The Azov regiment is “outraged” by statements in the USA House of Representatives

The Azov regiment fighters near Mariupol. September 2014  


Article by: Yana Polianska

The House of Representatives of the US Congress is considering an amendment refusing to train the Azov regiment for budget money. One representative called the regiment “neo-Nazi.” According to the initiators of the amendment, with time the warriors may turn the weapons against their own people and go against the government. Azov is outraged by these allegations and reply that they are patriots and do not appeal to global ideological currents. Experts, in their turn, believe that such a decision in the House of Representatives can be called a “defeat of Ukrainian diplomacy.”

The corresponding amendments to bill HR 2685 “On defense spending in 2015” in the lower house of the US Congress, the House of Representatives, were approved without hesitation. According to this decision, if it comes into force, the Azov regiment will lose the right to be financed and Ukraine will not receive MANPADS. Democrat Congressman John Conyers and Republican Congressman Ted Yoho were the initiators of these changes.

To persuade his colleagues, Conyers stated, “These groups contradict American values, and as soon as hostilities cease they will become a serious threat to the government of Ukraine and its people.” He compared Azov with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, which at one time were actively equipped by the US. Conyers remarked that when the Soviet-Afghan conflict was over, the Mujahideen did not lay down their arms. By analogy, the congressman added, “Azov” can also “turn against their own people to impose their hateful views upon them.”

The representative also stated that Andriy Biletskyi, the regiment’s leader, organized the neo-Nazi Social-National Assembly in 2008 and that Azov uses neo-Nazi symbols on their flag.

The fighter of the Azov regiment in the village of Urzuf, Donetsk Oblast, in November 2014

Later, addressing his voters from his official site, Conyers called representatives of Azov “repulsive neo-Nazis,” stressing that they are described this way by a number of American and international media: Foreign Policy MagazineReutersThe TelegraphThe Washington Post.

Андрій Білецький

Andriy Biletskyi

The site also states that Biletskyi and his supporters are forming Azov on the basis of racism and anti-Semitism and that they reject democracy. Conyers also fears, referring to The Washington Post, that the battalion may “pursue pro-Russian forces in an uncontrolled manner or even turn against the Ukrainian government, if it insists on a diplomatic solution of the conflict.” The US is only trying to “avoid undesirable consequences,” noted the congressman.

“As was made vividly clear with U.S. involvement in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion decades ago, overzealous military assistance or the hyper-weaponization of conflicts can have destabilizing consequences and ultimately undercut our own national interests,” Conyers is quoted on his site.

Джош Ернест

Josh Earnest

A day before, a similar position was voiced by the press secretary of the White House Josh Earnest during the G7 summit in Germany. He stressed that the US will not supply offensive weapons to Ukraine, since it will not promote a peaceful solution to the conflict in the east of the country.

“I can say that the position of the (US – Ed.) President has not changed regarding not providing additional offensive weapons to Ukraine. Supplying additional weapons would only lead to further escalation of the situation, according to the president. And it should be resolved diplomatically,” Earnest stressed.

Azov is outraged by such statements of Congress representatives

Azov is outraged about the allegations of Nazi ideology and advises the US to better analyze their own behavior in the international arena, noting that “Azov always stood on the positions of patriotism and never appealed to any other global ideological currents. ”

“Instead, we would like to remind that the United States has assumed under the Budapest memorandum to guarantee the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. Please note that the level of implementation of these safeguards taken by the US is in an extremely poor condition,” Azov adds in their statement (below is a translated post of the original Ukrainian statement posted by the regiment’s English-language FB page).

In an exclusive comment to RFERL, the spokesman of the commander of the Azov regiment Oleksandr Alfyorov reminded the United States about their own commitments. “It is good that Congress representatives think about this, but it’s a pity that they forgot about the Budapest Memorandum,”  he said.

The decision on Azov is a defeat of Ukrainian diplomacy?

Костянтин Матвієнко

Kostyantyn Matviyenko

According to political expert Kostyantyn Matviyenko, such a resounding decision in the House of Representatives is a “defeat of Ukrainian diplomacy.”

“This decision was made suddenly, nobody knew about it being prepared. It is unknown how the monitoring on the base of which such a position was formed was done,” said the expert.

Matviyenko stresses that there is still no official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. This gives evidence, the expert added, that Ukrainian diplomats do not monitor, control, or predict processes.

Олександр Палій

Oleksandr Paliy

Instead, political scientist Oleksandr Paliy emphasizes that there is currently only the position of the House of Representatives, not the general position of the United States. According to him, accusing Azov of neo-Nazism is far from the truth.

“Some people see certain things in a banana, according to Freud. There are questions directed at Azov symbols and abstract issues. There are no fascist of Nazi practices in Azov.  There are Russians, some Poles, some Croats in their ranks , and there is no fascism there,” he says.

According to Paliy, the U.S. does not understand that these radical movements are actually alien to Ukraine. Paliy adds that if a representative of Azov does display Nazi symbols or rhetoric, this  is perceived by society as a relapse. “For Ukrainians, who were victims of genocidal politics in the 20th century, and who are experiencing aggression today, references to fascism are strange and unnatural,”  he says.

