Poland transferred over 10 tons of humanitarian aid to Donbas



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People living in the zone of the Anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine’s Donbas obtained food, daily necessities, clothing, underwear and even financial aid, collected and transported by Polish and Ukrainian organizations. The Foundations Zielony Jamnik, Open Dialog Foundation together with the Ukrainian organization Chesna Ukrayina delivered over 10 tons of aid to Starobyelsk and Sloviansk, as well as medical and first aid equipment to a hospital in Artemivsk. Residents of the Polish cities of Olsztyn, Michalovce, and Warsaw gathered roughly $25 000 of donations.

The life for the civilian population in the ATO zone becomes increasingly difficult. No work, exhausted savings, a lack of basic necessities. In Myronivske near Slaviansk, we were awaited by mostly the elderly and women with children. Each of the families received packages of the most important products, and in addition – the warm words of the Poles: wishes for the hostilities to end soon and a return of normal life,

commented Agnieszka Paulina Huralska, coordinator of the monitoring mission of the Open Dialog Foundation in East Ukraine, who accompanied the humanitarian aid from Kyiv to the ATO zone. Photos from the mission are below (all credits to the Open Dialog Foundation):

Translated by: Alya Shandra

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  • Czech Friend

    On the one hand you have the war criminals of Putin kind and his stooges – cancer of the humanity.

    On the other poeple who help others in the time of desperate need.

    There is no big enough THANK YOU for all the volunteers and folks of good will across the world.

    • http://www.consumerwatchdog.org/ Bu Buccaneer

      Thank to them, yes. But on another note I feel my country hasn’t done enough. I mean the government. There was a big transport of first need items for Ukrainian soldiers a while ago, several trucks (?) but we’re a 38 mln country…

      On another hand our government, the foreign ministry, has done a lot to press for reshaping of NATO to better counter todays threats. Let’s hope our new president and government (next elections this atumn) won’t screw this up.

      • Czech Friend

        I think we all could and SHOULD do much more and the cowardice of our political elites breaks my heart, especially the cynicism of the western ones.

        But Poles can still be proud of themselves. You are the only country in our region that is honest and serious about the threat.

        My vision of the future would be strong democratic alliance among our visegrad countries (yeah even Hungary and Slovakia) working for the common goal against threat from Russia and possible German collaboration or unhealthy dominance in our region.

        But all in all, keep up the good work Poland!

        • http://www.consumerwatchdog.org/ Bu Buccaneer

          I agree, Poland had the guts and common sense to call things by their names and not to fall for appeasement. As for the Visegrad group. A lost cause. Burn it and burry it. It only gives false hopes. We’re engaged in creation of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade as an initiator of a broader and tighter alliance. If and when the governments of Czech, Slovakia and Hungary come to their senses regarding Russian threat, give us a call. I expect more from Latvia and Estonia before those though…

  • Jack McColley

    Now, now, according to RT Russia has sent dozens of convoys with humanitarian aid to Donbas. What? No one believes me? I wonder why. It is Russia’s responsibility to feed, cloth, and rebuild infrqstructure in Donbas in that it is because of them it is destroyed. Of course, they have stolen the machinery from many factories and shipped it to Russia in the same “humanitarian” aid vehicles along with their non-existant Cargo 200. Ukraikner should not let Russia stick them with the clean up in Donbas. Ukraqine is not responsible for it. Russia created it and they along with the West who watched while they did it should pay for everything.

  • Nowhere Girl

    I have a ribbon just like this! Open Dialog must have ordered thousands of them.
    However, it’s a real pity they didn’t translate the name of one of the foundations. For all who don’t speak Polish: “Zielony Jamnik” means “Green Dachshund”… 😀