Is the Russian Army about to get a Central Asian face?

Young Tajik soldiers watch a wrestling match during Novruz celebrations in late March in the capital Dushanbe. The recent shortage of conscripts due to labor migration and evasion in the face of harsh conditions has led to impressment, the quasi-legal kidnapping of military-age men. (Photo: David Trilling,

Young Tajik soldiers (Photo: 

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Moscow’s proposals to create a Russian foreign legion and to allow Tajikistan citizens to serve in the ranks of the Russian Army are “extremely timely” ideas, according to Shomurod Madamin. “Russians don’t want to serve in their own army,” but Tajiks have few good options and service in Russian ranks is one of them.

According to the Tajik commentator, Moscow is having increasing difficulties attracting young Russians to the colors: Demographic shortfalls mean the draft pool is declining, and “dedovshchina, corruption, and wars now here and now there” make it anything but attractive: many apparently fear being sent to Ukraine to fight.

But the situation with regard to the Tajiks is very different, Madamin says. A high birthrate means that there are ever more young men of draft age, and that also means that many of them are unable to find work either at home or in the Russian Federation. Consequently, service in the Russian army and a regular paycheck appear to be a good option.

Sweetening the pot, the Dushanbe commentator says, is the fact that foreigners who serve in the Russian military can become Russian citizens. And if they die in the service of Moscow, their families and descendants can acquire as well. Everyone benefits, he suggests, including the Tajikistan government which gets more money even as it sees its social welfare costs decline.

According to Madamin, there are more than one million gastarbeiters from Tajikistan in Russia at present. From among them, Moscow could easily get some 50,000 to 80,000 soldiers. That, he says, works out to between five and eight infantry divisions that the Russian commanders could use for their military plans.

A Russian soldier from Buryatia fighting in Donbas

A Russian soldier from Buryatia fighting in Donbas

That is all very well even if Moscow tracks such soldiers into construction battalions as the Soviet government did. But there is a problem: what will happen if war comes to Tajikistan? What if the Taliban or the Chinese invade? “Who will defend Tajikistan?” Dushanbe says Russia will, but “what if Russia at that time is involved in another war or has other problems?”

Clearly, if young Tajiks join the Russian military, Tajikistan will be left with a depleted and weakened army of its own, something that will benefit “the foreign and domestic” enemies of the country. “None of the citizens of Tajikistan want or will want to defend their Motherland. They will fight for Russia and for money.”

“You can’t call this patriotism,” Madamin says, adding that “I think that the attitude in the Russian army toward citizens of other countries will not be very good. That is how it was in the Soviet army,” with soldiers grouping themselves by nationality, religion or region and suffering as a result. At the very least, he suggests, “this is something to think about.”

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  1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Foreigners once again fighting Moscow’s battles while the cowardly muscovites sit on the sidelines.

    1. Avatar jesper ejlersen says:

      Where do the British start up hiring men from other countries ??

      1. Avatar LorCanada says:

        I’m thinking during WW2 there were troops from India who fought for England, not sure of their name… Gherkas perhaps? I’d have to check.

        1. Avatar Dean Venture says:

          I believe the Gurkhas are still part of the British armed forces.

    2. Avatar Brent says:

      Oh look, it’s the ‘whataboutchamacallit’ argument!!!

      If your neighbor put a gun in his mouth, does that mean you, a noted Russian troll, also wants to do it?

    3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      most of the russian military has always been little more than a trash army of rapists and looters. Now they need to bring in asians so they can kill Ukrainians, slavs, and not feel remorse.

  2. Avatar jesper ejlersen says:

    Russia have only 150 000 men ready for war the rest is to open up and shit in

  3. Avatar puttypants says:

    Look at WW2. I’ve read accounts of German soldiers fighting on the front talk about asian faces they were fighting not Russian. Those poor people have been fighting Russia’s wars forever.

  4. Avatar Dean Venture says:

    A source for your information would be nice.

  5. Avatar Brent says:

    Muscovy has a long history of enlisting fighters from other countries to fight its wars. It even did this with Ukraine in World War II and in Afghanistan.

    All nations have to stop being proxies for the mafia government in Muscovy.

  6. Avatar Brent says:

    And here are more stats for you

    99.99% of us think you’re a lying Russian troll

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Yup. Ignorant russian apes think that humans are as ignorant as they are, that we will fall for the same primate quality propaganda they do between gulps of cheap vodka and radiator fluid….

    2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      дегенерат which one of these criminals are you?

  7. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Why do you think urss always wanted to have power over other countries ?. To have canonfodder ! Or somewhere else to do the battles . It is the same policy nowadays.
    The russians do not want to serve in their own army !