“Republics” — Kremlin’s Trojan horse in Ukraine



Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

Based on the statements made by Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a breakfast meeting at the editorial offices of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, observers concluded first of all that the “people’s republics” created with the Kremlin’s help in the Donbas should remain a part of Ukraine. However, the core of Lavrov’s statement was the declaration that the “people’s republics” should remain “people’s republics” coupled with support for the territorial unity of Ukraine. As we know, for Ukraine “people’s republics” do not exist at all. We consider “DNR” and “LNR” to be terrorist organizations, and we are only prepared to negotiate the status of individual regions of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. There is no mention of “people’s republics” in the Minsk agreements either. But Lavrov seems to know nothing about this. He wants Ukraine to agree to the draft constitution developed in Donetsk where “(the draft) deals exactly with the status envisioned in the Minsk agreements: the republics will be part of Ukraine and then the constitution will be reformed to confirm this status permanently.”

This is the whole point of the declaration that “the republics will be part of Ukraine.” For the Kremlin it is important to achieve a situation where two invented republics become part of Ukraine — “republics” that will be able to veto fundamental decisions of the Ukrainian government, including even decisions on European and Euro-Atlantic integration. And since these “republics” will have their own militias, they will be able to launch a war in Ukraine at any time — naturally, with Russian support. Moscow will again call this war “a civil conflict,” arguing that Kyiv, alas, failed to listen to the opinions of the “republics”!

This is the plan of Putin and Lavrov. This is the “Trojan horse” of thugs who will do anything to prevent our country from developing. Of course we could say that we have little choice — incorporation of the “republics” or war. But incorporating “DNR” and “LNR” while assigning them special status is also war. Only this time it will be war in which we will clash with a recognized enemy — not simply with the DNR gang but with the subject of Ukrainian statehood that requires the safeguarding of its rights. And nobody will listen to our explanations that we are really fighting with Russia, that it is really Russia that is behind the “people’s republics.” That is because their status will not have been approved by Russia but by us.

This is exactly why we absolutely must not accept the Russian “decentralization plan” because it is not a plan for decentralization but a plan for occupation. I have no doubt that it is being proposed to our Western partners and is becoming a major Russian trap for the future of Ukrainian statehood.

Translated by: Anna Mostovyh

Source: Newsru.ua

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  1. Avatar Rods says:

    Totally agree, you will have the tail wagging the dog. This ‘federalization’ has been the Kremlin’s plan all along and must at all costs be resisted.

    I have zero confidence that a US (Obama/Kerry) and EU (Merkel/Hollande), stitch up, of peace at any price is not in the making, where it is not their futures on the line like it is for the Ukrainian people.

    On the day that 6 brave Ukrainian soldiers were killed by illegal Russian troops or their proxies in the Donbass invasion area, we had the sick spectacle of Lavrov and Kerry grinning from ear-to-ear at joint press conference. It will come as no surprise to me, if in the future we find out that Lavrov was so happy as the result was a Obama / Kerry Sochi Ukraine sellout!

    1. Avatar puttypants says:

      Rods you are so right. Bastards we need to all get together and figure out how to hurt the bastards. Best way get the politicians out. Boycott all German etc., countries products. We need to start a campaign immediately. I don’t know how to do this on the internet. Those who do need to do it. I can get advertising agency to write copy for free. Whom ever has good command of internet let me know.

    2. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

      lavrov and infact nobody in russia has any control over militias in east ukraine those are pure ultranationalist terrorists and russia feeded them with to much weapons and russian soldiers that are fighting inside ukraine are there at the orders of kremlin except a few ultranationalists with russian citizenship at least 10 000 are pure russian soldiers hundreds where sent in coffins to russia and that is not even questionable there are videos with the mother of those soldiers or with actual soldiers active in russian military that where taken as pows in fighting RUSSIA IS A TUMOR ON HUMANITY and especially on neighboures

    3. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

      you got to understand and that is coming from actual people of my kind that fighted in 2014 ! the rebels where cleaned they where killed in a few months almost everything that they are fighting against today is RUSSIAN ARMY ! (PERIOD) ukraine is at war with russia is not official of course but it will be

    4. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      I wish this would strike all people both in US and EU that such hypocrisy of OUR leadership is a mortal danger to us all.

