Response to imperialist video “I am a Russian occupant” challenges Kremlin’s selective history


Article by: Alya Shandra

On 27 February 2015, a video published by the Russian blogger Evgeny Zhurov called “I am a Russian occupant” started making rounds in the internet. The sophisticated propaganda video justified Russia’s many invasions into its neighboring territories by Russia’s purported inputs into the countries’ development, while turning a blind eye to the numerous atrocities that the same invasion had resulted in. Vasyl Samokhvalov, the co-owner of the company PlusOne DA, which is one of the co-founders of the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, published a response that has challenged the Russian imperial narrative. “The goal was in a couple of hours to produce a free rebuttal to a well-produced expensive Russian propaganda clip. In 10 minutes, I jotted down a response based on the motives of the Russian video,” he commented.

“It was I who invaded blossoming Afghanistan. I was asked to leave and I left, leaving in my wake the most dangerous hotspot on the planet, where weapons, violence, and drugs reign,” the Ukrainian video mocks the words of the “Russian occupant” which offer some imperialist apologetics for Russian expansion into the Baltic states, Siberia, Central Asia, Ukraine, justifying it by “oil, gas, aluminum and other useful stuff” produced in Siberia, aircraft engines in Ukraine, electronic goods in the Baltic States, cosmodromes in Central Asia. The omitted unsuccessful Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was not so rosy. Attempting to shore up the newly-established pro-Soviet regime, the Soviet army unleashed a brutal conflict that killed one million civilians, as well as 90,000 Mujahideen fighters, 18,000 Afghan troops, and 14,500 Soviet soldiers. Afghanistan reaps the consequences of this invasion to the present day.

“It was I who occupied Finland. I was asked to leave and today Finns make telephones, clothing, and products, the analogues of which we do not have,” continues the video, challenging the imperial Russian occupant’s claims that the withdrawal of Russians from the territories they occupied brings economic devastation. The Soviet invasion of Finland over 1939-40 generated a phenomenal partisan resistance that repelled the invasion at the cost of 25 000 Finns to 200 000 Soviets. Finland lost 10% of its territory to Russia.

The Soviet invasion of Poland is remembered too. It was I who sliced up Poland and occupied Warsaw. I was asked to leave, and today an average Pole is 4 times wealthier than an average Russian”: the Soviet military operation that started in 1939 resulted in the two-way division and annexation of the entire Second Polish Republic by Germany and the Soviet Union. “It was I who annexed Sakhalin and the Kuril islands from Japan, and to this day people survive there by fishing and subsistence farming, while neighboring Japan lives by the technologies of the future,” continues the video in its relentless economical attack. Having taken over the Soviet “brand” after the demise of the Soviet Union, Putin places considerable efforts in fostering USSR-nostalgia, which is widespread both in Russia and Ukraine. Remembering, or rather, creating the illusion of a “glorious” Soviet past is part of the Kremlin’s strategy to distract the Russian population from Russia’s current economic isolation and social problems, and to create positive sentiments for a “strong ruler” and military expansion into neighboring territories.

“It was I who organized Holodomor in Ukraine, when millions of people died due to hunger and forced starvation,” the video brings up the genocidal famine organized by Stalin that Kremlin apologists consistently deny. Other episodes that are not often mentioned in modern-day Russia follow suit: “It was I who became an ally of Hitler and unleashed the Second World War. It was I who drowned Budapest in blood in 1956, Prague in 1968, Tbilisi in 1989, Vilnius in 1991. It was I who built Gulag camps and persecuted dissidents.Inconvenient truths for the Soviet brand on the Russian domestic market, to the point of shutting down the only Gulag museum in the country which had been illuminating Soviet-era political repressions. The museum may reopen, but as a memorial to the Gulag system, and is to bear no references to Stalin’s crimes. According to the latest Levada poll, 52% of Russians view Stalin positively. Growing positive sentiment for the repressive Soviet dictator is crucial for Putin’s regime to maintain the high levels of support it enjoys now (86% of Russians support Putin’s policies), as the analogies between the two policies are all too numerous.


Translated by: Eugene Linetsky – video subtitles

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  1. Avatar puttypants says:

    where is this rebuttal video? I haven’t seen it. Very important to run everywehere.

