Dmytro Yarosh: ‘Right Sector’ to fight until complete liberation of Ukraine from Russian occupants


War in the Donbas

Article by: Yuriy Yatsyshyn

The Right Sector views the agreements reached with the Kremlin-controlled separatists as contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine and reserves the right to carry on military action, its leader Dmytro Yarosh wrote on his Facebook page Friday.

The agreements signed in Minsk have no legal force, contradict the Constitution, and, therefore, aren’t legally binding on Ukrainian citizens. Besides, Russia and president Putin aren’t going to observe them anyway, Mr.Yarosh points out.

Mr.Yarosh also appealed in his post to President Poroshenko to engage the U.S. and Great Britain in the next round of peace talks, as these two states follow clear-cut anti-Kremlin policies, unlike Germany and France.

The Right Sector leader also suggested switching to more flexible military tactics in the ATO – not clinging to particular localities appointed by politicians, regular maneuvering, deploying reserves for simultaneous attacks in a number of directions, etc.

The level of hostilities is growing, new Russian terrorist groups are entering into Ukraine daily, leaving Ukraine no chance of a permanent ceasefire without inflicting a major defeat on the enemy’s main force, the nationalist leader notes.

Thus, if the Ukrainian army is ordered to pull back heavy artillery and vehicles and observe a ceasefire, the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps will continue fighting in line with its own campaign planning, until complete liberation of Ukrainian lands from Russian occupants, the Right Sector leader assures.

The Right Sector is calling on the Ukrainian people, authorities and government agencies, the Armed Forces and military volunteer organizations to consolidate efforts in the struggle for Ukraine’s sovereignty against the Kremlin empire, Ukraine’s perpetual enemy.

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  1. Avatar W8post says:

    “localities appointed by politicians”, so the Russians KNOW forehand where to expect trouble and get their rocket throwers in position!! (WHO said ‘OSCE’…???) [I did not…]

    1. Avatar Richard Hoover says:


  2. Avatar Dr. Stanley Wesolowsky Ph.D. says:


    1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      Not only is it “heavy stuff” I am sure he means what he says!

  3. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

    Yes he does Don,,ive seen him up close with Maidan Revolution steel willed boys to overthrow the Berkut and Yanukoviches scum pro Russian security forces. I know quiet a few of these lads ,they mean bussiness. Patriotic love for Ukraine,,not about the buck!!! Cossack willed warriors on the move ,,hes right USA and England should have been at the table because Ukraine is an alliance member bot a EU take for ever wanna be member only that EU stalls almost on purpose i sense to keep Ukraine and its people as a Buffer zone ,, a diamond in the rough that never gets its polish,,,,,they see it but wont shine it because they feel Russia wants it more and they fear Russias bandits. Ukraine does not!! no matter how many Russian troops pour in and the hi tech launchers , planes and ,coppers ,tanks etc .they send in,,they will fight to the death as always on their soil
    my caps are unlocked again finally Don,,ha ha .

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      “they will fight to the death as always on their soil”
      Correct. They are Ukrainians.
      The country is Ukraine.
      Ukraine’s choice is to become a neo-soviet russian gulag again, die a slow, miserable death of decay, Ukrainian girls being gang raped, boys being murdered.

      Or stand up, grab a firearm and kill every stinking russian ape in Ukraine.
      And keep killing the russian apes until they stop coming into Ukraine to enslave it.