      For it is Ukraine today and it will be our countries tomorrow. I repeat THERE SHALL BE NO DEAL WITH RUSSIAN CRIMINALS IN KREMLIN who view us the same way as ISIS fanatics.

      So while you live your comfortable lives today and Ukraine is only a distant muted news items before sports bulletin the situation may and will be dramatically different right the next day.

      And of course it will be too late to ask who is to blame even though we know it today.

      What we are seeing is stepping on the very basis of our core values of civilization by the very people elected by us to protect those values and thus us.

      In other words – treason.

      One thing is certain: if Putin is allowed to live and prosper, there will be a war sooner than later. And Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and all those in power will be eqally responsible.

      1. Avatar gmab says:

        Yeah, and they’ll shrug it off like they did with the Budapest Memorandum. Tragic precedent for the future.

  2. Avatar Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

    DO NOT accept russias plan. It is a one way plan to self destruction.

  3. Avatar Murf says:

    Just more of Putin’s federalization wet dream.

    Unless Ukrainians want to see Zakharchenko strutting around the Rada like a conquering hero than they had better not let this happen.

  4. Avatar Dalton says:

    It’s because of Russia that ANYTHING in Ukraine is having difficulty. Take away Putin’s war against Ukraine and Ukraine already would be developing nicely. Take your cheap advice back to Moscow, Ivan.

    1. Avatar Dalton says:

      “advice(noun) – communication, especially from a distance, containing information”

      Aren’t there minimal English requirements you Putineers must possess before being employed or do they just take anyone? Why not go find a Russian website to troll? There are plenty of people in Russia who aren’t indoctrinated that need “enlightening” by you “sophisticated” Mongols, right?.

      1. Avatar Dalton says:

        Of course English isn’t your first language, it was my intent to make that clear while you gave me English lessons.
        Unfortunately you mix didn’t completely distinguish “facts” from “speculation”.. but good try.
        You “speculate” that laws being passed will destroy Ukraine, but that hasn’t happened, therefore your own “fact” doesn’t pass the test of your definition given, does it?
        I do agree with some of your post however that (Russia) Putin did and is destabilizing Ukraine for its own interest.
        I would suggest it’s anyone who supports the destruction and killing of Ukrainians and their land, and in fomenting hatred for Ukraine and its people as racist of the worst kind. Better and more descriptive motto – “Ukraine is for those who love and want to be part of Ukraine””

        1. Avatar Dalton says:

          Sevastopol it is. It was one of my favorite places in the world when it was Ukrainian. I’m not sure the tolerance level for anyone not Russian will be as high as you want to portray, but I’m willing to give it a try. When are you going to buy my ticket?

          Your statements regarding Ukraine are pathetic. Do you honestly believe me or anyone else who vociferously defends Ukraine would be so disconnected that we don’t know what goes on there? I speak with close people in Ukraine every single day. It’s easy enough for me to pick up a phone and ask someone about a news story or a claim, but even better when I can just go there and ask. I’ll do that when you get my Sevastopol ticket and can answer some of those questions most of the world knows already except Russian citizens who still believe Putin’s BS version of reality.

          1. Avatar Dalton says:

            Check your history Ivan, I’m not going to prove things that are “facts” and yes the “fact” that Sevastopol was (and is technically) part of Ukraine meets the definition you set forth earlier.

            Your soviet mentality is exactly what Ukrainians want to be free from. You see Ukraine from the same old views as before. The thing that the maidan proved is that the younger generation will no longer put up with the same old politics and soviet/russian style kleptocracy. Ukraine is changing. Ukraine will prosper.