Not everyone in the United States supports Ukraine – Romaniuk

We should remember that the US supports pluralism and thus we should not forget that not all Americans support Ukraine. So commented Anatoliy Romaniuk, Director of the Center for Political Studies, on the decision of the House of Representatives.

According to Romaniuk, right-wing currents can definitely be present in the structure of the regiment, but we should not classify the entire military formation as neo-Nazi. However, he advises realistic assessment of the situation in Ukraine and in the ATO. “We need to assess it realistically. We shouldn’t decorate and avoid problem issues. Because these problematic aspects are widely used against us,” he said.

The Azov regiment is a regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine based in Mariupol of the Donetsk Oblast. It is involved in the anti-terrorist operation in the south of Donetsk Oblast, mainly within the Azov Sea coastal region. Its leader, Andrei Biletskyi, in a recent interview noted that in Azov there are “many Belarusians, Georgians, people from the EU. Fewer Americans and Canadians. They think that Putin’s idea of “Eurasianism” poses significant danger to European democracy and their homes.”

Translated by: Alya Shandra

Edited by: Melinda K. Busch

Source: Radio Svoboda

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  1. Avatar W8post says:

    “These groups contradict American values…” then, first of all, explain ‘American values’. 500 police killings, so far this year, against BLACKs / unarmed / teens , American citizens??!! of course, ‘American values’ abroad is not the same as at home. HYPOCRITES!!

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      David Duke. Founder of the Louisiana Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Friend of Alexander Dugin.

      VOTED into the Louisiana State Legislature in 1988.

      Yes, that’s more than two words but I wonder if these two House member should be investigated into how much their amendment cost their benefactors

      1. Avatar puttypants says:

        Brent I ask you where is the Ukrainian government on this? I haven’t heard them speak out?

    2. Avatar puttypants says:

      Why hasn’t Ukraine responded to this attack by the US Government?. I can’t believe those bastards did this. I have lost all faith in the USA. What a dirty trick to play on Ukraine. I’ve been suspicious of USA and Western behavior in regards to Ukraine all along and now this latest trick confirms my suspicion…There has been practically a black out of news of Ukraine, subtle nuanced promotion of Russia. I don’t know the game they’re playing but it’s sickening. I read an article that Biltsev (sp) head of AZoz was being prosecuted for war crimes in Ukraine? Am I wrong?

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        It’s likely Obama’s way of telling Ukraine to ‘cool it and quit calling out the U.S. on the Budapest Memorandum’. Look at the comments of Obama’s Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, a day earlier. Too close of a linkage for such a drastic shift in U.S. policy.

        John Conyers has been under investigation by the House Ethics Committee and his wife has been convicted of bribe taking.

        Ted Yoho was first elected in Florida in 2012, and challenged John Boehner’s House Speaker role. He received two votes….one was likely his own.

        A$$clowns. And dollar sign was intentional…..

        1. Avatar puttypants says:

          The house passed the bill those two clowns wanted??? What’s that about? Supposedly, they all supported Ukraine and suddenly one of the strongest fighting forces in Ukraine is shut out for this nonsens of all being neo-nazi’s most of them don’t eve know that that means to be a neo-nazi.

  2. Avatar Rods says:

    I’ve been waiting for US sellout of Ukraine since Kerry’s 4 hour meeting with Putin and now we know it is taking the form of attacking the Azov Battalion as being part of the Ukraine army.

    When you are looking for an excuse you will always find something and this is as good as any for not supplying weapons to Ukraine, regardless of any Russian aggression. A pity they don’t remember their signing of the Budapest Agreement and their lack of support for Ukraine on this and many other matters. The US seems to think that weasel words and first aid kits are a credible security commitment, sorry but only one word comes to mind pathetic, so no surprise that no country these days has any respect for the US or believes in any security commitment.

    What this tells the world is NEVER give up nuclear weapons for useless bits of paper, but far more importantly as NO country can depend anymore upon the US for security, you need to do this yourself, which means that as the worlds most aggressive countries are nuclear armed; Russia, China, North Korea and in the next 12 months Iran (with a US agreement help) you need your own weapons and MAD status. Therefore, it is imperative for your country’s survival that you begin a nuclear weapons program immediately. This advice is from somebody that hates nuclear weapons and thinks that they have no place as a weapon of indiscriminate slaughter in this 21st century of precision weapons, but survival needs must. Where the world’s former policeman has now retired then every despot and terrorist is going to try their hand at carving out their own evil little empire, this is why the world is now more and more aflame.

    If any European country thinks being part of NATO is going to help them, then I suggest that you read the Budapest agreement and then NATO’s Article 5. The wording is very, very similar and where the US government has quietly forgotten about any commitments under the Budapest agreement, don’t hold your breath waiting for any US support under NATO’s Article 5. Poland and the Baltic countries have already worked this one out and that is why they are spending more on defence and building their defensive capabilities. Poland has already publicly stated that despite being a NATO member they don’t expect the US to do anything if they are attacked by Russia.

