Putin teaches geography: ‘All the former USSR is Russia’

Putin in his new documentary film, called "The President" (Image: nr2.com.ua) 

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The 150-minute film “The President” about Vladimir Putin is mostly boring and predictable in that it insists that “without Vladimir Vladimirovich nothing in the country will work,” Kseniya Kirillova notes. But she points out that there are three “lessons” contained in the film that must not be ignored.

Kseniya Kirillova, Journalist

Kseniya Kirillova

First, she argues, despite all the anti-Americanism he has promoted, Putin clearly indicates in the film that the model of the world order he would like to see is one in which Russia and the US would jointly decide all of the world’s “most important” geopolitical issues and divide up the world into “spheres of influence.”

While the Kremlin leader does not say so, this would be a return to what he now sees as the way the world worked between the Yalta and Potsdam conferences at the end of World War II and the time of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika and one in which other countries, especially small ones, would have little or no voice about their fates.

Second, in the film, Putin offered the clearest indication yet that not only does he consider the disintegration of the USSR the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the last century but views it in a way that is absolutely at variance with the facts, one that points to more trouble ahead for all of the former Soviet republics and occupied Baltic states.

According to Putin, “all of us had illusions: it seemed then that after the destruction of the Soviet Union and after Russia voluntarily – I stress this – voluntarily and consciously” gave up its “own territory, productive capacity and so on, with the departure of the ideological component which separated the former Soviet Union and the entire rest of the civilized world, than now the fetters would fall and ‘freedom would greet us joyously at the entrance.”

Such ideas have been circulating in the Moscow elite for some time, Kirillova says, pointing to a recent essay by Pavel Kazarin who noted that “in the consciousness of many representatives of the Russia elite, Moscow did not lose ‘the cold war.’ More than that, in their opinion, the division of the Union took place not so much as a result of the collapse of the Soviet model… but rather as a result of the Kremlin voluntarily agreeing to join the club of western players.”

As a result, Kazarin says, “Moscow conducts itself as if the Soviet Union had not fallen apart, as if it had only been reformatted but with relations between the vassals and sovereign retained in their former state.” (For a discussion of Kazarin’s argument and its implications, see this.)

In “The President,” Putin goes even further and declares that “Russia voluntarily gave up its own territories,” Kirillova says, an assertion so sweepingly at odds with reality that it is important to remember what actually happened 25 years ago.

“When Putin speaks about the territorial losses of Russia, he is directly declaring that all the former union republics are Russian territories! Nota bene: he designates them already not as ‘zone of influence’ … but as [his country’s] ‘own territory,’ from which Russia ‘voluntarily withdrew.”

“In fact,” Kirillova observes, “the present-day Russian Federation exists in the very same border that the RSFSR had; that is there were no territorial changes in Russia itself in connection with the collapse of the USSR. The republics which acquired independence after 1991 were never part of the RSFSR.”

From this it follows, she continues, “when Putin speaks about the territorial losses of Russia, he is directly declaring that all the former union republics are Russian territories! Nota bene: he designates them already not as ‘zone of influence’ … but as [his country’s] ‘own territory,’ from which Russia ‘voluntarily withdrew.”

That is simply an Orwellian retelling of what happened: In reality, “all the union republics, including even Ukraine and Belarus the closest to Russia, proclaimed their sovereignty in 1989-1990, that is, before 1991, and this phenomenon even received a name, ‘the parade of sovereignties.’”


There was nothing voluntary in Moscow’s response: It tried to crush Lithuania first by an economic blockade and then by the direct application of military force. But it failed to stop “the movement for exit from the USSR” that was “born in all the union republics.” As a result, after the failure of the August 1991 putsch, “the disintegration of the Union was inevitable.”

The Belavezha Accords of December 8, 1991, usually seen as the death certificate of the USSR simply put on paper what had already taken place, a reminder that “even when these republics were in the USSR, none of them called themselves ‘Russia’s own territory.’” That is a Putinism that goes back to tsarist times.

And finally third, Putin’s film underscored how isolated Russia is in the former Soviet space, not how much the peoples and countries of that territory continue to look to Moscow as Vladimir Putin suggests they should. The only foreign leader who gets a positive reference in the film is Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev.

One might have expected there to be some reference to Alyaksandr Lukashenka, the leader of a country that is part of Putin’s union state of Russia and Belarus. But “obviously, the prospects of considering his country Russia’s territory do not generate any pleasure” with the Belarusian leader who has been distancing himself from Moscow over and as a result of Ukraine.

Putin’s “myth about the voluntary, carried out ‘from above’ demise of the USSR, which completely ignores the will of the peoples populating it, shows,” Kirillova concludes, “that the Kremlin has not drawn any conclusions from its collapse, and lessons which are not learned as is well known, have a tendency to be repeated.”

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  1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    IDI AMIN the dictator wanted to be King of Scotland ! Why ? Nobody knows.
    Dictators have always bizarre dreams ! All these countries were free before Stalin started his march. These countries were only URSS on the URSS map . As soon as they had a choice they run away from the miserable lives they had to endure for decennies . They did throw away URSS, it was not the URSS who did leave them voluntary. BLATANT LIES ! SORRY POUTINE YOU ARE ON THE WRONG TRACK AS USUAL ! Notice that I write putin/poutine , because in french putin sound will be whore !

    1. Avatar Jari Hämäläinen says:

      Well that is true only with the three Baltic states and in some amount with Ukraine. For example before 1990 there never were an independent state of Belarus – only a pseudo independent Belarussian S.S.R.

      1. Avatar The truth says:

        I know that it is not a dream. But don´t forget that a revolution like 1991 needs time to extent. 24 years is a short time for a country.

    2. Avatar LorCanada says:

      Umm, “Poutine” is a French Canadian (Quebec) dish of french fries smothered with yummy gravy and topped with cheese. … ;- )


  2. Avatar Handyman1 says:

    Saying that Russia gave up territory by allowing Ukraine and others to become independent, doesn’t necessarily mean that he still considers these territories as Russian territory but it also doesn’t contradict this possibility. If I understood correctly in the entire film there was no mention that Putin recognised the independence of Ukraine, this is worrisome especially in the light of his statement about Russia “giving up territory”.

    However, what worries me most is that the words of Putin were simply not very intelligent. An unintelligent person, believing in a reality that is false, having the availability of a big army and many atomic weapons is very, very dangerous, not the least to Russia itself. I can only hope that the people surrounding Putin will act in time before he really starts to do stupid things because Russia and all its people, including the elites, will pay a heavy price for it !

    1. Avatar PoeTentiate says:

      It is not effectively isolated. The least of which It is busy buying influence in the new socialist states in Europe, and its army of paid social media trolls are busy convincing the stupid in the world that everything that shows Russia doing bad things is an American plot. If progressives had any shame or an ounce of brains (like Cohen) they would be ashamed to be supporting the brutal fascist state that Russia has become (again).

      1. Avatar Handyman1 says:

        You wrote “It is not effectively isolated”. There absolutely is truth in your words. Russia is isolated in Europa as far as its position on Ukraine is concerned and as far as the Russian right to protect Russian speakers is concerned. It is not isolated in most of the rest of the world. And the European isolation of Russia is by no means complete. There is still trade between Russia and Europa. But politically it is isolated in Europe.

        1. Avatar Jari Hämäläinen says:

          Not even politically. In my mind such political isolation would mean cutting all – I mean ALL – diplomatic ties to Moscow and giving both Putin and Lavrov a persona non grata -status all over Europe, or at least within EU. South Africa was isolated due to its apartheid policy but things with Russia are quite far from such state of isolation.

          1. Avatar Handyman1 says:

            Well you can always argue where isolation starts and ends. You can always make isolation more or less complete. As far as the most important question is concerned “does Russia have the right to do what it does in Ukraine” it has no supporters within the present governments. It is also isolated in the sense that there are sanctions towards Russia carried out by a fast majority of countries in Europe.

          2. Avatar Jari Hämäläinen says:

            As what I have heard there is a growing political pressure to lift the sanctions preferably sooner than later – even Crimea and Donbass & Luhansk areas would remain under Russian control. Even this far those so called sanctions have been rather formal. Poland and Lithuania keep on demanding much harder actions but France, Germany and some other west European states are against such demands. And what comes to European governments, I think in Greece, Cyprus, Hungary and even Czech has more or less supportive governments.

          3. Avatar Handyman1 says:

            You say that those sanctions are rather formal. Independent experts estimate that the sanctions cause a damage to the Russian economy of roughly 2% of its GDP. I don´t call that formal, this is more.

            The countries you mentioned (Greece, Cyprus, Hungary etc.) do not really support Russia (yet). They implement the sanctions and reject the Russian policy towards Ukraine.

            But you are right, not everybody cares as much about solidarity with a European country under attack and European values. The countries you mentioned are in great need, either financially or politically and hope to get something from Russia and hope to pressure the rest of Europe by pretending that they get closer to Russia.

            But if the sanctions are not prolonged, it will mean a tremendous blow to the EU. It will mean the EU is less than a paper tiger. It would show it is not willing to fight for European values and in the end is only a loose bunch of countries who opportunistically care for their own interests only. As most of these countries are NATO countries too, it is likely that NATO’s cohesion will break too. This would be an enormous success for Putin. Even before the “game for Europe” really started he would already have crushed Europe. Without solidarity, every European countries stands in front of Russia alone. My country could be changes into a marionette of Russia if it would face Russia alone and if Russia would threaten to mine the entrance to the harbour of Rotterdam I can tell you.
            In the end, this situation is not in the interest of most if not all European countries. This opens plenty of opportunities to counter these threads. But still, you are right, there are tendencies to lift the sanctions and no longer confront Russia.

          4. Avatar Handyman1 says:

            Igor you asked “European solidarity…to do what?”, I will tell you: To stop Putin.

            To stop Putin attacking a neighbouring country that didn’t attack Russia in any way. To stop him occupying ever more land of Ukraine like he did in Crimea and now in Donbas. To stop him trying to create divisions in Europe by making countries dependable on Russian gas (something these countries allowed to happen because they apparently thought it was a good and reliable deal), bribing officials, supporting fascists parties with money and by a lot of propaganda.

            You asked what the purpose of the sanctions was. Indeed to stop Putin in Donbas and to return Crimea to Ukraine. Crimea is Ukrainian, end of discussion. In the end, once Europe has replaced its weak leadership, there will be a full-scale war if Crimea is not returned, have no illusion about that. Europe against Russia. I am looking forward to it ! Russia will leave Crimea. Justice will be done !

            About the east of Ukraine. Without a Russian military intervention there would still be peace in the east of Ukraine. More than 6000 people would still be alive and more than a million people would not have fled. There certainly were tensions within Ukraine but this war is not a result of these tensions, in fact it only made them worse. This war is the result of the Russian attack. Most separatist fighters are Russians, no doubt about that, they don’t even deny it themselves.

            And about talking to the criminals who now lead the occupied areas in the east. Their power is not based on fair elections but on the barrel of a gun. Can you imagine that the West sends fighters to Russia and supports them with a massive amount of weapons with which they then manage to occupy land and than expect from Russia to negotiate with these people to basically strike a deal that accepts their illegal conquest ? This is basically what Russia does now. Ask the people in Chechnya how Russia would react to that ? I will tell you, with brute force as Russia always reacts to internal problems. And now you expect from Ukraine to sit around the table with crooks and to more or less legitimise them ? You have got nerves !

            But still, Ukraine does talk to the separatists, directly and indirectly to get peace. But unfortunately, your “wonderful” country is still supplying these separatist with twice as much ground weapons as the entire German army has today ! Why ? To attack again and occupy even more land which isn’t theirs and indirectly, to force Ukraine to subdue to Russian and to accept its demands to never join NATO or the EU and give Russia a veto over every major decision of Ukraine. I tell you, if Ukraine would do this in a for Russia credible way, the war would be over tomorrow and these “peoples republics” would disappear like snow in the sun because they are just a Russian tool and once this tool is no longer useful they are just a cause for trouble on the Russian borders. Russia will then withdraw its support and force these areas to join Ukraine again.

            You ask yourself why US/EU are allowed to influence Kiev but Russia should not have the right to influence the east. Your reasoning is a good example of typical Russian reasoning or better to say, its inability to see symmetries or asymmetries. The east of Ukraine is not the government of Ukraine which is the only force which is entitled to take decisions for the entire country. So here is a clear asymmetry which changes everything: The east is not the government. Secondly, the EU and the US do not use force to influence the government of Ukraine, Russia does. Russia has the right to influence Ukraine as much as it likes, but only in a peaceful way.

            Besides this, the vast majority of Ukrainians (elections and research show that) want their country to be a unitary state in which no region has a veto of national political decisions. It wouldn’t be fair to make an exception to Donbas. These Donbas people aren’t more Ukrainian than the others.

            You say Kiev should win the hearts and minds of people in the east. If given a fair chance I am sure they would try that. But if you have to fight against rebels who else would conquer even more Ukrainian land than some of your grenades will hit innocent people (like many grenades of the separatists do too). It is pretty hard than to win the hearts and minds of people. Don’t you think so ? And not fighting back would mean that the rebels would occupy the whole of Donbas and even more territory. You cannot expect from Ukraine that it accepts that, don’t you think ?

            So winning hearts and minds is nice but it is not very realistic under present circumstances.

          5. Avatar The truth says:

            If there are sanctions against Russia , it must be a reason. I am sure that without this play with history putin´s model the sanctions would not exist. So why can´t he draw conclusions.

        2. Avatar The truth says:

          Putin did dig his hole . He is isolated , but of course he doesn´t understand and blame EU/WEST/US for his failures.
          Sorry but I don´t have any extra feelings for such a man . And I am not alone , we can say billion .

      2. Avatar Brent says:

        It may not be “North Korea batshite crazy” isolated YET, but it’s getting there. Look at how many World leaders have refused to attend Putin’s “Russia saved the World from Nazi Germany” party on May 9th.

        Yes, they still are throwing money at the useful idiots like Orban, Le Pen, Greece’s Syriza Party, and the “fascist conference” they held in St Petersburg last month, and also still paying trolls at 55 Savushkina to spew their propaganda, but eventually that money runs out and they can no longer bribe others to their cause. One of the most telling photos from 2014 was Putin at the G20 wondering why no one wants to come play with him. I think at this particular moment in this photo is when he decided to leave the G20 early and go home to Russia and get ‘a good night sleep as he had a busy work day the next day’….

