Cast your vote for the most lunatic fascist at the International Russian Conservative Forum

Selected participants in the world fascist forum in St. Petersburg, Russia in March 2015

Some of the participants in the European fascist forum in St. Petersburg, Russia in March 2015 

The Naked Truth

The “International Russian Conservative” aka fascism Forum that was hosted by the Russian party ‘Rodina,’ a close ally of Putin’s “United Russia,” on 22 March 2015 in St.Petersburg gathered some of the Europe’s and America’s most marginal and extreme far-right, fascist, and neo-nazi figures. Cast your vote to identify who is the biggest lunatic among them (maximum three votes).

1. “Western Europe will either become an Islamist caliphate or there will be a terrible civil war or perhaps both. Which makes the survival of Christendom absolutely impossible without the rise of the Third Rome: Moscow.”


Nick Griffin, Holocaust denier, the expelled former leader of the anti-immigrant British National Party and a fervent defender of Neo-Nazis (


2. “The Europe of fatherlands shouldn’t concern itself with problems of gays and lesbians.”

_udoUdo Voigt, member of the European parliament for German neo-nazi party NPD. In 2004, Voigt was charged with incitement to hatred for calling Adolf Hitler a “great man.” In 2007, he faced additional charges for suggesting the name of Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2009, Voigt received a suspended prison sentence after being charged with inciting racial hatred and defamation for circulating racist pamphlets during the 2006 World Cup (

3. “Everything that’s happening in the Donbas is anti-fascism. Everything that Ukraine does is fascism. There’s no other fascism in the world.”

_zhivovAlexei Zhivov, representative of the movement Battle for Donbas, a coalition of nineteen far-right Russian-nationalist organisations rallying, among other things, for Russia to “liberate Russian Kyiv,” and gathering funds to support the Russian-backed separatists in Donbas (


4. “Had Hitler died in 1939, and hadn’t the Soviet Union lost so many people because of him, he would be one of the greatest leaders.”

_milchakovAlexei Milchakov, a well-known St. Petersburg Nazi, Alexey Milchakov, who was named in the EU list of sanctioned individuals for his terrorist activities in Ukraine. Milchakov rose to infamy for murdering and eating a puppy on-camera. He later joined the so-called “separatist movement” in Ukraine and was filmed torturing Ukrainian POW’s (


5. “Boris Nemtsov, Anna Politkovskaya, Boris Berezovsky – I know, where they are living now. They are in hell.”

_krisKris Roman, a former councillor for the Belgian Front National known for his antisemtism, who runs a “think tank” called Euro-Rus, which aims to promote a Great Europe “from Gibraltar to Vladivostok.”


6. “Obama and those presiding in Europe are Nazis! They are brainwashing us to hate Putin, but it is Putin who understands that we must protect the rights of the majority, not the minority.”

_dowsonJim Dowson, Ex-member of Britain First from Scotland, British anti-abortion-rights campaigner.



7. “I don’t consider it denigrating to be called a fascist. (…) We are the elite of a new Europe, which will mature soon. It will be a Christian patriotic Europe, and Russia won’t be only one of its parts, but its driving force.”

_fioreRoberto Fiore, leader of Italy’s far-right party Forza Nuova
. Fiore was tried and convicted in absentia for being a member of a fascist terror group, implicated in the Bologna bombing of 1980, which killed 85 people (



8. “We have to create new organisations against the pro-fascist UN and OSCE .”

_birFyodor Birukow, member of the political council of Rodina, the political party caucusing with Putin’s ‘United Russia’ party and formerly led by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.


9. “85 percent of people in Italy will tell you that fascism has done many good things which attracted the world’s admiration. It is a historical fact that America brought the Mafia to Italy. We need Russia to liberate us from the American rule.” 

_fioreRoberto Fiore, leader of Italy’s far-right party Forza Nuova.



10.  “Obama and America — they’re like females! They’re feminized men. You have been blessed by a man who is a man! And we envy that.”

Ji_dowsonm Dowson, Ex-member of Britain First from Scotland, British anti-abortion-rights campaigner.



Note. Everything we publish in the section The Naked Truth is dead serious and, unlike our usual propaganda and lies, true. It should be taken literally. Video showing comparison of two speeches on Shuster Live TV show subtitled by Voices of Ukraine.


