Crimean journalist addresses message to Russians: This is Crimea!


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Article by: Aider Muzhdabaev, journalist, deputy director of Crimean Tatar ATR channel

Crimean journalist Aider Muzhdabaev addressed a brief message to Russians, which went viral on the Internet.

This is a pretty short and simple post… with no emotions or moral endings, just facts laid out point by point, to make it easy for everyone to understand.

  1. When you realize that your family hasn’t got enough money to travel to Europe, Egypt or Turkey – this is Crimea!
  2. When your car is taken away and you have to pay out several thousand to get it back – this is Crimea!
  3. When you start getting higher utility bills and taxes – this is Crimea!
  4. When you can’t afford to buy shoes for your children – this is Crimea!
  5. When you see there’s no subway construction as previously promised – this is Crimea!
  6. When your older children/grandchildren can’t afford to go to university – this is Crimea!
  7. When traffic fines spiral out of control – this is Crimea!
  8. When there’s no end to queues to see a doctor for surgery – this is Crimea!
  9. When food bills take up a fourth, a third and soon half of the family income – this is Crimea!
  10. When your favourite bar closes down and goes bankrupt – this is Crimea!
  11. When it’s impossible to get a loan or put some money aside for a new car – this is Crimea!
  12. When employers and businesses start dismissing, downsizing or “optimizing” – this is Crimea!
  13. When you have to pay for school lessons and after-school clubs – this is Crimea!
  14. When it’s impossible to get a mortgage – this is Crimea!
  15. When tax collectors burst through your front door demanding that old debts be paid – this is Crimea!

Generally speaking, giving up everything you’re used  and facing things you’re not used to – this is Crimea!

This is Crimea!… no matter what our TV channels tell us.

I’m talking about not one or two, but tens of thousands of rubles taken from each family. If you’re not too lazy, start writing everything down and calculating.

Thanks for listening me out and best regards! I didn’t want to upset anyone, but everyone should know and understand what’s going on.

Do you like things the way they are? Well, then, everything’s hunky-dory…


Translated by: Christine Chraibi


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