        1. Avatar LorCanada says:

          And Pootlink took his navy ships back home with him. …. Apparently he didn’t impress anybody with his glorious presence, lol.

          1. Avatar The truth says:

            Even the kaolas were afraid. Very sensitive small animals.

          2. Avatar Doug Retter says:

            No one would even sit with him at lunch>

        2. Avatar The truth says:

          That photo show the start of the end !

      3. Avatar The truth says:

        Russia should put its money in investments for the country and the people there. I have a strong feelings and many proofs that Russia was respected after the 1991 revolution. Hos does it looks today ?

    2. Avatar LorCanada says:

      It seems to me if Russia “stands alone”, it can hardly win anything of note.

    3. Avatar The truth says:

      Twice has putin made statements against use of terrorists or terrorism.
      “”””1. “Out in the outhouse”

      Perhaps the most famous statement of his Putin did back as Prime Minister in September, 1999. “Russian aircraft are and will continue to strike in Chechnya solely on terrorist bases, and this will continue, wherever the terrorists are … more We will pursue the terrorists everywhere in the airport at the airport. So you’re not me sorry, we catch in the toilet and in the outhouse of their wet, after all. All closed definitively “.

      For the 2010 year, the position of the President on this issue is not changed: “a matter of honor law enforcement — the masterminds of the attacks against vykovyrât’ from the bottom of the sewers”.”

      http://www.regnum.ru/news/polit/1909090.html#ixzz3X5GVlyVn REGNUM


      den 26 april kl. 14:20 · .

      “Never one should even try to use terrorists to solve his short-term political or even geopolitical goals” – ?#?Putin?. ?#?US

    4. Avatar The truth says:

      The so called pressures are there because putin did not respect international laws. Those sanctions will remain untill the end of the year. Eventually more sanctions to come. Isolated ? Europe is looking outside the continent for its supply of oil and gas. WHY ?
      Putin as a good despot can close the tab and Europe would sit there like an idiot duck ! Isolation is self afflicted.

      1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

        No one knows how long the sanctions will last…no one knows how long Russia will last…

    5. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      Why is then Russia and Russian trolls in particular have been crying wolf that po’ Russia is “surrounded” by the NATO?

  3. Avatar PoeTentiate says:

    Putin’s dream will only be realized over piles of corpses and rivers of blood

  4. Avatar puttypants says:

    OIY the man is a not to bright of a nut job. That doesn’t mean the naive Germanys won’t be happy and the Americans would be happy to fall for it. They’ll easily give up Ukraine and all the other countries just so they don’t to fight or lose money.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      No, that is incorrect. I think you missed the point.
      USA is more concerned about Putin unilaterally changing the borders of neighbouring nations in Europe and elsewhere and this is unacceptable. You don’t walk into your neighbour’s home and decide you like his furniture and claim it as your own, do you? It’s called “International Law” by which each nation respects the borders of other nations, and whichever language is spoken is irrelevant. Britain speaks English and so does USA but that doesn’t mean the Brits have any right to claim America, hm? Not at all, at least not at this late stage of history!

      1. Avatar The truth says:

        I understand the fears of puttypants ! Russia has proved the last 100 years that international law is only for the others.

  5. Avatar puttypants says:

    USA and europe have not acted with honor towards Ukraine so I don’t expect anything of decency coming from them except for Ukraine to lose here.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      I wouldn’t put Ukraine down as a loser even though it is a smaller nation because there is always public opinion. If there are negative repercussions that follow Pootlink’s rash total invasion of Ukraine such as further food shortages and difficult economic crises piling up in Russia, I’m sure the people won’t tolerate the bad leadership being forced on them. Even now there are growing demonstrations by opponents of Pootlink and it isn’t all sweetness and light ahead.

  6. let’s support separatism in RF itself so they can separate from moskovia and his “mongols”, and by that I don’t mean people from mongolia…

    1. like i said i don’t mean people from mongolia neither people with syndrom of down, so its not racist, but yes I mean retarded, brainless, dumbass, like Marquis de Custine wrote down in his famous book russia 1839:

      Marquis de Custine said it in his russia 1839 (french-translated englsih 1844)


      “This huge empire that suddenly appears in front of me to the east of Europe, that Europe, where society suffers in poverty of each recognized authority – this empire makes an impression on me of a revolt of the dead. I think that I am among the nations of the Old Testament, and I pause in horror mixed with curiosity, before a laboratory of antediluvian monsters,”

      wrote the French nobleman in a letter from Russia in 1839. He was prompted to go there by the frustrated proto-democratic republican France, he believed that the absolute power of the empire was better than chatter and democratic debate. So he went with the hope of magic and returned from the Russian Empire with these words:

      “Anyone who gets closely acquainted with tsarist Russia will be happy to live in any other country. It is always good to know that there is a state in the world in which happiness is impossible.”

      This book (curious readers can find it in different languages on the Internet; in English here) does not lose relevance today. Finally, it should be recognized that each generation opens it for itself, right after its publication it became a bestseller in France, and the Russian censorship just as promptly banned it (notably the Russian government then began a campaign to discredit the Marquis of Custine in Europe, for money, [paid] and through a network of agent’s promotional materials published in the leading European media – all that just like now, right?). Later Herzen [Aleksandr Herzen was a Russian writer and thinker known as the “father of Russian socialism” and one of the main fathers of agrarian populism – translator] wrote of “Russia in 1839″: “Without a doubt, this is the most interesting and brightest book written by a stranger on Russia.”

      It was especially relevant to the Ukrainian soul which in its own skin knew the “beauty” of life under the Russian boot. After World War II Dontsov [father of Ukrainian nationalist ideology from Melitopol, south-eastern Ukraine – translator] addressed comments from the Marquis of Custine book in which he often emphasized that the USSR under Stalin and Khrushchev were different from that Imperial Russia described by the Frenchman in name only. After all, it was Custine himself who captured this main characteristic of Russia:

      “The Russians have only names, but there is nothing in reality – a country of facades.”

      The “Potemkin-ite” essence of the Moscow empire, which was cleverly illustrated for the strangers eyes, was captured by the French traveller in just three months of travel.

      Today it is the turn of our generation to open the striking relevance of the Marquis of Custine’s observations. It appears that nothing has changed, so this book can and should be given Ukrainian officials, MPs, military and foreign politicians, Western negotiators and the “useful idiots” of Putin’s regime in the West. Is it not it worth it to read the current opinion, written 175 years ago:

      “All I can tell you, is that from the time I was in Russia, I see a black future of Europe. (…) Why is Russia so dependent on feeling itself a severe threat to Europe? To influence European policy? (…) Russia sees in Europe prey that through our [Europe’s – translator] divisions, sooner or later, will be given to the wolves. “

      Following Herzen and Dontsov, I must admit that I have not read a book better and wiser about Russia in which would be so subtly captured the essence of the criminal and brutal Russian soul. Every subsequent generation, opens “Russia in 1839″ by the Marquis of Custine for themselves – and can be horrified by the relevance of these travel notes. This book helps eliminate unnecessary illusions and dispels the smokescreen put out on European eyes by the Kremlin propaganda machine – and leads to the conclusion that with a deceitful Russia it makes no sense to agree about anything, you can only win against it and force it to respect our rights.

      And finally the Marquis de Custine:

      “At the heart of the Moscow people there is disorderly ambition; this ambition knows no bounds, it can only poison a depressed soul, and it is powered by the misfortune of an entire nation. This nation is essentially aggressive and bent due to poverty; in its lowly roots it cherishes a hope to extend tyranny and dominance over others; [the acquisition of] fame and wealth that it hopes will divert its mind from the shame in which it exists, and to wash off its wicked donation (forfeit) of social and personal freedom, the slave on its knees dreams of world domination.”

      An observation of Russia from 1839! And nothing to add.

      “It can be said of the Russians, great and small-they are intoxicated with slavery…In Russia, whatever be the appearance of things, violence and arbitrary rule is at the bottom of them all. Tyranny rendered calm by the influence of terror is the only kind of happiness which this government is able to afford its people.

      Such a social organization produces a fever of envy so violent, a straining of minds toward ambition so constant, that by now the Russian people must be inept in everything except the conquest of the world. I always come back to this term because such a goal is the only thing that can explain the excessive sacrifices imposed here on the individual by society…. They wish to rule the world by conquest; they mean to seize by armed force the countries accessible to them, and thence to oppress the rest of the world by terror. The extension of power they dream of is in no way either intelligent or moral; and if God grants it to them, it will be for the woe of the world.

      This population of automatons is like half a game of checkers, for a single man makes all the plays and the invisible adversary is humanity. One does not die, one does not breathe here except by permission Or by imperial order; therefore, everything is gloomy and constrained. Silence presides over life and paralyzes it. Officers, coachmen, Cossacks, serfs, courtiers, all are servants, of different rank, of the same master and blindly obeying an idea that they do not understand. It is a masterpiece of military mechanics.

      Among these People deprived of leisure and of will one sees only bodies without souls, and one trembles in thinking that for such a great multitude of arms and legs there is only one head.

      Russia is a nation of mutes; some magician has changed sixty million men into automatons who await the wand of another magician to be reborn and to live. Nothing is lacking in Russia … except liberty, that is to say life”

      http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/25755 french

      http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/31554 4 volumes french


      english 1


      english 2



      1. Avatar Lasha Tevzadze says:

        I don’t hate russians, have lot of russian friends. I hate country ROSSIA.

  7. Avatar Marcus Safoy says:

    Perestroika was the political impulse from the top that led to the brake up of USSR. EU was made possible through Perestroika – when mature Communist states merged with Capitalist states to form a Socialist European Union.

    Anatoliy Golitsyn – a Ukrainian KGB defector – wrote in his book – The Perestroika Deception – that this was made by design, that the Hegelian dialectic through this merger would lead to a convergance between Europe and Russia and create the Eurasian Union that Gorbachev was talking about, the same Eurasian Union that Putin is talking about today as well.

    1. Avatar The truth says:

      Someone or many were wrong. Nostalgia will not get you anywhere, but deceptions. proof everydays !

      1. Avatar Marcus Safoy says:

        Anatoliy Golitsyn could have been wrong, the world is changing and the future is not written in stone – although over 90 percent of his predictions have come true.

        Perhaps something went wrong in Ukraine. Perhaps not, perhaps the war in Ukraine is the event that will ingnite a chain reaction that will change everything.

        How can I prove that he was right ? Well… I can’t. Future will tell.

        But something is happening – today we have a war in Ukraine and in the Middle East. Russia is behind the proxy war in Ukaine and Iran is behind the Shia proxy wars in the Middle East, and Iran is of course backed by Russia and China.

  8. Avatar Brent says:

    Putin needs to get a brain scan. There has to be some injury or disease that is rotting his brain.

    He whines and cries about Russia never getting respect and he keeps demanding the World view Russia as some great power and acquiesce to his demands and desires to be an overlord of other countries. This has been a characteristic of other tyrannical despots through history. The sooner his Russian citizens wake up to what he is doing to their country, to its economy, and their childrens’ futures, the more peaceful OUR WORLD (not all his) will become.

    1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      brain scan could reveal a shocking truth-just a blur of nothingness.

    2. Avatar The truth says:

      That snubbles about missiles. Why should Russia be the only country in Europe with nuclear missiles ? Wrong argument. Baltic sea, training waters for russian subs going out from St P or Kaliningrad .Sometime they even loose their ways !

  9. Avatar Brent says:

    I see that you like to “play with facts”. Here’s some for you to chew on:

    In 1991, Russia’s population was 148,689,000. IN 2013, it was 143,000,000. 3,000,000 less than when Putin first took office in 2000.

    Life expectancy for males in Russia is 64 years (137th in the World) , and for females 76 (100th in the World). That ticking sound might you hear might not be your wristwatch….

    As for Ukraine, 92.3% of Ukrainians voted for independence from USSR in 1991. Considering 17% of the country was ethnic Russians, at least half of them had to be voting to be out of the USSR too.

    In 2010 Crimean parliamentary elections, Sergei “Goblin” Aksyonov’s Russian Unity Party, who openly campaigned to secede and join Russia, received 4% of the vote.

    Now Putin’s biggest legacy is uniting Ukrainians more than ever before. They no longer trust their ‘brother nation’ Russia for what it has done to Ukraine. Instead of breaking Ukraine apart, Putin has made it stronger and more patriotic than ever. Congratulations!!!

    Just figured I’d share those FACTS with you.

    P.S. I think the Russian ‘rubble’ is now worth 1.9 U.S. PENNIES. Not even worth my 2 cents…..

    1. Avatar The truth says:

      You have right to have opinions, but you must go to the end of this vote and referedum story. Something is not clear . It seems that some facts are missing .

      1. Avatar The truth says:

        What is not clear is your words ! Do you agree that Ukraine should be part of an union of sovjet sovereign states on the basis of the declaration of state sovereignity in Ukraine”
        One is against the other . Sovereign can´t be from 2 countries.

      2. Avatar The truth says:

        2008 till 2013 It is ok . I rely on the figures ! Thereafter because putin had already decided to take care of Crimea. (he admitted himself) The figures are obsolete !
        the small cartoons explain enough !

  10. Avatar Jari Hämäläinen says:

    If and when the former CCCP republics (or “non-states” as official Kremlin terminology tells) won’t “return” for good into some sort of Union with “mother Russia” there is a fair chance, that Putin and his followers would try to do that by military forces. While Belarus has taken some small steps away from Moscow, at the same time Georgia has taken some steps closer (when compared to Saakashvili’s era!) and Armenia has taken quite significant steps towards Moscow – much due to the alliance between Azers and Turkey. 1915 wounds are still very much open in Armenia and won’t heal any time soon.

    1. Avatar The truth says:

      Don´t paint the black more black ! Putin the chess player will tumble on the Zugzwang !

  11. Avatar Lasha Tevzadze says:

    maybe for you it was tragedy, but for 99% of Georgians and Baltic states it was best day. FREEEDOM!!!

    1. Avatar The truth says:

      WITHOUT DOUBT. The proofs are there , that all those ex-urss countries are much more well off. And free to decide its future . politically and economically ! I admire what the baltics countries have been doing in 24 years in comparison with what russia did under the same time. Russia, the leaders, make your choice, work for the country you have , work hard, keep the new examinated citizens in within the country. Invest in your people, make russia a country to be respected. Don´t be paranoiac, nobody wants to destroy Russia . But sometimes I wonder if Russia is not destroying itself !

