Ceasefire is a trap for Ukraine’s military — MIA official

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The situation in Debaltseve, where heavy fighting has been taking place recently, is deteriorating rapidly,  Illia Kiva, the deputy head for the Donetsk Oblast Ministry of Internal Affairs, told Espreso TV on Tuesday, February 17.

“Militants are using the ceasefire for the opportunity to attack in the direction of Debaltseve with all kinds of weapons. And we are only allowed to carry out individual shellings in response to full-scale military attack,” he said.

“Right now the situation is still under control. It can still be corrected, but it is deteriorating by the minute. If this continues, we may lose control over the entire critical situation,” he said.

According to Kiva, the signing of the Minsk agreements has not resulted in any improvement of the situation in the ATO zone. “It is not possible to negotiate with terrorists. This is yet another trap for our military. The signing of a peace accord with Putin, the main global terrorist, was a serious mistake,” he said.

“We must start calling things by their rightful names: war is war and  terrorists are terrorists. We must finally allow our artillery to fully attack the positions of the militants.

Translated by: A.M.
Source: Espreso TV

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  • Тарас Шевченко

    During WWII, the US 101st Airborne in Bastogne surrounded by the Nazis were able to weather the attack because they were relieved by General Patton’s 3rd Army.

    The ceasefire is evidently over and there are Ukrainian soldiers in Debaltseve who need relief.

    • Dey Jose

      unfortunately no aid arrived. Reportedly, they ran out of ammo while our president dithers and golfs

    • StumpedNoMore2

      You are correct that the ceasefire is over. A ceasefire implies total stoppage of all military activities and the Kremlin-led insurgents have not stop at all. Plus, they are getting extra weaponry from Russia after the agreement was signed.

  • George

    This was no ceasefire and the Minsk (so called) agreement had as many holes a trawler net; try this article here – http://t.co/4yVKqV0vPR
    I suspect it is more delaying tactics while they bring even more heavy weapons to the Donbass and within Crimea many convoys moving up to the (now) border with Ukraine.

  • Thomas Ferree

    U.S. & U.K. – It’s long past time to honor your commitment of the Budapest agreement to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine. Get the relief in there NOW! and save the brave Ukrainian fighters and remaining civilians. Forget about offering your hollow sentimental words of disdain. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS and action is the only thing Putler and his terrorists / mercenaries will understand! Screw your damn economic considerations – brave humans have much more value!

    • Dirk Smith

      I agree. The Budapest Addendum can be the legitimate precursor for lethal aid to Ukraine to defend itself. The muscovite vermin have violated any and all agreements, addendums, treaties, etc. These state terrorists have lost ANY credibility in the civilized world.

  • FreedomCry

    Poroshenko needs to ask the Rada for a formal declaration of war against the Russian Federation. “A state of war has existed ever since the Crimea was seized, annexation falsely imposed and both our Donbas and Luhansk regions engineered into rebellion. Russia, whom have crushed separatism within its own borders, now have supported separatism on its neighbors in Moldova, Georgia, and now Ukraine. Putin has no right to dictate which country it borders joins other alliances or economic unions. Putin has no right to redraw borders to secure its own dominion over Eurasia. The Putime regime’s self interest has resulted in devastation and violence. When did NATO or EU expansion cause or result in frozen conflicts!? Russian supplied war fighters, tanks, guns and munitions now help hold supposed ragtag rebels against our professional national army. The only purpose is to make Ukraine unviable as an independent and sovereign country. We cannot be a country until Russia leaves our soil. We cannot shy from this challenge against our freedom and conscience. Patriots of Ukraine, war is upon us and we declare our war to defend ourselves against the tyranny of Soviet-style domination by this regime. All of Europe and the world is watching to see if we are able to do all it takes to stand against bullies and thieves who use money, death and violence as instruments of political control. If Russia wants to destroy us, let them try. Let Russians see their leadership for their actions. Let Russian bombs and shells fall on our cities. The world will see the wolf for what it is, the bear for what it is. In the ashes of our towns, over the graves of our martyrs, we will show the world we will not fail. Glory to Ukraine and the champions of liberty!”

    • disqus60

      Unfortunately it would probably result in reciprocal declaration and Russia could defeat Ukraine in a devastating fashion. I for one don’t want to see that. Ukraine can learn to fight the hybrid war and win. Ukraine should also dust off its old KGB resources and learn how to strike covertly at Russian targets. Also it would be useful to develop operations to stir unrest in Russian regions such as enclaves of Siberia, Chechnya, Dagestan and Khaliningrad.

      Ukraine should keep its focus on making changes in the government that people want and need.. it needs to keep its focus on ending corruption and creating a political and economic environment that will make it a shining star in Europe, and offer prosperity to its people. Then Ukraine will win without the bloodshed, and the nation can celebrate its victory of well deserved prosperity.

  • Charles J. Kollman

    There is no General today in The American Military like Patton. Question i hear and hear from Russians that they are smarter then Americans. If this is true why did they let Tyrants rule them for 70 years. Why does Russia always have problems that they did not make it comes from The US. How many times has Putin been President and for how many years. In this time what did he really do for Russia. Why is it that he in the past did not help Russians in former SSR. Why is there so much news on the internet about The Ukraine and Russia that looks and hears like a rehearse program. There must be in the hundreds Russian programs shows or just single people that know what is going on and how it needs to be fixed. Before 1991 these same people would not say shit or open their mouth. But now they are fucking experts on this situation. Oh yes Patton said things that got him in hot water, because he was military and not a politician. When the Nazis surrendered Patton said that America should rearm them and let them fight The Russians not America, because you fight them now and if not America will fight them later. How true this is.

  • Kruton