Terrorists preparing a humanitarian catastrophe in the Donbas– JCCC




Major General Borys Kremenetsky, head of the Ukrainian group at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) that is working with the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), believes that Russian-proxy forces have set a goal of destroying as much critical infrastructure as possible before winter in order to place the region on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe, JCCC Press Officer Ruslan Semeniuk reports on the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) press center Facebook, August 8.

The JCCC, which includes representatives from Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE, was set up to coordinate the implementation of the ceasefire agreement in the Donbas.

According to Kremenetsky, the terrorists are trying not only to destroy as much critical infrastructure as possible but also to prevent any repair work by launching attacks of the repairmen.

For example, on August 7, at 11:10, as repair work was being done on one of the three branches of the water supply system for the town of Spartak, on the western outskirts of Donetsk, militants of the ORDO terrorist group deliberately fired on the repair crews working on the Donbas Water utility as well as on the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) observers from the OSCE. When the bombs began to explode within 600 meters of the workers, the repair work stopped and the repair crews and observers left the dangerous area.

The terrorists traditionally accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of this kind of bombardment. However, observers from the JCCC and the SMM OSCE, who were at the Avdiyivka observation post across from Spartak, did not observe any initial firing from the Ukrainian positions during this time, Kremenetsky reports.

Later, supposedly “in response,” the terrorists began to fire with 122 mm artillery systems, 120 mm mortars and small arms on territory that is already controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus Shakhta Butovka and the region of Stara Avdiyivka were bombarded. Additionally, at 11:15, the terrorists fired 82 mm mortars on two work crews that were restoring railroad tracks and water supply pipes at the Mayorsk water station. According to their safety protocol, SMM OSCE observers left the dangerous area. JCCC officers brought the repair workers out of the danger area and took all measures to stop the fire. After the “regime of silence” was renewed, work in the area continued until the next bombardment, which began at 14:00. As of 14:00 on August 8, the repair work in the town of Mayorsk has been fully completed.

The most difficult situation has occurred on neutral territory in the so-called “gray zone.” Due to constant violations by the terrorist of the “regime of silence” guarantees, restoring connections there has been extremely difficult.

On Saturday, August 8, railroad workers began work on the Mayorsk-Nikitovka stretch of track to clear out fallen electricity poles from the railroad tracks. To do this they had entered the “gray zone” on a trolley equipped with a crane. But within 10 minutes of starting work the ORDO terrorist group opened mortar fire and the repair workers had to return to a safe area. Thanks to interference by JCCC management, ORDO again provided guarantees for the safe completion of work. Repair work is continuing on the Mayorsk-Nikitovka stretch of the railroad.

“Attempts by the armed groups to destabilize the situation in Eastern Ukraine are not stopping,” Major General Borys Kremenetskyi concludes.

He believes the terrorists are trying to destroy as much of critical infrastructure as possible before the beginning of the heating season– communications, networks, residential and industrial buildings — to exacerbate the social situation and ultimately provoke a humanitarian catastrophe.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Facebook
Source: Den

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  • gmab

    The evil ones did this in the beginning. Destroyed everything. But Ukraine & great efforts from EU brought in food, shelter, clothing aid to locals. Safe passages out were used and I expect the Community will do the same if this plan continues. Perhaps more of the locals who have endured the terrorists will finally move to safer territory leaving the terrorists to destroy themselves. This will only result in more scorn for the Russkies.

  • Brent

    Well done negotiating the farcical Minsk I and II agreements to Angela Merkl and Francois Hollande!!! They are now silent, other than to chastise Ukraine for not completing the agreement when Russia continually violates it.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      I never trusted them from the start. In 2008 Merkel and Sarkozy shafted Georgia, Merkel and Hollande are now shafting the Ukraine. I strongly suspect Merkel of being either blackmailed by the dwarf because of something in her East German past that the dwarf knows, or of being a secret sympathiser of Moscow’s. A biography of Merkel suggests that she was involved with the Stasi as IM Erika (IM = Inofizieller Mitarbeiter, or Unofficial Employee). It’s not impossible that the KGB received copies of Stasi files of those that worked for that organisation. Merkel would be especially interesting to the KGB, now FSB, because of her prominence in the CDU ever since the collapse of the Wall.

      Merkel has been the one insisting on talking to Putin and delaying the introduction of sanctions, and being dead against supplying weapons to Kyiv despite the dwarf supplying ever increasing amounts of weapons to the Kolorads and sending regular troops to the Donbass. Minsk I and II were sellouts. Why? Does the FSB have something in her Stasi files that would destroy her politically if it became known in Germany, perhaps? The few sanctions that the EU have introduced are a farce. Surely even someone with only half a brain realises that talking to the dwarf is pointless?

  • Being

    Yes it is Very Important to creat grey zone, EU called Buffer Zone, as largest as possible and just wait untill terroRussians observe caesfire, wait and wait. And each month make new Minsk I, II, III, IV, V, why not keep going on Ukraine to step back ,terroRussians step forward more grey zone and Minsk VI, VII, EU mafioso politicians see logic in it. Mainly let Russia leaders do what they want, they need space+time+love.

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    If the intention IS to provoke a humanitarian catastrophe, then the only ones to blame will be the Kolorads and the dwarf. THEY control the enclaves, as occupiers THEY are fully responsible for everything in the territory they control- nobody else. Anybody with at least SOME brains will see this, so the strategy will backfire on them and undermine local support.
    The only reason for them to do this that makes sense is to give the dwarf an excuse for a further massive offensive to “liberate” further parts of the Donbass i.e. send in regular Dwarfstan troops to “protect” the inhabitants. Time is slowly running out for the dwarf, and he knows it. He won’t retreat because it’s not in his dictionary and because the nationalists will crucify him. The current situation isn’t to his advantage, only to Kyiv’s, so he has no option but to attack.