Russian Spetsnaz sergeant captured in Ukraine reveals details of his mission in video

War in the Donbas

Article by: Alya Shandra
A video showing an interrogation of a captured Russian Spetsnaz soldier by the 92nd brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces has emerged on the internet. The video was shared by the Ukrainian MP Boris Filatov on his fb page with a note that he received it from Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline.

During the interrogation done on the hospital bed, GRU sergeant of the 3d Spetsnaz brigade Aleksander Aleksandrov revealed that he had been in the Anti-terrorist operation zone (ATO) since March 6th under the command of his captain Yevgeny Yerofeyev. Noting that he hasn’t been physically coerced to talk, he specified that he is a contract Russian military intelligence serviceman on a mission to observe and report results. He named that there was another group of Russian soldiers that his brigade was working with in the Shchastya area, having arrived on a Ural truck, with two other brigades on an observation mission in the close vicinity, near Raivka and Stanytsia Luhanska. The soldiers of his brigade (commanded by colonel Shchepin and permanently based in Togliatti), a group of 14 men, come to this location for 4-5 days, after that returning to their permanent base in Luhansk. Overall, there are from 6 to 8 groups operating out of Luhansk.
Noting that he doesn’t get information from locals on the side of the separatist-controlled regions, Alexander informed that his brigade contacts the so-called “rebels” but there are no joint operations and they do not tell each other about their missions.
As reported earlier by InformNapalm, two Russian servicemen, captain Yevgeny Yerofeyev and sergeant Aleksandr Aleksandrov, were captured by soldiers of the 5th company after fierce fighting with a Russian diversion reconnaissance group in the vicinity of the town of Shchastya, near the line of separation. Both servicemen are from a Spetsnaz GRU unit from Tolyatti, Samara Oblast, Russia. Three Ukrainian soldiers were killed and three wounded in the battle.
The route from Tolyatti to Shchastia. The territory under control of Russian/separatist forces is in red

The route from Tolyatti to Shchastya. The territory under control of Russian/separatist forces is in red

The captured Russian soldiers are wounded and are undergoing treatment, the doctor Grigory Maximets posted on his FB page. According to him, the soldiers were patrolling Shchastya being mislead by their leadership, which informed them that the Ukrainian battalion Aidar had left the city.

 The Russian Federation continues to deny its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, claiming that Russian nationals fighting alongside the so-called “separatist” forces are not in regular military service of the Russian Federation and that it has not delivered arms or troops into Ukraine’s Donbas region, the conflict in which has taken over 6 000 lives to date.

Translated by: Kirill Mikhailov

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  1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    That is what I would say to be far away from home . Don´t they have gps in russland ?

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Of course they do. It’s their own version called GLONASS. Russia was in a dispute with the U.S. last year about these two systems and they were going to stop the U.S. GPS bases in Russia from operating last year because the U.S. wouldn’t let GLONASS build a base in the U.S.

      GLONASS is likely typical Russian garbage technology like their Lada cars and their Tupelov aircraft. No wonder their soldiers keep ‘getting lost’ in Ukraine!!!

    2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      He’s giving the standard lie, “I was just observing from a distance, I didn’t do anything, we were just watching”.

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    Tough vacation getting shot in the leg.. must not have been wearing his camouflage swimsuit.

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      The russians must have vacations like everybody else in the world, but the world is closed for them, they can´t afford to travel too far.

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    “One of Russian soldiers Ukraine claims captured sent proof he’s at home.”

    1. Avatar puttypants says:

      The two men don’t look anything alike other than their haircuts.

      1. Avatar John Shirley says:

        Exactly correct, but did you expect anything different from the KGB.

      2. Avatar Pianoman says:

        You do realize that the person in the photo here is Yevgeny Yerofeyev, while the person interviewed in the video is supposed to be Aleksander Aleksandrov…?

        1. Avatar Brent says:

          And what do you have to say about the one confirmed to be captured? Typical Russian ‘useful idiot’ trying to deflect the reality of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

        2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          That is not the one on Euronews to night .
          Try to get the names right, it would help
          But if it is moscovite provocations , avoid !

    2. Avatar John Shirley says:

      Ridiculous. Just another stupid remark from yet another St. Pete.Kremlin paid Internet Troll.
      If a facial recognition program could talk, it would call you a moron.
      So I guess we’ll all just have to “Deal With It”, right?

    3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      And of course you believe that ?

    4. Avatar Kruton says:

      Surrender Communist child rapers or be annihilated!Glory to Right Sector!!

    5. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      They are both in hospital care in Kyiv !

      Russia urgently withdrawing its paratroopers from Donbas

      Breakaway Donetsk republics face eventual defeat, ex-terrorist leader says

      Igor Strelkov, a Russian officer who commanded part of Donetsk rebels at the start of the war, was speaker at the conference “Ukrainian crisis and global politics” whose purpose is to work out the ideology of the war in Donbas, Sotsioportal reports May 17.

      “The country fighting without the war ideology is doomed to lose the fight. There is no ideology either in the Donetsk or Luhansk republics, or in Russia,” he said.

      Russia’s declared goals and the implementation of the Minsk agreement will lead to Moscow’s total defeat and the liquidation of Donbas republics, Strelkov said

      The information about the number of killed and wounded Russian servicemen in Donbas is kept under lock and key by the Kremlin, Russia’s renowned opposition member Andrej Piontkovsky said, speaking on ZIK TV.

      Many Russians are aware that Putin ordered aggression in Donbas. Still, few of them know the number of killed Russian soldiers, Piontkovsky said.

      The Russians are bragging that Crimea was captured without a single shot

      In the Nemtsov’s report titled “Putin. War” the number of Russian army casualties was underestimated since Nemtsov and his colleagues considered merely the casualties suffered in the Ilovajsk and Debaltseve battles.

      As Russian troops were fighting in other areas, the actual number of their casualties is about 1,000, Piontkovsky believes.

      If the Russian casualties rise, it will be impossible for Putin to hide them – and this will spell a catastrophe for the Kremlin ruler, he says.

      Head of Russia Duma defense committee Vladimir Komoyedov says the reports about the capture of 2 FSB officers by the Ukrainian army should be double-checked, UNN reports May 18.

      Earlier, Ukraine army confirmed the capture of the 2 officers by ‘Aidar’ battalion servicemen.

      ‘Aidar’ medical officer Maksymets posted the photos of the two Russians and their names on the Facebook. Both come from a special forces unit stationed in Togliatti and now deployed in Luhansk.

      Rebels reacted, dismissing that the POWs are Russian special troopers.

      Donbas separatists and Putin hide the presence of Russian forces in Donbas

    6. Avatar Murf says:

      Doesn’t even begin to look like him. They must have gone through the model directory until they found him.
      It’s in the same category as the infamous Photoshop fiasco supposedly showing a UAF jet shooting down MH-17.
      Amateur hour at the St Petes school of lies.

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