Activists in Kyiv trying to demolish monument to Cheka secret police

Photo courtesy of Roman Romaniuk, UP 

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Activists have started demolishing the monument to the Cheka – the infamous Soviet secret police created by Lenin on December 20.1917. It stands in Lybidska Square in the heart of Kyiv.

The event was organized by the Committee for the Liberation of Political Prisoners, headed by Mykola Kokhanivsky.

“We launched this action event on Thursday and demand the release of our friend, Stanislav Krasnov. The destruction of this monument is symbolic, a clear reference to the “chekists” who are hiding in the SBU (Ukrainian Secret Service) and a strong message that neither they nor their symbols will last forever.” said Kokhanivsky.

(SBU officers detained the leader of Azov-Krym civil corps Stanislav Krasnov on February 28. The activist is suspected of illegal possession of weapons, collaboration with Russia’s secret services, and subversive activity. Krasnov’s lawyer claims his client was tortured during interrogation-Ed.)

Kokhanivsky added that the protesters had submitted this action event for approval to the KMDA (Kyiv City Administration), but received neither permission nor refusal.

There are about 100 people at the site. Scaffolding has been put up around the monument. Four people are trying to take it down, hammering and drilling holes.


The police is at the scene, watching but not intervening. They will not interfere as there has been no official order to stop this protest.




Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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