    2. Avatar The truth says:

      Tragedy and tragedy ! Maybe ? But ask the countries who choose to be independent what they think. For any country 24 years is a short time. What did Russia during those 24 years but to steal lands parts of the ex satellit states. Russia should have invested in reforms against mafia,corruption etc….
      Russia would have kept all these young people who choose to fly away from Russia. The West did not force them to move. Russia has to admit that independence was the best .And work forwards to a stability which is the dreams of the russian people . They don´t want empire dreams, they don´t want phantoms from the past , they want to be happy, to enjoy life, to build up a future for the country and their children and their grand children. They don´t want a revolution again, they want leaders which think of them first . Simple dreams for any normal citizens !

    3. Avatar Lasha Tevzadze says:

      yes, Georgia lost more ten 10% of its population since independence and what? Citizens of Georgia and other soviet republics started fleeing country well before collapse of USSR and after this process just accelerated. this happened not because collapse of USSR was tragedy!!! answer is that this people decided to live in better places, with more freedom and more opportunities. its there choose and this possibility (to choose where to live) became possible after this [email protected]#&K state collapsed.

    4. Avatar The truth says:


    5. Avatar The truth says:


      1. Avatar The truth says:

        For RUSSIA SSR it was a tragedy. First because they were not ready for it. Second URSS was bankrupt ! Goobie had not exactly planned that way. So the tragedy was the result of no planned circumstances. The tragedy ended and started when Jeltsin forced Gobbie to sign the resignation of URSS. It must have been a chock for millions ! But in one way or other it had to come that way. And it did !

        1. Avatar The truth says:

          What happened today is also a tragedy 10 days before the parade !

          “”Russian Spaceship Falling Toward Earth

          An unmanned Russian spacecraft is falling toward Earth, after mission control officials abandoned efforts to stabilize it after it entered the wrong orbit. Progress M-27M, launched Tuesday, was carrying 2.5 tons of food and supplies to the International Space Station, but didn’t arrive six hours after launch. Officials say crew members aboard the space station have plenty of food and are in no immediate danger. “The speed of the descent will vary depending on the state of the atmosphere and solar winds,” a space-agency source told Russian wire service RIA Novosti. “We will be able to exactly calculate where and when Progress fragments that don’t burn in the atmosphere will fall only a few hours before that happens.”

          RIA Novosti reports that the ship was insured for 2 billion rubles. The total cost of the failed mission, however, is closer to 5 billion rubles—nearly $100 million. In addition to cargo for the International Space Station, Progress was carrying symbolic gifts: St. George’s ribbons and other trinkets to commemorate 70 years since the end of WWII.

    6. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      >various pools show that majority of Russian population share his opinion regarding this event.<
      Do you mean it as a compliment? If anything, it shows that they are brain dead.

  12. Avatar Murf says:

    A while ado i ask what is the Russian obsession with “Spheres of Influence”
    It is like a mantra with them.
    I finally figured it out.
    They DEMAND their Sphere because they can not compete by any legitimate means.
    They can not win over anybody by national character. They have nothing to offer except bribery whether it be resources, money or willingness to give acceptance to the unacceptable.
    As soon as one or the other runs out then the country they are courting rejects them like a princess blows off a peasant.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      There is also:

      “One half is mine, the other half is ours.”

    2. Avatar The truth says:

      Russia alone, without all those microrepublics (80) would be much better off ! To mix politic and economy is never good. For russia to developpe as a modern country , it must concentrate on the welfare and well being of its citizens. As it is now, Russia is running itself into a new revolution. Unhappy microrepublics leaders are showing their miscontentment everydays. Why can´t putin understand that, when the list of the visitors to the parade is shorter and shorter. That is the best sign, that something is wrong ! His so called sphere of influences is economical and a complete failure politically .

      1. Avatar The truth says:

        One statement from you contradicte another statement from you in the same comment. Reread and you will see something doesn´t hold scrutinity !

      2. Avatar The truth says:

        The big difference mister is that EU is voluntary. USA is voluntary. RF or URSS is the result of mr Stalin march towards the paradise of communism ! That is why all this crashed in DDR 1989, then 1991 in URSS. You can´t rules long time under the pressure of despotism . You will get revolutionS and URSS did , Yes or Not ?

        1. Avatar Lasha Tevzadze says:

          Igor, You don’t know history at least Georgian and its “voluntarily joining Russian empire. Actually”, Georgia (east part, kingdom of Kartl Kakheti) became part of Russia in 1801 and I can’t say that Russians didn’t used force. Russians besieged main cathedral of Tbilisi during burial service of just died king and requested from Georgian noblemen to sworn loyalty to Russian Emperor. its voluntarily? I think no!!

          and every part of western Georgia fought against Russians and they were incorporated into Russia by force.

          from 1918 till 1921 Georgia was interdependent and again in 1921 Russian red army conquered Georgia, despite the treaty of Moscow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Moscow_%281920%29) granting Georgia de jure recognition of independence in exchange of the promise not to grant asylum on Georgian soil to troops of powers hostile to Bolshevik Russia. but as usually Russians don’t care, they have “force”.
          Yes unfortunately Stalin was born as Georgian but he became Russian.

          1. Avatar Lasha Tevzadze says:

            Russian 11 Army invaded Georgia and Stalin was Georgian-born Soviet Russian official.

            “The tactics used by the Soviets to gain control of Georgia were similar to those applied in Azerbaijan and Armenia in 1920, i.e., to send in the Red Army while encouraging local Bolsheviks to stage unrest; however, this policy was difficult to implement in Georgia,where the Bolsheviks did not enjoy popular support and remained an isolated political force.”
            Like now in Ukraine.

          2. Avatar Lasha Tevzadze says:


          3. Avatar Lasha Tevzadze says:

            Once again, Stain was Soviet Russian Official, not citizen of Democratic Republic of Georgia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Republic_of_Georgia)!!!

            maybe there was no connection between Russian 58th Army (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/58th_Army_%28Russia%29) in 2008 and Russia as well?

            I forgot, for you, Russia is peaceful country, conducting just defensive wars and gaining territories from this wars. LOL

            Ok, I’m ready to forgot 200 years off occupation, now I’m looking only into future. but is Russia ready to let Georgia go where it wants to go? Can Russia accepts Georgia joining EU or NATO???

            unfortunatly, NO!!! and this is my problem with Rossia

    3. Avatar The truth says:

      Igor take it easy ! Nostalgia for the future of the past will not get you anywhere , but deceptions ! Without the dreams of putin of a big russia with plenty micronations around it would not be ant anti-russian movements, because everything would be peaceful and russia could be going on with its business and flourishes as a decent country without sanctions from the rest of the world as a result of putin lack of respect for International law. Putin means troubles wherever he turns his eyes. Admit that russia has problems, that russia needs help to come out of its nightmares.

      1. Avatar rifak says:

        You are delusional. There can never be prosperity when there is central planning and lack of economic freedom. Russia is a mafia state where there is no rule of law, just rule by muscle. Say what you want about other countries and their models. I’m talking about Russia. USSR was a complete joke created and financed by the west but unable to maintain any momentum and stand on its own 2 legs. It collapsed for a reason – it was not viable. If you idealize that it shows what a poverty of understanding you have.

        1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          Mistakes of Jeltsin with the consultative guidances from the prince Vladimir working in the shadow to crash down the new born russia so the friends of the prince could make business as usual in KGB style .

      2. Avatar The truth says:

        here we go ! RUSSIA+UKRAINE+CRIMEA and it is the fault of US ! We know the story and what will come. The words junta,nazis, then insults , you will write the last insult and feel happy. Stick to the topic. Russia is a new country 24 years old. It takes time . See US 240 years , see France 235 years still struggling with making things go round ! I think putin is in an hurry and premature in his actions. How is it now with the sanctions ? Is the West hungry wolves after the paradise ?

        1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

          And which language would that be? Surzhik?

          1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            You said: “Russia will find common language with Ukraine”.

          2. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            I guess you’ve turned your sense of humor off for the time being. As I can’t do the same, I’ll continue in the manner I started and say that for what you just said to happen, the Russians will have to take and pass successfully at least a remedial course in linguistics combined (here comes the humorless part) with well-structured courses in atonement, ego reduction, geography, and international relations.

          3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            NICE try , but 1991 crash for URSS liberated russia and Ukraine as free independent countries . So 24 years is correct that´s when Ukraine rss became Ukraine and when russia RSS became russia under the rules of president elected Jeltsin ! LONG LIFE to russia republic, forget about the others 80 republics, they want also to be free !

        2. Avatar Randall Cook says:

          Russia has only a history going back to the 15th Century…Kyivan Rus was Ukraine, silly Igor.

        3. Avatar Randall Cook says:

          This ought to clear up you all rusko-trolls ”confusions”.

          1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            Nothing is worth more than good pictures to show realities !
            996 to 1108, that is when the Aliens came for visits, saw how it was and went home . Nothing there !

        4. Avatar Doug Retter says:

          We are doing fine in the west; it is Russia’s ruble and it’s economy that is the butt of so many jokes.

          1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            Please help , the trolls must have guidances ! They are already nearly radicalized at 67 % . We must save them before the final crash.

        5. Avatar Doug Retter says:

          The solution will be when you run out of soldiers and room to bury them.

      3. Avatar Randall Cook says:

        Xi of China will be the Future Owner of Ruski-Sibir…

        1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          The Chinese would never share power with Russia, not even in the role of an “elder” brother. Putin would be nothing more than a puppet. The Chinese middle classes would buy every last scrap of real estate and every dacha with a wood floor and a roof – leaving the Russian peasant class living in dirt-floor hovels throughout the Siberian wastelands

    4. Avatar Murf says:

      In the Video Putin just talked about it. If there is no Sphere of Influence why did Russia need to over throw the Kyiv government?
      The US has not gotten all tore up about Russia’s relations with Ortega in Nicaragua (unlike in the 80s) Which in the Sphere of Influence frame work is most definitely ours.
      Putin is an anachronism. A 19th century man playing it the 21st century.

      1. Avatar Lasha Tevzadze says:

        Putler and other Russian officials are speaking about Ukraine, south Caucasus and other former Soviet states as Russia’s zone, I also speak russian and I hear it constantly.
        For sure you are working in 55 Savushkina str, St Peterburg.

        1. Avatar Lasha Tevzadze says:

          in georgia we call it playing with words.

          1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            Who is medvedev ?

      2. Avatar Doug Retter says:

        I think you should have to watch the video and not rely on everyone else to watch it for you, tell you what they said, and then you deny it. You are wasting your time and ours.

        1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          Are you not tired of all this bull shit from the trolls ? trying to support the sphere of influence theory which does not exist as they say ! Are they liars ?

        2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          Take it easy says The truth, who usually is an independent commentator trying to turn over the trolls to the truth !

      3. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

        Yanukovich left his presidency voluntarily after Putin ordered his FSB to open fire into the Maidan crowd back in February 2014

        1. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

          right into the arms of his lover Putin

        2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          In any case, Putin had already earlier decided to remove Yanukovych . He started to be a nuisance !

  13. Avatar The truth says:

    The collapse of URSS gave a chance to Russia to became a country and prosperes in economical sucesses, social reforms so needed , Russia could be a better and greater country if it could get rid of all those 80 microrepublics. It is a weight on Russia´s development .

    1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      The Union of Rotten Subjugated Statelets?

  14. Avatar The truth says:

    You are a defeatist. Believe in Ukraine and Ukraine will be a nice, peaceful country, doing business even with Russia and the rest of the world. Ukraine will get its stability as soon that Kremlin get out of this chimera sphere of influences .

    1. Avatar The truth says:

      Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union. On December 1, voters approved a referendum formalising independence from the Soviet Union. Over 90% of Ukrainian citizens voted for independence, with majorities in every region, including 56% in Crimea. The Soviet Union formally ceased to exist on December 26, when the presidents of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (the founding members of the USSR) met in Belovezh Pushcha to formally dissolve the Union in accordance with the Soviet Constitution. With this Ukraine’s independence was formalized de jure and recognised by the international community.

  15. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    Compulsive liar, war criminal. Amoral thug that could only become president in Russia.

    That is Vladolf Pulter the worst dictator scum of 21st century. Mussolini was lynchmob and hanged 70 years ago, I hope the KGB comrade is watching because same faith awaits him, that’s for sure.

  16. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

    >This is almost twice as much as Holodomor.<
    A pretty odd comparison, to put it mildly. The decline in the Ukrainian population from 1990 to 2013 was not caused by people having been starved to death.

  17. Avatar Randall Cook says:

    Ukraine has a 1000 years plus History…muscovy, meh, not so much:

  18. Avatar Валерий Пионкин says:

    Errors of presidents. Reality arises from past mistakes.
    Sites of president banned this picture.
    Picture made in Ukraine 2010
    Russian cowardly government and the president to be afraid of the truth and their own people.

  19. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    keep up the good work Putin boy

  20. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    You Russians love killing Ukrainians. Its been a passion of yours for over 360 years. I hope the cost in Russian young soldiers is high for your hatred of Ukrainians

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      Tell that to the terrorists in lpr/dpr cesspit !

    2. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

      When you stop loving the leader ( Putin) that is killing Ukrainians, I’ll think about not hating you.

    3. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

      by the way…your Ukrainian friends are just pretending to be…so you don’t have them offed.

      1. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

        you should have seen that a long time ago Comrade.

  21. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    don’t think so Comrade….has your hero Putin been arrested for offing Nemtsov yet?

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      Arrested ! does not mean guilty , we know how it works. I have all the James Bond films on dvd , so I am an expert !
      In russia you only have VHS and RT and Sputnik . Pray for help, I will share with you my expertise !

    2. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

      Those who supposedly killed Nemtsov recanted their confession Comrade. It seems they were tortured into that confession. Imagine that….torture in Russia. Say it ain’t so tovarysh

      1. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

        I’m glad you found the article…I don’t have to send it to you.

  22. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    Russia’s solution as it always has been is to keep mother Russia’s boot firmly on Ukraine’s neck….isn’t that right tovarysh?

  23. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    Putin should have followed Nancy Reagan’s advice in the 80’s and just have said “no” to drugs.