    A good example is Obama’s speech to Estonia saying they can always rely on the US for their defence under NATO. It’s therefore a pity that within days there was a Russian micro-invasion into Estonia and blatant kidnapping of an Estonian police officer. The US standard response to this outrage has been the same to this as the everyday violation with impunity of Obama’s red line on chemical weapons by Assad in Syria, NOTHING.

    We all need to accept that we are now living in a post-US security world, where like in the 1920’s they have withdrawn into their isolationist-pacifist shell and each country now needs to build their own defences according. Sadly, this means most countries must now acquire nuclear weapons and the world is going to be a much more dangerous place for all of us, but once the US gave up on collective security, what did they expect?

    The US also needs to remember that however much they become an isolationist country, nuclear fallout does not respect borders, once the first nuclear exchanges start to happen!

    1. Avatar toioioio says:

      if ukraine didnt give up it nuclear arsenal,it is most propable that theyd end up in the highest binladenbidder.
      Ukraine was and still is,a failed state.
      Lets see if she’ll get on her knees

      1. Avatar Rods says:

        Not as failed a state as Russia where your boss Putin is an unelected dictator.

        1. Avatar toioioio says:

          for fucks sake,stop blaming anyone but your selves!!!!
          if you do that,you might just have a tiny chance in rescuing and fixing your country.

          1. Avatar Rods says:

            One day, once you have grown up you will understand that adults express themselves in articulate ways. Little children use swear words that they have learnt off the big boys in the playground and think by using them it makes them appear like an adult, sadly, it doesn’t

            But if you pay good attention to your teachers while learning Russian and English and avoid what you think are big children playground words while playing with the other little boys of your own age in the playground, then in about 10 years you will graduate from school, hopefully go to college for 4 years and then you should be able converse like the other adults on here.

            Now on this close knit community of commentators you are identified as a child, don’t embarrass yourself any further by just taking your little boys, childish comments elsewhere.

          2. Avatar toioioio says:

            sure sure..
            now,do you have anything to say on the matter or should you remain in your fucking cave?

          3. Avatar Rods says:

            Still acting like a little boy then with your playground language. What Russian trolls like you need to remember is that when you sell your rotten soul to the Poison Dwarf in charge of the cesspit you call a country, is that you are representing it. Your FSB electronically collects all comments and we know what happens to the failures like you, ha, ha.

            You would do well to worry every time there is a knock, knock on your door and one of those is going to be to invite you for an interview and not so friendly chat. Your get out will be immediate army conscription, a few weeks training, an ill fitting uniform and a gun and the front in Ukraine. Brave, Ukrainian defenders to the front, Russian barrier troops when you flee to the rear, oh dear! The ‘lucky ones’ are interred in the Rostov-on-Don cemetery, the ‘not so lucky’, a mobile crematorium and their ashes scattered four ways in the wind at the side of a road in Ukraine.

            So, many Russians are dying, the Poison Dwarf made it a state secret on 28th May 2015, Amendment No. 273 to the decree 1203 signed on 30th November 1995. We have seen the recent grave numbering and it is now 2600+ in the Rostov-on-Don cemetery. Now I’ve been discussing your state secrets in a comment, it and you are now bound to come to the FSB’s attention, ha, ha.

            Bad choices and dying a pointless death aren’t smart career choices are they, ha, ha. As we like to say: Dying isn’t much of a living!

            Enjoy waiting for the FSB knock, knock on the door, as it’s coming. 🙂

          4. Avatar Kruton says:

            Death to the Bolshevik sub-humanoids!Glory to Azov batt!!

          5. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            As always, who a person’s enemies are says a lot about a person.

          6. Avatar chris hawkins says:

            We are trying to sort the mess out; that’s what your friend Putin doesn’t like.

          7. Avatar Vol Ya says:

            Russia can’t even build a decent car. Have you seen the Lada. It is a joke. Let’s now forget about the worthless ruble.
            So tell me which country is a joke.

          8. Avatar toioioio says:

            ok then…show me a ukie car…
            amoeba mentality….

          9. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Are you a russian ape? I ask because you seem ignorant enough to be. Why did the ignorant, drunken russian apes have to steal the shipbuilding yards in Ukraine/Crimea? Those ingnorant russian apes can’t even build their own ship–having to buy a toy from the frenchies. Meanwhile, Ukraine is selling ships (hydrofoils) to china.

            Like I said, you appear ignorant and arrogant enough to be a russian……
            But if now, what failed state are you from?

          10. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            russia has always stolen everything they have ever had. That’s what criminal, corrupt ape colonies have to do. Those ignorant apes pride and joy of ‘russian ingenuity’, the ak-47 should be called the GM-47, as in ‘German Schmiesser 1947’ as it was developed by german POWs after WWII in one of the many russia gulags.

          11. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Why not blame the russian apes for invading and destroying their country, then occupying it for decades, then re-invading and destabilizing it today? All the while killing off as many of the russian apes as will put a smile on any free human’s face?
            Can’t normal, free human beings do both? I think so.

      2. Avatar Kruton says:

        Stop murdering children and old people Bolshevik pig!

