For Moscow, Russia’s ‘most dangerous opponent’ in Europe is Poland and ‘most harmful’ is Estonia, Illarionov says


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Moscow’s “black list” of European political figures who now will be denied entrance to the Russian Federation suggests that in the view of the Kremlin, Poland is Russia’s “most dangerous opponent” in Europe and that Estonia is “the most harmful,” according to Andrey Illarionov.

Andrey Illarionov (Image:

Andrey Illarionov (Image:

The Russian analyst has analyzed the list of names Moscow has compiled but not officially released and presented his findings in a blog post which has been picked up by a variety of portals.

Illarionov suggests the data show the following:

  • First, they indicate that “the Kremlin has declared war on a significant part of the contemporary European political elite.”
  • Second, they show that Moscow is attacking Europeans across the political spectrum and not just in one or another sector.
  • And third, he says, the list, which includes figures from 17 of the 28 EU member countries, reflects the Kremlin’s worldview and agenda in that there is a fundamental divide between “the frontline states (the Baltic countries, the Scandinavian countries, Poland and Romania)” and the rest of Europe with the former far more penalized than the latter.

Total number of the blacklisted by Russia per 1mlnHe notes that 11 EU member countries – Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Luxemburg and Ireland – do not have anyone on the list, while Poland has the most (18) and Estonia has the largest number relative to its population (5.8 per million).

“This completely corresponds,” Illarionov says, to the Kremlin’s vision and strategic goal of splitting “Europe (and the entire Western world) into two parts, ‘the Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian-frontline states’” which Moscow sees as its opponents “and ‘the continental-southern European ones,’” which it believes can be its allies.

But it shows more than that, he argues. The list shows that “the current Russian regime is not only not trying to achieve any resolution or compromise” with the West “but is consciously seeking to exacerbate the conflict, broadening its extent and intentionally raising the stakes in the de facto war it began” in Georgia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet states.

Now, Illarionov says, Moscow is engaged in a war “against the entire European Union.” But Moscow should reflect on the likely outcome of such a struggle: “Since the times of the medieval barbaric attacks, the history of Europe does not offer a single example of successful aggression launched against it.”

Total number of the blacklisted by Russia

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  1. Avatar puttypants says:

    Putin doesn’t need to reflect on anything. Germany, Italy and the rest of western europe and even some in eastern and central europe have caved into him already. He wouldn’t continue if he wasn’t winning. Good Luck Europe. You deserve what you get for your cowardice in confronting a bully! I feel sorry for the rest.Boycott all products from Germany, Italy and all the countries mentioned not blacklisted.

  2. Avatar Brent says:

    I really wonder if Europe will wake up in time to put an end to Putin’s dreams of his Eurasian Union. Sadly, most of Europe has left Ukraine undefended when Ukraine wanted to join the EU.

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Like Israel was recognized after WWII, Ukraine should be inducted into NATO/EU once the KGB dwarf is removed. Ukraine, or ‘borderland,’ is once again defending Europe.

  4. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    If Europe does not have the backbone to increase sanctions against putin, then in their own self interest they must completely stop buying any natural gas from russia. This loss of
    revenue and hard currency will definitely hurt russia. Lithuania has totally freed
    itself of russian gas so this can and needs to be done.