      1. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

        Milton,,so wonderful ,,your a poet,
        Ukraine cant monkey around with these apes anymore ,,there sick of their chauvanism and decadence and arrogance looking down at Ukraine as peasants when they were a cultured Kievan empire and beyond and Russians have been using it like a whore when they can to show it off as a trophy or to benefit from its resources like a ReD Vampire sucking its achile heel every step Ukraine takes , Well Moscow remember Troy!!! Moscow the 3rd Rome to fall,,,god please let it happen! Russia rise and hang this obnocious Russian Tyrant by the balls! over the Kremlin Wall and let then watch Putins Veins bulge from anger and watch his ees roll around in a eerie frenzy. He snapped his pencil at te Minsk meeting ,,Ukraine TV caught that up close ,,,same as Yanukovich did when he gets upset and feels paranoid. He feels like an outsider with civilized people and real intellects sharper than himself who see throgh his Bullshit! and thats what he sees too,,,them seeing his lies when his lips move and it makes him very uncomfortable and out of control ,,not like Russian masses he wraps around his finger via intimidation,,but Merkel and Frenchy fries with their droopy eyes looked like they were begging Putin for a bone at the table,,,,,Come on Vlad keep feeing us!!! ruff ruff ,,,,lick lick ,,,,panting to get it over with and screw Ukraine ,,just say we care for Ukraine and their situation and grief Merkel an actor as well said to French fried Holland,,,come on partner we can pull this off with Poroshenko in the middle ,,he has no choice if he wants in the EU,,shhhhhhh. and loans ,,yes them juicy country saving EU IMF loans ,,,keep ritain and Obama out of this meeting,,we can handle it ,,Im in with Putler,,,Merkel said huh? Ok Madame Merkel ,,take the helm,,,,,,,im in with you partner…oh yes that big contract with the sick Russian warrior hero ,,who cares,,,Mistrel cash is waiting!! Viva La France ,,,via Putins Rubel and Euros!!!
        Merkel and the Gas is looking bluer than ever!! Dankashein French fries ,,Mercy Madame shnitzel shnoozer! Merkel 17 hours now well ets get to it,,,Shnooze you loose!!! phone rings —Ukraine Poroshenko calling,,what shall we say to him,,,Holland ,,oh just say it at the last minute,,then we will wing it and all go home,,been a long prosperous day !!! wee wee? Ya Ya Frenchy!

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          I and many other Americans that know a bit of history are so NOT a fan of franklin roosevelt as he sold out a lot of good people to the soviet russians.

          We were fighting two big wars at the time and were the last free country standing, so russia got away with their continued unspeakable crimes against humanity. General Patton had it right as he wanted to continue fighting east to moscow and kill off all the bolshevik russian murderous scum.

          But we didn’t and tens of millions more people would be murdered or enslaved by russians…..

          The greatest tragedy in human kind is that russia was left intact, still breathing at the end of WWII. It is a gigantic historic error.

          1. Avatar Brzezinski says:

            thanks to Stalin … god bless his soul and wisdom he had

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Idi amin, pol pot, stalin…they slaughter hundreds of millions of humans, then declare they are the rulers, the king, god, or as kadyrov calls the little chimpanzee putin, “allah”.

            russia is a disease.
            Humans are never safe when there are russian apes around. They need to be exterminated like the vermin they are until they go back to their collective cages in the corrupt cesspool called russia.

          3. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

            Milton, such talk sounds remarkably like support for ethnic cleansing. I deeply disagree with it, and don’t think it has any place in civilized discourse. Be careful what boxes you open; when you support and urge the killing of people based on nothing more than their nationality or ethnicity (rather than specific people for their specific actions), don’t be surprised to find yourself on the receiving end of such a policy once it becomes acceptable.

            I would ask you to remember that what separates us from the Donbas terrorists and Putin is our humanity and steadfast support for the rule of law, from which civilization springs. Don’t become like them. It’s disgusting to read such posts.

          4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            It is a tough line to walk. But if you look at the history of russia, the disease analogy is quite valid. I probably blew it by using the word “vermin” rather than “ape” like I always do. that term has bad historical connotations.

            I stated the truth and if russians would just stay in russia, nothing bad would happen to them as they wouldn’t be in other countries doing great harm to other people.

            I don’t support going into russia and no one I know does, nor has even proposed it, so as long as russians stay in their country and stop raping, looting, murdering in other countries they will be safe. When they leave their country to commit their rapes and murders, they become little more than a two dimensional target, a piece of paper.

            I know for a fact there are russians fighting FOR Ukraine in Ukraine, against the russians/chechens. I will support them.

        2. Avatar Racquel says:

          Such eloquence. I felt your passion for Ukraine and contempt for the Despicable Duo. So Putler lost his cool and snapped his pencil in two? That must’ve been when they permitted him only 60 hours, not 10 days, to kill more Ukrainians. I don’t know how these two can live with themselves.
          Your country is lucky to have a man like Yarosh. a true patriot. I understand why Putler fears him. God bless Yarosh and all of Ukraine’s soldiers and citizens and I pray for a prosperous, united, democratic Ukraine.