      3. Avatar Vol Ya says:

        Listen you idiot. Do you even know where Ukraine is on the map. Maybe you should spend some time in Ukraine before you make such stupid comments. Of course that is perfectly normal for a russian troll. Ukraine is not a failed state and it will come out of this conflict more united and stronger than ever now that it has cut its ties to russia. Russia can’t even feed itself. Now tell me who is the failed state.

        1. Avatar toioioio says:

          lets hope she does.
          for the time being,ukraine is losing big time.

        2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          the corrupt, criminal russia can feed itself. the neo-soviet chimp putin cut the price for vodka and they can still steal radiator fluid to mix it with, so all is well in apeland russia.

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    I don’t understand the idea of validating ridiculous muscovite propaganda. Every country’s military has highly motivated units such as Azov. The suicidal cycle of appeasement continues. Support Azov directly.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Most national politicians in the US are little more than thieves, liars and wh*res. This conyors clown is a democrat (liberal/progressive/social democrat) that is from detroit. The democrat/socialists/unions took a world class manufacturing city (detroit) and turned it into something that looks like a combination of grozny and mogadishu.
      And like socialists/unions/government also do, he helped turn detroit from a prosperous city to a bankrupt crime ridden wasteland where no one is safe…and no one wants to live. You can buy whole blocks of houses for about $100.

      He is in the minority in congress (republicans have more people than democrats), so all as he can do is make meaningless gestures and hope the leftist media (most of it are) prints it.

      Here is a good website to tour this democrat socialist criminal clown’s work:

  4. Avatar Dean Venture says:

    It’s unfortunate, since Azov seems to be one of the few formations that can take back ground, but if they didn’t see this coming, they’re fools. How can anyone not look at the trappings associated with the battalion and not wonder if they’re a bunch of Nazis? I would describe myself as rabidly pro-Ukrainian, but I feel uncomfortable with some of the things I’ve seen associated with Azov.

    Nazis – National Socialists, Azov – Social National Assembly

    Get rid of the N-crossbar symbol you use. It looks like a swastika with a couple of bars removed. No symbol is worth that much trouble.

    Stop threatening the president. On Vice News, I’ve seen a couple of interviews with members now where they threaten Poroshenko. It’s one thing to do it as an ordinary citizen, but when you do it as a military unit you inspire visions of a military coup.

    Make a sincere and transparent break with racism and ultra-nationalism. You don’t want to be called Nazis? Don’t behave like them. Soldiers should be forbidden from using Nazi symbols. I don’t care how much they want to call it a good luck symbol, when you bandy about swastikas, you’re going to be called fascists. Start wearing rabbit’s feet if you’re worried about luck.

    I can’t emphasize enough just how much neo-nazis are hated here in Canada, and they’re not much more popular in the states. If Azov wants western support, they have to change the optics of their organization. I really hope they do so, because they do come across as patriots, and a capable fighting force.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      They have their own trainers from other countries as people can see who is doing the fighting and is outside of the russia infested ukrainian political structure.
      What will azov lose by the US not giving arms to Ukraine to defend itself? Nothing–the leftists running the US blame the US for everything in the world, so they won’t give any arms to Ukraine. About all those clowns can do is pass out cookies.

  5. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates says:

    Ukrainian nazis (if there are any) are a Ukrainian headache. Complying with international agreements signed by the US is the American headache.
    If you don’t fulfill your legal obligations, what American values are you talking about? Perhaps they are equivalent of the Russian values, another signatory of Budapest Memorandum fighting against Ukrainian nazis?

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      America, like the UK, is being ran by liberal/progressives (social democrats/socialists/leftists), so they think the US is the cause of all the bad in the world. Remove the US and the world will be a fine place with friendly people and prosperous nations.
      Well, the world is getting what it wanted–no “meddling in other countries” by the US.

      What’s funny is that of all the countries that should be arming their citizens it should be all of the former combloc countries. But they aren’t. Don’t know who they think will come and help them if they won’t even help themselves.

      1. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates says:

        It´s amazing that political affiliation makes people believe they don´t need to think anymore.

        America is acting as a teenager with bipolar disorder. I don´t know how it is to be a citizen of the first world superpower but i´m sure it means responsibility. You can´t get rid of it under the pretext that you stop meddling.

        I am not a big fan of what US did during the Cold War in Latin America, I am not enthusiastic about American policy en the Near East and I think that unconditional support for Israel will lead to an escalation of tension and a disaster for Israel, but your meddling in Eastern Europe was and is a blessing.

        I am leftist and liberal myself. But not an idiot 🙂

        BTW: They probably think that in case of a real confrontation nobody will come to our aid, so it´s not worth fighting:)

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          “responsibility” for what? That’s socialist/communist thinking.
          So the ‘coming to the aid of people’ you agree with is OK, but coming to the aid of people you don’t agree with/like is “meddling”?

