Aidar fighter Nazar Holyuk killed on eastern front on January 1, 2016



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As Ukrainians and the world celebrate the New Year and television channels broadcasts soothing news from the front – no victims – we are suddenly and bitterly reminded that war is again knocking at our door.

Nazar Holyuk, a soldier from Netishyn (Khmelnytsky Oblast) serving in the Aidar assault battalion was shot by a sniper in Horlivka (ATO zone). The bullet passed through Nazar’s heart …

We express our sincere condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased hero.

His memory will live on in hearts of Netishyn townspeople. Eternal glory to the heroes!

We will inform you about the time and place of Nazar’s funeral.

P.S. As of noon tomorrow and the day after, the Netishyn Self-Defense Unit will be collecting funds to help Nazar’s family.

Dear Ukrainians, do not be indifferent! He died to bring peace into our homes!


Nazar and friends at Netishyn Self-Defense Headquarters, May 2015


Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Samooborona Netishyn

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  • Randolph Carter

    This shows (to me) how isolated we are and how much we take for granted. This young man gave his life for Ukraine, for freedom and so his children will not live under Putin’s thumb. Only 48 hours ago, I was thinking of what Chinese food I wanted to eat to celebrate the new year. While I did that, he was giving his life for his country.

    My girlfriend lives in Lugansk. When we chat at (my) noontime, she will often say that she must go and get water before they turn it off. I just go to the sink. Sometimes when I make a stupid observation, she tells me that I do not understand her situation and I tell her that she is right; the last war fought on American soil was the Civil War. How many of us have had to fight and survive under conditions like this? Fight in our own neighborhoods? Go to the market and have to worry about a sniper’s bullet? How many of her friend’s bodies does she pass on the way to work?

    I can’t comprehend the war she faces and how stoic and resolute Ukrainians are. I am humbled by the sacrifices Nazar Holyuk (and others) have paid. The sacrifices and the terrible price Ukraine has paid, and continues to pay, for freedom of tyranny. For homes and friends. For the future.

    May God bless him and his family and honor them as heroes of the highest order.

  • Being

    Glory to Aidar fighter Nazar Holyuk.
    Heroes never die.
    Brave man, brave Ukraine patriot.

    Sorry we EU do not help you much if any at all.

  • Alfa Omega

    From Poland with love. One more bandit killed.