Another Ukrainian child receives her father’s posthumous award

The daughter of a Ukrainian soldier from Zhytomyr receives an Order "For Courage" awarded to him posthumously, June 2015. (Photo:

The daughter of a Ukrainian soldier from Zhytomyr receives an Order "For Courage" awarded to him posthumously, June 2015. (Photo: 

Ukraine, War in the Donbas

Article by: A. N.

The daughter of a fallen Ukrainian soldier Volodymyr Gnatyuk received the Order “For Courage” awarded to him posthumously.

This day would have been his 35th birthday.



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  1. Avatar Randolph Carter says:

    You also deserve a medal for courage, little one. Слава Володимир Гнатюк і його сім’ї, особливо його дочка. (Please forgive my poor Ukrainian).

  2. Avatar puttypants says:

    I cry for the children. Another lose of life because a mad man decides he wants to make your country suffer. Breaks my heart. I hope Putin and his regime will pay for this in prison for life.

  3. Avatar Doug Retter says:

    This is why I hammer Russian trolls. They are a disgrace to humanity.

  4. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    Putler must die and he must suffer before that!

  5. Avatar Lord Lucan says:

    Sad beyond words. I feel so very sad ( and upset ) for this child, her family and the brave man that gave his life for something he believed in.

  6. Avatar Murf says:

    As Lincoln said; “They gave their last full measure of devotion.”
    Small comfort young lady but I think he died in the hopes of giving you a chance at something better.
    Nothing could be more noble.
    And that Gentlemen and ladies is why we are here.
    Fighting the Information Wars on behalf of those are to busy struggling to survive in harsh times.
    It may not be our war but it is most definitely our fight!
    Because she deserves more than the Russian Keptocracy!

    1. Avatar gmab says:

      Here Here. God Bless her and the thousands of children who lost their Tato in this barbaric Russian invasion.

    2. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      well said Mr Murf!

  7. Avatar gmab says:

    Poor child & family. Breaks my heart. And so many like her. STOP PUTIN NOW!!

  8. Avatar John Shirley says:

    Hitler didn’t have a conscience, and neither does Putin

  9. Avatar Being says:

    Have no words but tears. For all the children who lost their fathers,mothers in this war. Which by the west and east does not exist. You politicians you should pay for that by your lifes!!!! There are politicians and officers more than enought to stand as life shiels all around Ukraine borders with terrorirsts.