          What do you know about central america? I’d bet nothing but what the liberal/progressive/leftist indoctrination and media have told you. In cuba, they put gays in prison–a nice prison with an ocean view, but still, HIV means sent to prison for life. They don’t have the internet access that you do and they are not allowed to own property, have cell phones, etc. People die every year trying to escape from the ‘people’s paradise’ of cuba.

          cubans sent people to nicaragua and they did what they do–slaughtered indians (mosquito), murdered people not of The Party, and stole private property. They tried to do the same thing in el salvador.
          Want to know what’s funny? All of central america is a better place where America has come to their aid rather than where the cubans and russians have been.
          Venezuela another example of leftist death and decay. Vietnam, cambodia, laos, more examples.
          Another example–zimbabwe.
          Liberal/progressive/leftist policies have failed ‘the people’ everywhere they were tried….unless that nation was under the “meddling” (armed protection and cash inflows) of the US.

          Israel should give more aid to hamas so they can buy bombs to bomb Israeli cities? Or like arafat did, stick it in his swiss bank accounts?

          Let me tell you what it’s like to be an American–and a veteran.
          The liberal/progressives/leftists hate your country for what they are told it does. They think we are bullies and mindless robots that just kill and rape and destroy. And whatever we do is for money.
          Yet the same people that think that are the ones that ‘demand’ our cash, our youth, our equipment, our health to come to bail them out…or give them more cash.
          We do that and the liberal/progressive/leftists at home call us murderers, stupid, corrupt, and pull the rug out from under us, undercutting us when doing what we were asked to do.
          And other liberal/progressives/leftists throw in with the people that are killing/maiming/stealing from us, like say, hama, the muslim brotherhood, or any one of 50 ‘revolutionary people’s’ terrorist groups.

          So us Americans that did pay attention to the world outside of the US and us Americans that did step up and put our bodies, health, and finances on the line to help others, frankly are tired of all the european/leftists sh*t. Before, freedom loving Americans would go alone and help others wanting to be free, but those are even fewer now. I talk to veterans every day and most have the ‘well this is what they have always wanted, so let them live it’ mentality.

          You can only be used and abused so much before you stop volunteering to help. I’m going to meet some friends and we’re going to shoot our assault rifles and have a cookout. That’s how we prefer to spend our spare time. And some of us are still healing from our past wounds from long ago or not so long ago.

          Our leftist government is giving you leftists what you’ve always wanted. So enjoy it.

          1. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates says:

            Milton, you are firing at your ally:) I agree almost with everything you wrote:) Let me clarify a few points which you obviously misunderstood, perhaps because of my limited knowledge of English, perhaps because of an awful polarization of current political discourse.

            i consider meddling when you interfer in a country’s inner affairs against the will of the country. i know a bit about Latin America because it was for years my filed of study. And I think that American policy towards Guatemala of Jacobo Arbenz and Chile of Salvador Allende was wrong. The same with Cuba. At the beginning of the revolution many things were open. You pushed Castro into Soviet arms against the will of Castro and Che. Especially Che was not enthusiastic of the alliance. You played too hard and you faced a strong reaction.

            On the other hand I understand that it was a time of the Cold War and your governments had to chose the minor evil. Sometimes your choices were good, sometimes bad, as it usually happens in life.

            When I said that power means responsibility I thik exactly about the situation when you are summoned to come in somebody’s aid even if something happens at the other end of the world. It’s my catholic ubringing to be blamed for this idea:) If you were given power, you were given a burden of responsiblity. That’s what they teach us here in Poland. And Ithink it was tought in the US for generations too.

            You are being creully unfair when you say to me: ‘well this is what they have always wanted, so let them live it’ mentality’. It was never our mentality nor our choice to be under soviet boot. It was your president who signed the treaty in Yalta. We were sold for peace. We protested against being pushed into Soviet zone of influence for years, both in the country (my grandfather and his brother spent years in prisons after the IIWW) and outside. The only outcome was that we were excluded from participating in the first UN conference in San Fancisco and the US hurried to recognize the puppet governement appointed in Moscow, even though the legal Polish governemnt was working in London. Do we blame you that you didn’t want to spill more blood fighting for our freedom? No we don’t. The IIWW was long and bloody enough. We accepted the new world order, because we were exhausted. We lost 1/5 of our population in the war. But nobody has right to tell us that being Russian colony is our mentality.

            I defined myslef as a leftist, but let me remind you that I come from a postcommunist country and being leftis for me is a bit different than being a leftist in Fance or US. I have no illusions about the Russian/Soviet paradise and I actually can’t understand how anybody with leftist affiiliation can support Putin against a nation which is trying to stay independent and reform its country. No matter what political views one has, the basic principle of territorial integrity of a sovereign country is the base of peaceful future.

            Tell your friends that there are people in the world, even some leftists, who understand and appreciate their job:) I know how you like spending your spare time, because I visited your country 5 times, drunk many bottles of budweiser and ate many grilled steaks 🙂 Half of my family live there. One of my cousins is a policeman, one is in the army, one is a lawyer. And the funny thing is that my great grandparents were born in the US and came back to Poland, the homeland of their parents, during the Great Depression 🙂 As you see, for me the US is like… the other half of Poland:)

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Maybe it is the times, but the history of the leftists relative to the US and the US Military have proven time and time again to be at best, the sympathisizer of the enemy and at worst, their active ally. It’s complicated if people don’t know all the information and/or the information they get is wrong and/or propaganda.

