Duma deputy Zhirinovsky: “Terrorism is convenient for us. May all Europeans croak!”

Brussels Airport after terrorist attack 

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What kind of ally would Russia make?

As one would expect, the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Europe and the world’s need to unite against the growing threat of international terrorism has given rise to a certain side effect: the Kremlin is again insisting on the fact that without Russia, the West will not be able to deal with such massive global threats. A number of specialists and officials do not hide their suspicions about Moscow’s possible involvement in global terrorism. After the terrorist attacks in Paris, I summarized what we know about the ties between Russia and several Arab countries. In particular, I noted that we do not know for sure whether Moscow is involved in any way in the tragedy, but it is clear that Russia will not be a reliable ally in the fight against terrorism.

Firstly, the attacks were obviously convenient and beneficial for Russia, and the Kremlin is using them to sow discord between the U.S. and Europe, trying to weaken America’s position in the region and undermine the unity of NATO. Russian propaganda often refers to the United States as the founder and creator of world terrorism and calls for open war. At the same time, it is clear that Kremlin actions aimed at weakening US-Europe relations automatically mean the weakening of the West in general. Thus, it turns out that Russia is actually acting as an ally of the terrorists in their fight against the West, even if there is no direct agreement between them.

Secondly, Russia was involved in the creation of Daesh and exerts a lot of influence over this organization, at least in the underground as a deep network of special agents. However, we still do not know how Moscow is using such possibilities. But, we do know that Russia has not yet been able to warn its potential western allies of any impending terrorist attacks… of course, we will not take into account the fake announcement by several Russian media outlets about the alleged arrest in Brussels of three Belarusians, one of whom, as it turned out, was located in his native town of Gomel. Another mystery is the fact that Russian weapons periodically pop up in the ranks of Daesh fighters.

After the Brussels tragedy, Moscow’s position became more obvious. During the TV program An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov, notorious MP and former deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky declared the following: “Europe is being attacked by terrorists, and these attacks will spread across all of Europe. That’s convenient for us! Let them all choke and croak!” Indeed, such candour is hard to believe! (video in Russian)

My last argument concerns, oddly enough, the growing wave of repression in Russia. As is well known, open persecution of dissidents is invariably accompanied by more denunciations. As a result, Russian special services, which should be fighting against terrorism, waste all their resources on the war, single mothers and social networks. We will give just one example of such a fight against “the enemies of the people”, which illustrates perfectly how Russian secret services are wasting their time.


Ekaterina Vologzheninova

The largest portal in the Urals – Ura.ru – devoted an entire article to how a single mother from Ekaterinenburg, Ekaterina Vologzheninova, was convicted because of her anti-war position in Vkontakte. In fact, she recently posted a message in support of Nadiya Savchenko on Facebook – a photo of Savchenko and the Ukrainian pilot’s words to the world: I will not be broken, and I will not give up!” – which Ekaterina used as  cover photo on her page. Below the post we see four comments, likes and non-likes, 55 people marked this post and four shared it.

Vologzheninova’s apartment was raided by the FSB, her computer, tablet and USB ports were seized and she herself was taken in for questioning. “The Trial of FB Likes” gained a lot of attention and turned into an enormous public farce attended by diplomats from several foreign countries.


Ekaterina Vologzheninova’s Facebook page

So, we see that people (read Russian authorities) who spend their time counting likes, non-likes and shares below innocent posts on the page of an ordinary housewife cannot be capable of fighting against real terrorists.

Let’s recall the woman who recently walked freely around Moscow holding a child’s severed head, and for about an hour not one police officer dared to arrest her. Perhaps this is all there is to know about Russia’s potential to combat terrorism.

Therefore, it is clear that regardless of Russia’s involvement in terrorist attacks, it is playing into the hands of the terrorist and working undercover against the West… and definitely not with it.


Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: Novy Region

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  1. Avatar Daniel Raymond says:

    Just a thought. I’ll take a guess the reporter here although Russian does not live in Russia?

    1. Avatar Eddy Verhaeghe says:

      So what?

    2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      It’s irrelevant. The truth has gotten out of Russia through many conduits. Repression has been increasing in Russia, and the Russian people are going to pay a very high price for allowing Putin free reign.

  2. Avatar Terry Washington says:

    And our Eurosceptics(and not so coincidentally Putin lovers such as UKIP’s Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen’s Fronte National and Donald Trump in the US) wish to see the demise of the European Union- disregarding former EU Commissioner and Conservative peer Lord Chris Patten’s observation that” a man or woman in the middle of the desert, naked , starving and alone is “sovereign” and doomed!”

  3. Avatar Yoshua Zafoy says:

    Europe is at war. Radical Islamists who live in our capitols with an idealized view of ISIS have turned their guns against us. Our politicians are still claiming that terrorism has nothing to do with religion. We are still living in a dream world. When the public loses the faith in our politicians and starts to turn towards radical parties then EU will collapse.

    We cannot blame Russia for letting millions of Muslims into Europe based on our Neoliberal ideology. Russia would perhaps not be a good partner in the fight against Radical Islam… but right now we are our own worst enemy… since we refuse to acknowledge the fact that we are at war.

    1. Avatar Czech Mate says:

      we are at war with Islamists and Putler’s fascist regime. Our despicable politicians forgot to mention that we have to counter two enemies while other hostile players such as China and Iran are watching us from the sidelines.