            The arrogance you display toward the “little russians” is even in your seeming innocuous words, revealing. The Ukrainian people you so easily dismiss as deserving recipients of Putin’s death and destruction, the “brothers” you look down on, they chose by majority that they no longer want to be part of the “russian world”. Why can’t you just leave them alone and go find others who do, if there are any more.

            Funny you speak of nationalistic BS as if Ukraine was the center of it.. Russia has more neo-nazi and nationalist groups than all of Europe combined, and it’s growing every day thanks to Putin.
            We’re done. Time for you to clock out isn’t it?

          2. Avatar Dalton says:

            “Ukraine supporters are always right.”

            You finally get it.

            Here are the only “facts” I’m interested in Ivan:

            1. Russia broke international law, treaty agreements and UN agreement in taking and annexing Crimea from Ukraine.

            2. Russian Military and Intelligence officers incited, initiated and fomented the war in Donetsk and Lugansk regions and continue to supply men and materiel to those regions.

            3. Russian backed and Russian supporting militants, and actual Russian military and intelligence officers maintain an ongoing supply and active fighting role against Ukraine, IN Ukraine.

            4. Ukraine is the victim, not Russia, Not “Russian speaking people” (as was originally promoted), and it is Ukraine that has fought for its survival from what was once a friendly neighbor that shares much of its history and culture.

            5. Ukraine is a young nation, with ideas of freedom from oppression, from the past, and from dependency on anyone. It has good people who love their country just as other nations do and their nationalism and pride is not a reason to be hated, anymore than Russian pride is for Russia to be called “nazi” or “fascist”
            6. Russia, and specifically Putin, continues to attempt to destroy Ukraine and its government, harm its people through its continuing war and economic and political actions and most definitely its propaganda war which has affected the attitudes of tens of millions of Russian people who now view Ukraine as you do, based entirely on lies.

            7. As the truth becomes known and Putin’s propaganda exposed, Ukraine will become even more loved and embraced by the world community because it is full of good people who want for a better future, and not one based on war, but peace. The warmonger and bully is easy to identify.

            8. Try all you want to justify the killing and destruction of Ukraine, and in doing so you’re simply showing yourself to be part of the evil forces that pursue death as a means of power over another people. The truth cannot be changed no matter how hard you want to try.

          3. Avatar Dalton says:

            Ivan, honestly, I could care less about the comparisons to the US. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. My concern is for Ukraine and ITS people and only one of the two “partners” you mention are actively destroying it and killing its people.

            Ukraine is struggling with a hangover after 100 years of communist rule and subservantism to Russia. It’s “revolutions” are the attempt of the people to change what they are still learning about.

            Funny how you see things.. Your narrative is that Ukraine picked a fight… yeah we all forget.. Ukraine wanted to have closer ties to the EU, Putin said NO, Ukraine said YES. Ukraine was invaded and its land seized. Ukraine sent trooops to defend its territory and people. But because Ukraine wanted to go against the Mafia king, they were picking a fight… gotcha.

            Pathetic. Oh I’m glad you at least recognize the truth that the US is not involved in Ukraine. it seems Putin propaganda didn’t completely turn your brain to mush.

          4. Avatar Dalton says:

            All I had to read to was “nuland” bs and know you are a waste of bandwidth. As typical have no idea what the truth, you just get the headline from RT and suddenly know all. You have a good day ivana.

          5. Avatar Dalton says:

            Not sure what the source is referring too. If Nuland, how about you go to the actual source, review the content, look up the US expenditures for aid for political development over the past 23 years and get your head out of Putin’s ass so you can understand something that doesn’t originate from the Kremlin.. then try to understand the context of the discussion and learn a little about what it is diplomats do…not just US diplomats but diplomats from most major countries.. Then try to put into perspective and actually listen to the audio and if you have any intellectual honesty and a minimal amount of reasoning ability, you’ll understand the difference in Putin propaganda and truth.

