“LNR” admits Russian presence to Euromaidan via Twitter



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Recently, Euromaidan Press had a rather peculiar conversation with a member of “LNR” PR-service on Twitter, during the course of which we managed to get the terrorists to practically admit Russia’s direct involvement in the war.

In a somewhat pretentious tweet, in which the “LNR” representative boasts of not stopping their offensive quote “just because they sign a piece of paper in Minsk” end quote, we have asked the original poster a question, will the “Luhansk people’s army” continue its fighting even if Russia stops sending troops and arms to which the “LNR” representative replied: “yes, without a doubt. If Ukraine pulls out of Donbas we can talk”.

As we tackled the question of direct Russian involvement further, the representative began, it seems, understanding what we’re getting at, and started grossly contradicting his previous statements, claiming that Russia is not sending any direct help to Luhansk, and any Russians fighting for the “LNR” terrorist organizations are merely volunteers.

As we continued pressuring, the “LNR” representatives gave up, and said that it “doesn’t matter anymore”, since they’re assured in their victory so much that they no longer need to cover up Russia’s involvement.

It would’ve been interesting to hear a conversation this particular poster is going to have with his or her ideological curators, but it isn’t nearly as interesting as the absolute inability up to this point of covering up the Russian involvement in the East even by the same terrorists they’re supporting! Yet we’re going to have to see if they’ll remain as cocky after Russia cuts their supplies with the new packet of sanctions coming their way.

Source: Twitter

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  • Dean Venture

    Thank God for stupid criminals. The thing is, when Lavrov has an audience of security, intelligence, and foreign affairs professionals booing and jeering at him, you can probably assume they’ve all accepted that Russia tells only lies and at best, half truths, and that indeed they are heavily involved in the conflict. We all know that.

    But none of the Western governments want to call it an invasion. They don’t want to have to go to war, so they allow Russia to stall and stall and stall with all of these bogus peace overtures. The West isn’t stupid. They know exactly what Russia is up to. The West is afraid. They’re afraid of Putin, and they fear war.

    Whether that fear is justified and worth all of this effort the West has been putting into avoidance is probably irrelevant. I don’t think it matters what they do at this point. They will get war. The choice is whether they want that war in Ukraine, or if they’d rather have it in the Baltic states and the rest of Eastern Europe.

    The West has shamed itself with another ‘Phoney War’ exactly like the one in which they engaged prior to WW II, only this time, there are a lot more nations watching. They have lost any moral authority they might have held, and the rest of the world will look elsewhere for leadership as they industrialize. China couldn’t be happier.

    • evanlarkspur

      Well, agreed except that china has zero moral authority, and are in no position to assume a leadership role, at least for the West, as no one trusts them. But they are definitely gleeful about Russia backing themselves into a corner and having no other options. China loves a one-sided negotiation, and Russia is increasingly desperate.

  • Charles J. Kollman

    I think the fighters from the Cities in The east Ukraine have a very low mentality. It is the same as the Tyrant Putin very low.