Hungary openly helping Putin destabilize Ukraine

Orban and Putin


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Budapest has announced that it has handed out Hungarian citizenship papers to 94,000 people in Transcarpathia in Western Ukraine in expedited fashion, an action that creates yet another challenge for Kyiv and may very well have been coordinated with Moscow.

The Hungarian official responsible for nationality policy says that this is part of a broader effort to boost the size of the country’s population and points out that two-thirds of the more than 710,000 new Hungarians are from Transylvania in Romania and 17 percent are from the Voevodina in Serbia and only 14 percent are from Transcarpathia.

All three areas have been targeted by the Gabor Betlen Foundation, as reported by the Russian news agency Regnum, and all three are being destabilized by its actions, but the Russian agency does not mention that aspect of Budapest’s actions.

In a Ukrainian-language commentary today, however, Mikhail Pozhivanov, a former deputy in the Verhovna Rada and a former Ukrainian deputy economics minister says exactly that, adding that while “Transcarpathia is not the Donbas,” it is a place where Moscow with Budapest’s help hopes to destabilize the situation.

Hungary has been fishing in these troubled waters for some time, he writes, pointing to Hungarian political support for the Transcarpathian Rusins and the fact that one of that group’s leaders, who operated under the cover of a Russian Orthodox priest, was accused of promoting separatism by the Yanukovych regime and subsequently found guilty of that.

Over the past year, Moscow commentators have suggested that Hungary should take the lead in offering citizenship to ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine and even recognizing some kind of Transcarpathian “republic” there, possibly on the model of the “LNR” and “DNR” statelets Moscow has set up in eastern Ukraine.

Budapest has not been slow to respond to that idea, but its role in the Transcarpathia has expanded dramatically since the election of Victor Orban as prime minister and the visit of Vladimir Putin to the Hungarian capital, during which the Russian president stressed the common ties and interests of Moscow and Budapest in Ukraine, according to Pozhivanov.

Budapest recognized the Russian Anschluss of Crimea, and it has been an active opponent of EU sanctions against Russia for its intervention in Ukraine. But the most dangerous thing it has done may be its stirring up of the Hungarian minority in the western part of Ukraine, something that forces Kyiv to divide its attention, the Ukrainian commentator says.

To argue that Hungary will succeed in creating a serious territorial challenge to Ukraine “would be an exaggeration,” Pozhivanov says. But to ignore the problem would also be a mistake, especially given Hungary’s actions and the all too obvious ways in which Budapest is coordinating them with Moscow.

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  1. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

    was Hungry at one time in control of the area of Galica that is now the west Ukraine.

      1. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

        These people living in West Ukraine are not really Ukrainian. This territory that supported the Nazis in WW11 was annex i guess is the word or forced by Stalin to be part of Ukraine. Maybe if it were to go back where it came from and the ethnic Russians went back to Russia Ukraine would have no problems.

        1. Avatar MeinOhio says:

          You slept through history classes or your

          1. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            Sorry for the slip up you are correct. Galicia was under the heel of Poland Baltic States and Austria at one time or another. You did not say a word about this area of Galicia fighting side by side with the Nazis and the fact the Tyrant Stalin made this area part of Ukraine. I guess if they sided with the Nazis that made them an enemy of The US. i see many people on this site love to use the word Troll. Do you know the meaning of it or did you by pass history and English classes. Ukraine problem solved. Let Germany annex west Ukraine and Putin take back to The Mother Land all ethnic Russians. Now what we have in Ukraine are Ukrainians that may talk in Ukrainian. Move the Capital from Kiev to Odessa. Case closed. It sounds to me you have some German blood in you, but fear not so do i at least 50%. Have a blessed day you hear!

          2. Avatar MeinOhio says:

            You can give away the western part of your own country and send all your ethnic people back to any country that wants them. Ukrainians have no problem with Russian speakers. Most speak both Ukrainian and Russian, and often a third language such as English. IDon’t be ridiculous with your the Ukraine solution. Ukrainians are not Nazis or Fadcists. No German blood. I am 100% Ukrainian and proud of my people and love my country.

