Journalist to Russian soldiers: nobody in Ukraine wants you dead

A mercenary from Russia's far East fighting in Ukraine  

War in the Donbas

The journalist Peter Shuklinov has written an appeal in which he urges the Russians soldiers being brought to fight in Ukraine to consider what their future life will be like if they get maimed, and what is the reason that they agree risking being crippled till the end of their life.
The injured Buryat gunner. Snapshot from the video

The injured Buryat gunner. Snapshot from the video

“Terrifying footage of tragic Buryat gunners. Disfigured faces of Russian citizens burnt by Ukrainian artillery. Miners and tractor drivers. These soldiers were given the order to come to Ukraine and fight. They thought it would be a fun safari on the Ukrainian steppes, where no one could stop them.

I want to appeal to Russians, that each of them realize what is happening. Nobody in Ukraine wants you dead. But this is not your house. This is not your country. This is not your war. You are not required to carry out criminal orders. You do not have to.

You see, Russian. When you come to fight in Ukraine, you are 20-40 years old. If you’re lucky to leave here alive, you will go back a pensioner. In a literal sense. Because after the war in Ukraine you will be incapacitated – you will be missing your legs (in whole or in part). Or your hands will be severed (in whole or in part). Or your eyes will be burned out of their sockets.

But if you’re lucky, a Ukrainian artillery shell exploding will only cost you your face. And if you are roasted fully, say goodbye to your genitals. That is – say goodbye to your future. With one hand you can still live, but without this you cannot.

Until the end of your life you will experience pain. It does not matter how you got injured. It’s pain. Terrible physical pain. It will turn your life into hell. And your whole family, down to your distant relatives, will be forced to work for your pain, because in Russia they do not make good medicine, and you will have to buy it overseas with dollars and euros.

You are no longer able to go to the toilet without special aids, which in Russia do not exist. First, you will have a nurse’s assistance to do it. You will be ashamed, but you will get used to it. Then you will have to go to the toilet with the help of your relatives. Every time. Until the end of your life.

And you won’t have a future life. You will only have alcohol and hopelessness. And no one near to you. If you have a wife or girlfriend, sooner or later she will leave you. Or will never come in the first place. Then your relatives will send you to the hospital. Forever and ever. Just because they cannot live with such a burden for a long time.

Failure to respond to the question “for what” will haunt you forever. After all, we Ukrainians are dying and maimed for our cause. We simply have no choice, you know. Either we kill you, or you us. But your reason for dying is fiction. And you will die anyway, whether here or later. When many many years later people say to your face that nobody ever sent you to Ukraine. This has already happened. And so it will again.

You can continue to believe the propaganda. You can continue to support Putin. But it will not be Putin, Shoigu and their 500,000 entourage of bureaucrats that die or get maimed, but you. They all live, eat delicious food and love women. They will all live, but not you.”

The image came from a video in which the Russian singer Iosif Kobzon visited the Luhansk hospital after giving a concert in occupied Luhansk in support of the so-called “Luhansk people’s republic.” The separatist TV channel NewsFront accompanying his visit unwillingly confirmed the presence of the regular Russian army in Ukraine: the soldier he talked to was a gunner from Buryatiya.

Republic of Buryatiya. Map from Wikipedia

Republic of Buryatiya. Map from Wikipedia

The video went viral on the internet. Putin denies the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine, insisting that it is the local tractor drivers and miners that are waging war against Ukraine. Meanwhile, the non-slavic facial features of these “tractor drivers” indicating that their homeland lies way eastward of East Ukraine have been the object of jokes in social networks:



Translated by: Michael Garrood

Edited by: Alya Shandra

Source: Peter Shuklinov’s FB post

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  1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    “This is not your country.”
    It is not like your grandfathers that went with the russians across eastern europe and into Germany, raping as many women as you came across, stealing whatever you saw and liked, then bringing back stolen items and stories of the glorious sex and murder.

