Poland transferred over 10 tons of humanitarian aid to Donbas



Translated by: Alya Shandra

People living in the zone of the Anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine’s Donbas obtained food, daily necessities, clothing, underwear and even financial aid, collected and transported by Polish and Ukrainian organizations. The Foundations Zielony Jamnik, Open Dialog Foundation together with the Ukrainian organization Chesna Ukrayina delivered over 10 tons of aid to Starobyelsk and Sloviansk, as well as medical and first aid equipment to a hospital in Artemivsk. Residents of the Polish cities of Olsztyn, Michalovce, and Warsaw gathered roughly $25 000 of donations.

The life for the civilian population in the ATO zone becomes increasingly difficult. No work, exhausted savings, a lack of basic necessities. In Myronivske near Slaviansk, we were awaited by mostly the elderly and women with children. Each of the families received packages of the most important products, and in addition – the warm words of the Poles: wishes for the hostilities to end soon and a return of normal life,

commented Agnieszka Paulina Huralska, coordinator of the monitoring mission of the Open Dialog Foundation in East Ukraine, who accompanied the humanitarian aid from Kyiv to the ATO zone. Photos from the mission are below (all credits to the Open Dialog Foundation):

Translated by: Alya Shandra

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