Girl cheers for Russian invasion, is killed by Russian artillery.

Olga Abdurashitova from Vkontakte

Olga Abdurashitova from Vkontakte 

More, War in the Donbas

Translated by: Vitalii Usenko
Edited by: Lidia Wolanskyj

Olga Abdurashitova was 27 years old when on January 24th the GRAD launching system rockets set by Russian terrorists have hit the city of Mariupol, where Olga used to live, along with her husband and a young daughter they’ve had. On January the 24th Olga has become one of 30 killed during the terrorist attack on Mariupol. Until the moment of hear death Olga has remained in support of her executors.

One of many mesmerizing things about the Internet is how it preserves moments in time, freezing them in their time capsules. If you look at Olga’s online activity, you will see phrases like: “If the USA is going to continue yapping about why Russian flag is hanging over Crimean public buildings, we’re gonna hang one over yours too!” or “Today – Crimea, tomorrow – the world!”. In one of her numerous photos published on her personal page in VKontakte, a Russian version of Facebook, you can see her holding an AK-47 assault rifle. Scrolling through her social media updates will show many pictures of Vladimir Putin, photos of Russia and a lot of hate directed at Ukraine.

One of Olga’s mostly shared points was the idea of “Russian World” – a form of extreme Russian nationalism calling for the world domination of Russia. Yet, ironically enough, in order for this to happen, Olga had to die.

A Ukrainian blogger named Fedor Kulikov was the first one to notice Olga’s name in the list of those killed in the shelling of Mariupol. According to the information in it, Olga’s body was recovered near Kyivsky market, where she was probably buying vegetables and meat for her family when the carnage began.

If you look at those of Olga’s writings which were not related to the political doctrines she shared, you can see a loving daughter, a caring mother and a wife. Most of this stuff consists of her thoughts about parental love, family, sometimes fancy cars or the meaning of life. If you look, however, at her political views, you see a bitter, vengeful, cynical person, as if channeling through Olga somehow.

Looking at Olga, it is hard to believe that this young woman would really want death and destruction on her own city, yet her blogs suggest otherwise. Until her last breath, Olga supported the actions of those, who murdered her, and so did her husband.

So what does make a house wife become a willing victim and a cheerer for her executioners? To answer that, it is probably best to look at self-destructive behavior in nature. For example, some forms of hair worms, like Spinochordodes telinii, can infect certain species of insects, making them crawl on top of grass leafs for the cattle to eat and pass on the worms eggs. Toxoplasma gondi makes mice and other rodents non-susceptible to cat pheromones for the similar reasons.

Such is the work of propaganda in our lives. Like a hair worm, it destroys its host from within by triggering self-destructive behavior in it. Olga Abdurashitova has died because she was programmed to die, as many others who cheered the Russian invasion, greetings occupants as liberators. She could help it no more than an infected grasshopper climbing the blade of grass for no reason but to serve the needs of a parasite that has taken control over him. Be it in Waco, Guyana, Rancho Santa-Fe or in Mariupol, the result seems always the same: death, blood, lives destroyed and families ruined, yet rarely in those who pitch the Kool-Aid, and mostly in those who drink it.

Translated by: Vitalii Usenko
Edited by: Lidia Wolanskyj

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