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Article by: Andriy Horbal

This Thursday, 12 February 2015, 17 hours of negotiations between the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and France resulted in two documents.

One is called “Complex of measures for implementations of Minsk accords,” it was signed by the members of Trilateral contact group – which is supposed to represent Ukraine, Russia, and OSCE – but also includes the leaders of puppet “DNR” and “LNR.”

What is the Trilateral contact group? It is a euphemism that allows the “leaders” of Russian terrorist organizations “DNR” and “LNR'”to be included in negotiations with Ukraine. “DNR” and “LNR” officially claim responsibility for the war with Ukraine, working as cover for the full scale Russian military invasion. Ukraine officially does not have any top-level contacts with “DNR” and “LNR” and does recognize them as terrorist organizations. For instance, official authorization of ex-president Leonid Kuchma to represent Ukraine in the peace talks has no mention of “LNR” and “DNR.”

Participants of the Trilateral contact group are:

  • Swiss diplomat and OSCE representative Heidi Tagliavini;
  • Former president of Ukraine and Ukrainian representative Leonid Kuchma;
  • Russian Ambassador to Ukraine and Russian representative Mikhail Zurabov;
  • DNR and LNR ‘leaders’ Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky.

So, these five people signed the 13-points agreement titled “Complex of measures for implementations of Minsk accords.” The key and most immediate provisions are the ceasefire and heavy arms withdrawal. Among the artillery systems mentioned in this document, there is the MLRS Tornado-S (in Russian – Торнадо-С).


Complex of measures for implementations of Minsk accords

In fact, the first Minsk accords also mentioned Tornado-S, as well as Tornado-G (upgrade of BM-21 Grad MLRS) in September 2014.


Memorandum to implement the Protocol for the Peace plan of President Poroshenko and initiatives of Vladimir Putin. 19 September 2014

Tornado-S is the newest Russian multiple launch rocket system, an upgrade of Smerch MLRS, 300 mm rockets with satellite-assisted guidance. Tornado-S was just introduced to the Russian military in 2012. No other country has this system besides Russia.


Another document that resulted after the Normandy 4 talks in Minsk is the “Declaration of President of Russian Federation, President of Ukraine, President of the French Republic, and Chancellor of the Federative Republic of Germany in support of the Complex of measures for implementations of Minsk accords, adopted on 12 February 2015.

This is a joint statement, in which four leaders, including Putin, support the 13-points document signed by the Trilateral contact group.

So, two top Russian officials, President Putin and Russia’s Ambassador to Ukraine Zurabov admitted the use of one of the most sophisticated and modern Russian heavy arms in the war against Ukraine.


The most recent news about Tornado-S avoid mentioning this system being used in the Russian army, and merely focus on ‘finalization of tests’ of this system. At the same time, Russia’s Ministry of Defense had “renewed” the purchase of Tornado-G and Tornado-S back in 2013.

While it is not clear how many Tornado-S systems there are in Russian army, but the first Tornado-G systems were delivered to troops back in December 2011. The producer of Tornado systems, NPO Splav started mass production of Tornado-G in December 2014.


The only operator of Tornado systems is Russia.

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  • canuke

    Caught ‘EMR red-handed! What say you now Putin, and your side kick, Lavrov?

  • evanlarkspur

    Once again I will say that I think all this endless effort to “prove”, as if we are all in a courtroom, that Russia is in Ukraine is worse than a waste of time. Not only has the discussion devolved to “who”, sapping focus from “what is being done by these forces (precisely what Russia hopes to achieve with this kind of warfare). But also this effort gives pause to all those who are convinced that we must not face Russia head on, as it might shoot nukes at us if we refuse it the right to violate its neighbors sovereignty. This means that “proving” Russia is there makes action to help Ukraine even less likely.

    Russia is not in Ukraine. We know this because Vladimir Putin has said so clearly. Fine. All the arms and mercenaries are pouring from god knows where into Ukraine via a hole in the space time continuum near the Russian border. Ukraine has an obligation to defend her citizens and borders, and she needs help doing so. We need to give her the help she needs to destroy tanks and aircraft. Putin can’t claim anyone is attacking Russia because Russia is not in Ukraine. Period.

    Why do we let a kleptomaniac murdering psychopath control and define the dialog about Ukraine? Why aren’t we using his lies against him, rather than wasting time running around responding to his lies? Are we led by incompetent idiots?

    • Brent

      YES, we are led by incompetent idiots. This not only includes elected leaders like Obama, Merkl and Hollande, but also appointed leaders at the United Nations, OSCE and NATO.

      They are lying to us because if they admit the reality, then they have to act. The U.S. doesn’t want to show its satellite photos because they it must answer why it is allowing Russia to keep invading. We can all clearly see evidence of Russia’s direction, troops and weapons in Ukraine.. Putin has even stated as much in his speeches. Yet our leaders and media keep their heads buried in the sand.

      Russia and her state sponsored terrorists shot down a civilian airliner. Does any of our leaders even mention that any more?

  • sandy miller

    All this energy on Euromaiden is wasted. Are other media in the world picking it up? If not, why not? I think Ukraine needs to get the truth out in anyway they can thru Western media even if they have to buy advertisements tell their story. But, they need to tell their story well that’s why it’s most important that they find and use a great and talented advertising and PR agency to tell their story to the world.