    1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      rebuttal video VIDEO of TRUTH AGAINST DEMONIC LIES is here RUSSIAN

  2. Avatar Racquel says:

    Ouch! They walked right into that one.

  3. Avatar Jens A says:

    As for Siberia, many Russians dream up the concept that Siberia was a barren land waiting to be cultivated by the Russians. They even think that “Sibir” meant “Sleeping land”. Well, the king of the Eastern Tartars, Kuchum, fought the Russians for 20 years and initially the Russians lost the battle and had to redraw until reinforcements arrived. That is NOT to “take over” something, but actual war! As for developing the area, any fool could have done minimum as good because of the wealth of the land. People who are not corrupt, could for sure have done MUCH better!

    1. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

      Please can you give any more history on Siberia and this person Kuchum. Also on the aggression of Russia pushing east in Siberia. If not maybe you could direct me to web sites that give true and honest info on this subject.

      1. Avatar Jens A says:

        Much better. The sources to writing the history of Yermak, the “Stroganov Chronicles”, are published in English. Look them up and you will see.

  4. Avatar blobclark says:

    Russia, a kleptomaniac nation of aggressive evil people who deserve eradication.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      They truly are a primitive people that can only get stuff by stealing it from others. That’s how they got their optics factory–once through raping all the german girls, they packed up the german zeiss factory and moved it to russia, where it was proclaimed “russian science and technology”.

      Historically, humans have never been safe around then. They even stole our space shuttle plans. russian apes.

      1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:


        A disproportionate number of the WORLD’S ROCKET SCIENTISTS WERE UKRAINIAN

        Here is a PARTIAL list
        of the PROTAGONISTS of the WORLD’S aerospace development who were UKRAINIAN:


        SERHIY (Sergei) Korolyov, the Father of the Soviet space program, inventor of
        the first intercontinental ballistic missile and the first space rocket (R-7

        creator of the first satellite (Sputnik),

        supervisor of the first human


        Father of Soviet Space program. Korolyov was given complete control of the

        Soviet manned space program.

        Valentin HLUSHKO (Glushko) was the chief rocket engine designer the

        principal Soviet designer of rocket engines during the Soviet/American Space


        Dmitro Grigorovich

        designer of the
        Grigorovich-seriesaircraft, including the world’s first flying boat

        Volodymyr Chelomey, designer of the

        first space station Salyut 1, creator of Proton rocket (the most used heavy
        lift launch system)

        Mikhailo Gurevich, designer of the MiG-series fighter aircraft, including
        world’s most produced jet aircraft MiG-15 and most produced supersonic aircraft

        MYKOLA (Nikolai) Kibalchich, pioneer of world rocketry. The International
        Astronomical Union honoured the rocketry pioneer by

        naming a crater on the moon Kibal’chich.

        HLIB (Gleb) Lozino-Lozinskiy, designer of the Buran space shuttle and
        Spiral project lead developer of the Russian Spiral and Shuttle

        Buran programme

        Arkhip Lyulka, designer of the Lyulka-series aircraft engines, including
        the first double jet turbofan engine. elaborated the design for the
        World’s first turbofan engine. Lyul’ka,

        however, refused any foreign influence and continued his own research. In

        1945-47 he designed the first Soviet jet engine, TR-1

        Overall, the achievements of Arkhip Lyulka became decisive for Russia and
        its allies. To

        this day, the patent for double jet turbofan engines widely used in all sectors

        of the WORLD’s aviation belongs to him. The Al-31 alone has become
        the cornerstone for various international developments in both civilian
        and military sectors, now undertaken by NPO Saturn, the heir to
        Lyulka’s OKB.

        Milt, will send you a
        longer list as I compile it

      2. Avatar blobclark says:

        yup, they named it buran. ironically , it ended life as first a ride in the moscow park and then a restaurant.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          and knowing russian and russians, the food was gruel, the staff was drunk and insolent, and the few customers were overcharged then robbed as they left. They didn’t report it to the police department because they didn’t want to get more money stolen from them and beaten.

          And russians wonder why no one wants them to invade their country and set up their ape like form of mafiya prison governance.

