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Dear readers, recently one of our followers translated the article “Seven reasons the conflict in Ukraine is actually a Russian invasion” to Korean. We think this is a good article that gets the point across to people that haven’t been following the situation in Ukraine. We will be very happy if you could translate it to your language and share with your friends and local media!

Translating is easy:

  1. Open template
  2. Paste text to new google doc
  3. Translate parts of text in bold
  4. Let us know you’re done!

Are you ready? All the instructions and links are in this table.

Questions? Email euromaidanpress (a)

Make a difference. Tell the world the truth about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

P.S. We are going to be doing more projects like this, please sign up if you’re interested in translating!



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  • Roger Mikael Klang

    The text is a little bit too long for an article in a newspaper online. But I am translating your previous article ’20 questions for those who back Putin’s aggression in Ukraine’, by the Russian blogger Viktor Kadochnikov, into Swedish. Or at least the bulk of it. If the article will be accepted by the virtual newspaper I do not know. But I am one of it’s ordinary writers.

  • Diana Robu
    • Oleksandra Shandra

      Diana Robu, would you be willing to translate the text word for word to Romanian so we could add a Romanian version too?

      • Catalin Traian Petrescu

        may I translate with the template? 😀

  • Bu Buccaneer

    May I proof-read the Polish translation?

    • Oleksandra Shandra

      Sure, can you write me here?

      • Bu Buccaneer

        Not really, sorry. I don’t use facebook.
        Please try empress at eml cc

      • Bu Buccaneer

        Please send me a message atempress