            “The same with Cuba. At the beginning of the revolution many things were
            open. You pushed Castro into Soviet arms against the will of Castro and
            Che. ”

            You are wrong. That is lies/propaganda, just like ho chi minh wanted a democracy. The communists/leftists never do, they just state that to maintain their supply of “useful idiots” in free countries to help them.
            Know why Hue Vietnam was a Catholic city? Because when the progressive people’s of north vietnam (communists) took over, one of the first things they did (and always seem to do) is start killing off religious people, so the Catholics fled across the DMZ and settled into Hue. During 68 tet when the communists people’s terrorists broke the truce, in Hue they went back to slaughtering the Catholics there.

            There were many Americans fighting against batista in cuba. As they always do, as soon as the leftists/communists win, they start killing off their allies. When the castro brothers’ gang too control of cuba, they started executing those that fought along side of them and many of them were Americans and some of those were military veterans. Do some research on Dickie Chapelle. She was there too and when she realized what the castros were all about, she left and she turned into a virulent anti-communist. You probably never heard of her but she’s worth looking into.

            The soviet russians have long since left the world stage. So why isn’t cuba free? because the castro family is who they always were–dictators, just like chavez in venezuela, ortega in nicaragua, etc.
            Che was a psychopathic serial killer. The largest ‘che poster’ is on a building in havana cuba. That is the office of the secret police, a place where people went to never come back.

          3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            You Poles better learn from what happened to Georgia, Crimea, and Ukraine. The US and old europe (western europe) aren’t going to help due to their politics. Better use the model of Finland during their Winter War, but be better equipped than they were. They had to rely on the Germans for armament. Poland has theirs, so they should better arm and train their civilians…and let them have guns.

          4. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates says:

            Hey, Milton, be aware you are talking to a granddaughter of two men who served in the army which kicked Budionny cavalry out of Poland in 1920. As for the time being we are the only nation that has ever occupied Moscow:) And we defeated the Bolsheviks in 1920.
            BTW, we were led then by a member of Polish Socialist Party, Józef Piłsudski:) As you see we know how to fight with Russians. And as you see our leftists are not m0r0ns 🙂
            Our civilians are being trained and every Polish person who graduated from a highschool knows how to use at least a riffle 🙂 Civil defence has been an obligatory subject in our schools.
            I am against giving guns to civilians in time of peace. One thing from the US we will never accept here.

          5. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Good job then. Stop supporting leftists and continue the fine tradition of defending freedom set forth by your relatives. 😀

          6. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates says:

            As for socialism, the kind we have in some of the EU countries is enough for me:) You will be surprised but from Polish perspective UK is generally a socialist country 🙂 We got stuck in the XIX capitalism here.

            But don’t worry, we have survived Hitler and Stalin, we will survive Putin too.
            I’m glad you finally smiled 🙂

          7. Avatar Nomid says:

            I am a leftist… I am a Dane.. I took two tours in Afghanistan in Helman.. I am a Vet… I think what is left here in some European countries is not the leftism that you so mention with historical facts of which true and on point.. There are shades here, and European politics are very different in some areas…

          8. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates says:

            I have never been to such a militarized zone in my life 🙂

          9. Avatar Nomid says:

            Afghanistan is very pretty..

          10. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates says:

            lol. i have no doubt about it. first Russians, then Americans… must have something magnetic:)

          11. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “I am against giving guns to civilians in time of peace. One thing from the US we will never accept here.”
            And that’s why you europeans will always be subjects instead of free individuals.

          12. Avatar Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates says:

            We are impetuous people here. If my compatriots were allowed to have guns, we wouldn’t need Putin to annihilate the nation 🙂

  6. Avatar toioioio says:

    a long time ago,i said its high time for all these neonazi groups,to drop their stupid and inhumane ideology IF they really want,ukraines wellfare.
    euromaidan press now,defends them…
    Yes they gave all for the sake of ukraine,but still. One man’s beliefs are extremely important.
    They US and the rest of the civilized world,find it extremely difficult to support people who believe in NAZIsm.
    and between us,this is not about “muscovite” propaganda.

    1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      The Nazis are in russia. In March of this year Putin and Russia hosted a world forum of nazi supporters. There were no attendees from Ukraine. Now tell me where the fascists are located.

    2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      kommrade, is your mom back from her government job yet?

  7. Avatar albertphd says:

    In my humble view, the USA is the best nation on earth, despite it’s many internal and external issues.
    Simply watch the 1939 classic movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” to better understand the corruption in American politics. But which Nation can throw the first stone?! Obviously, politics and dishonesty still go hand in hand in every country today as yesterday! Nothing new!
    What is different with Ukraine is that 3 of the 5 top Nations in the UN Assembly, USA, Russia, and Great Britain, have opted to not defend Ukraine from an invasion of one of their own, Russia— with respect to the Budapest Memorandum Agreement (in which they all signed and pledged to protect Ukraine from any hostile take-over or invasion in lieu of Ukraine surrendering ALL it’s nuclear weapons) in 1994!