      3. Avatar Jens A says:

        The Space Shuttle was bigger than the Buran. So, hardly a copy although they look much the same. That is because air perform the same way over Russia as it does over the USA. There are even the same physical laws in both countries although many fundamental Christians in the US deny science. In this case it is called aerodynamics. As you said that they are the same, you most likely did not know that.

        The Space Shuttle was too big for commercial use and too small for military use. Therefore the military did not use the shuttles that often and continued to use rockets all through the time of the shuttle era. It was much more dangerous in use than expected (Challenger and Colombia). Its capacity on monthly lift off was about one fifth of what was expected because it could not at all perform the number of take offs as planned. It used up such a big part of the total US space budget, that new designs were not ready in time to take over when the shuttles were taken out of service. Quality control was terrible as was well documented in the official US report about Challenger. Not really a design to be proud of. The designer did get US citizenship, but he was German and had a rather high rank in the SS. Not a guy to be proud of, but I do admit that it was important to use him during the Cold War. But maybe MIT should have been vice enough not to give him a medal. You should visit Dora Mittelbau to see where some of his crimes were committed. A horrible place. I have been there and it is not far from where I live.

        The Buran had the right size for civilian service and it was designed to work without a crew, making it much more fit for most civilian tasks. If needed, it could have a crew. How it would have performed in real life, we will never know as it only flew once and did that without crew.

        As for the US shuttles, we do know that it was a flawed design and did much damage to the US space program. Apart from a very small shuttle designed by ESA, I know of none other who plan to use shuttles again and the ESA shuttle is not really the kind of shuttle that the US Shuttle was. The new US designs are all based on non reusable rockets and that makes logic. To bring one of the old shuttles in orbit took more rocket capacity than to send the cargo in orbit with a full single use system.

        With the very limited resources we now know that the USSR had (their own propaganda said otherwise), they did do quite well. The Buran proved to be too costly for them and maybe they also discovered that a space shuttle is not a good design.

        To underestimate your opponent is perhaps the most stupid thing to do at all. You just did that.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          The major difference between the west and the russian/Ukraine engineering is, speaking about the US, we pretty much know most of what the jet/plane/ship will do before it goes up while the russians/Ukrainians were more ‘design on the fly’.

          So the kgb stole the basic plans, then just altered the size/systems for their logistics. I forget which one it was, maybe the mig 25, but it was a dual tail clone of one of our jets and the west was afraid of it due to it’s unknown. IIRC some soviet pilot defected with it and upon inspection, the fr*ggin thing was made out of metal.

          Corrupt, dictatorial governments never are the epicenter of new things or prosperity for a reason–the gifted person has no reason to excel because the system is set up to steal from them. The only thing they succeed in is defense oriented items that can be used to defend the corrupt dictatorial government from within and from outside. So the soviet russians put a great amount of their energy into things like long range missiles, nuke/chem/bio, SAMs. They are all basically a means to back up their corruption and murdering with the threat of annhilation for anyone that doesn’t let them.

          Look at the cars of russia vs. the, say military satellites or jets.

          1. Avatar Jens A says:

            You missed the point didn’t you? Movable wings was a GERMAN design. So was your rockets. And so was the aerodynamics to exceed the speed of sound. Not your cars though. How many US car factories is it that has not gone bankrupt?

            There are MANY things to be VERY critical about regarding Russia and even more about the USSR, but how about being serious when you chose what to criticize?

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Um, actually it was English idea and put into production there first. The chinese invented gunpowder and remained an overpopulated and under developed country since.

            You take the design, one where a lot of the reasearch has already been done and is proven, then just modify some of the systems, like use russian rockets (Ukrainian), wiring, sensors, controls, etc. They even copied it down to which tiles went where and piggybacking it for transportation.

            I was talking to a gent that got up close to one of their jets in the 60s and they were an exact copy of the landing gear on one of our boeing jets.

            I guess you somehow miss the whole idea of gifted people/scientists don’t flee to russia or china. A russian brought up the two latest nobel prize winners, russians. But both were working in the UK and one is not a Dutch citizen.

          3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Forgot, the motto of cosmonauts when asked what they did in space, “Eat, sleep and work on mir”.

  5. Avatar Horia Puscuta says:

    Russians are living in an alternate reality…in denial…

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