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  • Brent

    10 bullets for 10 losers. Too bad you couldn’t line them up in a row and save 9 bullets….

    Why aren’t these a$$clowns put on “no-fly” lists? Who is protecting them and their hatred?

  • Paul Decrinis

    This was a very hard decision though. All of them are despicious.

    • Turtler

      But you did decide?

      • Paul Decrinis

        I did decide – I voted for Fjodor Birukow.

  • puttypants

    OMG how to choose..They’re all insane!!!

  • Turtler

    This is tough. But I’d probably have to say it’s a tie between Roberto Fiore- it’s not a good idea to publically identify yourself as a “Fascist” in those terms, and forgetting Sicilian history does not bode well*- and Alexei Milchakov. Because of his claim to “fame” starting out, and the brilliant quote that basically says “If Hitler hadn’t been Hitler, he would’ve been a great leader.”
    The rest are despicable but just get overshadowed by the sheer retard of those two.

  • Dean Venture

    So many lunatics, so few votes! Such skilled doublethink. They consider fascism a good thing, but continue to call their political opponents fascists to denigrate them.

    I had heard Milchakov had been killed in East Ukraine. Seeing him again is something of a disappointment. He’s lower than an animal, and at the very least, should be locked up somewhere.

  • Dirk Smith

    I vote for the dwarfish kleptomaniac in the Kremlin. Surprised he wasn’t the main speaker.

  • alien

    ahhahhahahahahaaaaaa….nazi/fascist site making fun of people accusing them to be fascists…omg there is only air inside your heads, and one wire to keep ears from falling off, isn’t it?

    • Michel Cloarec

      As far as I know , the savior of christian value is in the kremlin just now .
      St Petersburgh is in russia , Is it not where they are meeting ?
      Is not Girkin extreme right wings , that is why putin does not close him down.
      So reactivize your brain to facts .

      • alien

        Hitler is being called The Savior by Ukrainians these days….Imagine that, can you? Hitler – Savior!? Only for local fascist…as in Croatia, who cheered and throw flowers at Wehrmacht soldiers entering Zagreb in 1941. There is nothing more disgusting or mind-blowing than Slavic peoples cheering and siding to German Nazis as Croats and Ukrainians do (USA continues Hitlers work!!!)….Did you forget that German Nazis were considering Slavs to be a lower race, and that they should be used as slave workers or to be exterminated???? Knock, knock, anyone there….?

        • Michel Cloarec

          And where did you get that ” hitler called as the savior in Ukraine” ?
          You don´t understand irony !
          Prince vladimir the great says with help from kadyrov that he is going to reinstore christian values in europe. Irony. That is exactly what europe was waiting for , what would we do without putin&co. Be barbarians

  • Roger Mikael Klang

    When Hitler’s architect Albert Speer showed Hitler’s romantic plans which he called “A Theory of Ruin Value” of romanesque buildings, which would leave magnificent ruins after hundreds of years which were similar to the ruins the Romans left behind, Hitler was the only one who welcomed the idea in the inner circle. His Entourage said Speers plans was blasphemy. Hitler regarded Speers ideas as logical and enlightened. He gave orders that all the important buildings in the future would be raised with this principle of Law of Ruins in mind. Hitler once grabbed Albert Speer and sent away his entourage, he told Speer; “We will create a magnificent empire. All Germanic tribes will be included in it. It will extend from Norway to northern Italy. I myself have to go ashore with this. If I only get to keep my health! ”
    So here we have Hitler as the first state leader to hate America but still wanting a new Roman empire for him self and his people for a thousand years. And what does Putin want and who does he hate? The same as Hitler! I am telling you, God has put America as the leader of the free World for a reason! Anyone who tries to overthrow God’s choice is bound to fail. It is simply impossible to rebell against God and still Think that you can create what only God can create.
    But, there is no universal law that says that America is blessed no matter what they do. They must continue to do God’s will to be successfull.

    • simon

      um, there is no god.

      America and the west must continue to protect the weak because it is the right thing to do.

      That is all.

      • Roger Mikael Klang

        And how can that be the right thing to do if there is no God? If there is no God, anything goes!

        • simon

          So back in the day god also put the brutal Roman empire in power too? or any other powerful nation of it’s time. I also guess you have never heard of philosophy which discusses the concepts of what is right and wrong. I think it’s best not to include your personal religious beliefs when discussing reality.