  24. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    This seems to be the “motto” of communism ! What a moral point of view , but of course communism was a religion and maybe is still one.
    Tragedy of urss , marching to the tragedy of russia, sitting on a gun powder baril which can explode at any time . Chechen 3 is coming, Daghestan is not very happy, watch the sky the 7-8-9 th of may. It is not missiles coming down , it is the aid convoy to ISS .

  25. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Russia is a gun powder baril which can explode at any time .
    Read the news release about the main industry and russia main incomes resources crying for more bail out !

    1. Avatar The truth says:

      Did you medvedev what he thinks about it ?

      MOSCOW — Prime Minister Dmitri A. Medvedev said on Tuesday that sanctions imposed on Russia over its annexation of the Crimean Peninsula had done “meaningful” harm to the economy, but that it was a price worth paying.

      In an annual statement to Parliament, Mr. Medvedev estimated that Russia’s economy had lost $26.8 billion because of low oil prices and sanctions introduced by the European Union and the United States last year. In his speech, Mr. Medvedev said that Russia’s economy had shrunk by 2 percent in the first quarter of 2015.

      “The losses from the introduced limitations have been serious for our economy, and we are not going to hide that,” he said during a televised speech to lawmakers.

      Mr. Medvedev said that the economy had “stabilized,” although he added that future sanctions could slow Russia’s recovery.

      Unpaid Russian Workers Unite in Protest Against Putin APRIL 21, 2015

      Mr. Medvedev’s remarks echoed statements last week by President Vladimir V. Putin, who portrayed Russia’s economy as battered but stable. In a nationally televised question-and-answer session that lasted nearly four hours, Mr. Putin told Russians that the worst of the crisis was over and that the economy would most likely recover within two years

  26. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    You are a good pupil at the kgb school ! Cuba crisis was ochestred by mr Krutchev with his armada .
    The krutchev sphere of influences blew up beautiful. Heard of the tale: the dog running home with its tail between the legs.
    Why was mr krutchev so afraid ? to loose his position in sovjet.
    OH yes he did ! RIP

    1. Avatar The truth says:

      Who cares about USA but you ? Of course everybody must have references to compare ! HAIL TO USA HELL TO RUSSIA make your choices !

  27. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    The west wants also to use its armement !

    1. Avatar The truth says:

      If you scroll down, you will find out , that I wrote how all will end . You will use junta and nazis words, then insults as usual, you will be happy, you think you win, then you will still support a despot regime drving to its end by itself, adorated by millions having no alternatives. That is your russia. Love it because it will need lot of love to survive.

    2. Avatar The truth says:

      Chechnya and Khasakstan are putin´s sphere of influence . Crimea is an autonomous part of Ukraine invaded by green men from russia. Will be back soon in due course. Sebastopol can still be russian lodging (rent to be paid in due time).

  28. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    And how are you going to explain the “sphere of influence” in Chechnya . With conventional weapons or nuclear missiles ?
    What I am afraid of is the russian technology with the rockets crashing there and there . If it stays in the sphere of influence it is OK , but then again the russian technology has bad control. As soon this sphere of influence burst, the better it will be for russia and its stability !

  29. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    A small troll heard another small troll who heard another small troll saying what he watched on RT and Sputnik news that sphere of influence was russia priviligium, noone but russia has the right to use those words ! Small trolls , good and nice pupils are so happy to have something to write, that they jump on their keyboards and go to the cash office to get their rubbles . If they have been working more than 14 hours they get extra bread loaf and can go home after an hard working day , sweating over the screen ! They go home, full of glory having doing their duties as good citizens of the royal kingdom of the country to come one day in the next century !

    1. Avatar The truth says:

      Only read my book ! I am an expert, and then I watch RT and Sputnik news everydays . So I have to start a new book ! Any suggestion about the tittle. I already know that chapter 1 is about Holodomor, Chapter 2 Gulags, chapter 3 invasion of Finland, chapter 4 invasion of Poland , chapter 5 association with Hitler, chapter 6 barbarosa , the trahison of an ally , chapter 7 the crash of an empire , chapter 8 DDR tragedy , chapter 9 : 1991 , chapter 10 :1993 chapter 11 : 1998 .
      chapter 12 the wars 1 and 2 in chechnya, chapter 13 the war 3 in chechnya chapter 14 the dilemma of Daghestan . Well it seems that it will be 2 new books. Nice bucks in sight , maybe I can afford putin´s castle by the black sea ! maybe I can finance a bridge over the kerch strait, to establish a casino in Crimea .
      More fresh bucks , what can I do , salvage Gasprom from collapse ? I will put aside some euros for the next humanitarian bread convoy to UrussiaSS. But I will invest mostly in sphere of influences in the 80 republics left in eurasia district. More bucks to come . Oh I know I will finance Aeroflot, tours to Murmansk to admire the result of a decadent dictatorship and how to resolve the problems with the nuclear waste still growing days after days. Then I must not forget that the guys on ISS will need food soon. How much costs a rocket ? Oops I will have to write another book , what a life ! I have work for a 1000 years forwards . NOTE. not one insult ! I am good !

  30. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    What about getting rid of your discalculia symptoms .
    Count again, and write the resultats down correctly .
    Put together 500m+320m That is already 800M. Now add the rest and you will have the right inflation. Then write 5 B+ 3.x B and you will have more % to calculate. Then I will deserve you with the Nobel Prize of Mathematics . OK with the english version, or do you want it in russian ?

  31. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Siberia is a temporarly sphere of influence republic nr 3 in the sphere of influence from China !

  32. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    I know a lot about russia. But what I know is not worth sharing , because it is about shame and desillusions , dreams of a world which disapeared before it started.
    After 1991, it was 1993 with the bread humanitarian convoys from Germany, then 1998 with IMF fundings. Some wars , some deads, some medals, institution of the Gruz200 technic glory to mother russia.

  33. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    NICE TRY ! Ukraine has been there before russia ! Ukraine it is that land south of russia , that your fuhrer claims there are my brothers . And because he loves his brothers (but in sovjet style) he send shells and bombs and soldiers to force Ukraine to love russia. I can´t make this equation ! So I say russia is a complete failure . I suggest that russia try on its own to come upp of the mess which it started. Let the 80 republics be free , and concentrate on russia as an independent country bothering about its future !

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      If I had my ways , I would like Europe to be from Lisbone to Vladivostok . NO WAR ! Only simple good senses !

    2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      I read , that is the problem, more and more I read about urss/russia , more and more I feel that East of Europa there is a land which has been suffering for centuries . The bolschevik got rid of royalty, to became a bolschevik nightmare , to opresse and kill its own people when not killing people from other countries in barbarian style. Then to top all that a man from Georgia came down on the theater ochestred communism to make sure that the deads will not return their phantoms against the new world of stalin fascism . Their temporal leader called lenin is lying as a mummy under the kremlin wall , there on the red square which got its name for all the blood flooding .result of the glory of a country which does not exist anymore, but left behind nostalgia to feed the people ay´s russia , struggling to find its place in the world.
      Unfortunatly urss left behind weapons which are destructive without comeback ! That country is gouverned by a man struggling with the tragedy of DDR collapses, Shocked by the disapearance of a regime which was his lifebread
      Disapointement all the line ! Now out to rebuild a chimera like if it was a schack party and not knowing out to go out of the zugswang ! Sorry IGOR and YURIY but there are very little love for such a regime . Make russia independent from the other 80 republics , work hard , get rid of corruption and kgb , see you in 70 years. GOOD LUCK !

  34. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Do you want putin mail adress ? It could be of help to make him understand that nobody wants war. He is a stubborn man but he needs guidances, so more and more antiwars partisans, and maybe he will understand that killing is a costly business and can only lead to crash !

  35. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Not interested ! of course not, the truth hurts !

  36. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    The big difference is that France and UK In Europe do not last their missiles onboard ships on way to Cuba. OK there are some on the subs , I saw that in last James Bond film. But they hide them and use maps and gps so not to crash on lands belonging to others.

  37. Avatar Handyman1 says:

    Really Igor, you are a hopeless case ! You completely believe the propaganda shit of your great leader Putin.
    Where shall I start ? Let’s start at the beginning:
    If Russia goes on like this, there will be a war between Europe and Russia. You believe, fed by propaganda, that Putin is saving people in Donbas. That is pathetic ! He is protecting no one, his actions have only brought death and destruction. He doesn’t care for Donbas, for him it is just a tool to destabilise Ukraine. In fact, the project he is busy with is much bigger than Donbas or Ukraine: It is about the power political position of Russia in Europe and thereby in the world. It is about his political survival.
    For that Ukraine has to be neutralized (as a first step) by destabilising it. He regards a free Ukraine which is fighting corruption and which is orientated towards the West as a thread to him and to the powerful role he wants Russia to play in Europe and in the world. That is where the whole mess in Donbas is for. The people there where not threatened. There were no plans what so ever on the Ukrainian side to start an attack against Donbas and kill people there. Your propaganda tells you that but it simply wasn’t there. There are several other areas where a majority of Russian speakers live in Ukraine where the Ukrainian authorities are still the boss. No one is threatened there, it is peace there. This could also have been the case in Donbas. But it where Russian nationalist and mercenaries who suddenly appeared on the streets with weapons and took over the whole area. In the beginning Ukraine didn’t even fight back like in Crimea. Ukraine did not provoke this, there was and is no justification for the actions of the separatist what so ever.
    Up to now, Ukraine has not bowed for him, it fights back. Putin doesn’t have what he wants yet and as he is militarily superior and Europe is not willing to stop him yet, he will move on. Right now Russia has gathered massive forces around Ukraine. On its entire eastern border and in Crimea. Many military experts say that a big attack is about to happen. I wonder with what lies Mr. Putin justifies that in front of the Russian people !
    After Ukraine is neutralised he will start with the big price. The big price for him is the EU. I don’t think that he want to occupy the whole of Europe. I think he wants to exercise such massive pressure upon the EU that it cracks. He is already doing this by using his gas as a weapon to create divisions, with vicious propaganda, by bribing European politicians and by financially supporting ultra right-wing parties like the Front National in France. It is cynical that at one side Putin portrays Ukraine as a fascist state but at the other side massively support ultra right-wing parties in Europe like by organising the biggest gathering of these parties in St. Petersburg lately.
    I expect him to start to cause trouble in the Baltics, I mean military trouble in a hybrid way like he did in Ukraine. With this he will put massive pressure on NATO and the EU with which he tries to split these organisations. If he manages to do so, if there no longer is unity among them, these organisations are no longer a real power. That Russia is suddenly the biggest singular European power. He will have changed a situation in which Russia was just a junior power in Europe into one in which it is a senior even dominant one. This is a big price to win for him. He will try it I am convinced of that. He has little to loose he thinks.
    Except that he will go to far, he will misjudge the situation becase he has already won to often and than the war will start. This will be a devastating war for both sides. A war Russia cannot win. As a result of this war, Russia will loose Crimea, Karelia, Abchasia, South Ossetia and Transdrestria. Justice will be done, justice at last !

    1. Avatar Handyman1 says:

      Igor, I don’t even want to read the mind of Putin !

      I say what I say based on many different sources close to the Kremlin and based on high ranking professional information channels from elsewhere.

      Look to this guy who for six years was the main economic advisor of Putin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74vVyCorxiE

      You invite me to fight in Ukraine with Russia. I was in the army. Nobody likes to fight a war including me but still I think that I will fight there like many others. You call it bullshit, but I don’t think so.

      Oh and dreaming about war is not typical European, we are a continent of war per example as European armies defeated the Russian army in Crimea 2 centuries ago or in WW I one century ago. Russia is very good in loosing wars you know !

      Furthermore you say that Russia will never attack NATO. I think that Russia will cause trouble by at least bluffing an attack on per example Estonia to put maximum pressure on NATO and the EU to create cracks in them.

      The EU and the US do give money to Ukraine, billions in fact although not enough.

      You wrote: Putin did what people of Crimea wanted for long time – return back home to Russia.

      This is a propaganda lie ! First the 42% of Ukrainian and Tartars in a fast majority didn’t want that. And many Russian speakers, although a minority, didn’t want that too. A report leaked from the Kremlin showed that only 57% of voters, voted in favour of joining Russia. As almost all Ukrainians and Tartars boycotted the referendum, this means that many Russian speakers voted against. Had the Ukrainians and Tartars joined the vote, there would have been no majority (of course the vote would have been rigged and there would still have been an 80% majority because that is how it works in Russia). Besides this: Where there any demonstrations in Crimea for joining Russia before the appearance of the little green men ? No, it was hardly an issue, not only in Crimea but also in Russia by the way.

      1. Avatar Handyman1 says:

        No one wants war Igor, but your president wants power at the expense of others like Russia has always done with its neighbours and sometimes even with the neighbours of the neighbours its neighbours (DDR).

        What you tell about Mr. Illarionov sounds a little incredible to me Igor. I can hardly imagine that you went in depth to figure out who this man is. Furthermore, I can hardly believe that such an intelligent man is as crazy as you say.

        It is true that both sides can annihilate each other, that is why there will not be an atomic war but a conventional war is still possible. Or do you think that people in Moscow would advice their president to use atomic weapons first to protect Crimea knowing that Moscow will then be blow up ? I don´t think so. Russians will fight like tigers like always, but they are not willing to blow up their nation for Crimea. Russia lived very well without it for many decades.

        1. Avatar Handyman1 says:

          >> Putin himself admitted that…

          Admitted ? This was not an admission in the first place, it was a thread ! And this was just the start of this process. Since than Russia threatened more often. Up to now, the West mentioned her atomic weapons not even once. Putin is bragging that he now has the most modern atomic weapons and lately that he might nuclearly attack Danish NATO ships participation in the missile shield etc.

          >> Message from Putin is clear, dont try to mess up.
          Yes that message is very clear. Occupy Crimea, completely unprovoked and no one should even think about stopping it because than he can expect a nuke. This Putin of yours is really a thug !
          About Mr. Illarionov, you can say whatever you like about him but for me he had a credible story fitting in the information I already had. I think he is credible. But we will soon know in Donbas. If within weeks or months there is a renewed attack in Donbas, what I and he expects, than he is not as crazy as you insinuate.

          1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            Give the chances to the Danes to appreciate for themselves. Denmark is not waiting for Kremlin to dictate their line of conduct .

  38. Avatar The truth says:

    Hello the world ! Bad news and good news !