          6. Avatar Dalton says:

            I know what the story was about, and really you shouldn’t presume what I know or don’t know, nor what my ties or interests are in Ukraine. You have no clue. You grew up in Ukraine yet what? You’re Russian or do you just support the destruction of your country? Or do you even consider Ukraine your country? Better yet, do you even care? Some of my friends in Kharkov particularly, are pro-Russian mentally, but not to the point they would want the destruction of Ukraine.

            You’re the one that referred to Nuland, I was following up. I was about to give you a compliment for recognizing the truth behind the $5b reference, but then you blew it with your conspiracy and “it’s the US fault” regurgitation, so it seems we’re back to you being a waste of bandwidth. I think a 23 year “Russia hating operation” is reaching a bit. Perhaps you are more similar to Putins need for an enemy to stir up support, than I. Your American/Russian analysis is probably closer to true than not since one of the first things many Americans have to overcome is the sometimes inaccurate assumption of this phenomenon.

            “I don’t listen to Putin propaganda”.. dude you have done nothing but parrot it. When you find any stories on Ukraine in Western press, please send it. Western media don’t cover things that aren’t fulll of action.

          7. Avatar Dalton says:

            Yeah I get the argument, but be honest, Stalin fought with Nazis and would have helped Hitler conquer Europe had Hitler not broken the agreement. Those fighting for Ukrainian independence weren’t Nazis, they were opportunists, fighting with whoever they believed could bring them independence. The fact that once it was clear Hitler had no intention to allow them independence, what did the nationalists do? Started fighting for the Red Army AGAINST the Nazis. The fact that these truths are ignored or overlooked in the propaganda is so blatantly part of the propaganda war, it’s silly.
            Between Ukraine and Russia, the definition of “Fascist” is much more closely aligned with the Russian government than Ukraine’s. And the nationalism in Russia far exceeds Ukraines, so my frustration comes from the use of such exaggerated lies to hurt Ukraine.

            Of course ideas may change Ukraine, they most definitely will if given the chance. This is why the euromaidan matters. It wasn’t just another revolution of a people trying to find something, it was the defining moment when they said “NO MORE” and were willing to die for it, and are willing to kill for the future of their nation. This is what we in America consider a precious right, the ultimate right of the people over the government if need be, by force. Now only to provide support in education, development both economic and institutions to help Ukrainian people discover and use their strengths, their historical strength, their spiritual strength and their desire to achieve what has so long eluded them- prosperity as an independent nation, something they can be proud of. Not dependent nor like any other nation, but Ukraine.

          8. Avatar Dalton says:

            My last reply. No I don’t want Ukraine to be “little America”.. I want it to be free and prosperous Ukraine with it’s own life without dependency and its own ideas for its people and its future.

            Chocolate King, taxi driver, doctor, clerk, what does it matter as long as they love Ukraine and do what’s best for the country and has the support of the majority of people? Most country’s could do worse than a man who built a billion dollar successful business. Chocolate is hardly a commodity controlled by Oligarchs and corruption, so that should be a plus, but of course is only the target of further ridicule for those who want only reasons to hate.

            I hope the wine was good. Enjoy your western life and hope you will support efforts to help your countrymen to build a better future.

          9. Avatar Dalton says:

            By the way, your “not a communist” qualifier seemed to be directed at me as if it was something I hated.. One of my close friends in Russia father was an old communist party member.. sweetest man I’d met in Russia. People are people. You know them by their spirit. Politics are politics. When people want, they can transcend the politics and be partners for giving life in the realm of freedom with responsibility, respect for others, justice and protection of the innocent,.. unfortunately the world isn’t so simple.

