Will Ukraine and the West acknowledge the real occupation of the Donbas?



Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

After the publication of the facts on the DNR/LNR “republics” by the German newspaper Bild, both the West and Ukraine must decide if they will continue to remain blind to the real issue of the occupation of the Donbas.

In fact, the Bild article, which is being discussed heatedly, really does not present any surprises for anyone.

In the West they can decide to pretend indefinitely that the conflict in the Donbas is a civil war. We can pretend that the Russian occupier is relying solely on his own forces and not on the support of Ukrainian collaborators — incidentally, not only in the occupied territories but also in Kyiv.

In the Bild article, all these people — Russian invaders and Ukrainian collaborators — simply came together. And not only on the pages of the publication, but also in official documents.

And we have learned what we already knew perfectly well before — that the Donbas is controlled by Russian officials in Russia. And that people who control the industrial potential of the region are involved in determining the details of this administration. And that the Donbas figureheads decide nothing and are involved in nothing: they are only temporary puppets pulled by the strings by Russian officials, not even by the senior ones. What is newsworthy about that?

The news is that the German publication has announced it out loud and with documents. All this is no longer on the level of obvious assumptions but is based on obvious facts. And now the West and Ukraine must  decide how to react.

Because it is also possible not to notice the facts. That is exclusively a matter of one’s own desire and political will. But our own future and perhaps that of the civilized world depend on our readiness to respond to these facts.

Quite a few discoveries that are probably more interesting that the participation of Akhmetov’s representatives in the meetings with Russian officials await us.

We will find out how many Western politicians and businessmen have been bought by the Kremlin and have acted in its interests and not in the interests of their own country.

We will find out how many so-called Ukrainian “patriots,” the fighters for everything good and against everything bad, and all the other idols of an undemanding local public have been working in the interests of the enemy — and not because of their own stupidity but because of very specific interests.


But forgive me, friends, all this is already visible to the naked eye. And everyone who wants to see it sees it. And who does not want to see it, explains his betrayal of the civilized world with the desire to “find the constructive element” in the relations with Russia and presents his readiness to destroy what has remained of the already weak Ukrainian state as some special patriotic fervor.

What about the perseverance of idiots who are not capable of foreseeing the consequences of certain actions and statements even one step ahead? Come on! These people are smarter than many of us. We are the idiots, you and I, because we do not want to face the truth and admit our own mistakes and we easily fall for any Moscow bait and believe any local or visiting clown even if he does not hide his KGB past or his family relationships. Why even hide in front of the blind?

I have just one question: will documents and facts help these professional sightless creatures even if they are published in the next Bild?

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Espreso TV

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  1. Avatar Hillarious Clinton says:

    You cannot fool the world, it is your junta which turned its guns against the Donbass who are ethnic Russians and disagreed with the junta who grabbed power by illegal putch…Yes,the Donbass people are Russians-you fight so fanatically, went there to murder them and destroy their land…That’s are the Russians you fight! Soon,you will lose Donbass, then Odessa, Besarabia, Ruthenia and Polish “Ukraine”…Some parts will swallow Lithuania and some perhaps Belarus… What will stay is Kiev and your khazarian oligarchs…

    1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

      Putinist parrot of the week. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……………………..

    2. Avatar Brent says:

      And clearly you’re fooling yourself….58% of the people of both Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts are ethnic Ukrainians. Many ethnic Russians fight for Ukraine and against the invading Russia.

      As for your and Putin’s dreams of “Novorossiya”, it ended up about the size of “Novo-Delaware”….I guess he forgot to ask Ukrainians if they wanted to be under the control of his mafia regime like the rest of you mindless sheeple in Russia…even the terrorist DPR’s own polling showed no more than 30% of the people in the territory they occupy wants to be part of terrorist Russia, and that’s after 1.2 million refugees from Donbass chose to move to free Ukraine.


  2. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Once this mafia syndicate is removed from power, most likely from within, feudal ruSSia needs to be divided up like Yugoslavia. Give Ukraine everything up to the Volga.

  3. Avatar petro says:

    No NATO membership and no US bases and Ukraine can live in peace. Follow example of Finland or be destroyed and absorbed into Russian federation. Ukraine is running out of time to choose road of Finland, by end of year only Russian choice will be left.

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Yes, Finland is a great model for Ukraine to follow. No Russian troops invading its soil…..and considering joining NATO itself….you’d better keep up with the current news “Skippy” and stop spreading Russian lies….you just don’t seem to understand the driving force behind so many nations petitioning to join NATO is continuing Russian aggression to them.



  4. Avatar petro says:

    Finland is prosperous and democratic with good relations with Russia and West. This is good path for Ukraine to take.

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      How many Russian soldiers are currently invading Finland and occupying three of its regions?

  5. Avatar Hillarious Clinton says:

    Dear goy(goyim is plural) Smith/Kovach- Russia has future,great future,just as China does! But you know shit about Tao-path of heavens,because you have shit in your skull as well…The ones who will be divided is UK and jer-USA-lem,sinking into a deeper Dark Age…The former British Empire went colonise the 3rd world…Now,it is just average country,getting colonised by the 3rd world! The same fate awaits the yiddish jer-USA-lem! You bastards will NEVER win over the Slavic people and Russia-we will always win all wars with mutants like yourself!!!

  6. Avatar Hillarious Clinton says:

    Brent is just another soulless goy as Dirk, mutants without brains and soul, with IQ of swinging horse…