    Bad news is that we will not be able to watch kim kim junk one and Ri-Sol-ju on the red wall of Kremlin on the 9th of May. Traumatized by ” An unpiloted Russian spacecraft encountered problems Tuesday morning on its way to deliver cargo to the International Space Station and started spinning out of control, imperiling the mission. Russian officials were unable to communicate with the Progress 59 cargo spacecraft or receive telemetry data, and it is unclear whether the ship will be able to deliver the more than 6,000 pounds of food, fuel and supplies it is carrying, NASA said.
    April 29, 2015 7:05 AM

    South Korea’s spy agency says North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jong Un, has ordered the execution of 15 senior leaders this year.

    Seoul spy officials provided that information to lawmakers during a private session of parliament Wednesday, according to lawmaker Shin Kyung-min.

    One of the executed officials was said to be a vice minister for forestry, who was killed after complaining about Kim’s forestation plan.

    The information could not be confirmed. North Korea’s notoriously secretive government has not commented on any of the executions.

    Kim Jong Un has in the past ordered the execution of top deputies, even those close to him.

    In late 2013, Kim had his uncle and close adviser, Jang Song Thaek, killed after accusing him of treason and other anti-state activities.

    Kim, who is thought to be in his early 30s, took over following the sudden, unexpected death of his father, Kim Jong Il, in late 2011.

    He has since carried out several leadership shuffles that observers see as an attempt to solidify his hold on power.”
    It seems we have here a new small stalin !

  39. Avatar Doug Retter says:

    Then pull all Russian troops out of Ukraine before they all die.

  40. Avatar Doug Retter says:

    Please explain how Ukrianians became so much more brilliant and classy. Why do Russians all suck up at the altars of their government slavers.

    1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

      I asked a question; I did not tell you anything. The fact that you love your communist slave masters is proven by your behavior. At $600 per month, there is no way you will ever be a slave master.

    2. Avatar The truth says:

      If you say it, I believe you ! What the F….russia give back the pyramids to Ukraine . Russia has been stealing enough untill now. LOL as Lucifer Our Lord

      1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        You are right it would be stupid ! But little humour doesn´t hurt so I responded with the same spirit !

  41. Avatar Doug Retter says:

    There are no believable sources of information in Russia.

  42. Avatar Doug Retter says:

    There is only one “Russian” state, and that is suffereing from a horrible economy, a worthless currency and collective dementia augmented by delusions of granduer.

    1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

      I did not mention Ukraine. I accurately described Russia. You think a 15% rise in the ruble is good? I guess that instead of being worth 2 cents it is now worth 3 cents…wait…3 cents would be a 50% rise!!!! Hahahahahha!

    2. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

      Bravo Doug

  43. Avatar Doug Retter says:

    You are a reader…you read the daily memos from the head troll and decide what stupid things you will say during your shift.

  44. Avatar Doug Retter says:

    Does not matter how old Ukraine is; they are a free people, they are better than Russians and they are kicking Putin’s ass in eastern Ukraine.

  45. Avatar Doug Retter says:

    There is no problem between Russia and Ukraine that cannot be solved by Russia going back to it’s third world society and trying to solve their own social problems and leaving Ukraine alone.

    1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

      Does not matter how I feel; the shoe fits, so wear it proudly. I do not need you to be below me…you are just there; that has nothing to do with how I feel, either. you are below most people. The issue of why Russia is third world and the Ukrainians are better than you is lost on you because you will continue to twist the facts in order to feel like you are something better. How and why you feel that way should be part of your diagnosis.

  46. Avatar Doug Retter says:

    SuVolk…shut up and go home.

  47. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    First of all Comrade….the taking of a microphone and speaking on stage was open to anyone who wanted to participate. It is a Ukrainian participant in the protest that asks for Yanukovich to resign …or else. So what. Dmytro Yarosh (who actually is someone with responsibility) announces that they will not give up their weapons or take down the blockades until Yanukovich resigns. Sounds like a completely reasonable stance considering that Yanukovich’s boss Putin just ordered his FSB to start shooting into the unarmed innocent protesters a few hours earlier. You Russians have historically reacted with violence against Ukraine and Ukrainians whenever anyone stood up to your bullying and violence. Guess what Comrade….Poroshenko has said that Ukraine is ready for total war. As I have said before…the stakes are high for Putin. It will take twice the number of Russian casualties compared to Afghanistan to get your scu*m nation out of Ukraine once and for all. Hope you are OK with that.

    1. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

      Nice try trying to pass off your buddy’s paper as some actual academic work….when it gets published in something real comrade, let me know.

  48. Avatar The truth says:

    Thank you for the tips ! I will not omit anything , because I believe in the truth even if it hurts sometime. I will be pragmastist , the truth must be aligned with facts substainable.
    In 3 years the RF will celebrate the centenary anniversary of the bolschevik´s COUP which brought about the fall of the tsar .
    Among desperate remedies the bolscheviks armed themselves and went on a crusade over floods and mountains, destroying lives and cities. (not the palaces) they came handy for the rebels as dwellings.
    By force and help of weapons they imposed their doctrines onto already poor people in their own country ! The following famine exterminated millions ! The rebels had to be fed first, they had undeniable imperative necessity to continue their struggles regardless of the consequences . Consequences resulting in the import from Georgia of another rebel with fascist tendencies (I am not sure but I think that maybe he could read italian) As a good pupil of the father of fascism mr Mussolini (rip) he started agricultural reforms , unfortunatly the steppes outside Moscow are not very well suitable for wheat cultivation . Ukraine with vaste areal of fertile soil became the first target for the bolschevik hordes to feed themselves and the starving moscovites. Well known that wheat needs time to grow, the impatient starving people stole the ukrainian reserves, regardless if the ukrainians would starve or not ! And they did , the bolscheviks and the stalisnists did not bother one moment . The main goal was to survive att all costs the COUP , otherwise it would have been a failure .
    Surprise ! When the nazis invaded Ukraine, probably with the same goals (wheat + etc…) the ukrainians supported the nazis against the communist hordes (they were not alone, other countries did the same ) I would have done it too. The russians one edged mentality did not appreciated such a behaviour and will never forget ukrainians for such a fortitude, denying the involvements of Ukraine in the end of the WWII. PARADOXES of the single edged doctrines of the communist convictions, the russians (whatever) allied themselves with the fascist groupies of Mussolini, Hitler, Franco to combat against the spanish revolutionaries.
    Now in 1938-39 . reconforted by the supremacy of the alliance with the fascists, Stalin sent his troops to attack little Finlande . probably the new tsar of all russia or sovjet land or urss (whatever , it is not important ) had eyes on the well prosperous Scandinavia ! Annoying for the communists , Hitler had already his eyes on Scandinavia and while hitler was preparing his march onto Scandinavia, stalin invaded half Poland for the time being . That was not in the Hitler´s planning ! And stalin brother in arms invaded sovjetland and marched right into the suburds of Moscow .
    Always with the same doctrine as Yuriy and his twin brother Igor quote ” I don´t need anything that is not mine, but if something is mine. I will take it from anyone ” and LorCanada quote ” One half is mine, the other half is ours ” Those quotes summarize very well the tendencies of a regime which regardless of the mistakes it did since the beginning, can´t understand that others can also have wishes without asking the kremlin authorization !
    To make the story short . Bolscheviks COUP is OK .
    Ukraine´s MAIDAN is not ok. Because this equation doesn´t work , the rulers (note the word rulers) are disappointed and have to struggle to find a way out !
    What drives the kremlin is economy , the economy lies in the hands of the mafia (textuel) and the oligarchs with background in the old KGB around their puppet putin.
    Those forces wants to make money ! putin wants to reborn the urss . Who will win MONEY or PUTIN ?
    Abortion is a dirty business, but that is what we are going to glance at .
    I will wait some months , just sit there , watch the show , tip on the winner hoping to make an extra buck as a good capitalist convinced that communism or the new born fasism can´t be the solution for putin´s land .
    The defenders of this anachronism , supported by an very expensive propaganda machine will write and write untill their fingers glow in a desperate attempts to apologyze the declain of an emotional state (that is a facade) ochestred by kremlin´s rulers (whoever they are )

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      NO, NO, NO, I am a peace loving person ! I respect others , I don´t like the communist roosters jumping as kanguroos disapointed that their achievements are very much restrained by their lack of logic. Hatred is not my piece of bread, and therefore the hatred towards others are my main attempt to demote those awfull methods ! I see what putin is doing with is quadratic influences, influences which can´t be something positive !

    2. Avatar Yuriy says:

      Just don’t rush to writing right away, you may want to read a little more on a subject.

      To get you started, here some information: Czar was not brought down by Bolsheviks, but instead Imperial parliament assumed control of the country, forming the first Russian Provisional Government (this is called February revolution). Than after a “July Days”, second Provisional Government was formed, to be brought down by Bolsheviks couple month later.

  49. Avatar The truth says:

    I have been reading a book from the 18Th century and the word red square appeared as the result of blood shed from the tsarist`s troops.The truth, but nothing than the truth !

  50. Avatar The truth says:

    Ghengis Khan and russia are not the same time table. It should be moscovy instead. Read history books !

  51. Avatar The truth says:

    That was a difficult statement to lay down . The Marquis de Custine did only a report of what he saw . I have read the original version in french , it is I must say a bit humouristical (but the frenchs with their inimitable humour) and The Marquis did not write down any conclusion !

  52. Avatar The truth says:

    I was refering to the rocket “pust ” and the lost of control of the rocket going to the ISS. And then they blew up their ammunitions depot in Rostov . all that the same week

    . Here’s what a failed Russian military rocket launch looks like

  53. Avatar The truth says:

    Russian Spaceship Falling Toward Earth

    An unmanned Russian spacecraft is falling toward Earth, after mission control officials abandoned efforts to stabilize it after it entered the wrong orbit. Progress M-27M, launched Tuesday, was carrying 2.5 tons of food and supplies to the International Space Station, but didn’t arrive six hours after launch. Officials say crew members aboard the space station have plenty of food and are in no immediate danger. “The speed of the descent will vary depending on the state of the atmosphere and solar winds,” a space-agency source told Russian wire service RIA Novosti. “We will be able to exactly calculate where and when Progress fragments that don’t burn in the atmosphere will fall only a few hours before that happens.” RIA Novosti reports that the ship was insured for 2 billion rubles. The total cost of the failed mission, however, is closer to 5 billion rubles—nearly $100 million. In addition to cargo for the International Space Station, Progress was carrying symbolic gifts: St. George’s ribbons and other trinkets to commemorate 70 years since Russia’s victory over Germany in World War II.

  54. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    I am full of sacarsmes , after reading so much about russia trough the last centuries ! 15 months ago many and many had no ideas about russian hegemony , no ideas about Ukraine and so forth. Ukraine crisis fomented by putin with the Crimea crisis, opened the eyes of the world ! A good tactician would have been more discrete , no the show must go on ! Unfortunatly, putin feeling that time goes quick, starting to feel that life will claim his ashes (whatever the tradition of burial) like for all of us, loose his patience sat on his horse and rushed forwards hoping to climb quick as a rusky mir leader annoying everybody, even his brothers in arms ! When you get older , you try to live quicker to enjoy your last days on earth. It is said that one must pardon older people for their sidesteps ! But only in within range of innocence ! Otherwise it would be destructive ! That is how I see putin lack of patience ! (a small secret , Putin could have had Crimea without spending a cent)

  55. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Mr provocator, I know so much about russia, that you would be surprised ! Unfortunatly a life time is not enough to recapitulate the bad and good from centuries of miserable lives to another miserable lives ! So I can´t deploy my knowledges ! SORRY Next life maybe !

  56. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    NO ! you misunderstood. RUSSIA is inhabited by people ! The russian politic is runned by a small bunch of persons who contrary to the universal beliefs of human rights, does not care much about people.

  57. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Krutshev was not Ukrainian, His wife was Yes !

    1. Avatar Igor says:

      Yes, and Stalin was “Soviet official” as Lasha said here. But Russians are to blame anyway, because even Stalin was Georgian, for example, “he became Russian” as again Lasha englightened me. I think I can legimately claim that “Russians became Georgians” under Stalin and point finger toward Georgia. Then, finally, after Ukrainians such as Khrushev and Brezhnev came Russian Gorbachev who launched perestroyka. I think i got the history right this time – all problems of mother Russia because of Georgians, Ukrainians and of course multiple jews.

  58. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    The nukes in Europe are under the commands of NATO as per collateral agreements among the members . So nice try, it is not USA nukes .

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      NICE TRY THOSE COUNTRIES ARE NATO MEMBERS., among those countries , some might have Kalashnikov as weapons , it does not make them members of the warsow pact , 1 because that also crashed 2 armement have no nationality , they are killing objects , now you start to be childish ! Humour time is away , be serious !

  59. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    Past history of Russians enjoying the killing of millions of Ukrainians is my evidence Comrade. I’m wondering when the last time was that Ukraine invaded Russia

    1. Avatar Yuriy says:

      Not a very good evidence, I must add.
      If you are talking about a famine part of which was Holodomor in Ukraine (it covered Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine by the way, and it was a second one for Russia), while the orders were given from the top, it was done by people of all nationalities.
      And those orders were executed by local Ukranians, as well as local Ukrainians were picking people for dekulakization.
      You can’t blame a single nationality or a region of the country (and that what Russia was at the time) for that.

      1. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

        That’s what all you Putin salad tossers say. Canada recognizes the Holodomor as a genocide comrade…..naturally you wouldn’t since every Ukrainian killed is something you cheer for.

        1. Avatar Yuriy says:

          It is a genocide very well, you need to be stupid to read my words as there was not one. But it was a much larger genocide than just Ukraine.
          As far as Ukraine goes, while some poisoned by propaganda people tend to blame “Russia”, Ukraine official decision is more aligned with my point of view, and blames the ideology.
          Now, I understand that this should be new for you, so look closely. This link I provide is called “source”. it is not a newspaper article, but the actual source of information.
          Here is the ruling of Kiyv’s Court of Appeal in the criminal proceedings over genocide in Ukraine in 1932-1933.

          And guess what? They don’t blame “Russia”, they blame “Bolshevik totalitarian regime”. See, not a geographic region but an ideology.

