English-speaking volunteers invited to teach Ukrainian kids in summer camps

Go Camp Ukraine



The English barrier separates Ukraine from the world like no other. In the times of the USSR, Soviet countries were separated from the world by an Iron Curtain. Today Ukraine de-facto remains separated from the world because of not knowing the #1 language of international communication, English. While as many as 20% of Ukrainians declare that they can speak English, in practice only 4% regularly consume information in English, according to the director of the Razumkov Center’s sociological service , showing that the knowledge remains superficial.

The initiative GO Global, launched in the summer of 2015, aims to promote studying foreign languages in Ukraine. In the summer of 2016, it is organizing language camps, called GoCamps, to teaching English to children. The program is supported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, the US embassy, Microsoft and other partners.

The main task of the project is to show kids that learning languages is simple and easy, and that a summer camp can be fun, bright, and entertaining.

Now Go Global is searching for volunteers, native English speakers, or people that speak English freely, that can dedicate their time to help GoCamps teachers in 119 schools all around Ukraine, excluding the occupied territories. The camps will take place during 2-3 weeks, from 4 June to 26 June 2016.

According to Ukrainian MP Mustafa Nayem, Go Global has already found the necessary funds to cover living, food, and domestic travel expenses of volunteers. Volunteers are asked to cover their travel expenses to Ukraine + medical insurance.

If you want to become a volunteer of the project,  visit http://gocamps.com.ua/en/volunteer/volunteer-eng.php or write an email to [email protected]

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