French writer comments on France’s newest “useful idiot”



Article by: Iegor Gran
Iegor Gran, a writer at the satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo commented on the anti-Ukrainian “documentary” that aired recently on the French premium cable channel Canal+. His comments appeared on the publication’s web site and Facebook page

The useful idiots factory

We can be proud, my friends! After Depardieu, Nadine Morano, and Thierry Mariani, France has brilliantly produced a new useful idiot: Paul Moreira. His documentary Ukraine: the masks of the revolution, broadcast this week on Canal+, enthusiastically picks up Putinist propaganda nonsense and painstakingly (with the help of lies of omission and editing manipulations) connects the Ukrainian extreme right militias, the CIA, and the Maidan revolution. It took some nerve: there is no mention of the Anschluss of Crimea or the gangrene war that the Russians have launched and continue to wage in the Donbas. In short, a great job that was enthusiastically received  by the Kremlin and distributed by all its little soldiers and by … L’Humanité, which knows a thing or two about useful idiots, having produced thousands of them for decades.


Iegor Gran, is a Russian-born French novelist and writer at the satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo. His father was the well-known Russian writer, dissident, and political prisoner Andrei  Sinyavski.

Thierry Mariani, French MP and Putin admirer, led a French delegation to occupied Crimea.

Nadine Morano is a right-wing politician and member of the Les Républicain party founded by Nicolas Sarkozy and founder of the New Dialogue with Russia group in the EU Parliament.

L’Humanité is a newspaper of the French Communist Party

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Charlie Hebdo

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