          Here is the list of Bolshevik leaders found personally responsible:
          Stalin (Dzhugashvili), Joseph Vissarionovich, , Georgian

          Molotov (Skryabin), Viacheslav, Russian

          Kaganovich, Lazar, Jewish

          Postyshev, Pavel, Russian

          Kosior, Stanislav, Pole

          Chubar, Vlas, Ukrainian

          Khatayevych, Mendel, Jewish

          1. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

            The report was put out in 2010 a the start of Putin’s Yanukovich regime. Yanukovich never blamed Russia either…Why would he bite the hand that fed him. The killing of Ukrainians continues because as then, the thought of Ukaine leaving the Russian sphere is anathema to Russians. I guess blaming Bolshevik totalitarianism gets Russia off the hook for paying compensation for the destruction it caused.

          2. Avatar Yuriy says:

            You are mistaken again, my friend.

            Is it that hard to find some proof to your words? The court decision had nothing to do with Yanukovich.

            Here is another link for you:
            President approves Kyiv Court of Appeal recognizing Bolshevik leaders guilty of Holodomor

      2. Avatar commieslayer says:

        You are clearly a paid poster. Your country is universally hated and despised due to its actions for the past 300 years. Get a grip on reality, fascist.

        1. Avatar Yuriy says:

          Are disagree with something in my post? Or are you just going all “Stalin” on me because I mention an inconvenient fact?
          I am a US citizen, btw. And was a Ukrainian citizen before that. And Soviet Union before that. So, please, figure out which one of those “despised due to its actions for the past 300 years”. 🙂

    2. Avatar commieslayer says:

      And not only Ukrainians. They killed millions of people from numerous nations.

  60. Avatar Handyman1 says:

    “Nice” to read that it was indeed a threat. That he said this a year after the occupation of Crimea doesn’t make any difference. It was still a threat: If you take away from me what I stole, I will kill all of you.

    >> Russia is emphisizing its nuke because as of today Russia cannot compete with NATO in conventional weapons.

    Russia can absolutely compete with NATO as far a conventional weapons is concerned. The state of most European armies is deplorable. On paper we still have quite some weapon systems but in reality this is a farce. In the cold war, Germany had about 6000 tanks, now only 225. It has the Eurofighter fighter plane, on paper it at 180 in reality only 40 because the rest has no spare part etc and it is not so easy to get them quickly. My nation The Netherland had 915 tanks in 1990, now we have zero. We once had 213 F-16´s fighter planes, now we have 60 of which less than 20 are operational. Most of our armies are in this condition. Even the armies which are somewhat better financed like the French and British armies, are not impressive.

    Only with massive US support we have a chance right now against Russia. But it will take a long time before this support is here. Per example, apart from a small exercise in a Baltic state, there are no US-tanks in Europe anymore.

    Besides this there still is hardly any willingness in Europe (except in the Baltics and Poland) to invest in the military. Our collective political class simply refuses to see the new reality of an aggressive imperialistic Russia until it is too late of course, like always.

    At the other side, I see a Russia that has increased defence spending dramatically in the last ten years. It more than four folded its budget with, despite the economic trouble Russia is it, much more to come. In 2020 about 70% of Russian equipment will be modern.

    Furthermore, in the last years the Russian military has proven that it can mobilise massive military power in short notice. The amount of troops NATO can mobilise within two weeks are 20.000 now increased to 25.000 in 2016. In sure that in real war conditions, there will be more, let’s say 100.000 but it is still a laugh.

    In its current condition, NATO, the “dangerous” organisation your president wants to keep out of Ukraine, is a paper tiger.

    First Europe needs stronger en determined leaders again, and they will come, Europe has always brought them forward: Adenauer, De Gaulle, Churchill, Mitterrand, Kohl, Thatcher. Than we need to rearm and create strong European institutions and than from a position of strength, we will be able to keep this Russia out of the door. I say “this Russia” because a truly democratic Russia with real respect to its neighbours is a whole other matter. With such a Russia we could have a trust wordy relationship enabling projects of cooperation never seen before. In fact, and I know it sounds strange in the present circumstances, if it wanted I am sure it could even join the EU and NATO one day. But I am afraid that as long as we have the classical nationalist Russia which thinks it is entitled to have its spheres of influence at the expense of others like in Ukraine, there is no chance of such better relationship. In fact it will only deteriorate further.

    >> Danish people should know in what kind of game NATO is pulling their country. It is not a threat – it is a statement,

    Igor, a threat is a statement too ! This was a clear threat: If you do this, I will do something negative towards you. This was a threat !

    >> Russian decisive actions in Crimea prevented people from dying there. We see what is going on in Eastern Ukraine

    Is this a cynical joke or what ? Russia caused a big crime in Donbas (without Russian intervention there would have been peace there) and now you use this crime to justify an other crime in Crimea ? It shouldn’t become any more absurd !

    Furthermore there was no threat to the people of Crimea, there simply was non. Russian propaganda made you believe so but there was non !

    1. Avatar Igor says:

      i think EU was established so Europe wont need stromg leaders like Chirchill, Mussolini, Hitler or De Gaulle any more. Strong leaders mean war, first of all in Europe and between European countries.
      “True demicratic” Europe supported coop in Ukraine. President Yanukovish was rotten politician, but it doesnt meen that some political forces just can take power with support if EU and US. There was agreement between Yanukovich and opposition which was brokered by EU. Just in a few days it was thrown away and EU did nothing to talk to opposition to keep this agreement. As soon as the president was kicked out if the country EU even didnt wait until new president woukd be ellected and signed association agreement between EU and Ukraine which ignated all the unrest in Ukraine. And you are saying “undemocratic”, “agressive” Russia. Not even funny. EU and US tried to pull Ukraine by force into their spere of influence but it turned out to be that Ukraine wasnt all that pro EU. Some regions are pro Russian and the saw how the pro EU decisiins were made, gow their interests were simply ignored. So Crimea said bye-bye Ukraine, Donbas wants to have autonomy but not Ukrainian army shelling its cities.

      1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        The fallen running president with a name which I don´t want to put in my mouth because it represents corruption ! Was the first one to seek an agreement with EU. When your putin ordered him to break the discussions. Started MAIDAN

        1. Avatar Igor says:

          Putin ordered… why Putin didnt order then simply not to start discussion with EU at all? And if Putin could order Yanukovich why. He didnt order him to start discussion to join Russian union?

        2. Avatar Igor says:

          Btw, Michel, how do you know what “my Putin” ordered president Yanukovich? I guess for you it is “obvious”, it is what you believe in. i am trying to use facts and events which can be verified – what happend and when it happend.
          So any proof that Putin ordered Yanukovich to “break disccusaion”? There was any Yanukovich confession or intercept of their phone call? If not, why to write all the nonsense you just wrote?

      2. Avatar Handyman1 says:

        Strong undemocratic leaders often mean war, we see that with the Russian president of today. Besides this, weak leaders like Chamberlain, can also mean war because they provoke with their weakness leaders who want to dominate like Hitler. Weakness makes them think they have a chance to get away with something they otherwise wouldn’t have done.

        Europe now needs strong leaders to really confront Putin. Putin needs to know that Europe will not accept him to occupy (directly and indirectly by mercenaries) ever more Ukrainian land. We have to stop him, not just discourage him like we do now. We have to station troops around Kharkov, the entrance to Crimea, Kiev etc. to make clear to Putin that if he want that, he will first has to defeat Europe. On this way we will make him ineffective and stop him. Now we basically do nothing. If he chooses an all out attack on Ukraine, he could occupy the whole country (he doesn’t do that as the present tactics is successful too and has less risk for him).

        About Yanukovish, maybe Europe did indeed make a mistake here not to demand that he had to stay in office, maybe not. This is a complicated matter as nobody seems to know what happened exactly. Clear is that Yanukovish had almost no support in his population any more. Clear is as well that he lost the support of the majority in his own party (the vote in parliament to oust him showed that). Some say that the vote in parliament was unconstitutional, others say it wasn’t, I don’t know as I’m not an expert in this.

        My guess is that by losing support in his own party he knew the game was over. That he had to flee for his own security and/or because he was highly corrupt and would certainly have ended up in jail like your own president will one day.

        But this is all snow of yesterday. The new president is certainly voted for by a vast majority of Ukrainian people. Most parties are strongly pro Europe. But if Yanukovish wants to become president again, he should

        Furthermore you say that the association agreement caused all the unrest. In a way you are right but not because it was signed before the new president was in office. In fact, the treaty was signed by Petro Poroshenko himself on the 27th of june. The EU deliberately halted the whole process to see the results of the 25th may election in Ukraine. The agreement “caused” al this because Russia was afraid to “loose” Ukraine. This was one of the reasons it occupied Crimea and started the war in the east of Ukraine.

        I said that it was just one of the reasons to occupy Crimea. It has become clear in the last year, that Crimea (and other parts of Ukraine) would also have been taken by Russia if Yanukovish weren’t ousted. Putin just want these areas because of strategical, ideological and political reasons which have nothing to do with the second Ukrainian revolution.
        You say the US and Europe try to pull Ukraine into their sphere of influence. Maybe they do now as the true intensions of Putin become more clear but before 2014 Europe never showed much interest in Ukraine, in fact most of our leaders and ordinary people knew nothing about Ukraine. For us Ukraine was basically a kind of a province of Russia and a nice buffer zone between us and Russia. As long as Ukraine felt fine with that, we certainly did too.
        But than came the second revolution. Which maybe for many Ukrainians was basically about the same issues as the first revolution (freedom, anti-corruption) but from the perspective of many people in Europe this revolution was completely different. Suddenly almost all Ukrainian we saw in our TV and newspapers spoke in words we understood. Many of us were astonished to see that they spoke and thought like us. They were like us. That was a revelation to many of us including myself. This changed everything. From than on, in the hearts and minds of many Europeans, Ukrainians belonged to the European family as to speak. But before that, we always thought they were Russians whom many Europeans can hardly understand because of their nationalism, their support for a corrupt autocrat like Putin and their extremely conservative views on homosexuality and other moral issues. Of course this is a generalisation but the Russian we meet and see are like that, like you Igor or whatever your real name is.
        And again, you state that the violence in the east is the result of people in the east revolting. Well maybe several of them do now because of the war but if Russia would not have intervened, there would still have been peace in Ukraine. The people in Ukraine would have sorted out their own problems like they always did. Donbas was always a bit special, every Ukrainian knows that. Ukrainians don’t need Russian “help”!

        1. Avatar Igor says:

          That is the thing. You dont really know what is going on in Ukraine (if you take part in this discussion – why not to spend time, go beyond headlines and gain understaning of details of what actually is going on in Ukraine) but you are ready to send troops and fight Russia. Why? Because in your news Putin is bad, he would take Crimea anyway even without Maidan 2014. No reasoning or facts required.
          So what about Kosovo case? Which side you supported and why? What about Chechnya in Russia – which side you supported and why? Let me see your reasoning.

          1. Avatar Handyman1 says:

            Oh and you do know what is going on because of your fantastic independent media in Russia ? Don’t let me laugh !

            I have acquired information about this war from 1001 sources not only this one. These sources also included numerous Russian sources. There are some exceptions but most of them say what you say. There is very little diversity here unlike western media.

            I am indeed ready to send troops and fight Russia. Apart from the fact that what Russia does is simply criminal, extremely violent and unjust towards Ukraine I also want this because I know that if we allow Russia to get away with this there will be many others (like Orban in Hungary per example) who would also like to steal territory of others. If we allow 19th century tactics and ideologies, which Russia applies now, to succeed than there is no end in sight on our European continent. There are numerous territories which for historic reasons can be disputed. And there will always be opportunistic and power hungry politicians (like Putin or Orban) who are willing to do this and use violence for it. Only if the continent does not except this and it willing to fight on the battlefield against such leaders, only than we can remove war as a means of politics on out war torn continent as even the militarily strongest country cannot win against the continent. If and only if we have this attitude as a continent, we can eliminate war for ever or at least with a maximum chance. This is worth fighting for. OK in such a war many people will die but the reward is that far less people will die in future conflicts. We now have NATO and the EU. For the first time in our history we have a chance to implement this doctrine and if we don’t (given the divisions Putin can create in these organisations if we don’t act) it could be our last chance for a long time as well. We have to act now and we have to do it decisively. A war against Russia is justified and the only way to stop Russia. Relying on sanctions and talking is naïve as reality shows.

            >> he would take Crimea anyway even without Maidan 2014. No reasoning or facts required.
            Igor this is based on facts. Documents, witnesses, circumstantial evidence atc. which appeared in the last year.
            The Kosovo case you referred to is a nice example of the unjust symmetric thinking which is so common in the Russian world. Crimea and Kosovo were completely different cases so an asymmetric situation. The Russian reasoning is: Because the West allowed itself to separate Kosovo from Serbia, we can allow ourselves to separate Crimea from Ukraine.
            If the situation had been symmetrical meaning that the Russian speaking population of Crimea was really severely oppressed, killed and ethnically cleansed by Ukraine, the West would absolutely have understood that something needed to be done. If Russia would than have invaded there would still have been criticism (like at the time of Georgia) but we would have understood it. In such a situation it would also have been clear that Crimea could not have been returned to Ukraine (because of the extreme violence everybody would have understood that joining Crimea and Ukraine would have been no option). In Kosovo all of this was the case so NATO acted. In my eyes completely justified and I am proud of it as this is the kind of responsibility I expect from our leaders. However in Crimea non of this was the case. The dangers to the Russian speakers were fabricated by the Russian propaganda because Russia needed an excuse to do what it wanted to do for a long time.
            I don’t know enough about Chechnya to reality have an opinion here.

          2. Avatar Igor says:

            It is true that in Crimea there was not yet situation like there was in Kosovo, thanks God. West wanted to wait for the war begins and people start dying in Crimea before “something needs to be done”. Instead Russia didn’t let Russian people die in Crimea, and that is “unjust”, that is “asymmetric reasoning”. People are alive and happy and Crimea, that is enough.

            We see what is going on in Donestk and Lugansk, and we know that Strelkov, citizen of Russia, was one of the first leaders of rebells there who helped locals to build their resistance. We see how Ukrainian army shells cities and villages. We also know that when there was similar situation in Chechnya where there were commanders from Ukraine and Saudi-Arabia (like famous Hattab, for example) leading Chechen rebells against Russia, US and EU pushed Russia to negotiate with them. I think US and EU were right, only political deal brought peace to Chechnya. Russia was lucky and managed to get Kadyrov (one of the rebells leaders) to change the side and become the leader of pro-Russian movement in Chechnya which pacified the republic.

