Why Russians are dying says a lot about Russia and its regime

Selected Russian Fatality Statistics for 2014 (Data source: Rosstat via Meduza.io)


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Even before the increase in mortality rates among Russians in the first quarter of this year, Russians were dying in ways that highlight serious problems with that country’s medical services and the behavior of its population, according to data published by the Russian State Statistical Committee (Rosstat). [Because of Putin’s new secrecy law, it is unclear how Rosstat is treating Russian military losses in Ukraine in their report. Could they be included under the category of  “Deaths from pneumonia,” which seems unnaturally large? Due to the discovery of antibiotics almost a century ago, in other countries pneumonia is not a terminal illness. Feel free to offer your own guess in the comments section below or on Facebook and Twitter. – Ed.]

In reporting on this, the Meduza.io portal says that the Rosstat data do provide some good news: Although 1.9 million Russians died in 2014, not one of those did so from cholera, typhus, or plague. But Russians died from circulatory illnesses (the most common explanation) and old age.

The portal provides a selection of data on some of the causes of deaths among Russians that it suggested were especially “indicative” of domestic situation in Russia (click on the image to expand):

Selected Russian Fatality Statistics for 2014 (Data source: Rosstat via Meduza.io)

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  • Nowhere Girl

    Russia also has an untypically large difference in life expectancy between genders. Generally men live shorter on average, testosterone is not nature’s best inventions since it’s slowly killing them (however, I also strongly believe that some reasons for men’s shorter lives are psychological in nature – perhaps one of the reasons is the psychological terror men impose upon themselves, all this “boys don’t cry” etc. stuff) – in various countries life expectancy differs, but generally the difference between men and women is around 4-8 years almost everywhere. In Russia it’s 14 years. Well, I’m not sure how current are these data, but at least some years ago Russia women lived 73 years on average, and Russian men – 59 years. It’s quite shocking, it’s as if Russian men were performing self-extermination with alcohol…

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      They are. Alcohol is a major killer, as is tobacco. The demented dwarf’s recent lowering of the price of vodka will only make matters worse, though one could argue that a lower price of official vodka will reduce the consumption of samogon which is even more unhealthy.
      Gorbachev raised the price of alcohol and was hated for it, but 20 years later the statistics showed an improvement in life expectancy. The dwarf’s actions, however, will reverse that gain.
      Unfortunately the dwarf doesn’t drink………

  • Tmos

    While I respect the information here, I have to question the suicides. I had read somewhere that it was 310049 in 2014. That is sharply higher. I think the numbers here maybe respectively on the conservative side.

  • Murf

    Everything below Murder is fairly easy to deal with.
    But the important thing is Putin gets his war toys and parades.
    What is a few thousand dead civilians compared to that?