World must respond to Putin’s Crimea admission — Lithuania

Linas Linkevičius

Linas Linkevičius  


Vladimir Putin’s public admission about the deliberate seizure of Crimea cannot be ignored, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius said before a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, March 16.

“We absolutely must continue to apply pressure. Especially, I would add, after the publication of public admissions that Crimea was seized by order of the Russian leader. Such a declaration cannot be overlooked,” Linkevičius said, referring to the showing of the film “Crimea. The return home” on Russian television.

He also noted that the pro-Russian militants are not honoring the Minsk agreements, are continuing their shelling , and are preventing any verification of the withdrawal of heavy weapons.

“There is a lot of evidence that they are simply regrouping and changing positions. This is not very good news,” he said.

On March 15, the Russia 1 TV channel showed the film on how Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to “conduct a special operation to return Crimea to Russia” in February 2014.The Russian leader thus openly confessed to a crime against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent state and the beginning of military aggression against Ukraine.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: gazeta

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  • George

    Once again Lithuania is leading the way. I’ve not read/heard of any other leading Western nation commenting on or condemning the admission that the RF President ordered the occupation of Crimea. It’s as though they are all sleepwalking.

    • what’s what

      …sleepwalking straight to their confidential swiss bank accounts with putin’s gold bullion jangling in their pockets.

  • puttypants

    I agree…Im surprised how quiet Poland is being on this matter as they also have much to lose. Putin didn’t have to openly admit anything everyone knows what he and his regime has been doing. In fact, this doc. is actually a slap in the European face and they still put up with it so he will continue to push to show who’s in charge in europe and the middle east including china and south america. Putin has shown that lies and force work well against weak leaders in the world. These leaders are so cowardly and weak in europe and us that all countries should be ashamed to show how little we’ve progressed in our democratic values.

    • evanlarkspur

      I agree- values aren’t values unless we show that they are valuable.

  • what’s what

    Of course the hypocritical, greedy leaders of Europe won’t say a word against Putin or do a thing to stop him. Save for Lithuania’s Linkyavichus, they’ve made it abundantly clear that they just want Ukraine to roll over and die asap so they can get on with their highly lucrative dirty deals with putin the devil.

  • João Pedro Santos

    It’s pitiful the western response in the presence of all this. Already they were blind to what was going, but even in the face of admission the inaction is a shameful attitude

  • Charles J. Kollman

    Yes i agree with all, but no surprise that France or The Reich say nothing. Yes where is Poland and other suppressed Countries that were under the heel of The mighty Soviet Union. Where are the great American freedom hawks that preach democracy this to no surprise they say nothing. What is amassing is the fact Putin has made it known his goal is to create and form another Soviet Union. What the brain dead people in Russia don’t see or understand is yes all things were free in this great system and that is one big reason it collapsed and went bankrupt Hello if it did not work the first time it will not work now. Russia now is a bankrupt Country third world kind. It’s great military has now no experience most of the equipment is out dated and disabled. There is a large drinking problem in their ranks. Oh yes Putin has the big bombs, but he know if he uses them there will be know Russia left to talk about he is not all that crazy. The Russian people have to know that they suffer now with high prices food hard to find and some go without gas water or electric all comes from the hand of their great leader Putin. Now so far what the west has done is to remove Putin like cutting off the tail of a snake they need to cut off the snakes head. The people need to wake up to the fact that a government rots from the head down. Gee i wounder who said that. Oh yes it was big Joe Stalin.

    • Dean Venture

      The ‘great American freedom hawks’ are still there, and they’ve been pushing to arm Ukraine for months (follow John McCain’s twitter feed for an example). They just aren’t in the White House, unfortunately. As Putin’s belligerence continues, the pressure grows for the White House to do something. I’m not sure how long they can hold out against a congress that is entirely united in providing arms to Ukraine.

      • Charles J. Kollman

        This is true, but if i may ask these questions. Where are the Countries in The EU. this is their back yard. Next this situation in Ukraine is dangerous, so why is it that Ukraine is not taken into NATO. and why also not into The EU. what is the stopping force for this. I see from all much talk and no action. When Russia is bordering Germany maybe this will turn around.

        • Dean Venture

          I whole heartedly agree. I think the West in general has betrayed the principles we like to sell around the world, justice and the rule of law in particular.

          Germany and France have been given the lead in the crisis, and because they don’t want to arm Ukraine, countries that would send arms won’t in order to present a unified front and to avoid diplomatic penalties for breaking rank.

          I believe that if the two lead countries here gave their blessing, many states – the Baltics, Poland, the UK, the US, Canada, and perhaps Australia would start sending lethal aid. The problem here is France and Germany. I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps Putin hasn’t bought them off.

          The whole thing makes me sentimental for the Reagan/Thatcher governments.

          • Charles J. Kollman

            This is one of the bad reasons being in The EU. penalties for breaking rank.The HQ. for this Union in truth is Germany and in my opinon Germany should be saying nothing with the war crimes it did. As you must know Obama does not support Israel, so forget Ukraine. Obama is a radical muslim terrorist and those are who he supports. He is a false President, but sits in The White house and shows no respect for the Military Veterans and treads on the Constitution and Flag and his wife is as ant-American as they come.Now you get into an unsentimental meaning Reagan. To me Reagan was a big Flag waver, but look under the suit he wears. He is on the same line as John Wayne another Flag waver don’t let the war movies fool you. Read the book by actor and US. General James Steward and see what he has to say. Reagan and Wayne are not a Ted Williams. When asked what was the best team he was on He said The US. Marines. Reagan was against labor meaning Unions plus he was another criminal with Col. North and both should have gone to prison The boy Bush tops the list for being anti-American, but then so does his whole Nazi supporting family starting with his Grandfather. Boy Bush gave us The Patriot Act. which is about as anti-American you can get. Clinton meaning Bubba is not far behind. Show me the military records for Wayne Reagan Clinton and Boy Bush. The last honest President the US. had was Kennedy and i did not say he did not make mistakes. Well when people in our government talk domocracy and tell other Countries they need to be democratic you know they are talking out of their ass, because The USA. has never been a Democracy under the first Constitution or the second Constitution that became Law of The Land in 1789. The USA. is a Representative Constitutional Republic I think Ukraine will not get the help it needs till The US. has a President change and we know by then it will be to late came over..

  • Dirk Smith

    Perhaps the only nation on our planet with honesty, transparency, and a spine.

  • puttypants

    How much good are the sanctions doing. Putler has 60,000 Russian troops at Ukraine’s back door. Worthless West. When he kills Ukraine he kills you too.