            Why then US/EU don’t say even a word about thousands of civilians killed by Ukrainian army during their indiscriminate fight with rebells? The fact that in Chechnya leaders fighting Russia were from Saudi Arabia didn’t stop the secretary of state rightfully blame Russia for death of civilians. Why then US/EU keep their mouth shot about Ukraine? It is hard to resist and not to think that it is because it is not in EU/US best interest, there are nothing about famous “european values” or “democracy” here, just mere interest.

            Orban/Hungury is a good example of your logic. Hungary is unhappy because their standard of living is one of the lowest in EU, they got lots of economical problems and they are looking for solutions. Russia and Putin can provide them with some economical help to resolve some issues. So if you don’t like that Orban works with Russia, why you and your government wouldn’t offer better or similar deal to Hungary? Why The Netherlands wouldn’t sacrifice its very high standard of living, share its wealth with Hungary and pay, lets say, its bill to construct nuclear plant station to free it from dependency on Russian gas? I am sure Hungary would be happy to take help from and work with the Netherlands, than from/with Russia.

            No, you propose to wage a war against Russia because then you, your government and the Netherland don’t need to share anything with Hungary. You don’t need to sacrifice anything. You prefer just eliminate any option for Orban, strip him of any opportunity to seek for a better future for his people and just sit and obey EU, which doesn’t want to share. War War War! Russia is evil because Russia is giving an option to countries like Hungary and Greece who don’t want to obey Brussel and sit quietly in their barracks while we, the real Europe, enjoy life, which is much richer than of those poor countries!

            In Ukraine, you are saying, Kiev cannot win hearts of people from the East because while waging the war against rebells Kiev is also killing civilians, so it is kinda awkward. In Hungary, you are saying, there is no war yet against Hungarians but again somehow it is awkward to win hearts of Hungarians so instead let’s wage war against Russian because they are the reason why Orban is not passionate about Brussel any more.

            And this is European Civilisation? Eliminating war with another, bigger war? And after this you are saying that Russia is persuading “19th century tactics and ideologies”?

            Russia will keep Crimea. There will be no war in Europe. Ukraine is likely to keep Donbas and Lugansk as autonomous regions, civilian war will fade. Misbalances in EU will keep mounting. Germany will be busy consolidating its control over France, the Netherland, Italy and other major EU countries. Next 5-10 years we will see formation of two layers of countries in EU with different “economic speed”. Eastern European countries will lean more towards cooperation with Russia, which will compete with Poland for influence there. Poland again will be in odds with Germany over Eastern Europe. History repeats itself in a new cycle.
            Russia will form Economic Union with most of the former Soviet Republics, possibly including Turkey, maybe Iran. EU busy with its problems will not be able offer a membership to Ukraine which will try to exist between EU and Eurasian Union for some time.

          3. Avatar Handyman1 says:

            >> West wanted to wait for the war begins

            There wouldn’t have been a war. It is simply not true. This is just a lie “justifying” a crime.

            >> People are alive and happy in Crimea

            Ask the Ukrainians and Tartars (42% of the population) how happy they are ? They are intimidated, discriminated and harassed. Again Russia does wrong itself, were it falsely accused Ukraine of. Besides these two groups, there are plenty of Russian speakers who are not happy too. Don’t believe the propaganda shit on your TV.

            >> Strelkov, citizen of Russia, was one of the first leaders of rebells there who helped locals to build their resistance

            Sure, this Strelkov was surely a sweetheart. First he is a nutthouse who wants the reintroduce the monarchy in Russia. Secondly, he is a Russian citizen working for the secret service, Ukraine is none of his business. Third he was an important figure within the forces who started the war in eastern Ukraine. They illegally occupied state building, intimidated people, attacked pro-Ukrainians and killed people. In the beginning Ukraine did nothing but then, as they found out that talking with these people made no sense and that they continued occupying ever more land, they finally started to fight back. And yes in such a war innocent people die. The way to avoid that is by not fighting back but than the separatists will advance even further into Ukraine as they have shown so this was no option. By the way, if you care so much about human lives in Donbas, why don’t you accuse the separatists of killing innocent people ? Their grenades have killed many innocent people.

            >> Russia was lucky and managed to get Kadyrov (one of the rebells leaders) to change the side

            Do you know how Russia managed to do this ? But offering him large amounts of cash and a de facto kingdom for himself. He seems to be very cruel. Last week he even threatened to kill Russian soldiers. Many say that the disappearance of Putin during close to two weeks last month had to do with Kadyrov, so I question whether Russia made such a good deal with this guy.

            About Orban, have you ever asked yourself why Hungary is in economic trouble ? The answer is because the xenophobic atmosphere Orban created in Hungary isn’t exactly ideal for investment. For the rest he hardly economically reformed Hungary, he knows nothing about the economy, he is just a right wing populist. At the end of the cold war Poland was poorer that Hungary. Now it is much richer. Why ? Because Poland opened up, reformed, modernised. Conservative, xenophobic Orban did not. He was busy reforming the election process to stay in charge even if he had a minority of voters behind him like in the last election. He used his energy to undermine democratic institutions like the free press and independent judiciary instead of strengthening his economy.

            And this is the reason why I oppose him for many years now. He is a power hungry autocrat, he is discrimination gypsies, he is undemocratic and he is an immoral opportunist. He is the kind of politician Putin can buy with the promise of territory in Rumania and the west of Ukraine. This Orban is dangerous, I have been saying this for years now.

            His undemocratic attitude is the reason why Orban is basically a paria within Europe.

            You say that Russia wants to give Hungary and Greece a chance. Russia doesn´t care about Hungary and Greece. Both these countries are just pawns on a chess board to break the unity of the EU and NATO. But if Russia really wants to help Greece, it should refinance more that 200 billion Euros of Greece debt. Russia is not going to do that, it doesn´t even have the money to. Only Europe is willing and able to refinance this debt, nobody else and that is why the Greek moves towards Russia are pretty hopeless. Greece should stop it immature and useless games and start reforming, collecting taxes, fight corruption. Than it will grow again and not sooner.

            Furthermore Greece and Hungary don´t need to obey the EU as they are independent countries. Unlike in the Russian world, in the EU there is no such thing as countries having to obey orders from above. The EU is not a country, it is a union of independent states. The EU has conditions for help, logical as this money was earned by other Europeans and their money must be well spend. If Greece doesn´t want to accept these conditions, fine, it is her choice but than there will be no money and it is up to her to find an other solution.

            So The Netherlands is willing to help but only on conditions. Furthermore, in the EU, in the end, every country has to finance itself. Again, the EU is not a country, it is a union of countries who decided to closely work together in certain areas where they believe the EU can do a better job than they themselves.

            >> And this is European Civilisation? Eliminating war with another, bigger war?
            As I wrote, although it sounds contra dictionary, this is the only remaining option I see to defend the European peace order so indeed a war to avoid more wars in the future. Only military force can stop the occupation of even more Ukrainian territory. That Europeans are willing to die for these high ranking principles is a sigh of civilisation.
            You say that Ukraine will keep Donbas as autonomous regions. Ukraine has indicated several times that it is willing to allow autonomy, only the separatists want independence and Putin is giving them the weapons to realise this. And what does that autonomy mean: A veto over the westward orientation of Ukraine ? Are the people in Donbas more equal than other Ukrainians so that they have the right to block something the others want ?
            And the rest you said, let’s wait and see. All countries of eastern Europe including a fast majority of Hungarian people, see Russia as a clear threat. It remains to be seen whether they are keen to have strong relations with Russia in the future, I mean with the present nationalist autocratic Russia. I democratic Russia is an other story.

          4. Avatar Igor says:

            >>Ask the Ukrainians and Tartars (42% of the population) how happy they are ? They are intimidated, discriminated and harassed.

            Yea, that is shit from your TV, I guess.

            >>Don’t believe the propaganda shit on your TV.

            I don’t watch TV. Check Forbes for example: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2015/03/20/one-year-after-russia-annexed-crimea-locals-prefer-moscow-to-kiev/

            82% of people answered “YES”, + 11% answered “yes, for the most part” and only 2% said “no”. It is obvious result of “intimidation and discrimination”. I believe Mr.Illarionov told you the other things, but he even didn’t give you his source.

            Again, Strelkov was a military officer till 2013.

            I know very well how Kadyrov family got into the power. Cash is nothing comparing to human life, for you it sounds strange, I guess. Right, Chechnya is a kingdom, they still live in 19th century where blood has be be repaid with blood and as of now Kadyrov its leader who keeps situation under control. He already apologised for his threat to those from outside Chechnya who would use force within Chechnya.

            Hungary, have you ever asked yourself how Orban got elected in the first place? Hungary has been in trouble for years, and people elected him because of those troubles. Win hearts of Hungarian people, stop complaining, and they will elect the mr.Right as you define it. But no, you prefer to explain why it is fault of Hungary, and why you prefer to wage war on Russia.

            >>Only military force can stop the occupation of even more Ukrainian territory. That Europeans are willing to die for these high ranking principles is a sign of civilisation.

            Even Ukrainians themselves don’t want to fight this war – the level of conscription is low, young Ukrainian men escape to Russia, Poland or Slovakia in order not to be conscripted and sent to the East to kill their fellow citizens and die there.

            So stop bullshitting about EU fighting war for Ukraine and instead of Ukraine. Mr.Illarionov has conditioned you.

            >>By the way, if you care so much about human lives in Donbas, why don’t you accuse the separatists of killing innocent people ? Their grenades have killed many innocent people.
            I am against war in Eastern Ukraine, or in Chechnya or in Kosovo. I don’t want people die here. Crimea has joined Russia without blood. In any case I have never named myself as a”democrat” with “european values” inside. What I am saying is that EU/US governments use “european values” and “democracy” as a tool to smash their competitors when it serves their interest. US/EU let client governments (Like Ukraine, Saudi-Arabia etc.) to do whatever they want with their citizens – kill them, deprive of basic rights whatever. They don’t give a shit about those same values and democracy. That is why most of the world don’t really believe when Americans or Europeans talk about their values.

            >>Are the people in Donbas more equal than other Ukrainians so that they have the right to block something the others want ?

            If Ukraine cannot or doesn’t want to respect rights of the minorities (like Donbas) let them go. Why people of Kosovo got their independence? Because Serbia couldn’t let them have what they wanted and try to force them. So Kosovo is independent. Russia managed to buy Chechnya, no more war there, now people of Chechnya are asking to fight for Russia.
            Why Ukraine wants to pull the Eastern part to the West if the East doesn’t want it? Let them follow their own way. Ukraine itself got independence from USSR even though majority of population of USSR didn’t want it (there was a referendum about it) but Ukraine proclaimed its independence. So same goes to Donbas, Ukraine doesn’t have any “special” right to kill people in Donbas just because it is a part of Ukraine today, like Serbia and Kosovo.
            Ukraine should either find a way to win hearts of the East – give them cash (like Russia in Chechnya), give them autonomy or let them go. It would be very democratic and European solution for the country proclaiming itself adhering to european values.

          5. Avatar The truth says:

            Discalculy+ inflation , always give you 80% whatever if it is putin popularity or annexation of Crimea . Boring !

            The majority of residents of Crimea almost certainly did not vote to join the Russian Federation, according to a detailed analysis of that vote by Andrey Illarionov, and Putin’s claimed victory was, as many have suspected, the result of the kind of massive falsification Putin has perpetrated in Russian elections in the past.
            Support in Crimea for joining the Russian Federation had in fact been declining rather than increasing, a development that may have contributed to the timing of Moscow’s action.
            In a blog post over the weekend, Illarionov begins by citing the statement of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuliya Timoshenko who said that only 34 percent of Crimean residents voted for joining the Russian Federation, not the 97 percent Vladimir Putin has claimed.
            Speaking on “Shuster Live,” Tymoshenko said that “according to the data of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people, only a little more than 34 percent of Crimeans voted for unity with Russia.” That figure, she suggested, is “very close to the truth”.
            Such figures correspond with the results of polls taken in Crimea in early to mid-February, Illarionov point out. One by the Democratic Initiative found that 35.9 percent of Crimeans favored joining Russia, and a second by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology found a figure of 41.0 percent.
            And these in turn replicate the findings of still earlier samplings by the Research and Branding Group and the Gallup Institute and International Republican Institute, he says.

            Such expressions of public opinion in Crimea not only call into question the results Moscow claimed but suggest that those who currently accept them as somehow valid or at least indicative of a majority in the peninsula need to look more closely at those who have examined Russian falsifications of the vote.

            “At a minimum,” Illarionov says, “two-thirds of the residents of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea did not vote for joining [it] to present-day Putin’ Russia.” Consequently, the chief ideological prop of the Kremlin on this issue falls apart and means that Putin is relying on naked force alone, something that those concerned about Ukraine and the future should focus on.

            More such analyses are likely to appear in the coming days, and one can only hope they will have an impact on thinking in the West as well as in Russia. But already they have called attention to something that Putin has preferred not to talk about and that may explain why he acted when he did even more than references to the Maidan.

            Nine months ago, Tatyana Ivzhenko of Moscow’s Nezavsimaya Gazeta reported that “Russia is losing influence on Crimean residents,” a conclusion she said arose from the findings of new polls there. To the extent that is true, Putin may have felt he had to move when he did lest support for him and for Russia were to fall further.

            Some commentators are likely to insist that the Maidan changed everything, that the Kyiv demonstrations intensified the national feelings of ethnic Russians in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. There is likely some truth in that, but more recent soundings show that most ethnic Russians even in those regions put Ukrainian citizenship above Russian ethnicity.

            Had Putin not played up Russian nationalist sentiment and used it as the basis for an invasion and seizure of Ukrainian territory, Ukraine would likely have been able to integrate its ethnic Russians as full-fledged Ukrainian citizens and would have been a state interested in at least cooperative relations with Moscow.

            But Putin’s actions have unified Ukrainians in ways few had thought possible even several weeks ago, and they are likely to remain unified against Moscow in much the same way the victims of Russian aggression on other occasions are. One can only hope that Russians in Ukraine will nonetheless reject Putin’s inversion of ethnicity and citizenship.

          6. Avatar Igor says:

            haha, yea, Yulia Timoshenko is your source of information. You should ask Yatsenyuk as well!

            I am giving you information from INDEPENDENT source (like Forbes – not Russian or Ukrainian media, which conducted pooling and presented their results) and you give me OPINIONS of Ms. Timoshenko and Mr.Illarionov who even didn’t reveal how they estimated ” that only 34 percent of Crimean residents voted for joining the Russian Federation”

            I see no point to discuss it further.