          1. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

            Thank you Raquel,,,,Im a Canadian half Ukrainian living here guarding over my 6 year old son ,,as im not with his mother 4 years ,,and being a tourist daddy doe not cut the cake of Fatherhood in my heart or my sons id imgaine,,hes my pride and joy and so mah great warm friends here that have seen all the hell pour over their country after so much struggling to change it for the better without Russias mits in it.

            Some politicitians esecially in the last Part of Regions used democracy likke Putin did as window dressing,,not as a way of life that is earned,,the stole it and attracted the masses to rob them. Thats why he was ousted and Maidan errupted after he had 39 students beaten and played poker with their EU dream with Putin as the card up his sleeve to reach in and bail out Ukraine after Yanukovich robbed it.

            Putler- Hey President Yanukovich you old pal gangster ,,listen you rob it dry and live like a fat pig with your family and ill supply all the back up and thugs snipers etc. that you might need when a revolution starts again ok,,,like that Orange one they had you were in and lost,,but now your the Man ,,no one was shot,in the Orange Revolution ,what was that all about brothet slav? Lets do it right!! After they get too loud and gather,,just send in your Riot trained Berkut thugs like we do here Bust their melons open,,,kids elderly what the hell,,,we blame it on them as usual,,, when we put them in their place,,All Ukraine will beg for my Bail out cash 15 billion ,,that you robbed them for and more you dirty old rascal.. ok,,then we got a great hell of a PR thing on track again with Ukraine saing that EU offers a bad deal for Ukraine in their Trade agreement ,,,so then you stall that and stall that more then i slip in the cash and we pull the country back into bussiness as usual againlike the good old Soviet days together with me their Russian Papa ,saviour of Ukraine,, i can see it all over RT news and other Media in lights that I arranged to pay off to twist the truth,,being the perverts we are in that sense of the truth. Ha ha ,,Putler (Golem),Give me the Ring ,(,The Ukraine ) panting as he clutches his pen about to snap it in half like Ukraine,,,,well in his WORST DREAMS I SAY WILL HE EVER SNAP UKRAINE IN HALF,,WITH WARRIORS AND GUTS UKRAINE HAS THAT HATE HIS ASS,,,,,NEVER! HEH READERS DIDNT UKRAINE PUT UP ONE HELL OF A FIGHT AGAINST RUSSIAN AGGRESSION EVEN UNDER THEIR OLD GEAR AND EVEN SHARING RIFLES AT TIMES ,,THATS A FACT.,,,


          2. Avatar Racquel says:

            When I come across long “see more” posts, I usually rush through them. Your posts, however, are gripping and leave one wanting more. You take the reader on a roller coaster ride of peaks of anger (evil Putler, weak West, sellouts, indifference, etc.) then provide satirical releases (Frenchy Fries, droopy eyes, schnizel shnoozer, Bon Bon, Wizard of War, etc.) bringing our stress levels back to a healthier state. The Gollum/Putler and The Ring/Ukraine metaphors are spot-on.

            I read that Canada will ship lethal arms to Ukraine if (yeah, right) the cease fire doesn’t hold. I hope that is true and immediate. I have written many letters to my representatives and the POTUS, so many that I hope the Secret Service isn’t dispatched to my door. Hopefully he’s reached his strategic patience and will finally fulfill U.S. obligations.

            Many blessings to you, your son, Ukrainians and Ukraine.

        3. Avatar LorCanada says:

          Thanks for your honest comments. Your words of “and one French and German eye on the safe at the bank” really struck a chord as I hesitate to think just how much they were motivated by $$$$ instead of moral integrity. A good point.

    2. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      So happy about the keyboard!! 😉

      1. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

        then read my little story below in a cute text ,,,,to suit the calm minds that are so pissed off at Putin and the two Muts Frenchy and Merkel droopy and snoopy!

        1. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

          Then your an expat Don,,,ive been here 11. now,,,seen it all and 4 ears before first vist and a year after two months ,,came back 4 years later after my mam passed and said this is my home…rest is history,,orange revolution and Maidan and now the war satring at us each day in the news and on the street ,,so many mamed and funerals all over Ukraine,,sad and heart wrenching. Never expected this on my menu thats for sure ,,,surreal, Long live Ukraine and us all!

          1. Avatar Brzezinski says:

            ain’t gonna happen dude … never

          2. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

            another know it all ,,smug ? Never underestimate Ukraine dude!!!

