that “one can offer a mass of example of discrimination” against them, adding that “we know what is going on in this sphere in Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine,” as well as “in a number of other countries” including Belarus and Moldova. All this is unacceptable, and “Russia has supported and will support its foreign compatriots.”

According to the Federation Council head, “Russian compatriots beyond the borders of Russia wherever they live must have the opportunity to preserve their ties with their historical motherland, to study Russian language and culture, and to feel themselves to be Russian [‘russkiye’] people.”

She adds that “in certain countries,” governments and others are whipping up Russophobia and undertaking efforts to “isolate their citizens from the great Russian culture” under the pretext that the bearers of that culture are supposedly disloyal to the countries in which they live.

“If one calls things by their right names, this policy is unworthy,” Matviyenko says. “There are large numbers of Russians in Ukraine, in Belarus, Moldova and the Baltic countries… No one has ever produced facts or examples of their disloyalty or their support of the political and economic interests of Russia to the harm of the interests of the countries where they live.”

Matviyenko’s statement is breathtaking in its flight from reality – she speaks of “the former republics of the USSR” rather than the more normal locution “the republics of the former USSR,” for example – but perhaps the most damning part of her remarks is that they took place in Crimea, a part of Ukraine that Moscow invaded militarily in the name of helping Russians against Kyiv.

Trucks with the "little green men" - Russian soldiers hiding their identities and without insignia while annexing the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea

Trucks with the “little green men” – Russian soldiers hiding their identities and without insignia while annexing the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea



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  • Dirk Smith

    LOL. The Tambov mafia needs some new material. Nobody cares or buys this repetitive lame propaganda.

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    Hitler and his crowd of nazis said the EXACT same thing about their fellow Germans,putin is using Hitler’s playbook.

    • Alex George

      She is funny – the last time the Russians tried this, the local ethnic Russians in Ukraine did NOT support them. Many Russian-speaking volunteers held the Ukrainian front-line in the Donbass, supplied with food made by local Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

      Do these Russian supremacists really think they are going to do better next time? Do they really think the Russian-speaking people of Estonia or Latvia want to be ruled by the Kremlin? What a fool she is.

      • Mykola Banderachuk


  • Lev Havryliv

    What breathtaking arrogance, hypocrisy and self-serving cynicism from this Russian imperialist propagandist.

    She accuse others of doing exactly what Moscow is doing. In Ukraine it is the Ukrainian language and culture that is under threat and needs protection. After centuries of Russian attempts to destroy Ukrainian national distinctiveness.

  • Kruton

    #Russian nutjob

  • Scradje

    Judging from that terrifying photo, this hateful woman would appear to give creedence to David Icke’s outlandish theory that evil reptilian shape-shifters live amongst us. Although of course Icke is a fascist putlerite and conspiracy theorist.

  • Terry Washington

    Which “Russians” are being subjected to “genocide” or at the very least “discrimination” in the former Soviet republics- and why has the media(Russian and otherwise) not noticed this???

  • Agrajag

    What is an “ethnic Russian”?

    Is it a person who speaks Russian as their first language, perhaps had ancestors who lived there and shares a lot of customs and traditions?

    If that’s the case, then would we describe the populations of the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand as “ethnic British”? Of course not, and they would probably resent being called “ethnic British”.

    Nationalistic right-wing nonsense.

    • MPK

      simple but brilliant… should be framed and delivered to the Kremlin for their review…

  • Quartermaster

    Matviyenko is, to put it simply, a liar. There is no repression of “ethnic” Russians, and there certainly was not anywhere in Ukraine.

  • Oknemfrod

    This hag goes among the Russians by the nicknames of Val’ka the Red Panties, which is an allusion to her Commie functionary past, and “Val’ka-stakan”, i.e. Val’ka the Vodka-glass (“Val’ka”is a disdainful diminutive from “Valentina”). To get a glimpse at this pure devil incarnate, this should suffice (in Russian, but Google translate interprets it adequately):

    The article is preceded by a short joke as an intro:
    – Dad, is it true that any kitchen maid can govern a state?
    – A state? Don’t think so. At most, the [Russian] Federation Council…

    Her stance on “protecting all Russians no matter where” sounds particularly gross in light of the millions of Russians inside Russia who’ve fallen prey to her mind-boggling thievery (which in the process made her criminal offspring a dollar billionaire).

  • Vlad Pufagtinenko

    I guess she has nothing to do since she gave up finding Nemtsov’s killer.

    • Vol Ya

      that is a good one

  • zorbatheturk

    Shares the same dropout from plastic surgery skool as Christina Kirchner.

  • Vol Ya

    this Russian whore is totally separated from reality. what about the ethnic ukrainians in rusaia who are being discriminated against and even put in jail. how many ukrainian schools or libraries are there in russia. what about the other ethnic minorities russia. this is just more lies and propaganda from the Russian swine.

  • Vol Ya

    All I can say to those russian minorities living in other counties. If you feel oppressed then you can always go back to mother russia. But I don’t see any of these russian minorities going back to russia. I wonder why?