          3. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            Sorry friend, I have been to Ukraine! I am married to a Ukraine Citizen. You can not change history or rewrite it for your reasons. West Ukraine is Ukraine in name only. This war in the east that was one of the problems for ethnic Russian to not use Russian in a street. Why don’t most of the people in the west honor and respect past history dates that are for The Red Army, but yet i have seen them give the Hitler salute and be showing the Nazi Flags. I seen these people go into Kiev and demonstration and a little more then it on May 9 Th. I believe that Ukraine should be ethnic Ukrainian and it’s language Ukrainian. I am not a defender of The Tyrant Mr. Putin nor am i a Troll. Russia has fucked over the Ukraine since time began. Ukraine must show in the open it’s culture customs art dress music and all the rest. What Ukraine has in common with Russia are the people are Slavic. But Slavic’s from Ukraine were at one time SSR. in the Soviet Union and Soldiers came from Ukraine and were in The Red Army that fort against Nazi Germany. Today these Soldiers that died for their Country should be respected and honored. Your correct friend Ukrainians are not Nazis, but the people that call themselves Ukrainian from the west former Galicia for the most part of them they are Fascist. The true Ukraine was a Country before Russia and Kiev is older then Moscow. Hello Kiev Russ that came from the north most likely Norway. Now don’t trust Europe and it’s union that for the most part is like The Soviet Union. It is about power and control like maybe The Forth Reich. People are dieing and being killed this is not Ha Ha. Ukraine must remove the outer coat that being of first Russia and then the fascists from west Ukraine. After this we can now see the true Ukraine.

          4. Avatar MeinOhio says:

            Thank you for your reply. I am not your friend.

          5. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            It is then what it is and what is it

          6. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

            Spelled KYIV now by the way.

          7. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            Yes Ukraine spelling Kyiv. Is this what you look for spelling. My wife’s documents are in Ukrainian, but translated into American. I say American, because you want things correct yes. There is a difference between English and American. Her documents for a permanent residence permit are spelled Citizen of Ukraine Capital Kiev Country Odessa City Illichivs’k. Had problem with the ace American government’s meaning Feds about S/S and local town for marriage, because they were not smart. They were translating the documents believing they were Russian and translation would not work. I think people of Ukraine have bigger problems then spelling of words, but then this makes me think that if something so small like the spelling of Ukraine Capital by an American makes a big deal i can see why there is a problem in Ukraine.

          8. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

            It’s about creating awareness of the Ukrainian language in general and removing the muscovite influence over a sovereign nation. I’m sure your wife would appreciate it.

          9. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            I am an outsider when it comes to Ukraine. In New York on Long Island Brooklyn is Brighten Beach also known as Little Odessa some call it Little Russia i don’t know what % is Russian or Ukraine. I do know there are many shops and all signs in a street are in Russian. The people in some of these shops also speak Polish. Food products are from Russia Ukraine Poland and Baltic States. I went there with people even before i knew my wife. There was a big and great supermarket that also had on bottom floor like a coffee area for coffee and cake. On the second floor was a restaurant.My friend and i went to Little Odessa in March 2014 with a list of things for me to take for my wife. Well this supermarket was gone just a big hole in the ground. Now i had to go to many other shops for things on the list. Had a hard time, because most don’t speak American. I told a wife you want these things then next time you come with me. As i have said before in that from the beginning of time Russia then Soviet Union again Russia treated Ukraine as a step child. But ethnic Russians living in Ukraine find it hard to except the fact that The Soviet Union is no more and just because they live in Ukraine and are Russian Russia is not the controlling government of Ukraine. As i stated before Russian people were screwed by The Soviet Union then Russia. These people should have returned to Russia, but no protection in 1991. Now the protection is propaganda for Putin to seize Ukraine territory to add to Russia. Where was Putin in his first term meaning if this now is so important why was it not important in his first term. The Russian people in Ukraine should be asking Putin why in 1991 did the Soviet Union then Russia throw us under the bus.

          10. Avatar Ultimo Patriarch says:

            The reasons most people don’t “honour” the Red Army is they remember Stalin and Khrushchev’s gift of the holodomor genocide. As for giving Galicia to Poland the Demographics don’t support it, and yes some in the west supported Hitler but most stopped quickly when Hitlers plans for even greater evil (than Stalin) for everyone not German was made obvious.

          11. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            It is what it is. Ukraine was a SSR and people from this SSR. Served in the Red Soviet Union Military. Fact Germany was an enemy of The US. Germany invaded and attacked Russia. Galica like Romania sided with Germany. This means that Romania and the area of Galica was an enemy of The US. and Russia. Those who died in the Red Soviet Union Military have a right like any other Countries killed Soldiers to be remembered respected and honored. And sorry to the fact i have seen now ass-holes from west Ukraine that show and parade around honoring Naziism. We also have ass-holes like this in America Nazis and skin heads fuck um all.

          12. Avatar Ultimo Patriarch says:

            Give it to Germany? Zeig Heil to you. I would suggest you keep your excitement at invasion and annexation private.

          13. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            Nix. For Ukraine to be screwed over by Russia now is ok yar. It was ok that the Nazis attacked and invaded Ukraine and like Germany military liked to do kill many citizens. Are you some kind of a miner furor Yes when Russia annexes Germany the picture will change. As of today the internet is free, so there is no reason to be private.