          3. Avatar Murf says:

            Your boys didn’t do worth a shat guy.
            The UA army is only going to stronger.
            Round three is coming.

          4. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

            These Ukraine boys have done it all while others are on the pottie 8 months…..they have hammered down many Russian troops and terrorist ,read the past news if you get the real deal. ,,watching he paint melt off the walls ,,,and the plants grow,,,wheres the Calvary? Ukraine dosent need American troops,,just USA hardware pal.,,,Ukrainians have got a personal vendetta against these scum bags,,,,thats why Putin keeps sending more ,,,he thought he would clean house over night,,,,WRONG! Ukraines soldiers are half Afighanistan warriors too,,been there done it, Now Putler has those soldiers on the Ruski side brain washed with propaghanda ,,,im sure many there know it and are gathering to pull a Coup de’tat on the asshole of the Universe ,,,,,Mr. Putin ,,,,well hes PUTIN ON BOOTS TOO BIG FOR HIM AND STOMPING OVER THE LINE,,,,,JOHN WAYNE TO THE RESCUE? ITS OK THE COSSACKS OF UKRAINE AND THE BOYS CAN HANDLE IT,,JUST SEND IN THAT TRUNK OF WEAPONS HUH DUKE?


          5. Avatar Murf says:

            Well said!

      2. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

        i have dear friends in Mariupol who i called today hearing the shelling getting closer to their apartment area ,,4 or 5 km away ,,Pray for them on this page ok gents and ladies ,,i helped them to stay in Kiev a few months back when Marioupol was near attacked and then a month ago was killing so many outside by friends apartment in the Bazar and market area. I have urged them to get out and come here again ,,but they are praying as well and hesitating as they feel the Azov boys are doing a fine job guarding the Mariupol region ,,reinforced more than ever today,,thats the word from my Azov pals in Kiev and in Mariupol. I was there three years ago,,and met these fine friends and was so welcomed in their home and ate like a Cossack king! say a prayer for them ok,,thank you its a dark hour as we speak ,,,,SLAVA UKRAINI!! HEROYAM SLAVA,,PUTIN DIDNT EXPECT UKRAINE TO PUT ON THE GLOVES LIKE THIS HUH AND GO 15 ROUNDS ,,UKRAINE WONT LIE DOWN,,,,,HEAR THAT PUTLER,,,,UKRAINE IS THE ROCKY AGAINST THE BIG RUSKI ,,,DING DING,,,,,!! LETS RUMBLE!

        1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

          Will do! I have lived here for 4 years. Love the people and the country very much!

  4. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Here’s the problem….Uk and USA don’t give a shit about Ukraine. They’ve shown that over and over again. The republicans have used her to get the democrats but neither party really cares about Ukraine. It doesn’t matter how many agreements or promises they’ve made. I have come to the conclusion that America and the west europe are as evil as Putler and his regime. Ukraine will have to stand on her own. Get the best help you can secretly from anyone that will help you and kick the bastards out of Ukraine. Than get corruption out of your country and rebuild you can do it if you’re determined. Stop begging the west for help. Make sure you let all the world know how you’ve been killed by America and Western Europe.

    1. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

      If Mustang whatsisname can get to the top of a soviet era building in Moscow, he can certainly get elsewhere…..

      Isn’t it time to use Putins tactics against him? An open, unmarked border is open in both directions. The chaos in Crimea of two nation’s passports allows for chaos that cuts both ways. Civilians walking among militants in Donetsk makes a secure perimeter impossible. Chaos is a condition to be exploited. Ukraine has been the victim of the lack of physical and linguistic barriers with Russia; but this means russia is equally vulnerable to the same. Railroad trestles, road bridges, utility stations. No Russian citizens need to be hurt in Russia or Crimea for the toll to be enormous. No one likes this kind of warfare, but Putin needs to be careful what boxes he opens.

      To paraphrase Churchill, “Putin has sown the wind; let him reap the whirlwind.”

      1. Avatar Brzezinski says:

        putin is wining on all fronts ..

        1. Avatar canuke says:

          Keep dreaming, while you try and spend your worthless rubles.

        2. Avatar LorCanada says:

          So why has the Russian ruble taken a 50% drop in value?

          1. Avatar Bynk says:

            And hryvna 100%?