          10. Avatar Dalton says:

            Yeah it’s all people like me who are to blame for the death and destruction that has been waged on Ukrainian people. People like you who excuse the violence and death are innocent. We got it Ivanoskopy

          11. Avatar Dalton says:

            I think what’s best for Ukraine is for Ukraine to have a chance to develop as they decide as a people, as a nation. Not to have to worry that its cities and people will be under constant threat from a superpower neighbor imposing its will. Self-determination and free to develop their own identity, their own talent, their own future, their own ideas, their own prosperity. There’s nothing wrong with this idea.

          12. Avatar Murf says:

            What ever it’s faults the Maidan represent an effort at taking control of Ukraine future.
            If you think Ukraine was going any where but down hill you are not looking at a single indicator.
            If you think the good old days of the Soviet Union will becoming back you are delusional.
            If you think Russia and Putin give two shits about you I have shares in a bridge to Crimea I will sell you.
            Simply put Putin is out for what is best for Putin and he will devastate everything you can see, touch, and feel to do it. Whats more he will do it with a smirk an sleep like a baby that night.
            Keep that in mind at all times and conduct your self accordingly

          13. Avatar gmab says:

            The other half of Crimea is cheering for Putin’s demise just to relieve the human suffering. Putin will turn it into another mafia hang out together with the largest military base in Russia. Doubt any kid will have the glorified “welfare” type childhood you had.

    2. Avatar Murf says:

      You want advice on reform simple:
      Remove from office ANY military officer who paid Yanuko a bribe to get a promotion(approximately 75k), unless they have served honorably in direct combat.
      Promote officers who have proven them selves in battle. Send them to the West for staff training (particularly in Poland) which will take about six months. Then they will have an army that preforms not just slugs it out with the enemy.
      Reorganize the the military and ministry of Defense so that their responsibilities don’t overlap. A left over from the Soviet era.
      Fire everyone in the Ministry of Defense above clerk. Well meaning amateurs can do better. The government will save billions and the troops will get the tools they need to fight.
      Remove every district supervisor in the government as a whole. particularly the police.
      End all subsidies for the coal and gas industry and cut the debt by about 20-30% plus remove a huge source of corruption.
      Give every start up business a five year moratorium on paying all taxes. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
      Reduce the 55% tax on shale gas back to 30% make it tax free for five years. This will reduce gas imports and may become an valuable export. if not it will in the future.
      Give a tax credit on the full amount for improvements in energy efficiency.This will be paid for by the reduction in energy imports.
      Cut the regulatory staff in all departments in half and double the salary of those who remain. Honest people need to make a fair wage.
      Hows that for starters.?

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        I am not a fan of blanket firings but the level of ineptitude an inertia in the Ukraine bureaucracy is staggering. Amateurs can learn but fat corrupt bureaucrats never do. They just get in the way. They don’t do any thing unless they are told to directly.
        Why bother with them?
        They don’t say no they just don’t say yes either. They ignore orders and obstruct. That is worse then enthusiastic ineptitude.
        Why a new Maidan!
        The next elections are at the end of summer , vote them out if they haven’t accomplished their goals.
        But for the love of God don’t vote for some fat cat oligarch or Putin stooge. You will be right back to square one only in worse shape

  5. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    The Soviet Union never faced total annhilation and societal change in 1991 like Germany did after WWII. Hence, the Soviet mentality has always simmered under the radar and has now surfaced again like a cancerous boil due to the KGB dwarf. Putinocchio understands he has until November 2016 to get away with his antics. Anything lip service put forth by him or urchins are bald-faced cynical and deadly lies. Subhumans of this ilk only understand the bullet.

  6. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    The draft by Zharkharshenko is so full of mistakes it can be. The text is not written by him but by the office workers at Lavrov´s residens .

    See # 133 there under .

    On May 13, 2015, a document appeared in the public domain titled “Amendments by the DNR and the LNR to the Constitution of Ukraine” compiled by the leadership of the terrorist organizations of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples’ Republic who with support from the Russian Federation have occupied part of eastern Ukraine.

