Theatre officials try to suppress opening of play in Mariupol

Photo courtesy of Oleksandr Maksymov – actors Oleh Stefan and Yuriy Khvostenko in Glory to the Heroes  

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Source: CultProstir
Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Pavlo Arie, author of Glory to the Heroes has reported on his FB page that the administration of the Donetsk Regional Academic Drama Theatre located in the city of Mariupol is trying to suppress the premiere of his play, scheduled for May 22.

“The anti-Ukrainian administration of the theatre in Mariupol is doing everything possible to discourage the public from attending the premiere.”

The playwright says that the administration refuses to distribute and hang posters of the play or sell tickets, claiming that the production is a provocation. Pavlo Arie claims that members of the theatre administration are using “old soviet-style methods.”

“The director, Anatoliy Levchenko, was privately told: “So, you want to stage this play? Well, now you’ll be performing before an empty house just for your relatives and “banderivtsi” friends.” Then, I think the officials will probably cancel all the performances because no one will want to come…”


Pavlo Arie

According to Pavlo Arie, director Anatoliy Levchenko was dismissed from the Donetsk Drama Theatre because of his “pro-Ukrainian position.”

The playwright appeals to mass media and social networks to spread information about the premiere of Glory to the Heroes in Mariupol Theatre, stressing that “there are no elements of nationalism in my play.”

“It’s very surprising that such a centre of “vatnik” separatism exists and thrives at the expense of Ukrainian taxpayers. I can’t find a logical explanation as to why theatres and other public cultural institutions in Ukraine are still controlled by such people.”




Source: CultProstir
Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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