          2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

            Ahh, so as long as you can point to someone whose currency is doing worse than yours, you can still convince yourselves that you are winning?

            The Ruble is the second worse performing currency on the entire planet. Your rural areas just lost train service (and almost no one there can afford a car). Your inflation is now among the highest in the world. Your police rob you in broad daylight. You live under the thumbs of corrupt officials at every level who will have you convicted on false charges if you squeak too loudly. Your “democracy” is a sham, and every Russian laughs cynically about “elections.”

          3. Avatar Bynk says:

            What? My currency? Ruble? Blah, i have Euros you trotll. 🙂 correctly 506 euros netto in this month. Have you some problem with that? We on Central Europe no. How live Russia i dont know. But on Ukrajine people shot down each other for euros.

          4. Avatar Racquel says:

            Ouch! That about covers it. Bravo

          5. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

            Maybe that’s what he makes AS a troll. 🙂
            Too bad he’s also a Putinbot in the heart of the EU, too, if I read him right. Though I guess I shouldn’t begrudge poor Putin his paid friends. He can count his friends on one hand, and won’t be able to afford even those much longer.

          6. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

            Nice hard short jab in the ribs Raquel,,well done champ!

          7. Avatar LorCanada says:

            Around 30%, isn’t it? Thanks to the Russian invasion.

          8. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

            moscow suburbs, working as a troll boy will not get you this palace

          9. Avatar Bynk says:

            I dont understand, what is that placE?

          10. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

            it is a picture of a typical house in the moscow suburbs-dude. a friend of mine who visited moscow took it

          11. Avatar Bynk says:

            and what is in interier?

          12. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

            I do not know, you live in russia, you tell me

          13. Avatar Bynk says:

            Okej, why you thing i live in Russia? you thing that all with oposite meaning are russians? 🙂
            It is not bullshit? You find me when you come to Stará Turá, the country finds himself 🙂

          14. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

            if you walk like a duck,, quack like a duck, and write like a duck, I mean russian then you are a russian. your spelling and attitude gives you away. hope you get a bonus from troll centre

          15. Avatar Bynk says:

            Really? When Ukrainian right garda speak like a nazis, hailing like a nazis, killing like a nazis, i mean ukrainian, then you are a nazis. Hope you get a bonus from Kyjev troll center too. 🙂

          16. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

            you mean like these fascists nazis in the ruSSia? your grammar still stinks, moskal troll boy!

          17. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:


          18. Avatar Bynk says:

            Fašist are in every country, but only in Ukraine they have right using weapons to eliminate the enemy. 🙂

          19. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

            so you admit ruSSia is a fascist nazi state? check this ruSSian fascist nazi soldier

          20. Avatar jim says:

            Russian ruble down over 100%

        3. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

          I can only assume that this is irony.

    2. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

      In a nut shell,,,i agree,,lock and load Martial law so be it! Ukraine belongs to a legitimate people not scum!

  5. Avatar Kruton says:

    Obliterate the Bolshevik sub-humanoids,God wills it!

  6. Avatar dale ruff says:

    Below, you will find the neo-Nazi thugs who ousted the democratically elected govt of Ukraine show their true colors. When people (namely Russians) are demonized as apes, etc, it is the old Nazi propaganda of using dehumanization to justify extermination. Let the neo-Nazis declare their love of genocide so the whole world may see why the ethnic Russians have rejected their illegal regime and the vicious threats that have followed.

    1. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

      I’m unaware of any Ukrainians who post here. But as for dehumanizations to justify extermination… Hmm, like Stalin used to justify starving 12 million Ukrainians to death in ’33 and ’34? My family, from the East of Ukraine, confirms my own experiences in Ukraine- that there was no linguistic or ethnic divisions or hatred. My wife spoke both Russian and Ukrainian in her home in Ukraine, and still speaks both. All that “repression” was invented by Russian propaganda. Ukrainians didn’t hate Russians until Russians began murdering Ukrainians last year.

      As for your democratically elected Yanukovich, he fled his post ignominiously, refusing to put his signature on the agreement that was to end the Maidan protests. Hard to say he was “overthrown” when the government had to find a way to replace him when he abandoned his duties.

      But then, truth isn’t your strong point, um, “Dale.”