    Amendments to Section XI of the Ukrainian Constitution that defines the legal status of the individual regions of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts were presented for public debate. Article 133 of the document elicited the liveliest reaction from the public. The Article determines the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine. As amended by the supporters of the Kremlin it states that the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol are a part of Ukraine.

    [Article 133: The administrative-territorial composition of Ukraine includes: the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the individual districts with special status the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, oblasts, regions, cities, city districts, towns and villages.

    The following are a part of Ukraine: the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the individual districts with special status the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, Vinnytsia Oblast, Volyn Oblast, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Donetsk Oblast, Zhytomyr Oblast, Zakarpatska Oblast, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Kyiv Oblast, Kirovohrad Oblast, Luhansk Oblast, Lviv Oblast, Odesa Oblast, Poltava Oblast, Rivne Oblast, Sumy Oblast, Ternopil Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast, Kherson Oblast, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Cherkasy Oblast, Chernivtsi Oblast, Chernihiv Oblast, and the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol.

    The cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol, the individual districts with special status Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts have all been conferred special status as determined by the laws of Ukraine.]

    Source: Donetsk News Agency created by the decree of the Head of the DNR A. Zakharchenko

  7. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    15 months now that RF is attacking Ukraine with all the poison possible, from weapons to lies and organized propaganda . And Ukraine is still there.
    Ukraine has the support from all the world , economy,social,weapons,medical.
    Ukraine had became the reasons for the world to combat against the destructive fascism of Kremlin, in the same ways that bolschevism and communism has been fighted against the last 100 years .
    RF has nothing to come with to make the world believe that totalitarian regime is the solution for a better world ! The only way RF can is by threats and weapons . It might win in destroying the all world ! VERY CLEVER isn´t it ?
    What do you do with a destroyed world ? AVE putin or AVE RF , who would say that ? the Zombies ? The zombies with a fascist flag to parade on the non existant red square ?
    Oh yes , I forgot , putin might survive a nuclear war in his bunker . A few croonies will be there and shouting AVE PUTIN WE ARE THE WINNERS !

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      So you belong to the ones which I call MYTHOADDICT, always afraid of the truth, answer with stupid comment because of lack of argument . You prove your point as a commentator without knowledge one minute of what is happening. You write and write , not one word coming from you but from the world of imagination factory in St P .
      Another term is Useful Idiot (with upper case) so you don´t miss it.

      1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        Idiot! I am polak and can read RT in the text , so I get the real infos and news !

    2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      As a traitor to the country RF, you are damaging RF at the same pace as putin does . And putin useful idiot in lpr/dpr are doing exactly the same .

  8. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Smert mockalyam.

  9. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    There is rising European truly democratic movement that will counter Putin’s 5th column of traitors among EU officials. Once Obama is out of White House after the elections or due to impeachement it is game over for Russian criminals.

    In the meantime do not give up and use every help you get Ukraine. Because your fight is our fight too! And we will prevail.

    1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      collect your five rubles and go dream about buckweat, you poor russkie troll

      And btw, do your scumbag hockeyplayers still run away from the Canadian anthem? Because they suck in the game just like your dwarf pedo of a fascist dicator.

      You are a lost cause, shithole of the world and as proud savage Russkies should go packing from every civilized country including my own. There’s way too many of your uncivilized kind here, rather strange when you all so love your Mother RuSSia.


  10. Avatar Murf says:

    I would have reform in fits and starts than the status quo. Which is what happens in the so called Republics.
    The Republics are a birds eye view of were Ukraine was headed before the Maidan.
    A post industrial waste land.

  11. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    No way do we accept fascist dictator Putin’s demands for Ukraine. He and Lavrov have never told the truth once in their life. Ukraine must demand from russia reparations for the war that putin started in eastern Ukraine.

    1. Avatar gmab says:

      I guess they’ll never let go of their patronizing & arrogant attitudes. Ignorant meddlers in what is not their business. With their economy crashing, let’s see how their federalism works out for them in future.