    You will be killed, preferably in a horrible manner and the northern slav russians will treat your body like they always do, like disposable dirt. You will turn into mold and fungus while they bring in other young boys from your village with the same lies and false promises.
    And they too will die—hopefully horribly also.

    Some of you may eventually go back to your home villages/towns and have to crawl everywhere due to your wounds and beg for things from others. Others will look at you, crippled and in the dirty street with pity, and give you a piece of bread just to shut you up and get you to leave, out of their sight.

    And if any of your village wants to escape the corrupt, criminal russians ruling it, they will send other people to kill your neighbors, your friends, your family.
    It’s who they are. You are treated like disposable trash because that’s what they think all non russians are.

    1. Avatar James from Dallas says:

      Given the brutal history of Russian invasions, you make a solid point. Muscovites like Putin only understand force, strength. It would be interesting to know what money was paid, what propaganda was used to get these far easterners guys to fight. Such a shame.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        What is deep in the russian psyche is their glorious rape and murderfest’ that we in the west call WWII. They as a people have had a collective rectal cranial inversion since, believing the hype of defending their motherland that was slaughtering them or putting them in gulags, living on the manufactured state lie of them being ‘superior’. And of course no russian would be complete without the paranoia of the west.
        So you get a bunch of russian/serbian idiots in eastern Ukrainians killing/raping/looting fellow ‘slavs’ because they are no longer fellow slavs, they are magically now ‘nazis’ or ‘america/eu/jews/nato’.

        The central asians are killing in Ukraine as a means become ‘citizens’ of russia proper, an entry fee to let them come up north.

        chechens are little more than paid mafiya as their boss (kadyrov) runs chechnya, so putin uses them. He used them in his invasion of Georgia and also in Crimea.

        soviet russians have always been masters at propaganda and their premise, “the people” is sure to win over ‘the masses” as most of the masses don’t like those that have things they don’t.

        Interesting times.

  2. Avatar Rods says:

    To the volunteer Russian soldier, we all have the brain to decide to fight on the side of good or evil. Will your thoughts and deeds make the world a better or worse place? Will your epitaph be good riddence or much loved, sorely missed, good person of the world, by your actions others will decide.

    The world will judge you as a volunteer that takes the money off an evil dictator to go and attack, hurt and maim the innocents in another country, As an evil person, your death is no loss to the world, the world is better without you.

    If as a money taking evil invader you are lucky, it will be a fast death, so you at best get a named 1mx2m piece of ground in Rostok, at worst, you will burn until nothing exists. In between you are a cripple, where having a good successful life, no longer exists.

    As an invader, Ukraine won’t miss or mourn you, to Putin you are but a number to be denied and hidden from the world. To your wife, children, mother, father, you are a loss, that will fade like the dust in the wind of time from their memories. Instead of a full life, nurtured at birth by your mother, your life has been wasted, you will be but dust at 19, 20 or 23, nothing but dust.

    You didn’t have a full life, for what? As Putin gets on with his, his general’s get on with theirs, the only fool is you, where you will have had no life and for what?

    1. Avatar James from Dallas says:

      This is a pretty realistic viewpoint. Until Russia lands, cities and White Russians feel the pain of war and feel resistance, the will continue their unrelenting pursuits. We just have to look at history, Ivan the Terrible, Czarina Elizabeth, Catherine the Great (Yekaterina Alexeevna or Catherine II), Stalin, maybe (Cold War) Breshnev, and now Putin. Does anyone see a pattern? It makes you wonder why so many Russians were killed in WWI and WWII. Do you think there could have been a revenge factor in there somewhere? 57 million Russian died as a combined total in WWI and WWII. Just look at the warfare inflicted upon Kaliningrad when it was known as the German city of Konigsberg. 90 percent of the city was destroyed. Remaining Germans were deported. Russia holds and occupies this territory today.

      Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Bombing of
      Königsberg in World War II
      Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      ß 90% of the city was destroyed with the Soviets
      occupied it in April 1945.

      Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Ruins of Königsberg Castle in the 1950s, seen from Cathedral Island.