    Ukraine is not asking for American or British boots on the ground to fight the pro-Russian terrorists (now, 42,000 strong with 700 Russian tanks and thousands of lethal military weaponry supplied by the Russian Federation). Ukraine can defend itself, if it can have access to lethal weapons. Because Ukraine has military defense factories, it will now begin to supply it’s own military with the weaponry it needs from tanks to APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers) to anti-tank weaponry and multiple-rocket launchers, etc. But these Made In Ukraine weapons will likely not be available until 2016, we’re told?! At least not in significant quantities?!
    Neither Israel (which manufacturers lethal weapons for Russia, such as their infamous T-74 tanks!), nor the USA (which is currently supplying Israel with 100 top nuclear-equipped jet fighters!) has any intention it seems to sell any of these or other lethal weapons to Ukraine! The question is not one of finances but of fear!
    It appears that Putin’s gamble in spending billions of US dollars in his slick media propaganda schemes is actually paying off big-time! As well, it is certainly possible politics being what it has been and still is today, that in keeping with the message of the 1939 film, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!” certain US Senators are quite likely being bribed by Russian lobbyists to say what they say, against the defenders of Ukraine, whether they are Azov soldiers, ATO soldiers, UA Soldiers or Ukraine’s ‘little green men’! The point is that these men with or without uniforms are defending Ukraine when neither Great Britain, Russia, nor the USA would deign to do the same (although each of those signatory Nations swore a legal oath on paper to protect Ukraine in her hour of need)!

    Now that Ukraine faces it’s “finest hour”, there need be no doubt who will defend Ukraine: the 46 million citizens of Ukraine (less the 2 million Ukrainians in the Crimea and the 2 million in the Donbas!)! As David fought Goliath and won because of his faith in his God, so likewise today Ukraine can fight it’s invaders with or without help from the West!
    And if Russia thinks it can threaten Ukraine with nuclear weapons (although no one truly believes they will?!), Ukraine can match those threats (for the time-being) with the reactivation of the still active reactors in Chernobyl (although no one truly believes they will?!)! In the game of leverages, it is hard to tell who will blink first?!
    Yet while the ‘civilized world’ is wondering who will draw (their weapon) first, there is always the possible scenario that ISIS (or ISIL) will pump the water from the nearby lake next to the Chernobyl nuclear plant into the reactors themselves and thereby re-ignite the reactor core to cause a nuclear holocaust followed by a nuclear winter for most if not all of Europe!
    Ex-Soviet President Gorbachev admitted only a few years ago that were it not for the sacrifice of those men and women who worked together to place a lead cover or shield over the contaminated and exposed nuclear melt-down, most if not all of Europe including West Europe, would likely die of radiation poisoning! So it does not make a whit of sense why in the name of sanity do we not allow Ukraine to defend itself against the invasion of terrorists (including Russian mercenaries and Russian soldiers in Uniform!) as well as a possible ISIS infiltration! when so much destruction could be avoided! when so much potential either for good or ill is at stake!
    UA Azov is not the enemy! Nor is the UA ATO (Anti-Terrorist Organisation) the enemy, nor is the UA Armed Forces the enemy! The enemy is Putin and his little green menace.
    Two-thirds of the US Senators in the House of Representatives voted on 23 March 2015 to give Ukraine the lethal military weapons it needs to defend itself against the Russian invaders! But that means one-third of the US Representatives (including those named in this article, no doubt!) were opposed to this action! Yet President Obama used his Presidential Executive Order to veto the majority vote!
    The problem it clearly seems is not with the American people, nor with any of the freedom-loving people of planet earth! It appears that from Putin to President Obama, the problem is political, even geo-political! The question that still remains open– who will blink first!–may well determine whether there will be a European democracy for anyone to enjoy! Or, will we be throwing stones (in WW IV) is perhaps closer to the final outcome!

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      The problem is both the UK and the US are governed by liberal/progressives (social democrats/socialists). So they view the US as the root of all evil and if there were just no US, the world would be a better, friendlier and safer place. So no help will come from the UK/USA. So, that leaves russia and china to do whatever they want, no mean ol US of A “cowboys” to be meddling in other countries.
      The world is now what it always said it wanted.

  8. Avatar Kruton says:

    John Conyers is a communist!

    1. Avatar theUg says:

      That fought other communists in Korean War, amirite? Together with a notorious Tea Party pinko Ted Yoho.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        There are fringe republicans that are along the libertarian shade of the tree. Comes with the territory. Rand’s dad was quite the nutbag, didn’t he say that al quaeda bombed the US on 9-11 because ‘we were over there?” He’s loony, but he and other libertarians can get 0.47% of the vote.

    2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Just look at what he and his democrat socialists/unionists did to detroit.
      or chicago, new orleans, memphis, nashville, etc.

