Putin’s personality cult exceeds Stalin’s ‘by every measure’

Little Russian girls performing under a portrait of Putin (Image: kasparov.ru)

Little Russian girls performing a dance routine under a portrait of Putin (Image: kasparov.ru) 

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Putin monument

A monument to Vladimir Putin. Putin is shown wearing a judo uniform.

Although few want to recognize that this is the case, the personality cult surrounding Vladimir Putin far exceeds the one that surrounded Stalin “by all measures” and has become what can best be described as “the religion of a pagan empire,” according to Moscow commentator Maksim Kantor.

Another portrait of Putin. The globe has the Crimea painted in the colors of Russia (Image: bbc.com)

A portrait of Putin with the globe on his shoulders. The occupied Crimea is painted in the colors of Russia (Image: bbc.com)

In a post on Kasparov.ru, Kantor points out that “Stalin stressed his status as a student of Lenin and demonstratively pointed to the primacy of the leader in everything,” insisting that he was “faithful to the principles of Lenin and the course of the founding fathers – to the victory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and only then himself.”

Moreover, one cannot imagine Stalin having golden jets or palaces or to think of him as someone “with a bared chest.” It thus appears, the Moscow commentator continues, that for a full-blown cult of personality one needs a certain “vulgarization of the idol” – and Stalin wasn’t prepared to have that happen.

A portrait showing Putin fighting multi-headed dragon of Western sanctions. The EU, Japan, and Canada still alive, but the US already lost its head to Putin. (Image: bbc.com)

A portrait of Putin fighting a four-headed dragon of Western powers. The EU, Japan, and Canada are shown still alive, but the US already lost its head to Putin’s sword. (Image: bbc.com)

In essence, Kantor continues, “Stalin really considered himself to be a communist; he really believed that he was building an unheard of society of equality.” Consequently, he was viewed and insisted on being viewed as “a builder of communism and not as a man or as the most attractive individual of the tribe.”

It would not have entered the head of any woman in the Soviet Union to think that she should bear Stalin’s child, he says. “Women loved their men, but they believed Stalin. And this was not completely a cult of personality. The phrase ‘Stalin is married to Russia’ was in principle impossible.” Its use would have led to criminal charges.

Putin’s cult has expanded far beyond Stalin’s, “in part because of the tastelessness and vanity.” But “that is secondary,” Kantor says. The main cause is that what we are observing is “the development of a pagan cult in a nation which has lost all other convictions. There is no longer faith in freedom or equality or democracy or communism.”

“What remains is a tribal faith – and the cult of a leader (precisely a tribal and pagan cult) has replaced all ideology.”

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  • Rods

    Despot, Dictator, Vulgarity and their propaganda. The West makes innovation, productivity and human rights, age span, health and lives much better. Putin allegedly steals better, makes Russian people poorer better, dropping age span better and health diseases better, slavery better and propaganda better, but is falling slightly short on Stalin on killing better! Whereas Stalin killed an estimated 50 million, Putin is only at about 500,000 with 250-300,00 Chechens, 200,000 Syrians and 6-12,000 Ukrainians. Putin is already a disgrace to humanity, it is now a question of how much lower he will go before regime or his crimes against humanity trial in The Hague catches up with him.

    What being part of the West means: Live long, live free, live successful, live happy, rather than Putin’s cesspit called Russian, with we all knowing what floats to the top!

    • puttypants

      Rods…Well said!…However, I would disagree with Kantors assessment of Stalin being a good communist. He too was a cunning and sick psychopath who tortured and murdered people because of his paranoia.

      • The truth

        A disputable INAPROPRIATE gone time . That´s all the russians have left THE ADORATION !

        • commieslayer

          Adoration of the devil. How sick the russian mind has become !

    • The truth

      Nice to see that I am not alone with the truth ! Putin and his KGB ruling over lives of russian people, ruling over his so called sphere of influence , trying to get respect with his armada of missiles. Only a despot dictator can !
      Mussolini the father of Fascism did a good work to distribute this epidemy !
      And then came that hitler to strentheng it , Stalin jump on the train , pushed the ideology “NO MAN, NO PROBLEM” Killing and miserable lives for millions . And still there are adepts of those doctrines and putin is only the offspring of that dilemma ! Do you know another country having a mummy to adore and make money on the entry fees to contemplate a failure .

  • Jens A

    Cults of personality is usually the best way for dictators to loose sanity. Putin is a good example of that.

    • The truth

      RIGHT. But don´t you suffer with all those people in russia , crasping after freedom and peace ?

      • Jens A

        Yes of course. It is very sad to see those Russians that love freedom and they are many more than the official figures say they are. At least, so I think. A Levada poll last year, September or so, stated that 30% were afraid of answering honestly on polls and as it is not dangerous to say that Putin is wonderful, all 30% can be directly deducted from Putin’s popularity plus (or minus) those, who didn’t even dare to answer honest to that poll. However, at it was 1939 to 1945, there is no other possible angle of attack than attacking all of Russian economy. Of course the victims from the big firestorms in Hamburg were more or less innocent, but there were no other way. And after all, I am talking about crippling Russian economy, not bombing the country, UNLIKE this scumbag, Putin, who frequently refers to his ability to bomb us! Alone for that reason, I want him in jail forever!