Muslim volunteers in Kyiv provide support to soldiers and refugees

Muslim volunteers in Kyiv

Muslim volunteers in Kyiv 


Article by: Said Ismagilov

On Saturday, Muslim volunteers of Kyiv cooked and delivered food to the Kyiv Military Hospital: hamburgers, rice, fried meat and butter, and for dessert pancakes with jam, cheese cakes and fresh lemons. Hot food was packed in a portable thermal container to keep it from cooling.

Also, the volunteers collected and sent to the front a parcel with goods for soldiers of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade.

For refugees from the war zone, they brought warm clothes, outerwear and footwear gathered by activists of the  Maryam Community Organization to a volunteer center on Frolovska Street.

Translated by: A. N.

Source: UAINFO

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  1. Avatar canuke says:

    We are all Ukrainians. The same cannot be said for the Russian chauvinists of the so-called DNR/LNR.

  2. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Slava Chechniyi! Heroyam Slava!
    Smert mockalyam.

  3. Avatar W8post says:

    Racist problems in Ukraine?? The Jewish community denying to the outside world they are molested; Muslims helping out to the Ukraine military? Ukrainians speaking Russian; Ukrainians speaking Polish, Romanian, Hungarian; speaking TO each other; speaking WITH each other. Freaking Russian propaganda!! Leave Ukraine and leave Ukraine in PEACE!!!

  4. Avatar sandy miller says:

    It is amazing I recently saw Ali something or other on Al Jeezra interviewing a Russian propagandist who insists that Putin is protecting the Russian speakers in Ukraine. And this interviewer didn’t even ask for examples of what Ukraine is doing. It made me wanna puke. The Putler propaganda is all over the west. It’s disgusting. I try to write as often as possibe. People who support Ukraine need to start fighting the lying propaganda from Putlers regime.

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      Puto just has a very broad imagination…TOO wide to be reliable…