Dutch referendum: Deputy Nayem speaks vehemently about President Poroshenko



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On his Facebook page, Mustafa Nayem, Deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc declared that the outcome of the Dutch referendum on April 6 constitutes a strong verdict on President Petro Poroshenko.

“No matter what happens after the final votes are counted, the result is a strong verdict passed on Petro Poroshenko and his government… not on our country, not on the ongoing war, not on the Dutch. Despite all his power and authority, President Poroshenko has for two years systematically and persistently looked to the past, and, despite public protests and rallies, has chosen to work with the so-called “elite” and the oligarchs, and not civil society and the new generation.” said Nayem.

“We can build hundreds of coalitions in the international arena and talk incessantly about our successful foreign policy, but in the end, our country will be assessed not by Merkel or Cameron or Hollande, but by ordinary Europeans, who read about our reality in the world press and are not always aware of our plans, intentions and dreams.”

“However, we’re left with one positive and encouraging alternative… Today, all of us – ordinary people, activists, journalists who are still involved and passionate and who are literally fed up – are stronger in the face of this conspiracy, be it deliberate or involuntary. Call me naive or stupid, but I believe that history is with us and we will win!

“The most important thing is not to give up or go into hysterics! We must grit our teeth, gain more experience and courage, and systematically take responsibility in our hands. If and when we do this, the people of The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, who voted against the Association Agreement with Ukraine, will regret the results of this referendum. I am sure of it.”


Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Kozak.co.ua

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  • http://www.franksrecipes.net Frank

    Someone should remind this asshole that HE’S part of Poroshenko’s government.

    • Czech Mate

      but what does it say about Poroshenko himself then? Wasn’t he supposed to be more of a transitional force?

      Ukraine should not be afraid to challenge him, not after what the country has been through. That is the point od democracy, you don’t need one man to decide about your life.

    • Alex George

      Yes, but he’s one of the few members of that government prepared to speak their mind. Others like Kononenko who love corruption just work away quietly in the shadows…

  • Huub, Netherlands

    As a Utrecht citizen, I honestly regret this outcome. As it turns out, according to the Dutch referendum law, 20% of the Dutch electorate, influenced by populists left and right, can decide for all of Europe…

    • Steve

      They had barely the 30% turn out to validate the referendum. But I agree that it is a shame that Gert Wilders, a right wing extremist in the Netherlands, can cause this. Especially when you consider the population of the Netherlands is about the same size as the Kyiv Metropolitan Area. It is also shameful that this has really noting to do with Ukraine but only with Euroskeptics.

      • Quartermaster

        Where were the results of the vote reported? I’m surprised it isn’t on Euromaidan.

        • Alex George

          It really doesn’t affect Ukraine so they probably couldn’t be bothered.

  • Steve

    Nayem needs to do some homework. Trying to get a nexus between Euroskeptics/Gert Wilders in the Netherlands to Poroshenko shows not only how delusional he is but that he is a political hack not to be trusted under any circumstance.

    • Czech Mate

      he probably vented his frustration and that tells something. One of the many things about Poro I particularly dislike are his loudmouth “predictions” “Nadiya on her way to Ukraine, Dutch people to say YES etc”.

      Why shoot yourself in the foot repeatedly like that?

  • Czech Mate

    I agree with the last paragraph very much. Keep on the good fight, Ukraine!

  • Marinus ter Horst

    Just to correct something, I live in a decent town Utrecht; more than 60% said YES, and I’m proud for that

    • Marinus ter Horst

      You did not understand the humor behind my remark..it says more about competition between towns….
      In the run to the referendum there was no such thing as a campaign of the Yes camp. Reason for that could be that the political elite show some arrogance or absence of a critical mind. I agree that this needs evaluation. Even you can conclude that the tie between politicians and the electorate has broken. In that sence you can argue that their decisions has an undemocratic character.
      On the No camp the campaign was more vivid but you saw a trend to politicize the subject to their own advantage. They pick out all the negative points of an association with Ukraine to profile their own idees about EU even use false information to do so.
      The motivation of the no voter needs also to be evaluated, but it is sure that has to do with EU frustration and disinformation.
      All in all the referendum has no much connection with the Ukraine.

    • Peter Riebeek

      You sure seem to be an expert on Democracy there in Yerevan.

  • Peter Riebeek

    I’m from Amsterdam. To my delight a majority in Amsterdam and Utrecht voted “for” the association agreement.

    • Alex George


  • Alex George

    *LOL* Sure it will. Fools have been predicting the demise of the EU every year since it started. And here we are decades later, and here is the EU still.

    The Dutch referendum could barely get 19% of voters to say No, and many of them have said it is only a temporary no.

    Tell me Russian fascists, was it worth it to kill your fellow Slavs for a few kopecs?

    The PEOPLE of Ukraine don’t want anything to do with this violent, corrupt and mob rule oligarch Kremlin that loves to kill its own people in the Donbass.

    Next stop Putin’s humiliation and exposure!

  • Peter Riebeek

    Nice comment from honest, incorruptable Yerevan Peoples Republic…:-)