  9. Avatar Murf says:

    I have been a big supporter of the Azov boys from the beginning but the are their own worst enemies when it comes to the “Neo Nazi” label.
    Their unit symbol has some questionable overtones.
    Many of their members were openly Nazis.
    Videos on You tube didn’t help.
    Now I am realistic enough to know just because SOME members of a unit have outlandish views doesn’t mean ALL have them. Soldiers by their very nature and situation are rarely as politically correct as some in the media would like. Then the Media are not getting their asses shot off either.
    But the optics on this were never good.
    After all the accusations of “US has supported ISIS” because we supported the Syrian rebels some of which MAY have become ISIS, this reaction was inevitable.

  10. Avatar Robert Drake says:

    “According to Romaniuk, right-wing currents can definitely be present in the structure of the regiment, …” This small truth has cost many more lives than giving up the “patriotic” contribution of Biletski’s Azov – Russia and now politicians in USA made nervous by this, make propaganda victories out of this… Stepan Bandera was not a nazi by doctrine… instead he tried to deal with another facist government (Hitler) who would support Ukrainian independence where Stalin had killed and exterminated millions of Ukrainians and wanted to enslave them. Biletski and his fellows from the SNA and Ukraine Patriots (who were physically prevented by Svoboda from haviing a nazi like torchlight demonstration on the Maidan) are using fascist doctrine as their founding principles, not just Ukrainian nationalism. Young Russian soldiers, fueled by disbelief that Biletski is only there for Ukraine and not doctrinal interests, are more willing to kill their Ukrainian counterparts and feel justified they are fighting fascism. The government does not have control of Azov and fears what their exclusion might do, though they -must- separate themselves completely from this ideological problem… Biletski is a liability that is killing Ukrainians by not stepping down. Ukraine needs to separate his interests from the Maidan and the anti-criminal revolution, or yes with or without a Russian invasion… there will be yet another insurgency.

  11. Avatar Віталій says:

    The only thing I agree with is that their logo is dubious to say the least. The designer of this logo should be shot. (Just kidding).

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        I can see how you russians and their useful idiots would get lost in people fighting for their own country. Sucks to be you, I know.
        So what failed state are you from again kommrade?

      2. Avatar Віталій says:

        Well, Wolfsangel appeared long before Nazi adopted it. Still I called it dubious, even though it resembles with Vladimir’s trident. In case of Svoboda party there is an obvious manipulation in your picture, since the gesture symbolizes exactly the trident – our coat of arms.

        1. Avatar toioioio says:

          instead of making things up,you xan just press your comrades of the svoboda party,to give up their stupid and inhumane ideology.

          1. Avatar Віталій says:

            There is no need to. They didn’t make to the Parliament.

  12. Avatar Vyshiy Vatnik says:

    Here’s some food for thought:

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      “Kyiv’s junta”. What a clown. You better save some of your thought as you seem to be just eating cheap vodka and radiator fluid komrade cyka.

      1. Avatar Vyshiy Vatnik says:

        The junta’s fans and nazi wannabes are known for their special kind of arrogance and stupidity. Go back to your shithole, my little degenerate friend.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          russian trash, shouldn’t you be waking up now from your vodka and radiator fluid binge drinking? Sucks to be a russian and one of the ones that were too stupid or corrupt to leave your cesspool of russia, so now you’re stuck in it.
          Be nice to all those central asian muslims your president for life putin is bringing in. They will take all your jobs and your women, so you’ll be stuck being a cyka in some saint petersburg office, typing lies on the internet for ruble trash.
          Keep defending your cesspool, ape.

    2. Avatar LogicAli says:

      ” The neopagans say that Коловрат is a native Russian name for the swastika as a solar symbol. Коловрат has also been appropriated by nationalist organizations and Neo-Nazis in Russia, who claim it is an ancient symbol that is exclusive to the East Slavs.” east slavs = russians
      Shows what you know, the kolovrat is RUSSIAN in origin.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Good post. Not much is expected from russian apes or their useful idiots, so good thing you added some intelligence to counter it’s ‘russian-ness’.
        The earliest ‘swastika’ was found in Mezine Ukraine, dating some 12,000 years ago. A russian would say that back then it was nato/US/nazis trying to take over russia, 12,000 years ago….

        South eastern europe had the Vinca Culture and they used it too. Of course a russian would say that this area is russia and all Vinca are russians…

      2. Avatar Vyshiy Vatnik says:

        Are you implying that Azov is using a Russian symbol? Lol!

        Now it’s good that you use wikipedia; it means that you can potentially educate yourself and become a more decent person. Now go and find out the origins of Schwarze Sonne, which is actually depicted on Azov’s flag (and NOT Kolovrat as you’re saying), and its extensive contemporary usage among various neo-nazi groups in Western Europe.

        1. Avatar LogicAli says:

          This one?

  13. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    Very disappointing comments from Conyers. It shows how poorly informed he is. He seems to be ignorant of the facts that the USA(Bill Clinton) signed the Budapest Memorandum and guaranteed the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Maybe Bill Clinton needs to call John Conyers and have a chat with him. This is all the more reason that Ukraine needs to become totally self reliant for its military needs. If they can produce their own weapons, then they don’t have to go around begging other countries for weapons.