      1. Avatar dale ruff says:

        Are you then aware that the Right Sector celebrates the Ukraine Nazis who worked with the German Nazis in WWII to kill 4 million Ukrainians?

        Are you aware that the German Nazis used dehumanized rhetoric for liberals, social democrats, Jews, and others to justify exterminating them?

        You don’t need to go back 80 years in Soviet history, since the ultranationalists in Ukraine has recently talked of nuking the Russians and calling them cockroaches (to be stomped out.

        In fact, truth is my strong point. Your fake narrative of how Yanukovich fled, when neo-Nazi (Right Sector) thugs took control violently…the elected President fled for his life. The agreement that he and the leaders of the protests and others had signed was ignored by the fascist thugs you are ignoring the very next day.

        He hardly abandoned his duties; he fled for his life. He was democratically elected in internationally monitored elections declared fair and free. You are a useful idiot (or paid troll) for neo-Nazi propaganda.

        Your lies and propaganda reveal your true character as a defender of fascism.

        1. Avatar LorCanada says:

          dale ruff — My, oh my, you certainly have all the standard buzz words for Putin’s propaganda. Yanukovich was voted out by his own party and would have been arrested but he fled to Russia leaving his position vacant. The International Police, INTERPOL, issued a warrant recently for his arrest and I hope they get him and bring him to justice.
          Meanwhile the Ukrainian people voted in a new leader, President Poroshenko, who won 54% of the vote on May 25, 2014, and it was accepted by Putin at the time. The Nazi party only got 2% of the vote, so that speaks for itself.

          By the way, there are 53 NEO NAZI groups registered in Russia and I’m sure Putin is well aware of them. I hear he even used some of them in east Ukraine.

          1. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

            He uses all he can,,and asiatic ethnics in the east as cannon fodder ,,,Russians are the ones who shoot them if they retreat,,like Stalin did,,,rear line of Russians killing their own,,and bodies missing in scores and sent to St,Petresburg with little info and even who the pieces are,,The Russian Mothers of Vetreans association is in a uproar that Putin wants silenced. Follow the facts and the Putin trail,,,Dont be a snail.

        2. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

          Maidan didnt want the signature to have a thief President and brutal attacker on students signed to steal another 70 billion dollars ,,they suffered enough and didnt want their kids facing the poor life most face here,,,End of that crap!!!!. Thats like a murderer you trusted not knowing he would kill his own as a president before seeing his deeper evil and giving his gun back to kill more and rob more after you have him in on the run,,, If he was fearing only his life then why did he plan all the art and riches to be transported in trucks and flew out of his mega mansion,,,that was fear,,,? fear of losing his riches!!! first!
          The history of Germans with Ukrainians as allies was only police auxillary Ukrainian guards in west Ukraine only after Stalin wiped out millions of Ukrainians and ,,did you think they wanted to join commies in 1939? they wanted revenge for starving 7 million to death and executions and Siberain mass murders and death camp sentencing them for stealing a crumb of bread on a collective farm,,forced to work or die! Get your facts straight spin doctor. Then Ukrainians in the west faced Hitler turning on them too and sent 2 million to slave camps in German factories ,,half never seeing their families again or killed in war and bombing etc, Many were gassed with Jews as well later, Thats when Ukraine fought Stalin and Hitler at the same time.

          Hitler stabbed them in the back and Stalin had already taken their legs in 1928 33 and many years after continued to terrorize them unless they were commies and half of them later he wiped out as Ukrainian conspirators who wanted their culture and language …..Do the work. dig deeper.But dont bury yourself in bullshit.

        3. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

          Yes, “Dale”ovich, Right Sector took control of Ukraine (with less than 2% of the popular vote), and I totally support neo nazis and am no more than a useful idiot. The level of support your posts get really show that you are right on target, and I know nothing. And it wasn’t Russian extremist Dugan who is documented as calling Ukrainians cockroaches that should be stamped out, it was, I don’t know, some fascist Ukrainian thug saying it about Russians. And truth is clearly your strong point.

          Do keep in touch from the breadline, “Dale.” Spacebo. Shesliva tozhe. You’re gonna need it.

          1. Avatar dale ruff says:

            You are repeating State Dept lies. The neo-Nazis have positions of power and provide the dirty work for the regime, including the Azov Battalion, which wear Swastikas and have committed numerous massacres against ethnic Russians.

