Putin’s appearances in public hit record low



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Article by: Nina Jobe

In a recent blog post, Irina Zarifian asks “who is giving orders [in Russia today]?” [The graph comes from a recent article in Vedomosti].


Translated by Euromaidan Press

The graph shows the frequency of participation of the Russian president in collective meetings, according to official data.

The graph clearly shows that the frequency of the public appearances of Putin in his 3rd term is actually decreasing.  Putin hardly ever appears at collective meetings, except for a spike in March 2014 ([at the time of the] Crimean referendum).

It is amazing that this is happening against the backdrop of the large-scale turn of state policy toward aggression, a sharp assault on the opposition, aggression against Ukraine and an unprecedented propaganda campaign.  In order to expand such activities, you need a lot of words and documents.  Coordination and orders are needed.  Supporters and performers are needed.  In short, there is a lot to say, and Putin says nothing.  He appears only for [the sake of] protocol.

This means that the deliberative and regulatory rhetoric that guides large-scale political action for a fourth term regime does not come from Putin, at least not from the public Putin.

Since Putin is not only the president [of Russia], but also the Supreme Commander, who in theory holds the “nuclear button” in his hands, this situation raises even more questions.

Who ordered the unfolding military exercises around the perimeter of the Russian Federation?  Who leads the troops in combat readiness?  Previously, you could assume that the excess show of force is just a bluff to intimidate the West and to move freely in Ukraine.  Today’s events, even if it is partly a bluff, are an all-in bluff.

The local conflict has entered a new phase of international confrontation.  Who is managing it?

It is also interesting see that [Putin’s] peak activity is at the beginning of Medvedev’s first term.

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  • Michel Cloarec

    Who needs putin when there is kadyrov and semion mogilovich ?

  • Dirk Smith

    Who cares.

    • Michel Cloarec

      Admit that it was funny to read what the newspapers all over the world did write. The norvegian had even a small film. In France they laughed at that photo with title ” where is putin ?”

      • Mykola Potytorsky

        these politicians must be looking for putin

        • Michel Cloarec

          Exactly ! They did not wanted to tramp on him !

      • Dirk Smith

        I’m tired of the world giving this sociopathic thug credibility. Just because he puts on a suit and smiles a lot, the world still enables this fascist. He’s no different than Kim Jong Un or the Iranian lunatics.

  • Ihor Molodecky

    I wouldn’t place too much significance on the decline of Putin’s public appearances. Looking for a correlation between his decision making power and public appearances tends to be much like reading tea leaves. Public appearances for any politician tend to be a lot for show and are a nuisance. After fifteen years in power, Putin has amassed enough power that he no longer feels the need. He has developed a decision making system where he makes the decisions and has surrounded himself with only a small group of people that he trusts. There are systems in place to carry out what has been decided. It’s not the collective style Politburo leadership from Soviet days.

    • Michel Cloarec

      You wrong ! a narcisict mythomane has to show himself everyday.
      Heil putin !

  • puttypants

    I agree stop giving him that much credit. He’s trying to lay low so as to get all the bad publicity off of himself. He’s still calling the shots.