Russia wants to discredit Ukraine by Dutch referendum – president of Netherlands Business Club


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The Dutch referendum is aimed to help Russia discredit Ukraine and convince people in Europe not to support it, Hans Ramaekers, President of the Kyiv – the Netherlands Business Club wrote in an open letter on Facebook.

Ramaekers takes part in the campaign for a “Yes” vote in the referendum regarding ratification the Association Agreement with Ukraine. In his letter he explains why the referendum is “not a coincidence” and asks Ukrainians of the whole world to join the campaign.

Here is the full text of the open letter:

“The 6th of April the population of The Netherlands have to go to the ballot box to vote AGAINST or PRO DCFTA ( Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area) , (short) Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU,  signed 16th of September 2014 , because Geen Peil, Geen Stijl collected more than 400.000 signatures to force a referendum.

Geen Peil, Geen Stijl absolutely does not know what they are talking about, but the referendum will take place.

I am part of the Campaign (Stem VOOR Nederland) against Geen Peil, Geen Stijl, to convince the Dutch population (before the vote) that the Association Agreement is of significant value for The Netherlands as well and especially for Ukraine.

My part will be participating in debating, discussing all issues on major Dutch TV Channels, to tackle and subvert the organization who is against accession of Ukraine. Furthermore to tell Dutch population about the experiences I have, the  perspectives I see in trading with Ukraine and Ukrainian companies who want to do business with European Union and of course the infinite possibilities of development Ukraine itself has.

In my opinion Ukraine is the last country in the world with the most positive economical perspectives for investment, partnership and creating win-win situations for all involved.



  1. How was it possible that Geen Peil, Geen Stijl got that far to force referendum. (Rumours are that Russia financed this operation) Articles about this in Dutch Newspapers.
  1. MH-17 (shot down by Russians). Still discussions about it, who did it where are radar images.
  2. Paintings robbed in Dutch Westfries Museum 10 years ago suddenly appear in Ukraine.


All above points are just political attacks against Ukraine by Russia to discredit Ukraine and convince people in Europe not to support Ukraine.


Russia is trying to take away the attention from Ukraine by supporting Assad regime in Syria.

Proclaiming to fight against ISIS, but meanwhile killing rebellions and civilians in Syria, resulting in ten thousands of refugees at Turkish border trying to enter Europe. Europe needs all attention on this issue because they cannot handle it anymore.

If referendum will result in NO for Ukraine, Ukraine will become isolated from European Union and that is exactly what Russia’s goal is. Then “God safe Ukraine”.


To back up my campaign in March on TV I need support from people in Ukraine that they agree with above mentioned issues.

Please send short email to: [email protected]  subject PRO UKRAINE.

Short text involved and name of course.”

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  1. Avatar Tristan van Oosten says:

    I am unsure how a vote for more EU could be a vote for the Netherlands. It sounds to me as much double-speak as those in the NSB who assisted the Nazi’s and then claim they did it “for the sake of the country”. Soros is paying your wages btw. Traitor.

  2. Avatar casper says:

    This is the reason why the Dutch voted no. The Ukraine and Russia are corrupt as hell. Geen stijl is a huge platform and has access to a lot of people. As such it is not that hard at all to force a referendum ( you need 300.000 signatures, out of 17.000.000 people).
    The Ukraine is highly debated, also because of the MH17. But according to this article, it is all the magic hand of Russia: Everything that’s wrong in the Ukraine is Russia’s fault.
    You point your little finger, but the Ukraine just shouldn’t have provoked Russia.

    Since Abkhazia and South-Ossetia it was clear not to mess with Russia (though it has been obvious for decades). After a revolt the Ukraine government changed over night and Russian was to be replaced, no longer being the official language. The EU has openly supported this… Ukraine has been the conveyor of gas from Russia to Europe and a lot of gas has disappeared (corrupt Ukraine tapped it). Europe has paid for this, forcing the Ukraine to get its act together (which it has not).

    After Russia and the Ukraine got into their skirmish, the Ukraine kept it’s airspace open. Even when a cargo plane and several fighter jets had been shot down in the same airspace, at high altitudes. Shooting a passenger plane was probably a horrible mistake, most likely made by Russian separatists with a Russian BUK. The Ukraine provided the chaos for this to happen. As a cynic I sometimes think that the Ukraine wanted a disaster of this magnitude, to blame Russia and turn the EU against them, more so.
    In both cases it were very poor decisions, made by an adolescent trying to kick their father in the nuts. Soon, Russia will transport their gas via another route and the Ukraine will lose their leverage: they lose importance to both Russia and the EU.

    The paintings gone missing and turning up in the Ukraine was preceded by art from Crimea which was still in the Netherlands when it got taken by Russia and to which the Dutch were uncertain whether to return it to Russia or the Ukraine.

    On another note: the US and Russia both lie through their teeth about Syria. It’s all about Assad, The americans want him gone, Russia does not, for obvious reasons. Both play dirty. Both let ISIS grow, initially. In the Ukrainian case, Russia is right (perhaps for the wrong reasons). If anything, the Ukraine is responsible for this crisis, still trying to put it all on Russia. A word of advice: try to get along with Russians, instead of opposing them. Try to include them, instead of excluding them: historically and ethnically they are present, you can’t deny that. That’s the hard part, Russia has some legitimacy in claiming that it has the right to protect Russians, even though they are not in Russia. It’s a childish game with very serious consequences. So the Dutch opposed, also because these decisions are taken by Bruxelles. And like in the Ukraine, we don’t like a big brother making our decisions for us.
    This referendum was also about this: a message to the EU. Then again, the EU is known to talk about things endlessly and not to act by force, unless all else fails (so we can provoke, while you can not..). The Syrian crisis has a lot to do with this. That crisis started with the US – not Russia – though Russia has capitalised on this indeed. They play a game of chess and for now, Russia is winning. It’s still the US that keeps setting up the board.

    On a final note, the Poroshenko getting named in the Panama papers days before the referendum hasn’t helped the Ukraine, exemplifying it’s corruption from top to bottom.