    2. Avatar Igor says:

      what for Russia would join NATO? To serve US global interests and fight China? Thank you. Russia doeant want to fight China.
      I dont think Russia shoukd join EU, Russia is building Eurasian Union, we dont need EU any more. EU is obviously sinking, whats the point?
      Law of gravity, fir example, is not a threat. If yoy walk out from 15th floor you will fall down and die. It is just natural consequnces. Russia has been saying that american anti missile system is a vital threat to Russian security and Russia will have to destroy this shield if there will be a need. When Danes make their decision to join this American anti missile shield and have its infrustrycture on their ships, they need to understand that to protect itself Russia will have ro destroy this installations in case of any serious conflict between US and Russia. So Danes need to decide fir themselves whether they want to put their lifes under riak for american interest.

      1. Avatar The truth says:

        Putin will not destroy the danes , putin only plays , why would he endeavours the security of russia ?
        You seem 10 time more paranoiac than a paranoiac !
        Take it easy !

        1. Avatar Igor says:

          I think it is pointless discussion with someone who even cannot read. I have never wrote that Putin would destroy Danes, I said Russia will have to destroy american anti-missile shield in case of necessity. If the essential parts of the shield will be installed on Danes ships – so let it be, Danes ships are likely to be destroyed. Same goes to american anti-missile bases in Poland and Romania. People of Denmark should decide, whether they want to play this game when US puts their life in the front line of potential US-Russia nuclear confrontation. Russia has nothing against Denmark, we are good partners and I think it is wise to let them know in advance what inevitable consequences joining american anti-missile shield will bring them. It is like telling – not walk away from 20th floor, there is law of gravity (like same law that for Russia american anti-missile shield is the first target in case of US-Russia conflict), you will fall down and kill yourself.

  61. russians stole besides land and history also word rus from Ukraine, the motherland. above Ukraine only moskovites live, pest like mosquitos, lower life forms.

    1. Avatar Igor says:

      Hm, how could such “lower life form” stole everything from proud Ukrainians? Why Ukrainians don’t try to get back their name?

      1. so now they can use that name for the lower life form in north-Ukraine, formerly know as “russia”, ussr, moskovia

        1. Avatar Igor says:

          hm, you also don’t know where Ukraine is. It is ok, no worries, you are not the first one here.
          To north from Ukraine there is Belarus actually, Russia is to East from Ukraine.

          1. nope like with the other 84 parts of USSR, it was a unvoluntary federation, just look at holodomor , moscow is the leech of the other 84

          2. Avatar Igor says:

            Holodomor… look at famine in the US during great depression, about 1 million people died – can we say that “US is unvoluntary federation” based on this?

          3. rusian kremlin trolls work from scripts, it shows, russia as country doesn’t even excists, history and even name rus is stolen from Ukraine. better call them moscovites or kremlins (like in movie gremlins) rolf ol

          4. Avatar Igor says:

            writing nonsense and offences for the whole world to see doesn’t really show you as an example of enlighten “Ukrainian”. It also doesn’t really help Ukraine in any way

          5. Avatar Igor says:

            By the way, USSR consisted of 15 republics. I suggest you to learn basic things about the topic first before you start expressing your opinion – like where actually Ukraine is (you dont know), what was USSR and what it consisted of (you again dont know) etc.

          6. Yip and 14 of them left USSR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_Union , ArmeniaAzerbaijanBelarusEstoniaGeorgiaKazakhstanKyrgyzstanLatviaLithuaniaMoldovaRussiaTajikistanTurkmenistanUkraineUzbekistan, so that one left was RF http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia the unvoluntary federation of which one of 85, Moskovia was and is the leech as it always was and is. You should learn more history..and btw in last wiki kievan rus is fault, that was and is Ukrainian not russian, only thing RF can say its moskovia, all reference to rus is just Ukrainian…in dutch we call it btw Kyiv empire not kievan rus, besides land RF also steals history and word rus from Ukraine like goods from other neigbouring countries…

          7. Avatar Igor says:

            oh, thanks god, you realised that your statement about “other 84 parts of USSR” doesn’t make sense. Pufff, good progress man!

            And check your own wiki link – it is stated there that “Kievan Rus” (you may call it even “Ukrainian Empire” in dutch, who cares how do you call it in dutch anyway) is historical ancestor of Russia.

            Please, read before you write! I don’t see the point to discuss nonsense like “RF also steals history and word rus from Ukraine”. Do you know what is RF and when it was formed? It is “Russian Federation” which was established (ATTENTION) in 1991, 24 years ago. So you are saying “RF also steals history and word rus from Ukraine” meaning within last 24 years. There is nothing to discuss here, read your own wiki link.

          8. like USSR or russia is of any importance…only west+east Ukrainians are…and other ex-USSR countries and the 84 parts of RF that should be separated from moscow/kremlin

          9. Avatar Igor says:

            right, who cares about facts and reality? You prefer to live in your own dreamworld!
            At the same time Russia is getting bigger again:
            1. Crimea has returned to Russia,
            2. South Ossetia and Abkhazia at the moment have same status as, let’s say, Guam in the US,
            3. Belarus is building united state with Russia,
            4. Eurasian Union has been launched and now consists of 4 other countries and many more waiting to join

            So, unfortunately for you, you are completely wrong. But it is ok, you are not the first one, and not the last one. Russia has seen many people like you during its 1000 years of history. Where are those people? But Russia is still today, the biggest country on the planet! And it is getting bigger….

          10. russia isn’t even a country, and most of its history is stolen from Ukraine, even the word rus rofl ol, and the part of 85 of RF that called it russia is in fact only moscow/kremlin, that little gay man putin huylo, and that tiny tiny rat state moskovia with its moscovites or kremlins…

          11. Avatar Igor says:

            Oh yea, show the world your delusions and hatred so people of the world would see what does it mean to be real “Ukrainian”…

          12. at least not a fascist nazi state as that “russia”, who’s georgian leader defends his fellow landsman stalins war with hitler

            http://coat.ncf.ca/our_magazine/links/54/54_48-49.pdf 14 signs its fascist

          13. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            Ukraine doesn´t have to prove anything ! It is you , putting words together , trying to defend urss/sovjet/russia/RF as the paradise on earth. As the world knows it is not ! you have to use nugatory arguments . I prove my point , following the big efforts at high costs to paint putin as the lider maximo who only does the right things. It is as childish as a father who would have to prove to his children he is the best to be loved.
            It would be doomed nonsences !

          14. Avatar Igor says:

            take it easy, tovarish! Come down! Nobody has requested “Ukraine to prove anything”. I haven’t said anywhere that “urss/sovjet/russia/RF is the paradise on earth”.

            BTW, what is “urss”? What is the difference between “urss” and “soviet”? Do you know that “soviet” is either an adjective (and it doesn’t make sense to mix adjective and nouns in “urss/sovjet/russia/RF” ), or a noun and then it means “any governmental council” (again, doesn’t make sense in “urss/sovjet/russia/RF”). I suspect you don’t really understand what you are writing and just vent out your emotions in which I have zero interest.

          15. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            Man ! man ! how touchy are the moscovites today , do not support critic about the little republic russland.
            Is CESSPOOL a substantive ? or CESSPIT if you prefer.
            For me is ursscccpsovjetrussiamoscovy only a long subtantive synonym till CESSPOOL .

          16. Avatar Igor says:

            Could you please speak English? I literally don’t understand you

  62. Avatar The truth says:

    What did the russians did in France ! When and how did the russians controlled in the 19 and 20 th in Europe !
    You can make reclam for russia, but you can´t imagine things !

    1. Avatar Igor says:

      oh come on thetruth, don’t show your complete ignorance. Check wikipedia how Tsar Alexander I invaded Paris in 1814 after Napoleon invaded Russia couple of years earlier. Some even believe that it is how French learnt the Russian word “bistro” – from Russian soldiers shouting “quick” in local eateries 🙂

  63. Avatar The truth says:

    Crimea people never took initiative to ask for separation or annexation. All that was fomented by Girkin under the orders of putin.
    The referendum was a fake, a routine election , the orders were given to Girkin 2 days before !
    You can make reclam for russia and putin, but stop to write new history only some months old.

    1. Avatar Igor says:

      so what? every time somebody takes an initiative to start a big thing and if people support it – let it be. People of Crimea expressed in referendum what they wanted – and it turned out to be they wanted to join Russia. So now it is Russia. You can check results of independent pooling in Crimea, there were bunch of them. I’ve already posted Forbes pooling, you can find other independent pools.

  64. Avatar The truth says:

    Putin can threat if he wants, but russia without europa can´t exist and prospere ! The high techs is in the West , and putin needs it .

    1. Avatar Igor says:

      Well, Europeans are not the only technological nations on this planet. Russians lived without European and American hight-tech in USSR and competed with the West in all kind of technologies, not a big deal. Nowadays it is easier to buy things from China, South Korea and even Japan without all this headache with EU/US.

  65. Avatar commieslayer says:

    Guess !

  66. Avatar LorCanada says:


  67. Avatar Bu Buccaneer says:

    Another exhibition of how delusional Russians are…
    He keeps banging on about it all the time. I’m sure you’ll manage to look it up.

    Also, the whole “any Russia’s neighbor leaning to the West is a threat to Russia” means just that. (it’s not a quote; it’s the thing you Katzaps keep saying)

    1. Avatar Igor says:

      Haha, right. i am delusional and you cant even support your words with facts, tou ask me to “look it up”. Show me the facts, comrade!

      1. Avatar Bu Buccaneer says:

        That’s what’s exactly the problem with you, Katzaps. You think you can ACT like warmongers but call it ‘peace’ and that by that you have outsmarted everyone. For example you have outraged many European leaders by your military aggressions of the last years. And what you did after you’ve been called out on this. “Europe goes back to cold war RHETORIC!”

        And here you think you’ll get all of us digging up quotes with the word “influence” for you. The thing is you ACT by the belief in Russia’s sphere of influence and you mask it in your wording (at least your leaders, certainly not the Russian pleb) using words like “Russia’s interests abroad”.

        By your logic Russia is not intimidating Baltic countries because Putin didn’t say “We are intimidating Baltic countrie” and Russia participates in a conflict in neighboring country only when Putin confirms it in his own words. The thing is very few people still fall for this shit of yours nowadays. A year back you could count on more but the shit you dish out is so impudent it’s simply to much for anyone not being an already delusional Vatnik.

        1. Avatar Igor says:

          Why you call me “Katzap”? If you are trying to offend me, what for? If not, what is the point to use this word here? I haven’t tried to offend you.

          Our discussion goes in the following way:

          YOU: Russians are saying they need “sphere of influence”!!

          ME: Can you show me where any Russian officials are demanding “sphere of influence”?

          YOU: Look it up!

          ME: I’ve checked it and I couldn’t find any source with such claim for sphere of influence

          YOU: Well, even if you don’t say it you behave like it….so if Russians don’t say why do you ask me to look it up?

          ok…Give me examples of how Russia is “intimidating Baltic countries”? I prefer to discuss facts, rather than keep discussion in the same format as I pointed out above.

          If I try to think why Russia may want to “intimidate Baltic countries” I can’t find any sensible reason. Relations between Russia and, lets say Estonia, is much better than between Russia and, for example, Lithuania. Here president of Estonia is saying that Russia doesn’t present any military threat to his country even though he expresses his concern about Ukraine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQkv6MO5MCg

          1. Avatar Bu Buccaneer says:

            I simply feel free to call Katzap any Russian who plays along the current Russian impudent propaganda. Even more that there’s a direct corelation between the propaganda and the military actions of Russia and hence – deaths. Offensive? In these circumstances I’d say adequate.

            Nowhere did I say there are mentions of sphere of influence in those exact words. Others have fallen for it, I won’t. In the same way I won’t fall for your another old trick – demand proofs and then dismiss them one by one by the slightest pretext. A great example of this trick we could observe some hours ago when someone provided you with a quote of Medvedev mentioning influence and you simply replied that it was ‘about traditional bonds of Russia and the said countries’.

            There are military forum threads where subject matter experts are told to ‘provide proofs’ of Russian presence in Donbas just to dismiss the proof ‘because the photo presents not Russian T-72B3 but an Ukrainian Bulat tank’ when there’s >clearly< T-72B3 on the photo. And it goes yadayadayada.

            The same goes for the subject of Russia intimidating Baltic countries. You won't get 'facts' from me so you can excercise your usual routine.

            Regarding the video you posted. The president basically said Russias has become an agressive state going bonzo, at one point said he doesn't see a direct military threat [currently] in his country, and you've decided to post this video as an argument pro your stance. Nice.

          2. Avatar Igor says:

            regarding what you said – i prefer to discuss facts. If you want to express your opinion – please read what people actually discuss. There was quote from Medvedev where he explained what does it mean for Russia “privileged interests” (not influence) – Medvedev (not me, please read discussions and quotes!) said that it was ‘about traditional bonds of Russia and the said countries’.
            There are obvious problems in relations between the West and Russia, or current Ukraine and Russia but it doesnt mean that one can make up any BS and simple lie just to ride the hatered wave.
            For example, US officials Russia may also say (in your terminology) that “Russias has become an agressive state going bonzo” but it clearly doeant mean that Russia is “intimidating the US”.
            I would suggest looking up meaning of the words before using them and state facts.

          3. Avatar Bu Buccaneer says:

            I closely monitor the situation in the region since 5 years ago or more. I don’t need your leaders confirming in words what their actions already say quite clearly.

  68. Avatar Bu Buccaneer says:

    “Back to what Medvedev said – Russia has regions where if has its
    privileged interests. What does it mean? It means that Russia
    traditionally has friendly cordial relations, historically special
    relations with these countries.”
    HAHAHAHAAA! That’s fucking priceless! 😀

    1. Avatar Igor says:

      Yep. That is what exactly Medvedev said in that quoute. He stated that Russia has “privileged interests” and then explained what does it mean ( friendly cordial relations, historically special relations with these countries) so people like you wont twist his mening.
      Actually, again, it is not new – people hear what they want to hear even when nothing is said.

  69. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    I know it is not easy for the moscovites like igor and yuriy to have control over the english language so I try to be more explicit.
    RUSSIA (putins) aka RF = kleptocracy
    TROLLS = TRAITORS to Russia
    How is that ? is it better ? can you understand now, or must I send a dictionary along ?