          14. Avatar Ultimo Patriarch says:

            Russia annexing Germany? Wait what Meds have you taken or are you trapped in 1945?

          15. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            First who will stop it. Second there are many red blooded ethnic Russians that believe Ukraine is Russian along with Poland Baltic States and Germany. Oh yes they say at one time the German area was Russian ground. This goes back before 1945. Hey there are still settlements in Alaska that are mostly Russian. Do you think Putin would have the balls to say that the sale of Alaska to America is invalid as per international law. So a referendum will be held to vote on if these people want to return to Russia, but only Russians can vote. To make sure all goes well men in green uniforms will be in the area.If the vote goes Putin’s way stand by he will annex Alaska. Why is it Germany now only talks low and sweet to Putin has Germany lost it’s balls. Ukraine is Germany’s back yard.

          16. Avatar Ultimo Patriarch says:

            Go back to Pravda where the Pution Fellators congregate.

          17. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            It seems that you have the size of a green pea for a brain. So tell me when you are stimulating a penis with your lips at the same time do you take it up your ass. This is truth.

          18. Avatar Ultimo Patriarch says:

            To be a successful troll requires at least a little wit. You, unfortunately, have only half that.

          19. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

            ? @

  2. Avatar puttypants says:

    I suggest again those who want to live in Hungary should move there. Borders used to change kn europe during every war. And they used to have plenty of them once western Ukraine was under the austro Hungarian empire. However the majority of people living there were ethnic Ukrainians. Austere hungry had
    Other parts of other countries as well but I believe that was over 100 years ago. There hasn’t been a war in Europe for over 70 years until putin started fomenting problems.

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Et tu Hungary? Muscovite bootlickers.

  4. Avatar Oella says:

    High time for Russia’s 21 national republics and dozens of ethnic groups to demand the kind of citizenship and autonomy that Russia is encouraging for Ukrainians of Hungarian ethnicity.

    1. Avatar Roobit says:

      What other citizenship would they apply to… American?!

      1. Avatar Oella says:

        How about citizenship of their own countries?

  5. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

    Hungary has always been a gutter country.

    1. Avatar Ultimo Patriarch says:

      Bullshit, until recently the only good times for central Europe was under the Hapsburgs.

      1. Avatar Vlad Pufagtinenko says:


        1. Avatar Dorma Marie says:

          You can keep your Russian mail order brides. Please nothing but opportunists gold digging ruthless you know the rest. Russian women are. I am czech, Hungarian and Cherokee. Would you keep your women there nasty back stabbers even to each other. Hungarian freedom fighters. Men in the US look at your women the way they deserve down on them. American from Hungarian Czech , Slovokia roots.

      2. Avatar Dorma Marie says:

        So true

  6. Avatar Rob Decoup says:

    Hungary had a huge exodus of its people to UK, and they are trying to fill this vacuum. However, any destabilization attempt against Ukraine by Orban must be dealt with serious punishment by the EU.

  7. Avatar Patrick says:

    Many years ago, I warned Europe for Orban. If a leader has no problem with using resentment against Gypsis for his own political gains, if he has no problem in destroying democratic checks and balances, than he has no conscience and you can expect everything from him, no matter how immoral it is. Like always, the EU reacted weakly and now it is paying the price. The same we see in Ukraine, Syria/Iraq and Libya.

    Orban is a friend and admirer of Putin because Putin is the type of dictator Orban himself wants to be and because Putin doesn’t asks difficult questions about democracy and human rights.

    Furthermore Orban and Putin have a shared interest in weakening the EU and NATO: For Putin this is clear, Orban has an interest in distracting public attention from the economic mess he made by creating trouble in Ukraine and territorial claims on Romania. By coorperating, both leaders can archief their goals and protect one another against counter actions by the EU and NATO.

    It is really getting time that Europa comes with effective and strong actions against Orban, Putin and IS else things will run ever more out of control.

  8. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    Remember just like Russia is not Putin, Hungary not Orban or Czech Rep Zeman. If EU realised it is fighting for its life it would heavily sanction Hungary and showed them who’s the boss as well as other members who are undermining unity resulting in the destruction of united Europe. But seems Merkel and Hollande are fine with it…

  9. Avatar stan444 says:

    Does Ukraine have a TV or radio show in Hungarian for the Transcarpatia and Orban ruled Hungary? Or repeating Donbass mistake letting nationalistic foreigners to control information?

    1. Avatar Ultimo Patriarch says:

      He just gave the all Ukrainian citizenship so he is helping Putin. He is a traitor to Hungary.

  10. Avatar Roobit says:

    The author is a known Russophobe scumbag and a Fourth Reich propagandist, the stuff is laughable.