          That said, if you want some more insight into Russia’s neo-nazi gangs Ross Kemp did a great documentary called Ross Kemp on Gangs. Series 2 episode 2 is the one on Moscow.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            Oh yes, how could I forget the allmighty philosophy? Philosophy, the solution to all the Worlds problems and all the evildoers of the World feel severely impeded by ‘the philosophy’. I have taken 2 years of practical philosophy at Lund University and I am sooo impressed over this academic discipline’s ability to act on the World scene as a remedy for all diseases, plagues, universal questions and geopolitics!

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            (Traces of Ironi may appear in my text)

          • Michel Cloarec

            Why make life difficult ? There are 10 commandements followe by billions on this earth. Is that not enough. Simple 10 commandements , it is easy to understand that makes people human .

  • Michel Cloarec

    The resultat of free consumption of alcohol and drugs, that is what you get.
    Pathetic idiots !

  • John Sobieski

    Opposing abortion and the LGBT agenda is not fascism, it’s mere Christianity. Many of the groups defending Ukraine hold the same views. Be careful. You’re falling into Russia’s trap. Putin wants to divide so he can conquer.

    • Tobias Weihmann

      Cult of masculinity and denigrating minorities is part-and-parcel of fashism and definitely nothing specific to Christianity. That some Ukrainians (Germans, Polish etc.) hold the same views doesn’t make it any better.

    • Turtler

      Opposing abortion?

      Russia’s closest ally is the Peoples’ Republic of China. Whose “One Child Policy” has resulted in the mass murder of millions, mostly the unborn but often the newly born. And on occasion those close by. All done in ways that make the average abortion clinic in the decadent West look deranged.

      LGBT Agenda? Sure, opposing the LGBTs is one thing. But doing so through unjust persecution, illegal beatings, and state sponsored hatecrime is something else. That isn’t Christian, and it’s less Christian than even a Transexual Amsterdamned Cannabis sales..thing.

      Christ taught us to love Sinners when at all possible and try to help them through Compassion and God’s Love. Putin teaches his people that some kinds of sinning are fine, but other kinds are to be treated with absolute, brutal contempt and violence out of all proportion to their harm.

      That is what we should know, and why Putin is ultimately weak. Just like any of those who flout God’s will in such a way, regardless of their nationality or affilaition.

  • Iľja Rakoš

    Yes, every one of those characters is a despicable lunatic, and their “thinking” retrograde. And, yes, as much as they are useful idiots for LilliPutin and his Kremlin Thugs (a new Russian dwarf-black-metal band), and a complete farce and waste of oxygen, their Vozhd is no joke. That dude is deadly serious.

    Don’t turn EuromaidanPR into an internet crap poll. This isn’t Buzzfeed, clickbait. Oooh! 10 Fascists Gathered in St. Petersburg – You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next!

    Those of us who live here in Ukraine are clearly hyper-engaged, and the western press is largely twee and feckless when it comes to this war. And now honest-to-god fascists are holding rallies in Russia. Here’s the problem with this kind of “poll”: it encourages the unconscious
    trivialization these events. It reduces the enemy-combatants to a joke, a hash-tag, and only threatens to retard our own understanding of both the players and the game. In the end, we become further inured to pathologies like those cultivated in the Kremlin. Ukraine can burn, but God, aren’t I witty?

    Let the idiots’ – and you’ve assembled a fine list – words speak for themselves. We don’t need to vote.

    Drop the poll.

    Slava Ukraini

    • Michel Cloarec

      It is impossible to vote for one or another. All of them belong to the same trash bin ! Admit that we must clean the world from all those circus workers.

  • Guest

    Milchakov apparently died in combat months ago. WARNING: very very graphic link;

  • New East

    Milchanov was apparently KIA months ago: WARNING; very very graphic post;

    • Michel Cloarec

      GOOD ! the dogs can feel safe now !

  • New East

    Miclchanov was apparently KIA months ago; WARNING, very graphic link

  • Terry Washington

    “Conservative”??? God knows I have my issues with conservatives in the UK and my native Britain, but these guys have about as much in common with orthodox conservatism(be it Edmund Burke or more recently William F.Buckley) as gourmet cooking has with cannibalism!