            The State Dept is hiding the influence of these groups because they are openly anti-Semitic and fascist.

            All nations have extremists but only in Ukraine did they violently overthrow the elected govt, with their snipers shooting both police and protesters to set the stage (see BBC), and then take over important positions in security.

            “A BBC report summarizes the evidence that the battalion is neo-Nazi:

            Run by the extremist Patriot of Ukraine
            organisation, which considers Jews and other minorities “sub-human” and
            calls for a white, Christian crusade against them, [the battalion]
            sports three Nazi symbols on its insignia: a modified Wolf’s Hook, a
            black sun (or “Hakensonne”) and the title Black Corps, which was used by
            the Waffen SS.”

            The Right Sector has declared it will NOt observe the Minsk
            agreement, in contradiction to the Ukraine govt. The Right Sector also exercises vigilante justice by beating up former members of the government and opposition.

            The Guardian reports:

            Ukraine has ignored the far right for too long – it must wake up to the danger……

            The major Ukrainian far-right party Svoboda did not get into parliament in recent elections, falling only 0.3% short of the required minimum of 5%.
            It was not able to repeat its success of 2012 when it got more than
            10%, exploiting the image of the most radical party against the former
            president Viktor Yanukovych in contrast to discredited moderate

            The party’s support might have been boosted by anti-Yanukovych
            feelings but it shouldn’t be wholly dismissed as a protest vote; the
            4.7% gain is much higher than the 0.8% in 2007 during the last
            parliamentary elections before his rule. Besides, the Right Sector, made
            up of fringe ultra-nationalist groups before the mass street violence
            began in Kiev in January, was able to form a party and get 1.8%,
            obviously taking some votes from Svoboda.”

            Fascist parties always have much more power than electoral results (the Nazis only got 1/3 of the vote and yet took power).You need to learn about this dangerous movement, which has a leading role in the Ukraine military operations. To ignore the first fascists to have power since 1975 in Europe is to be useful idiot of US/Ukraine propaganda.

            Your tax dollars are supporting neo-Nazis, whether you acknowledge it or not. Do NOt believe the coverup by the State Department, which spent 5 billion to overthrow the elected government, which was done with neo-Nazi armed thugs wearing swastikas.

          2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

            Dear “Dale,”
            I acknowledged that you are a paragon of truth and virtue. I admitted that I am utterly unworthy to be in your presence. Yet you still blather on with your endless “truth,” as if I argued with you. I didn’t and won’t. Are you trying to come off as a complete, rabid idiot, or is that impression just a by-product of something else you are trying to convey?

            This was a rhetorical question, but please feel free to send another 3000 words on the subject of your choice.

          3. Avatar dale ruff says:

            Your snarky tone exposes your lack of support for your naive idea that neo-Nazis in Ukraine has no power. I am a paragon of honesty, tho you would mock that. If you have evidence, present it. Put up….or shut up.

    2. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

      wow, nice piece of fiction but this ‘story” has been heard before. has moscow run out of ideas? check out a picture of the ruSSian duma, actually and real picture

      1. Avatar dale ruff says:

        It ain’t fiction, Poty, its documented fact. Svoboda and Right Sector are both neo-Nazi parties which have their own armed militias, many of whom wear swastikas and all of whom honor the Ukraine Nazis who collaborated with the German Nazis to kill 4 million Ukrainians during WWII.

        Yats, the 39 yr old central banker appointed as Prime Minister by Asst Secy of State Victoria Nuland, in a leaked audio with the US Ambassador to Ukraine, said two weeks ago in Germany that Russia (the USSR) had invaded Germany and Ukraine in WWII.. This is the kind of fiction that the neo-Nazis in Ukraine have invented to justify their illegal regime.

        The leader of the Right Sector, which sponsors the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, famous for its swastikas and massacres, has said his forces will not recognize the cease fire. This is not fiction: this is history.

        I am sorry you are so deluded……….and cannot accept the truth about the Ukraine regime and its lies and crimes.

        1. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

          It is fiction, you have talent as a fictional writer so why not try writing in Hollywood they are always looking for writers for their sit coms. And another thing the russians are not recognizing the ceasefire-did not last long did it?

  7. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Smert to the mockal swine.
    putin will be killed, but not until moscow suffers it’s first ______ attack.
    Slava Ukrayini! Slava Chechniyi!